Stihl Exaggerating

Nicole chainsaw

With the Amazing GoFundMe Money, they bought a chain saw. They paid $900 for a chain saw.

I almost choked when I read that.  We have heated our home (a real, actual house – actually, three or four of them) with wood.  Not supplementary heat.  Primary heat.  We use the hell out of a chain saw.  And we are not the type of people who buy junk for big tasks like that.

And we’ve never paid anywhere close to $900 for a chain saw.


But Dawn insists that is reasonable.  And Dawn has all sorts of businesses (note that the word is not capitalized), including cutting up trees for firewood.  So Dawn should know, right?


Well, no.

While Stihl does make a higher end model, and you can pay upwards of $1000 for a Stihl chain saw, the one they are using in the photo is not one of those high end models.  It’s one of these.  That chain saw didn’t cost one dime more than about $600 max.

Here’s a close up.


And if you click on the thumbnail, you can look at a bigger version. Compare that with the high end models here.  You’ll see that this isn’t one of those.

Joe’s saw has what appears to be a 20″ bar but you can get that on almost any model of chain saw Stihl sells.

Because Nicole has absolutely zero experience with any of this, I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt here and speculate that perhaps she is simply not remembering correctly what they paid, or perhaps she is adding up all the money they’ve spent on chains and buying a new bar.

Or perhaps Joe went and bought the saw without Nicole and lied to her about the cost.

By the way, we have owned a Stihl chain saw since 1999, for more than 16 years. We have used it to cut enough firewood to heat homes in two different states in very cold weather conditions.  Massive amounts of firewood, many cords.  Much more than the twigs the Nauglers cut.  They have had their saw since what, June?  July?  Less than nine months?

And we have never purchased a new bar.  Ever.  New chains, yes, of course.  But no new bar.

Stihl no longer makes our exact model of saw.  However, the model closest to ours is this. With a 20″bar (which we have), the price today is $469.

There is some serious exaggeration going on.




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  1. I never saw pictures with the chainsaw.
    Could you please confirm that the CHILDREN working with/around the saw are wearing appropriate eye and ear protection?
    I don’t care too much about Joe, if he loses his sight to a chunk of wood, its not like they would lose much in the way of income.


  2. That first picture, the kid is far too close.
    I’m going to go out on a very short limb and assume since they have gone through chains and bars already that they know nothing about maintaining that saw.
    That kid sitting that close (in short sleeves, please don’t ever do that again!) Is at a huge risk if that chain breaks and flies off.


  3. “I’ve got no strings
    to hold me down
    To make me fret
    Or make me frown
    I had strings
    But now I’m free
    There are no strings on me”

    ps: Pleasure Island wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.


  4. That is the current Stihl saw line up and none of them match the Naugler’s chainsaw. Did they purchase the chainsaw in 2015 or 2016? If 2016, then they were robbed. That chainsaw is used. If 2015, then it appears to most closely match the (current) MS 391 Farm Chainsaw, with the 20″ bar option it’s sold for $589.95 before sales tax is applied. Still far less than $900.00 even if they were purchasing some chains.

    Someone is sharing bad information and the source may not be Nicole. Better come clean, Joe.


  5. Well, a used chainsaw would explain some of the breakdown issues.
    I hope it’s being maintained properly and stored properly in a dry place?
    There are manuals ( if it didn’t come with one) and chainsaw safety sites on the Internet.
    I love my family too much to not have a hissy fit if the proper precautions were not being followed.
    I would hope Nicole would make it her job to insure her families safety around dangerous equipment.
    I attended a nightmare chainsaw accident in the ER and
    I’m sure some pictures of real chainsaw slaughter accident, could be found on the net to drive home a point to immortal men and boys.
    Its not a live and learn skill.


  6. Well now a $900 poorly maintained chainsaw to tame the poorly maintained “wilderness”. How appropriate is that?


  7. Sad fact about people that lack integrity: they lie when they don’t have to. Ffs, she could have told her scant handful of sycophants that joe wiped his ass with 45k dollar bills and they’d probably say, “oh, but y’all were depressed! Chin up and hug those babies.” No reason for her to throw out the 900 dollar whopper other than habitual lying.
    It used to work for them. (If one defines “working” as barely surviving) They get caught in a lie or blatant lack of integrity, so they pack up to the next house, church, employer, etc. Thanks to going viral, that isn’t going to work anymore. Sure, am Amber necklace or pack of seeds here and there but their days of being taken seriously are over. That’s on them.
    Unless, nk is gonna rent a uhaul and move ’em out to Oregon. Maybe in addition to supporting them for the rest of their lives, nk can teach them how to be decent people. Not that hard really: be honest, do the right thing, and support your fucking family.


  8. When I read this on her f/b a few days ago my BS meter also went off. My dad has an old red (no idea the brand) chainsaw. He has had it for 30+years. He has replaced many, many chains. I don’t remember him ever changing the bar. I do remember him taking it to the local chainsaw repair shop and get is serviced about once a year.
    I agree BLB, they don’t know what they are doing if they have already had to replace the bar (not upgrade to a 20″ but replace because it broke or bent).
    As for the person sitting next to the person sawing, so bad. How do they quickly get out of the way if something goes wrong? Oh yeah, they can’t because they aren’t on their feet (either standing or squatting).
    As for the chains, I couldn’t find prices on Stihl chains but other chains (Oregon brand made for Stihl) at Lowes or HomeDepot are $35 or less for a 20″ chain. (most were $25-27/chain). Shoot even a Bar and Chain combo was only $46 (again not a Stihl brand but gives and idea of cost).
    Something is wrong with NN’s numbers.


  9. In the Stihl of the night, you could probably hear Joey pleading…

    Joe ” Honestly, Nicole, I did pay $900 for it!

    Nicole ” Bullshit, Joe, what did you do with that money! No more nookie for you until you TELL ME THE TRUTH! I BET YOU BOUGHT DOPE & HARDEES!

    Joe “But, but, MAAAAWWWWW!”

    I imagine their marriage sucks. If they have no integrity with others, I doubt they have it with each other. Chainsaw lies are just one of many.


  10. Oh my, that’s fricken alarming, in the photo of JN with the chainsaw while one of the kids is sitting on the log. A tragic disaster waiting to happen!

    Please, for the love, somebody share some chainsaw safety with Joe and helpers!

    The alarm dial just busted past 10!!!


  11. MIM —“I hope it’s being maintained properly and stored properly in a dry place?” No & No. The N’s have a hard time MAINTAINING anything.


  12. I live close by….. says:
    February 17, 2016 at 11:11 am
    “MIM —“I hope it’s being maintained properly and stored properly in a dry place?” No & No. The N’s have a hard time MAINTAINING anything.”
    I know… I was trying to send thoughts of caution to Nicole.
    I saw the picture Nicole posted some time back of an electric drill lying in its plastic case filled with rain water.
    What a waste…
    But a drill can do little damage compared to a poorly cared for chainsaw.
    I also saw pictures of Joe and his boys using the chainsaw without eye protection. Joe was sawing into logs with one of the boys holding the log on the ground.
    Joe needs to love his boys enough to be sure they don’t end up blind or with mangled body parts.
    All the men in my family would be furious if they saw Joe stupidly endangering his boys like this.
    All the men in my family use chainsaws. Two of them use the wood in wood stoves exclusively to heat their houses.


  13. What’s wrong with the bar?

    Is it pinched? (can easily be fixed)

    Is the roller bad? (Bad oiler, no oil, clogged port, or chain tension)

    Bent? (technique [could be caused by improper sharpening, chain tension, or general drag because of bar lubrication])

    Use good bar oil. Add a little sea foam to the oil. It’ll help keep the ports clear. Flip the bar when sharpening. NEVER operate a saw without bar oil. Use anything, even motor oil if you need to. Clean with diesel and afterwards, dump a little oil on the roller end and let it soak in. White Lithium grease is also good. Ensure the oiler ports are clear every fill up. Use premium fuel and good 2 cycle oil, trufuel, or aviation fuel. Avoid anything with ethanol. If you have to use gas with ethanol, use seafoam or an ethanol inhibitor. When sharpening, make sure the angle is perfect. Lean into the top plate and side plate of the cutter with whatever you use to sharpen. If you hit the gullet and subsequently the drive link, you cause chatter and tension issues. That will confuse the drive sprocket and the roller on the bar will also chatter and wear out. Keep the saws clean. Cluttered drive sprockets cause bar issues. Bars do get damaged and pinch and wear out, but it sure sounds like this one failed prematurely. Stihl makes a good saw. I don’t know which model that is in the picture. But it’s not a junk saw. It shouldn’t need a bar this soon.

    Then again, who knows what happened.

    The safety aspect of it is entirely on the user. I know I’ve seen a LOT of bad chainsaw incidents. Every time I hesitate to wear all the gear, I think about a couple of them and I don the protection.

    Worth reading:


  14. If Joe doesn’t want to listen to Al, I hope his older boys do. They’re smart boys and can look out for each other.


  15. Going through a BAR….. on a New Chain Saw….. is not good news…..let me tell you why !!!!

    My father was a Coal Miner, I was raised up a holler in the middle of nowhere in the Mountains of Eastern Kentucky on 6,465 acres of land.
    When the “Union’s” would Strick…for a dime….. on a hundred dollar bill….our family would have to haul timber to make ends meet.
    There isn’t not one thing ……I don’t know about Logging.

    As far as maintenance and keeping a saw in good working order….every word Al Wilson said is 100 % true.

    However, if the Nauglers are bending or breaking a BAR on a new saw that tells me they are trying to fall large tree’s.
    And they are NOT doing it right.

    OMG FOR REAL, someone could get hurt or killed if they do not know what they are doing.

    When you “Fall Line a Standing Tree ” there are 4 major cuts you have to make, so the tree or saw does not kick back on you or you get your saw STUCK in the weight of the tree, thus bending or breaking the bar on your saw.

    When falling a tree..,if you want it fall to your left, you make a center cut first ABOVE your stump line STRAIGHT in front of you about two inches deep.
    Your second cut should be about 5 inches below that line to the right side of the Tree at a 45 degree angle.
    Your 3ed cut should be at a 45 degree angle at the BOTTOM of the tree coming up to meet your TOP 45 degree angle.
    This is called, ” Knocking the Tree.”
    The last and most dangerous 4th cut is made to the Left of the tree in the center MEETING BOTH the 45 degree angle’s in it’s MIDDLE…..sticking quickly and working the saw back and forth…. not letting off…full throttle…. Til the tree starts to give way…. and falls.
    During which time the Chain Saw Operator gets BACK away from the base of the tree……very, very quickly to avoid the BRAKE of the base of the Tree….and it’s bounce when it falls to avild being HIT or CRUSHED.

    If you do NOT make that 4th cut quickly… full throttle…. and work the saw back and forth….. the weight of the Tree will SET BACK on your Saw and cause the BAR to get stuck…brake or bend.

    If you Saw gets hung up at that point, we call it ” A Dead Man’s Tree.”
    Cause that, ” SummAbitch ” could fall anywhere….
    No Shi$…N=U at all !!!!
    At that point it can fall anywhere.

    Jesus Christ, if these kids are falling tree’s….. they could get killed…….easily !!!!!

    My father always took the wrisk of topping and cutting the tree’s down. My brother and I were in charge of chaining and hooking the logs up to the Mule Team, and pulling them off the Mountain and getting them loaded and off to the mill.

    Neither my brother or I had EVER fell a tree til our father died. And even then we argued about FLIPPED a coin to see which one of us was going to down that patch of tree’s.

    Our Land Taxes were due on the Estate… brother had small children at the time…..I didn’t have any kids…..I was only 16 years old.
    So I told my brother, ” To hell with flipp’in, give me that saw.”
    And down they went and the bills got paid.

    The Naugler boy’s I can see have a lot of grit…..they could go far in life if they had a good teacher, or just parent’s who knew how to work…..even just…a Chain Saw !!!

    Those poor kids are fall’in tree’s to bend or break a BAR on a new saw.
    Joe & Nicole just earned a whole new level of, ” You piece of shi$ in my book.”

    Eat another Twincky Joe, while your kids try to cut fire wood !!!


  16. Great advice Melissa. I would like to add that since they are;t in “real” wilderness watch out for power lines. My friends brother got electrocuted cutting trees. He was only 16.


  17. Critical focus should really only be on the poor safety and handling of this insanely dangerous power-tool. Limbs and appendages are unfortunately only taken-for-granted when lost.

    I dont care how much they paid for it, neither should anyone else. Mr. and Mrs. Naugler have already shown to be habitually illusive liars, it needn’t be pointed out over and again, lest the “public viewers” run out of material. And frankly, with the numbers they’re pulling on the ‘ol homestead, material is hardly lacking.

    Or… Perhaps you’re right! Maybe Slack-jawed Joe laid down the remainder on an ounce of horrible marijuana. Really tho – I am surprised to see him do that much work. Bending over is a grueling task for someone his size! …If only he could sample the sweet crops of California, he might never lift a finger again.

    I say, all that Hardees, whilst his 10 children’s growth spurts do what they can on nutritionally-vacant “pasta w/bbq sauce” – and if they’re lucky, a micro-slice of starfruit for dessert – hes looking good enough to take runner-up showpig. [But the Mrs. will take the credit, she runs the show. Shes got that pig whiped, on lockdown, for sure.]

    Pardon the lapse of restraint… the more I type… I just cant… stop. The whole scenario… its simply too much!!! I cannot believe they hate their state government – that state is the one protecting their rights to treat/neglect their children this way!


  18. Localyokel,
    Back in 2008 a childhood friend of mine was killed in Pike County, Kentucky while clearing Timber for a Coal Company.
    Mineing Officials stated the tree was hollow, kicked back, fell and crushed him. Killing him instantly. The evidence showed no (1st cut in the tree.)

    In the Logging Industry that 1st cut is how you check to see if the tree is hollow.

    Best we could figure, Scott was in a rush to do the clearing. Those guys were getting paid by the acre.

    This whole homesteading, off grid thing is not working out for this family. I fear the parents will not see that until one of those kids are seriously injured or worse. Because honestly, they don’t know what they are doing.


  19. I keep harping on the lack of follow-through, but it’s easily matched by the lack of setup. “Whee, we got a thing! Let’s go use the thing! Instruction manuals, safety precautions, maintenance schedules, certifications…what are those? Oh, phooey, who cares, off to use the thing!”

    Goats, rabbits, chainsaws, whatever.


  20. Dead or hollow trees are called “widowmakers” for a lot of very sad reasons. I lived in a logging community at one time too. Despite this, my husband NEVER listens to me when I tell him not to play with an obviously dead tree – it’s much safer and wiser to hire a professional to handle it. No, he doesn’t make that first cut to check any tree he does take down either. Maddening. I keep him well insured (and myself equally well insured).


  21. Melissa – I was thrilled to open up my February edition of “The Progressive Farmer” because on pages 32 and 34 is an article, with photos, illustrating exactly what you were describing. Plus, there is another web site that others may find useful.
    click on “Tim’s Tips” (left hand side, 6th green button from the top)

    I’m going to photocopy it and give it to my husband. I’m hoping that the photos make it more likely that he’ll do this in the future and minimize the risks to life and property.


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