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  1. When my daughter has a temper tantrum I say things like…oh NO thats terrible! Why were they being so mean? Thats not nice is it? All the while knowing she probably deserved whatever was done to her in reciprocation to whatever heinous thing she did to her older brothers.
    Some of the comments from her supporters sound suspiciously like me when I am appeasing her. LOL
    Just an observation

  2. Hi Sally, long time lurker first time commentator here 🙂 I really enjoy reading your blog.

    Do you have stats on where your readers are from? I’m in Europe and was wondering how far this story has spread. Generally we don’t hear about families like this, but there was the story in the Daily Mail last year. I check in frequently for updates, and am often curious if there are other Europeans following this or if I’m responsible for most of your clicks on this side of the Atlantic LOL

  3. how far this story has spread.

    All over the world. 🙂 Although primarily in the US. There are a good many people who follow the story (on both sides of the issues) who are in Australia as well.

  4. Euro reader here too – again thanks to the daily mail!
    Have been down the rabbit hole ever since the story broke.
    This is my favourite read though 🙂

  5. That’s the saddest part of this for her kids, she is addicted to this attention. She is addicted to the very thing she claims is harming her children more than anything.
    If she would seek help for this, and get off Facebook as even her biggest supporters have encouraged her to do, and take back all of that time she has spent on a daily basis sinceber kids were taken they may have shot at becoming successful homesteaders.
    She caught a lucky break, getting those Kids back after just 8 weeks. She shouldn’t take it for granted . she should use it as a wake up call.
    Hey Nicole :
    If your children are as happy, healthy and adjusted as you claim, stop feeling the need to defend your self and your life by going threw fb posts with a fine tooth comb for hours every day. With all the time you will not be wasting away, you can finish projects that you say will improve the life of your children. You can focus on the children you are damn lucky are with you and not adopted out . keep all this rampaging up, and spending time focussing on things that don’t improve your situation and becoming manic over a situation YOU yourself created, it will only be a matter of time before they are removed agian.
    When you wanted this to go “viral” you asked for the critics just as much as the supporters who donated to you.
    Only YOU can end this, and only YOU can improve your children’s lives.

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