Stats for August 26

stats aug 26

Just a little heads up.  We’re approaching a milestone. I’m not sure how long it will take to get there (that depends entirely on you guys), but maybe a couple of weeks out we’re going to hit the magic number of a half a million page views on this site.

Half a million.

I am simply amazed by that.


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  1. Wow. That is amazing. Its not even been a year yet!
    That is one hell of a reach for such a “special”-ized topic.
    How many countries? can you see that?


  2. I know people are interested in the crazy goings on, but wouldn’t it be great if it raised awareness about child neglect, social services and megafamilies, public health issues? Just a thought.


  3. Very nice Sally! Once again, thank you for providing a place that all are welcome to come to & speak their minds!


  4. I check this blog every. single. day. It’s like the daily paper for me! I love the way you write Sally and I love reading the comments. I’ve learned so much about real homesteading and farming, infinitely more than I EVER could have learned on that other wannabe “homesteading” blog.


  5. I also check this blog every day. I love your take on the Naugler situation, but I also really love hearing your stories about real homesteading. It’s fascinating to me.


  6. The truth always brings great rewards. Thank you for this blog. Where the truth is told and others can share without fear of retribution by that sanctimonious bitch and her tubby hubby.

    Shedding light on the real truth about the Nauglers and the neglect the children suffer is one road to helping them. CPS has to do right by these kids because there are too many eyes watching now. I wish it was the parents who would do right for their kids but I have given up hope of that ever happening.


  7. BRAVO Sally! BRAVO to all the supporters that care about them kids. Nicky must be BURNING UP over this blog now.

    Nicky and Joe could LEARN A LOT from The Blessed Little Blog but they are to narrow minded.

    Blessed Little Blog could teach them,

    How people can get along!
    How people treat others nice even if they can not agree with something!
    How people can come together and respect one another.
    How become friends just over a little kindness and show you care about something other then yourself.
    How people come together to HELP Other folks out in a time of need.
    How to take the bad and turn it to the good.
    HOW TO LISTEN to somebody because they WILL LISTEN TO YOU without acting like they KNOW EVERYTHING.


    I can not stand it when Nicky says “I’m not fighting with anybody. I defend my family when need be.” NOBODY is out for you’re family Nicky Sorry, hate to break this news to you NOBODY is OUT FOR YOU Nicky so get over yourself. The only thing most everybody wants if for YOU and JOE to take care of your KIDS. You and Joe really are a lost cause but them folks that don’t KNOW YOU YET whom you are trying to beg money from MIGHT THINK TWICE BEFORE THEY OPEN THEIR WALLET to the LIKES OF YOU or JOE. It would never go to the well being of your kids. It would get spent on court day out at hardee’s so SHUT UP. ShitFire everybody is Sick of hearing you Cry like a spoiled brat that don’t get their way.
    As much as I think everybody has a right to live on this tiny planet sometimes you make me think twice about that thought. GROW UP.



  8. It would be interesting to see the stats on the BLH blog. With 45 thousand ostensible Facebook “supporters”, one could assume they have at least a million hits.

    If not . . . It sheds some light on the long-term outcome.

    It might make Joe and Nicole see how this is working out.

    Funny shit.

    Nicole, what are the chances of you posting the stats of the begging little mooch stead?

    Probably the same as you accepting the fact you’re in over your head.


  9. I have certainly added to your numbers! It reminds me of days not long ago when one spent their lunch hour (for those of us with jobs) reading the newspaper to get to the comics. And your blog is nothing but comic relief! Sadly, they have severely uneducated (unschooled) children which really does upset me.


  10. Congratulations Sally! Your blog is a great resource for the truth. There’s always two sides to every story and I really do think your side is the truth.
    You have definitely opened my eyes to what is really going on over there at the BLH.
    I hope you have reached a lot of the BLH donators, so that hopefully they are a bit more closed fisted with their wallet.
    I also want to commend you for your wonderful writing style. You are so very entertaining with your blog posts. I do love coming to your site, reading your blog as well as reading ALL the comments. Your followers have a lot of good information to share as well.
    By the way, I loved Al Wilson’s blog post. He cracked me up!?


  11. Bravo Sally, keep up the good work.I will be sending money to (KSA Boys & Girls Ranch 233 Sheriff’s Ranch Rd. P.O Box 57 Gilbertsville KY 42044) A Big thank you for exposing the N’s. Even though at times I wish I had never heard of them.


  12. With almost a half a million readers

    No, Melissa. Those stats do not translate into half a million readers. That’s half a million (nearly) page views. If you visit this site last night(you did, obviously), that counts as one page view. If you come back this morning, that’s another page view. If you click around and read half a dozen pages, that’s 6 page views. If you come back three hours later, that’s another page view.

    We have about 2000 unique visitors per day. If you visit today, no matter how many pages you view or how many times you come here, that’s one unique visit.

    And of course, the majority of those unique visitors come back day after day after day. So approximately 2000 people are actively following this blog. As well, we get maybe 200 first time visits every day (sometimes a bit less).

    However, the page views, even though they don’t represent the actual number of visitors, still tells us how active this blog is. And of course, it’s very active.


  13. Simply amazing stats!

    I speak only for myself, but imagine many viewers share with the same thoughts. An incredible milestone this blog is nearing! I don’t know how long since the blog was created, I think I discovered BLB sometime near the end of December. It has become a daily favorite. I like to check in to see if a new blog post. But also enjoy reading all the comments. What initially was the big draw, aside from the writing excellence and intriguing topics, was the freedom here to share my voice without the harassment and more that was/is a constant on Facebook. Damn, one could almost expect profile page creeping, doxing, and a plethora of harassment when expressing a critic’s comment or non support.

    I too, as others have commented, have actually learned new things on an assortment of topics. In some cases, I’ve been drawn to research some things further. Either to learn more about the topic or to have a more informed opinion.

    Of course the obvious attractiveness to the blog is getting to follow the viral story, the newsworthy story the Nauglers created. As a native Kentuckian, the newsworthy story probably has more market saturation here in the region. We are closer to the ground, so to speak. The matters are a collective community ill. It matters, in several aspects. The blog helps give more outreach and awareness. I hope this makes sense.

    Oh and by the way, I’m so impressed with the donation option attached to BLB. What a wonderful organization, The Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch, and I hope they will benefit nicely from donations. I just noticed the Amazon link, as another option to direct donations. I’m an Amazon shopper, so I’ll be sure to help in donations that way too.

    Happy Saturday all! And congratulations on a marvelous approaching milestone!


  14. Sorry I made two different responses to this thread. I thought I did something wrong, or forgot to hit the “Post Comment” button last night because I didn’t see my original comment, or that it was just awaiting moderation. Oh well…everything I say is worth repeating right? ? lol! Anyways, sorry about that Sally.

    To add…Sally it’s so easy to see why your blog stat numbers continue to grow as people keep coming back to this blog and new readers are able to find informative content with mature dialog. You’ve created a well rounded blog. I’ve learned, enjoyed and chuckled so much here. I look forward to reading it everyday. People who are looking for truthful information and opinion about the Nog heads are also treated to informative entries on topics such as homesteading, gardening and animal husbandry. It’s well worth the read. Thanks Sally!


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