Here’s the quote.

Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up.

The man who wrote that, along with lots of other things, died early today.

Somebody made a wonderful comment that rather than a light going out, the universe is brighter just because he lived.

Here are some more gems from the same man.

I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken-down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.

I believe the simplest explanation is, there is no God. No one created the universe and no one directs our fate. This leads me to a profound realisation that there probably is no heaven and no afterlife either. We have this one life to appreciate the grand design of the universe and for that, I am extremely grateful.

I remember reading A Brief History of Time.  It’s accessible, wonderful, and I totally understood every sentence, until the next day when I realized I pretty much didn’t understand any of it.  It all makes sense, and then I couldn’t remember what it was that made sense.

That is briefly why I am not a physicist.

The man’s name was Stephen Hawking.

I have no idea who “Stephen Hawkins” is.

I bet that one sentence is the only thing Joe has ever read of Hawking, ever. He probably couldn’t tell us why Hawking was famous or what he did.

And the reason Joe doesn’t want to look at his feet is because he hasn’t seen them in quite a few years.


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  1. His memory is an inspiration for us all. Stephen Hawkins is apparently an Australian Olympic rower. I do wonder how Joe knows him.


  2. Kaptain Troglodyte strikes again.

    Does anyone else remember that when this Naugler viral circus began that Nicole Celeste Naugler and Joseph Naugler would brag about what a genius Joe was, and how Nicole was an honor student? They still arrogantly act like they’re the “smartest bear” in Jellystone Park, but at least it would seem, they are not publicly trying to sell the genius bs anymore. It’s probably one of their smarter moves. It makes them a little less of a laughing stock.

    Honestly for a couple who spend 24/7 online you’d think Joe could look up the man’s name. 5 seconds. I mean it’s not as if Joe actually had to attempt to put his own sentence together, we’ve all seen the painfully hilarious results of that, all he had to do was cut and paste part of a quote and get the distinguished gentleman’s name correct.

    Just remember folks Joe is the sole educator of almost a dozen children, and they wonder why the state wants a comprehensive educational plan (not defined as someone else’s article about unschooling, btw) to insure that those children receive at least the bare minimum. Personally, I think that’s an effing impossibility in nauglerville and it seems I’m not the only one who feels that way. As to the court order for said educational plan being “illegal” as Joe and Nicole are ranting online, I suggest they take a closer look at the law in Kentucky and learn to distinguish between what is required of homeschoolers and when. There are basic minimum mandatory requirements and then there are discretionary requirements if it looks like the parents aren’t doing what they say they are doing. Basically, you blessed little system gamers you, it’s not “just registering as a homeschooler” and nothing else, but you’re learning that the hard way aren’t you?

    HH of the Blessed Little Homestead my fat Aunt Tilley. Pfft.


  3. I remember reading A Brief History of Time. It’s accessible, wonderful, and I totally understood every sentence, until the next day when I realized I pretty much didn’t understand any of it. It all makes sense, and then I couldn’t remember what it was that made sense

    I did exactly the same thing.
    I just fancied that some of his reasoning settled into my subconscious.


  4. I have a horrible habit of reading the shit out of Ken Ham and Ray Comforts mouth, of course like vultures guarding a carcass, the both of them had their minions blather on about how they prayed Mr HAWKING got saved in his final breath. I wish them the pleasure of playing the choking game, alone of course. Oh and Joey, while your looking for your feet, lift the mirrow a bit and see if you have a pair


  5. the both of them had their minions blather on about how they prayed Mr HAWKING got saved in his final breath.

    That was Christopher Hitchens’ biggest fear, that somehow in his last moments, with an oxygen-starved brain, he would say something those idiots could use to declare that he’d “found Christ.”

    He made sure that people knew that no matter what he said when he died (I think pretty much nothing), he didn’t convert.

    Same thing holds true for me.


  6. I get what you mean by it making sense in the moment, but not after. It happens to me every time I’m with friends who are profound thinkers and I feel like I get what they’re saying but the next day everything I thought made sense dissolved. Same with a Beief History of Time, totally got it, then lost it. But I love Stephen Hawking. He gave me so much hope for my son, who suffers from a rare disease called Ataxia Telamgiectasia (AT). It’s a degenerative disease similar to ALS. I was so sad to learn of his death today but his long amazing life gives me hope for my son.

    I love your blog Sally! I don’t comment much but read you every day. Even if there are no new posts I re-read something. I love your writing. I am so grateful that you exposed The Naughlers. I found your blog as soon as I realized this story didn’t make sense. Nicole and Joe are ass holes. I can’t wait until this train wreck comes to an end and those kids are freed. I feel it coming. She gets them evaluated and the trained psychologists/ social workers will learn of the horrors of their lives: if she doesn’t get them evaluated, contempt. And I love that the GAL reads here. I would be worried as hell if I was Nicole. No way out now.

    Happy Birthday, Sally!


  7. He loved tequila, strip clubs and had a wicked sense of humor according to Eddie Redmayne who portrayed him. He made science accessible to all. I’ve read the book and enjoyed it.
    Too bad the N children won’t be able to pursue education and learn about him/


  8. I died once. I even saw the pinpoint white light in the distance and I remember thinking “now I know everything.” I didn’t I was a 19 year old idiot that was luckily revived by some other teen age idiots. What I didn’t see were any gods or other supernatural shit. Just myself and my consciousness ending in a point of light.


  9. I agree that that stupid assed piece of shit has not seen his feet in many years. To be frank, he hasn’t seen anything past his huge belly is so many years that I’m sure he has forgotten what any of that shit looks like. I think that is why he is so obsessed with women, some men, and gear shifts; well, his obsession has a lot to do with his own desires but that’s another topic for another day.

    Since my old fart and I moved from NWA, where we lived in a spacious apartment surrounded by lights from the university and lights from other condos, to our little weekend fixer upper that is located in a rural community with few lights, one store, and a lot of churches, I have taken to star gazing. Every night, I take our little dog out to do her business and I sit in the beat up old lawn chair and I lean back and I watch the stars. I notice the moon and I pay attention to patterns. Now my grandkids are also star gazing with me. We have a telescope but I have decided to get a really good one; one that my granddaughter whose hobby is photography can take pictures of planets and other things in our solar system,maybe further than our solar system. I wonder what star gazing means to people whose life is surrounded by chaos or whose idea of educating means letting kids figure it out on their own in an applied knowledge kind of way minus the knowledge. I wonder how long it would take my five year old to learn the planets in our solar system had I not explained it all to her and helped her learn the names of the planets. She loves uranus now that the older kids have explained why that name is so funny to say.

    Hawkins died from ALS, which he had for decades. When I was a senior in high school, I dated our student teacher. We were never very serious, he had a nice car (red camaro) and at 23 was an older man and he thought I was cute and he hoped to marry me because girls his age that weren’t already married had kids, were trashy, or were gay. I, though, was never going to marry him. Sadly he developed ALS in the early 80s and lived only four years. I’ve never known anyone who had ALS (I’ve know five people) that lived as long as Hawking. He said it was mind over matter but I have a pretty damn good mind and I certainly cannot control the disease that plagues my body, so I doubt he did either.

    Joe cannot see his feet, his knees, his thighs, his itty bitty knocker upper, or even his belly button, so looking at the stars might be an option or surfing the net….I bet it’s the net over the stars. Those two are not big on nature or the natural, in spite of what they claim.


  10. It would not surprise me if Joe thought Stephen Hawking was an American too.

    Those kids are being taught by a moron. Someone who cannot even string a simple coherent sentence together. What hope do they have


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