Standing on the Lies

Standing, standing, I’m standing on the lies of my source. – with apologies to Russell K. Carter

This page is going to be heavy on screen shots. I’ll link where I can to other pages to keep it as brief as possible, but I do need to tell the whole story.

It seems the Three Witches needed a villain. It couldn’t simply be that multiple people were just fed up with the lying and rumor-mongering – it had to be that there was a nefarious plot to somehow “take down” Cathy Harris, or as they see her, St. Catherine of Victimhood.


As near as I can figure out, this is Ground Zero. This is the post where the idea was first floated that Beth Murschell was somehow plotting to drive Cathy Harris to commit suicide. That’s what is meant by “Were you hoping Cathy would go the same way?”

In August, 2013, a woman named DJ Forrester (actual name was Donna Jane Roberts) had surgery. Ten months later, in March 2014, DJ died. I have covered all this controversy about the relationship between Beth and DJ already.


What I want you to see here is that rather than saying, “Wait a second. Is there really any evidence to suggest this kind of really horrible accusation?”, these people collectively began lamenting the evils of Beth Murschell.


And the violent rhetoric escalates. Now Beth is “going for the kill,” according to Maytag.

We began to see more and more comments implying that Cathy was going to kill herself, and anyone who dared disagree with her or not believe her every word was guilty of causing that.


At this point, with the stage nicely set, Maytag begins furiously blogging. Beginning with some rants about the general evilness of Beth, she ratchets it up to this. The tombstone reads: “BJU Suvivors – How many more before Beth quits?”

Before Beth quits what? Well, Fossen goes on to tell us.

page2Why, there’s your answer. How long before Beth quits pushing people to commit suicide.


Maytag uses the pseudonym “Susan” for DJ Forrester. And she informs us that DJ committed suicide after BJU fired and then rehired GRACE, because that was the “last straw.” She could handle no more. Beth had been mean and then BJU was mean.



And there you have it. Beth was to blame. DJ was dead. From there, Maytag tells us how Beth planned to do the same diabolical thing to Cathy, and she launches into the suicide story.


So Linda then posts a link to her blog everywhere, including her own page, where in typical Maytag fashion, she posts it, likes it and comments on it.

And there are more. Oh, there are lots more. We don’t know how she knows this, but she does. There are more. And they are all Beth’s fault. Or mine. Or somebody’s.


She posts a link on 2nd Edition as well.

And notice the comments. Not one single person says, “How do you know any of this?” Nope. They just pile on. Beth is evil. God worked, just in the nick of time.

And Beth’s friends aren’t “calling her out.” Wonder why that is?

It’s declared “insightful.” No evidence. Nothing. Just declarations made by a woman who has a decidedly tenuous grasp on reality.


And more comments, just totally believing all this without any question at all. Beth drove DJ to commit suicide and attempted to cause Cathy to do the same thing.

And others. Lots of others. It’s a blood bath, folks.


Then Daniel Madera picks up the baton and begins running with it. “God bless you, Linda,” he gushes.

For what? For showing how this evil woman, Beth Murschell, had cruelly plotted to drive DJ Forrester to commit suicide (reason for doing this is unknown and never stated) and is trying to do the same thing to poor, poor St. Catherine.


And Cathy comments and confirms something we already knew. Cathy Harris is the source of all this “information” about DJ. She is, of course, the one who provided the convenient screen shots “showing” that Beth “abandoned” DJ. And there is way more, she says. Way more.

Notice that she doesn’t say “Gee, I don’t really know if Beth actually plotted to do anything.” Nope. There is way more. And Chris knows it too.


So, when Maytag came over to chat with me on my wall, I found what she had to say about DJ’s “suicide” very interesting. Someone else asked her some very pointed questions about how she knew it was a suicide.


Oh, it was ruled a suicide. She tells us that over and over again.


It was not just ruled a suicide, it was officially ruled a suicide by the state of Florida.


Fossen’s source was told by the son. Oh, gee, well, that makes it absolute fact. Her source told her that the son said that it was official.


Who knew? You can just call up and get a copy for yourself. Has Maytag done this?


Well, no. She hasn’t. But you totally can do it.


Fossen just trusts her source, the source that told her that DJ’s death was officially ruled a suicide by the state of Florida. Fossen has learned well at the Camille K. Lewis School of Journalism, hasn’t she? Camille? Look at this. She deserves an A.


Here’s a reasonable suggestion. Why don’t we wait before accusing somebody of something so awful until we can verify at least the basic fact – that DJ Forrester did commit suicide?


I started to snip this a bit due to space, but she says too much here to leave anything out.

Maytag trusts her source. Period. Her source claims to have spoken with DJ’s sons and knows the official ruling of the state of Florida: suicide.

In addition, she stands by her blog. Isn’t that admirable?

Then we’re treated to a large paragraph where she informs us that children seeing claims like that about their mother is a good thing. She’s done a public service. And she hates her father. And she hates Beth.

And she’s leaving because we hate.


April chimes in to tell us that Fossen and her source are wrong.

Now then. Whatever are we to make of all this? How can we resolve the dilemma? Well, Maytag told us how already.


Okay, Maytag. Good idea.


Standing: The Reaction


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