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  1. But, but, the kids were taken in 2015 right? And she had stalkers before she went vile and got all the cash?? I had no idea that she was vile all the way back in 13. I never, ever heard of her before 2015. Really, though, she should be thanking the stalkers, trolls and cunts for the 45k plus. Had they not been taken they’d be up shit creek without a paddle, or I should say, higher up shit creek.

    Oops. I meant to say viral, not vile. Well, okay, vile works as well.


  2. This from a woman who admits to calling the state multiple times on her stepson and the uncle that raised him when it was determined by the courts that Joe and Nicole failed to keep him safe and nurtured. A child that they had not seen in person in years.

    So is she admitting here that she made those calls and wrote those letters to the state as an attack on the uncle and the child Alex? That she did so because “that was the best tool to use when you have no argument.” All of it, imho, because the state came after Joe for his child support arrearage. Not the uncle, not Alex, the state came after him for his debt.

    I have found over time that she is the one who shows her true motivation and actions most when she is pointing the finger at others. Her worldview is so narrow and skewered that she assumes that others do as she does, imho. She likes to tout her uniqueness. I will agree that she is unique. She is a unique brand of bitter vindictive bitch who is so self-absorbed that she cannot fathom what a decent humane person is.


  3. Okay I’m just gonna say it. It’s only a theory that I have had since the beginning,obviously proven truth. I think N&J got in way over their heads with no way out. They moved into the shed as a last resort to being homeless. When they realized they could not afford that either , they sent it back. Had the boys build the infamous make shift shed until they could afford something else. When they realized they could never save for a new shed, or a van and all the other shit they were given they came up with the little plan to have someone call cps on them , (and with all their run in’s with cps over the years they knew exactly what they would be looking for) and set out to do exactly what they did ..”GO VIRAL” . It was Joes FIRST thought . His 5 month pregnant wife was being arrested, 2 teenage boys taken into state care and given orders to place your remaining children in state custody by 9 am the next day. Their other recordings of the entire incident from N’s rehearsed sounding lines she spit at the police to J heartlessly and calmly telling his kids they would be “kidnapped” the next morning .


  4. they came up with the little plan

    I was with you until here. I don’t think they planned it. I think, though, that they most definitely took advantage of it when it happened. There’s no doubt at all that they sought the limelight. And I expect that the GFM was something beyond their wildest dreams, which is why they sought to repeat it when the baby died.


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