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  1. I am proud to say that my mother (and my father who was illiterate) NEVER once misspelled my name 😍❤.


  2. I don’t misspell my kids name but I do call them any of their siblings name daily. I have nine kids, but have done it when I only had one! Let’s say I want to tell Child A something and I will say child’s E name instead. It is crazy! My daughter recently had her 4th child. Two girls and two boys. They all start with the letter b and have a y in their names. Her 3 year old is named Brayden, her six month old is named Brandyn. Yup, it’s crazy! She is mixing up her kids names too! Most parents I think do this. But spelling? No.

    My dad was so confused with our names he would end up saying and pointing “hey you, you with the head”. I sure do miss him!!!


  3. Oh, I forgot to add that I can’t tell you how old they are unless I really think. I do know their birthdays & years. I just can’t tell all their ages. The oldest is 42 and the youngest is 28 or going to be 28. Gosh I feel old..


  4. I mix up my kids’ names sometimes too. Our next baby’s name has a traditional Scottish spelling that looks nothing like it is pronounced to an English speaking person. In an effort to make sure everyone in the family knows the proper spelling I had an embroidered stuffy made with her name on it. I have a semi-photographic memory, so it cements the spelling in my mind. I knew this name would be a challenge when we chose it, so I planned accordingly.

    As much as the Ns post online, you’d think their autocorrect would know the proper spelling by now. All our kids (and pets) have unusual names, and my phone/computers have “learned” the correct spelling.


  5. Just sad. So very very sad.

    I realize in large families that it is easy for a child to feel ignored or lost, particularly the middle children, but you would think that a caring mother would make the effort and spend the few seconds of time to spell the child’s name correctly.

    Nicole Naugler, Joseph Naugler and their sock Charles can kiss my ass with all their talk of calling in another welfare check every time I misspell a word. Their grammar sucks, they misuse words and they misspell things all the time, but to misspell the birthday boy’s name not once but multiple times? It speaks volumes to me about just how uninterested and uninvolved she is with her children unless they’re doing something for her. Then again at least she didn’t compare this son to a dog on his birthday as she did one of her other sons.


  6. She spelled it incorrectly multiple times in two separate posts on the same day. Happy Birthday, indeed. #momgoals


  7. I only have 2 kids, both grown, and I call them by the wrong names all the time. Hell I call them by the dog’s name, and we haven’t had a dog in 10 years!


  8. You will be happy to know, she went back and fixed her spelling errors lmao. Oh yeah she NEVER reads the blog lmao.


  9. Interested Bystander says:

    I only have 2 kids, both grown, and I call them by the wrong names all the time. Hell I call them by the dog’s name, and we haven’t had a dog in 10 years!

    I absolutely do this with my two kids, however, I have never ever spelled their names incorrectly. I’m sure she’ll blame it on spell check, or simply make light of it.


  10. I call the dog by the kids names sometimes, and many times I’ve called the son by his dad’s name.
    My mom told me that we should name the kids Anna and Otto because that way they’d be able to spell their name backward and forward. Perhaps Mrs N should have thought of that?


  11. It wouldn’t bother me half as much as it did if it wasn’t emblematic of how little she pays attention to details in everything she does. Misspelled names, begging for gas money to get to work and in the same week insisting her business is thriving, now her birthday kids barely get a meal with dessert but Nicole has a newly purchased vehicle. They couldn’t put aside $20-$30 to get ice cream and bake a few cakes? Why the hell not? They know when these birthdays will happen!


  12. My mom also calls me by my sister’s name on occasion. She will do the same to my sister. Mom’s spelling is atrocious and she readily admits to that, but has never spelled our names incorrectly. And although Nicole fixed the spelling errors on her son’s post, it is still incorrect on her daughter’s post.


  13. LOL…she went back to fix it and missed at least one. She’s probably suffering mental fog due to early pregnancy.

    No, I don’t know that for sure, but I suspect. We’ll know soon enough.

    I wonder how that’ll work? When she has an outstanding bill she’s in collection for…and wants to go to the ER again? I mean…I’m sure they’ll see her….but how hard will they really try to save her dumb ass? I’m sure they’ll cover their asses legally to the T, though. Hospital administrators aren’t dumb.
    Unlike the Naugs, they’ll be prepared.


  14. How cute. Our little Nicole sure is busy. Like, real busy. Starting the New Year off right…

    by avoiding her life and the trash therein, in favor of a hypnotic state in front of her screen. But hey. At least Nicole finally found some stability in her life. Good for her! I mean, that phone is reliable, hard-working, worth money – you know, everything Joe isn’t.

    Plus, there’s just so much to post, soo much to share, sooo many followers to traumatize with photos of bloody baby dicks. Hey. Look. Anything’s better than actually having to attend to or touch her loud, dirty, hungry, ruffian-children, some of whom cower in fear from her and her camera-phone. They always want something from her! Gawd. Cant they leave her alone?!

    “Facebook …it came to me, my own, my love, my preciouuus!”
    -Nicole Naugler


  15. I call my kids by the other’s name far too often. Once, and only once did I call one of them by the dog’s name. They have never let me live that down thus insuring I never do that again.


  16. There is a huge difference between mixing up your children’s names and spelling them wrong in a stilted, insincere, nearly clinical birthday post.

    When I post about my children on their birthdays, I talk about their interests, their amazing characteristics, and oh, I somehow remember to mention how deeply I love them and how lucky I am to have them in my life.

    There is nothing heartfelt about those posts, which is sad because it’s probably the most attention the kids get all year.


  17. Oh KatataFish,
    Are you really suggesting the hospital staff would think to discriminate against Nicole?
    That is crazy. Unlike the Joe and Nicole Naugler, they likely have values and oaths and ethics they’d prefer to respect and uphold. If a mistake were to be made in an emergency situation, it wouldn’t stem from bad-will toward the patient. I don’t know, no matter how vile she may be, I think that hospital staff would still save her life and be generally compassionate toward Nicole – at least a little bit, on account of their impression probably being that she is mentally ill on top of all her other problems. But of course, you could argue that the compassionate thing to do, is DNR. You know, like you’d do for a sick, injured dog.


  18. The birthday posts read like they were done out of a sense of duty, and almost like a job reference. I confess that sometimes my mind goes blank when I am thinking about a way to describe how unique my kids are; just like sometimes your mind goes blank when you are trying to do/say anything. What you do in that situation is write absolutely nothing until you have something of substance to say. Facebook birthday posts don’t have deadlines, and a heartfelt-sincere post even a couple days late is better than a stilted-awkward one on time.


  19. I very specifically said that the hospital staff would not discriminate against Nicole. They would do for her precisely what the letter of the law requires of them.

    I implied that hospitals do, in fact, restrict staff from doing anything beyond the bare minimum of what is legally required of them….when they know they will never get paid. I also implied that the way the Nauglers refused to allow the hospital to be paid for services did not go unnoticed by administration and that the next time the Nauglers visit, that information will be prominently on record.

    She won’t be refused treatment. But if I were her? I’d pick a new hospital to screw over.


  20. I implied that hospitals do, in fact, restrict staff from doing anything beyond the bare minimum of what is legally required of them….when they know they will never get paid.

    Not in my experience. I never knew who could pay and who couldn’t. I had no idea, and everyone was treated the same.


  21. I doubt if many staff will need to consult any written records if NN presents herself in the ED, if she makes it that far.
    Although my 93 y/o mom has trouble lately with names, she never fails to send me a beautiful card each birthday, without mistakes, including a note in her now wiggly handwriting. She does this for all of her 45 kids and grands and always has. But then again my mom never had time for FB, she was always too busy “homesteading”.


  22. Sally, did you ever work in the ER? It’s a little different. On the floors, the hospital is committed on paper….the standard of care is that everyone is treated the same. In the ER, the hospital’s liability is considered, and its obligation when opening up legal cans of worms like the Nauglers.

    Attending physicians have a different experience than nurses with administration. Particularly in the ER. And particularly with patients who not only won’t pay…but refuse to allow their bill to be paid from indigent funds… like the Nauglers.

    In a perfect world, all people would be treated the same…even the Naugs. But it isn’t the case. There’s a bottom line…even in hospitals, and administration does put pressure on attendings to consider its impact. Stabilize and transfer is always an option.

    But hey…let the Naugs roll the dice and see what happens. It’s what they do.


  23. Sally, did you ever work in the ER?

    Filled in.

    Have you ever worked in a hospital, period?

    I’m telling you that nobody I worked with had the slightest idea what the financial status was of any patient we cared for. The only thing we were given a heads up about is if a patient said something that could be construed as a threat of a lawsuit or if a patient was an attorney or married to an attorney. When I was taught triage, financial status was never one of the considerations.

    It is against the law to refuse to treat anyone. Stabilize and transfer is still treatment. It’s not nothing.


  24. Yeah, I worked in the ER for a good year, and in other emergency services capacities for years before. We not only didn’t know the patient’s ability to pay, but the computer systems for care and for fiduciary information were kept completely separate. Doctors, nurses, and techs were never involved in any conversation about ability to pay or insurance coverage. There were specific administration people who made contact with the patients in the ER to gather that information, but it was in a cone of silence we were excluded from. The reason is that “patient dumping” is against the law and can result in not only lawsuits from patients, but massive fines against the hospital. Most hospitals I interacted with in those years operated the same way. I have never seen a medical professional in an emergency situation ask, mention, or alter care based on the patient’s ability to pay.


  25. My ex has no way of ever paying back anything. He is a heroin attack and two years ago got a wicked case of gangrene in his butt from popping. This last July he had to have a major skin graph from one cheek to the other cheek. It involved three major surgeries and two months for his butt cheek skin to grow in a lab. He was in that hospital for three months. He is 65 and just now got on medi cal & Medicaid. Everyone there knew that there was no way he could pay. He has been in a hospital for the last almost three years. Sometimes, he gets shipped to skilled nursing. He is a pain in the butt. What the hospital have are social workers who work their asses off to get coverage for the people who can’t pay. I have filled out a ton of paperwork. Those in all the hospitals are caring people. I have met a few surgeon and nurses who are dickheads, but you find dickheads in all walks of life. The real dickheads are the people who work for the insurance companies. It is a nightmare. I’m still fighting for my sister to get home health care. Hospitals? They work their asses off even if you got no money.


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