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If you’ve read this blog recently, you’ve noticed Frank J. LaFerriere.  He’s only commented on one page and is now in the spam filter due to his threats of physical violence and theft and defamation, not to mention vile sexual/gay/racial slurs.

Frank, from what I can gather, is a guy who lives in New Hampshire and who alleges that he is a sexual assault victim of a Roman Catholic priest years ago. He’s been convicted of harassing another Catholic priest, but the case has been appealed. I have no idea what the status is now and don’t care.

Here’s how Frank found us.

So Frank’s “friend” Cynthia connected Cathy and Frank because Cathy needed “help.”  Who is Cynthia?

Cynthia McClaskey.  Here she is.

I do not know Cynthia McClaskey, but she’s been on the periphery of all this from the beginning.  She’s an author and blogger who writes about religious abuse. I do know that she actively markets her books from her blog.  Under her “Recommended Books,” hers are listed first. At one point, somebody telephoned her and had a long conversation with her and tried to explain our position as critics of both Cathy and Camille, and came away from that conversation convinced that Cynthia understood.  Obviously she didn’t.  She’s not a Bob Jones University-connected person.  Maybe that’s why some of this is not something she understands. I don’t know and I really don’t care. She certainly can’t insist, though, that nobody ever told her what was going on.

All I know is that Frank says that Cynthia McClaskey decided that it would be good idea to hook up a very unstable, volatile person who has already been convicted of harassment with another unstable person.

And Cathy Harris then pointed him here.

Now, maybe Frank is lying about this.  If he is lying, then perhaps Cynthia would like to come here (she’s more than welcome to do so) and tell me that. As it stands now, Cynthia McClaskey is ground zero for all this.

Again, Frank met Cathy. She pointed him here. He came over here to “defend” her  and everyone read his comments. Only when he began to threaten me with bodily harm did I put him in the spam file. In addition, Frank’s remarks are homophobic in the extreme and very misogynistic.  I find it very difficult to believe that Cynthia McClaskey did not know what Frank is like. A couple of minutes of searching on Google will bring up everything you ever wanted to know about him, including his obvious mental instability.

Not only was he not attacked here, he was the attacker. Anyone who has been here any length of time knows that I have never attacked or banned anyone for simply disagreeing with me. Nor have I ever defended a “rapist.”  All I’ve said regarding Cathy and rape is that I do not believe her “rapists” exist.

So, the next thing that happened is that Frank posted a list of names and addresses on his Facebook page, I believe, and somebody reported that to FB and it was taken down. I never saw it.  He then posted the same list on a couple of blogs (he has several, none of which I will link to because if you click the link, he will be able to collect IP addresses, which really doesn’t matter but freaks people out).

The very interesting thing about the list is its similarity to another list. The other list was posted, oh a year ago or more, on Dan Keller’s little Storify page. Remember that?  It was only there briefly, a few hours, if I remember correctly, and then Dan removed it. This was supposed to scare us all.

While there are some differences between the two lists (Frank’s contains more names and leaves out a few that were on Dan’s), the ones that are on both lists are identical. There is more than one way to write my address.  You can write out my name: Sally Davis, or you can write it out using my maiden name: Sally Slaton Davis.  You can write my street address more than one way, either abbreviating some of it or not. You can write my zip code using five digits, or using the plus four.  These are identical. All the other duplicates are identical.

The lists came from the same source.

One other thing about Frank’s list is how silly much of it is.  It contains the names of people who have not had anything to do with this for years. Some of them have never had anything to do with this at all. One person is on the list who did nothing more than click “like” on the original Truth Seeking page, and then decide she didn’t want to be involved and left.  That was enough to get her on The List forever. Another person has never participated in any of this, but was the subject of a page on this website and committed the sin of not believing something Cathy Harris said (not about her supposed “story” but just a random remark Cathy made). She is on The List forever.  In addition, Cathy Harris’ relatives are on The List although I have never had any contact with any of them.  Randy Page is on The List in spite of the fact that I have never spoken with him or had contact with him in any way and wouldn’t recognize him if I fell over him.

But there is a common denominator in The List.  It is a hit list of all the people Cathy hates for one reason or another.  Any slight will get you placed on The List.

So where did Frank get The List?  He didn’t invent it.  And we don’t have to speculate.

I have cut part of that message. He went on at length in all caps, and it is irrelevant.

He got The List from Cathy Harris.

He posted on Truth Seeking Graduates. This was over in the Visitor post section, and attracted the attention of the wonderful Mary Yepez (loonies attract loonies, it seems).  But Cathy loved it so much that she moved it.

She wanted to be sure everyone saw it.

Frank shared Cathy’s and Karen Nelson Lee’s crap on his own Facebook page.

After all, Cathy Harris is a friend of Frank’s.

So is Daniel Madera.

They’re all buddies.

And none of that would matter. I don’t typically go around look through Facebook pages for friend lists.  But in this case, there was all this.

So Daniel’s friend Frank is “unstable,” according to Daniel.

And Cathy?  Hell, Cathy doesn’t even know Frank. He’s a “disturbed character” and we attracted him.

Remember, Cynthia McClaskey introduced Frank to Cathy (for “help”) and Cathy sent him here.

We didn’t “attract” Frank. Cathy sent Frank here. But what’s odd is this.  Cathy says that Frank is “the kind of person [we] were trying so carefully to put on [her].  When have I gone out and found an “unstable, disturbed” person and sent him to bother Cathy?  Or is she saying that Frank is the sort of “unstable, disturbed” person I am trying to paint her as being?  I’m not sure.

However, I do question what is going on in the heads of people like Cynthia McClaskey who sent an “unstable, disturbed” person to “help” Cathy Harris, who in turn sent that “unstable, disturbed” person over here.

I do not feel at all threatened by Frank. I’ve lived for two years with threats of police, the FBI, bodily harm, slurs against my character, you name it.  I don’t care about any of that.

I very much like finding out that Cynthia McClaskey has the judgment of a four-year-old.

And I love catching St. Catherine of Victimhood in a bold-faced lie.

This is our rooster. If you get really quiet and listen carefully, you will hear him crow. Three times.


Well, I expected St. Catherine to be unhappy, but in my wildest ideas, I didn’t imagine this.

First off, what exactly would I “report”?  That Frank got The List from St. Cat?  Who gives a shit? And who would I report this horrible fact to? And why?  Frank is an internet loudmouth.  What do I care?  His messages go straight to the spam folder. So far, there are dozens of them. Look at the IP address there.

You know where Frank is from?  You guessed it.

Frank actually has more integrity than Cathy has ever had. Cathy is the one who steals photos and creates fake FB pages to try to validate her fake kidnapping story. Cathy is the one who makes up fake rape stories.  Cathy is the one who makes up stories about speaking to the PA legislature, which never happened. Cathy is the one who lies about a woman’s cause of death and says it was suicide when it clearly was not.

Do I need to go on?

But it’s interesting to me that Cathy insists that I “made up” a blog comment.  Why would she think that?

I think I know.  Coming later. . .

UPDATE:  July 8, 2017



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