This is worth sharing with all of you.  I know it’s mostly politically based, but it still gives you the basic idea.  It’s neither left-biased or right-biased.

Take a good look. Stay away from the stuff down at the bottom, regardless of whether it’s to the right or left.  Limit the stuff in the middle at the bottom.  And be careful with both HuffPo and Faux News.  I avoid them both.  Sometimes on one or the other, you can find something that is really true, but then you can usually find it elsewhere with better analysis and better writing.

This comes from Vanessa Otero, who deserves a big thank you for the trouble she went to. Obviously, these are her opinions as to the placement of each source, but I would personally disagree with little that she has here.



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  1. I’ve seen enough liberal-slanted things out of Vox and Slate that I ignore both of those (and I’m so far to the left that I’ve been accused of being a straight-up religion-hating Communist).

    Anyone remember how CNN dropped coverage of everything else in the word to have three days or 24/7 coverage/mourning for Anna Nicole Smith? Yeah. We placed bets at work on how long that could go on. Faux News and HuffNo are worse.

    The times I’m likely to listen to Fox, for instance, is when something the report is positive to the left, of to Addicting Info when it’s positive to the right. In other words, when they’re reporting against their own slant. Which is rare, to say the least.

    I usually get my news from NPR (no, it’s not all liberal stuff) and BBC. The New York Times used to be a go-to until they blatantly and openly started endorsing Hillary Clinton (newsflash: I’m anti-Trump). I can’t trust impartial reporting from a media source that doesn’t even try to hide endorsements.

    I really don’t like how local news outlets are toward the bottom. That’s going to depend heavily on where you live. My local news strives to be very balanced. That might be different in the bible belt, where not spewing praise for the right might alienate almost all of your viewers, but in an area like mine, that’s more politically mixed and with more people who tend to want truth, showing a bias is what will cost your all your viewers. And John Oliver using one of or local outlets to illustrate some points about problems in the media further pushed all our outlets to strive harder to cover better and more impartially.

    You know what’s sad? Almost none of today’s coverage would have made it into my high school’s newspaper and local TV news program. We were mandated to leave our personal biases out of reporting. If someone we were interviewing was saying something angrily, all we could say was, “So-and-so said, ‘insert quote,'” since adjectives opened the door to biasing the viewer when the indisputable facts are all we were supposed to report.


  2. Newspapers can and do regularly endorse candidates. I was a Bernie supporter but didn’t mind the NYT being for Hillary.

    My local news strives to be very balanced. That might be different in the bible belt,

    You cannot imagine what the local paper is like here. I don’t even read it, ever. We use it to start fires in the wood stove.

    But my point in sharing the graphic was not to start a political war, or even a big political discussion. My point was to show that there are left-wing sites that are bonkers just like there is Infowars on the right. Anti-vaxxers are not always, but often, left-leaning. Anti-science crap permeates the entire culture, not just one particular group.


  3. News outlets are supposed to report the facts. When they start endorsing candidates, their ability to report the unbiased facts about all candidates is questionable. So once a paper openly picks a side, I don’t trust them to report fairly anymore. Endorsing candidates isn’t what they exist to do.

    Most anti-vaxxers I know are the far-right sort who think the ebil gubmints needs to stay out of everything they do. (Oh! But do stay in women’s uteruses.) They don’t share websites, but they do post plenty otherwise about how the government needs to stay out of everything they do. When I do see my far-right friends and family post from websites, it’s usually blatant conspiracy websites and flat-earth cites that wouldn’t even pass as news sources the way Natural News can. Oh my god, one of my friends posted something from The Onion that she didn’t know was sarcastically backing her choices. That went about as well as you can imagine.


  4. Dear Jeannie:


    No, you didn’t ask for my sympathy. You didn’t complain, only wistfully stated your memories. YOU, my new Sallyblog friend, are a HERO in my eyes.

    THANK YOU for sharing the facts as they pertained to you.

    PS:__posted in this most recent thread so Jeannie will be sure to see it__


  5. Endorsing candidates isn’t what they exist to do.

    Actually, they have done this forever. They do it on the editorial page, which exists to offer opinions. It’s possible to be reasonably unbiased in reporting a story even if you have a preference or have made a judgement call about it. In fact, there is no such thing as a lack of bias. Everyone has a “side.”


  6. I have a family member who is a felon. Nice enough guy, to me.
    He convinced his kid to vote trump to help out folks like him.
    You know, the poor, hardworking and forgotten Americans.
    His kid thinks Trump is going to raise the minimum wage to 20 an hour, and he can just get a job working on the wall, and this magic wall building job will come with fabulous insurance for every family member.
    For real.
    Because the kid and dad read it on britebart and the comments on info wars. That’s where the real “truths” are hidden.

    It’s almost enough to make me think our voters need a license to vote.


  7. There’s a big, huge difference between an editorial section of a newspaper, and the newspaper endorsing candidates all over the places, often now including the front page. When a newspaper’s front page becomes an editorial, and every page is an editorial, it’s no longer a publication reporting news. It’s one big piece of propaganda.

    Telling readers to vote for this candidate or that isn’t news. When that’s what a paper becomes, it’s no longer a newspaper. Telling is the unbiased facts about various events and letting us decide for ourselves is news. Telling us we should vote this way or that undermines journalism. Defending blatant political propaganda and endorsements being passed for news is how we’ve ended up with a media that pretty much can’t be trusted at all. Media that can’t be trusted, when we accept and defend this, is how we end up with bias and fabrication being passed as factual news. This has helped us have President Elect Asshat with the tiny, tiny hands. It’s dangerous. We need to be able to trust our media to present FACTS as news, and to keep editorials to the clearly labeled section meant for opinions.


  8. I have to agree with Kaylee on this one. I dont mind if a newspaper endorses on their editorial page, but the journalism section of the outlet is supposed to remain neutral. That is why students are taught debate skills and how to defend and argue points and arguements that they may not always agree with. It may be naive to expect that a journalist can check their biases at the door, but they should at least try to do so.


  9. Off topic…just read this on blh
    We need to move ASAP. The level of attack continues to escalate. If anyone local knows of a place we can rent outside of Breckinridge county, 30 mile radius of Radcliff, please pm me. My family is in danger living here.


  10. >>We need to move ASAP. The level of attack continues to escalate. If anyone local knows of a place we can rent outside of Breckinridge county, 30 mile radius of Radcliff, please pm me. My family is in danger living here.<<



  11. I saw that post too poorkids.

    She needs to clarify it. Running water and heat optional but internet access is a must!


  12. I smell a fundraiser coming!!
    Seriously though, who in their right mind would rent to this family. Which leads them to where they are now. They didn’t choose to homestead… They didn’t have a choice. While my heart aches for those kids… I can’t pity the parents at all


  13. Just saw the most recent post on BLB about needing to move and seeking someplace to rent. I’m not a local, but I haven’t read comments anywhere that would indicate the Nauglers have been harassed — except perhaps by the Great & Secret Show people? But I think that’s most just yanking their chain with claims that they are doing massive research on the Nauglers’ past. I wonder what the real reason is. Are they in arrears on their payments on the property and facing eviction? I feel sad for the older girl because I am certain she will have to sell the horse (but I am happy for the horse to find a new home, hopefully with people who can care for it properly). With their abysmal credit rating, who would rent to them? Even if they had decent credit, I don’t think there are many landlords who would welcome a family that large because it’s just too many people in one home.

    For those that live close to the Nauglers, I would guess you are holding your breath to see if they actually move and finally you can get a little peace in your area again.


  14. @ poorkids
    I read that too…
    Why do I suspect it’s something else, and Nicole is just using this as an excuse.
    She also accused two of her neighbors of claiming they have good “sniper” skills. What a crock…
    Somebody stopped, she says, her son saw them , they took something out of their pocket and then left… OMG I’d be foaming at the mouth if I worried about people similar things in my neighbor hood… she’s insane!
    Did they forget to pay their rent… did they have a family falling out…
    I don’t for a second believe what she’s saying, but she sure is stirring up her followers. That’s her method to her madness.


  15. Well, let’s hope that they either return the mare or they find a place with a run-in shed and decent fencing.

    I thought they were all armed, capable and ready to take on whomever sets foot in Squalor Holler? Where are the videos PROVING that someone has been messing with their animals? Their possessions? You know, while there is “always” someone home. Because the neighbors watch their every move and know that no one who leaves can possibly turn around and come back unexpectedly.

    *rolls eyes*

    No proof of their being in danger exists or they would have already gone to court and gotten a judge to issue an emergency order of some sort.


  16. Oh Good grief! She makes is sound like the sky is falling…but what has actually happened?

    Her son allegedly saw the neighbor stop his car on the road near their driveway, get out of the car, and take “something” out of his pocket. That’s it.

    For all she knows, a tire was soft and he got out to put a tire gauge on it, or a can of fix a flat. Or maybe he stopped because he had a hunk of ice or a branch hung up in a wheel well. Or ANY NUMBER of other completely innocent reasons you might stop on the road for half a second before getting too far from home.

    Oh…and she’s freaking out about something posted publicly on the “documentary” page.

    And she wants to move to a land lease where they can take the trailer and all the animals. LOL.

    I do think it’s interesting that she talked about moving only one trailer. Could the young couple’s trailer have gone back to rent-a-shed? Surely she wouldn’t leave them behind with all that “immanent danger”, would she?

    Or maybe they’re behind in land payments and this is a yet another way to suck on the sympathies of the people who carry her floppy used up ass with their donations….and get a new place before they get kicked off of the old one.

    Who knows anymore?

    The Naugs just seem to get kookier every day.


  17. “Her son allegedly saw the neighbor stop his car on the road near their driveway, get out of the car, and take “something” out of his pocket. That’s it.”

    Even if it was their neighbor stopping and taking a photo from the road, that is completely legal. Nicole has done it. She’s bragged about running “like a gazelle” to snap a photo of a vehicle driving past the Shitstead. Plus the photo posted of someone’s trellis or gazebo or something despite the homeowner coming out, asking her what she was doing, asking her NOT to take/post the photo, etc. Didn’t Nicole also post a photo of someone in a handicapped parking space – including their license plate? We all know she posted a photo with someone’s social security number visible. She later removed it or obscured it.

    Get over yourself, Nicole. Why don’t you pay to get your land surveyed and properly marked in order to minimize the chances of people trespassing on your property and vice versa? That would be more useful than squawking about the neighbor stopping briefly on the road.

    The same 70+ year old neighbor who came out with his WORKING chain saw to clear the tree from YOUR stretch of road that prevented you from going to work. Where was Lord Lard Ass and his $900 chain saw? Why the heck didn’t HE work on clearing that mess up? Why would militia members/voluntaryists rely upon an evil statist retired veteran to do it?


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