For Somebody Who Doesn’t Want Something. . .


I am beginning to believe that somebody, someplace, needs to do a well-check on Nicole.

First, nobody was “hitting [Nicole’s] van.” They had an accident, and a very minor one with no damage to either vehicle.  As usual, she makes this into something it wasn’t.

Second, I absolutely do not believe any five-year-old’s story like this regardless of whose five-year-old it is. I call bullshit. The neighbor is simply not the sort of person to say anything like that to a child.

Third, there were no “drunk drivers.” I’m not sure how often I have to say this, but nobody was drunk that night. Joe was drinking a beer with both Kyle and Mark.  I was there. Nicole was not there. If Joe tells a different tale, and I bet he does, he is lying.

The police did not come because there was no reason for them to come. It was ridiculous.

Fourth, bullshit on the “documented threats of violence.” Nobody has threatened Nicole with anything.

And then she goes on with the six-degrees-of-separation shit.

The first time she ever made this claim, that I am “friends” with Sheriff Pate’s mother-in-law, I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. She is talking about Joyce Webster.

Yes, Joyce Webster is a friend of mine on Facebook.

I have a lot of Facebook friends. I don’t know most of them. I have almost never made a friend request on Facebook, less than five, I bet.

I am a blogger, with two very active blogs.  Do you know how many friend requests I get per week?  A whole bunch. And I am not really picky about who I accept. My Facebook page is almost entirely open and public, so I really don’t care.  You don’t even have to send me a request. You can comment on my FB page even if you aren’t my friend.

For another thing, I knew nobody involved in the Naugler situation until Joe Naugler came over to my Facebook page and began threatening me. I knew not one person in Breckinridge County. I didn’t even know where Breck County was. I have several friends there now, and several more in the surrounding area. Some of them are Facebook friends who I have never met in real life. Some are real, flesh-and-blood friends, and I am very glad that I got to know them. But I knew none of them until Joe Naugler poked me with a stick and sparked my interest in the story.

I had no idea what Sheriff Pate’s mother-in-law’s name was until Nicole told me.

I have never had a conversation with Joyce Webster about her son-in-law or even about the fact that he is her son-in-law. I have no idea how she feels about his arrest.  I do know that the legal system did their thing.  Nicole ought to pay some attention.  As far as I can tell, Sheriff Pate owned his mistake right from the start, went straight to rehab and totally cooperated with law enforcement.

This is very different from what Joe and Nicole have done. They have systematically tried to antagonize every governmental agency they possibly can as often as possible. When you are in the middle of a court case involving the environmental director of the local health department, it really isn’t bright to to go on your public blog and call him an idiot.


Or to go on social media and talk about the judge as though he’s in collusion with people.


As you can see, this “it’s all a conspiracy” shit has been going on for a long time. It’s not the Naugler’s fault. It’s this very small group of people who hate them and want to steal their property from them (because it’s just so valuable, covered with shit like it is) and drive them out of the county.

Actually, almost everyone in the whole world loves them. Everyone who ever meets their children knows that those kids are perfect, well-behaved, clean, and above all, brilliant and highly educated. And Joe says that everyone who meets him loves him.

Except for one problem.

It’s not true.

His neighbors absolutely despise him. He and Nicole are not “highly thought of” in the county, especially not in the various governmental offices. And it’s not because they are “voluntaryists” who are standing up for their “rights” against a “corrupt local government.”

It’s because they are assholes.

Listen to Joe’s (highly edited, or truncated) recording of the encounter on the road.

Put that with every single other recording you’ve ever heard that Nicole has touted on YouTube. Not the pretty, staged ones with the children. No, listen to the ones she records of law enforcement, of their encounters with officials of any sort, including an innocent clerk at the health department.

They are assholes.

Nobody who meets them in those circumstances can stand them because they are assholes. They behave like petulant children.

Hell, they couldn’t even get along with other people in church, of all places. Not just one church.  Multiple churches. Nobody could stand them. They were quite literally forced out of every church they attended. When you take charity from a church and then trash the church on social media, you’re an asshole.

Nicole did a blog posting the other day about her salon. It’s a long screed that pretty much trashes every single employer she has ever had. All them were either drug addicts (and I’m quite sure that “drug addict” coming from Nicole is just about as accurate as “drunken driving”) or they were dishonest or scheming to rob her or something. Every single one. When you cannot get along with anyone you’ve ever worked with in your whole life, you’re an asshole.

Joe can’t work because he is unemployable. He’s unemployable because he cannot get along at any job he’s ever had. He’s an asshole.

It’s very simple.

The Naugler “family” is in no danger from anyone, although I would suggest that chasing people who are riding down public roads and screaming threats at them might not be the best strategy if you don’t want to fight. It’s a strategy that also goes a long way to increase the numbers of that “small group of locals” who don’t like you.

Joe and Nicole Naugler are assholes.




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  1. That woman needs to be institutionalized. The majority of her clueless, gullible followers should join her. If the neighbor threatened a 5 year old with a gun, we would have read about it long before now. Hell, we would have watched the video. Because Joe and Nicole document everything, ya know. lol, you fools believing her every word are comical. Stupid, but comical.


  2. You forgot that they were bullied by the Boy Scouts as well. And swindled by their landlords.


  3. One government agency or other is forcing her hand and making her submit to their authority. The thought of her having to submit to authority just makes my day. Something has driven her over the edge.


  4. Each and every time she writes another Blog and plays the “blame” game it just makes her look more pathetic and loonier than before..FFS woman, be accountable for your own actions already!…geeze…


  5. ? She’s leaving Facebook and taking her ball over to the blog with that helpful PayPal button and no chance of being put in Facebook jail. Color me shocked.
    Are we taking bets on how long she lasts? Let’s see, court on Thursday plus end of the month bills due multiplying by the (pathetic) two comments on the blog… Carry the one… I am betting less than 24 hours.
    Excellent blog, Sally! Thanks for being a voice of reason ??


  6. Wait a dang minute!!! The original story was that he threatened to shoot the dogs if they came on his property !!! He said that to the 5 year old!!! Now that has become he threatened to shoot anybody who walks on his property!! I call bullshit that a man who cut up a tree to clear their road so Nicole’s lunatic ranting ass could get to work while re I wrong from surgery would say that to a 5 year old child about shooting someone! I didn’t even believe the dog story!!! He sounds like a really nice man and very good neighbor!!

    Nicole is a ranting manic madwoman!!! She is declining and has lost any slight grip she had on reality . Those poor children!! If we witness this much on line there is no telling what it’s like in person! She needs mental help ASAP in my opinion!


  7. from niks blog… “The new job went great for the first month. But as time passed the tone changed. I was advised to look into the legal side and I did. Most groomers hire as independent contractors, when most if not all are simply miscalsdfied employees. It was, like my previous jobs, just an under the table work. I was ok with that. My only goal was to feed my family. I worked up till the day before [name of child removed] was born. When I inquired about resuming work I was sent a contract. I disagreed with the terms (one being that I was not allowed to sell MY bows to the groomer I had previously worked for). I found work at yet another salon, trying to decide what to do next.”
    I know the person you are talking were making 75% commission, you had no clients of your own and she shared her clients with you, and you paid her back by dragging your children to work with you every day, I even saw very small children trying to wash dogs in there. And they were not YOUR bows, as the person you were working for taught you how to make them, and was the only person who did it in town, AND the contract only said you could not sell the bows in a 20 mile radius from her, you could sell them in neighboring towns or online. BTW she despised you, you stunk, you could not groom and you tried to bully her into doing things your way. your kids ran amuck and your daughter stole from her. I was the person who helped her put together a contract because we both knew it would be a way to get rid of you. P.S. I believe you still owe her some commission and half a vet bill…keep spinning your lies.. but remember there are enough of us who know you in real life.


  8. Jahaza, you are correct about that. The original story was that the neighbor threatened to kill the dog.


  9. but remember there are enough of us who know you in real life.

    I am permitting this even though it’s talking about dog grooming because this is not about her current business, but an old employer. We’re walking a fine line here, so everyone please be careful.


  10. Sally nailed it. Frankly, I think the only people who ‘like’ Joe are those who have never met him. Nicole is …. wow what a paranoid loon. It is almost like she is trying to fail (maybe she is). I think if you reversed anything that Joe and Nicole say then we would know what the truth is.


  11. The Sheriff “got his job back”? He’s an elected official. He cannot be fired. A recall vote could be done, but that takes longer than a “few weeks.”


  12. >>And she has a meeting with the FBI? That’s laughable.<<
    Yes, I saw this and took a screenshot of it. Why, exactly, is she meeting with the FBI???? I did not realize it was that easy to get them involved in personal matters. For the life of me, I can't figure out how her children are being put in danger. The most I have seen is a picture of a far-off vehicle; and how that translates into her children being in harm's way I do not understand! I could take a long-distance picture of a parked vehicle as well, but that means nothing. It's truly stunning and confusing. It almost appears that she is wanting to look like a crazy woman. Perhaps she needs a break from the children and is indirectly hoping the state will intervene on their behalf. Why else would a woman (a mother!) carry on this way?? If I was afraid for my children, the last thing I would do is post anything public about them (or where we live) on the internet. It just doesn't make any sense.


  13. Say what???? wrote, “It just doesn’t make any sense.”

    Joe Friday requested the ‘sit down’ with Joe & Nicole Naugler. What about that doesn’t make sense to you?


  14. Thanks for the continual laughs and eye rolls. I listened to that recording….does Joe really say when asked if he has a real job “Oh fuck no!” Like he’s proud as punch? And…. I had to laugh out loud when he said “There’s no TAMPONS in there!” Oh dear Lord. I guess there isn’t if you keep your wife knocked up year round. But in all fairness, I worked full time up until February of this year and plenty of time for Facebook. Just sayin. (Teasing of course.). Thanks Sally, I look forward to reading your blog every day. Unfortunately the reason for the blog and its content is pretty sad, but you put it all into perspective with such confidence and comedy.


  15. Please have a meeting with the FBI. Please do.

    Show them all of your “proof and documentation”. After they laugh at you and blow you off, you can add them to your conspiracy stew.



  16. LMAO
    FBI and DOJ would talk with them 5 minutes and realize they are certifiable crazy and call for a pick up order.

    She might want to make sure she has her taxes in order.

    Jojo might want to check on the warrants he has on him in TX too.

    They need to sweep the poo off their door step before they step out.


  17. Josie, it doesn’t make sense why she is so public with regard to her children and their lives if she is afraid they will be harmed. That is what I meant by, “it doesn’t make sense.” If I wanted to protect my children, I would not have a blog and not post pictures of them on FB, but that’s just me. I’m fairly private. It is an incongruence in her disordered personality is all I was pointing out.

    Who is Joe Friday? There must be parts of the story I am missing.


  18. “and they have been trying to have a sit down since last year.” – says Nicole about the FBI

    How very strange.

    The Nauglers want to get help from the federal government?

    The FBI has been aware of the Nauglers since last year and asked to talk to them?


  19. My uncle is a retired Federal Agent. (Federal Bureau of Investigation=FBI, Nicole…just in case you didn’t understand) He worked on many high-profile cases over the years. Some he can discuss, some he still cannot. His stories are incredible!

    But the best stories are those about nut-jobs who call on the Feds to “help” them.
    This would be you, Nicole and Joe.

    Sally, Thanks for clarifying who Joe Friday is. I was lost, too!


  20. The thing is Nicole, if your former church/churches had a problem with you, your former employer/s had a problem with you, CPS had a problem with you, the county environmental agency has a problem with you, and the neighbours all have a problem with…yep, you guessed it, you, then it’s pretty likely that the problem is…YOU. You and Joe are the common denominators here, not everyone else.


  21. Her latest blog is even scarier than yesterday and furthers my belief that someone is going to get hurt.

    I also listened to the audio recording and I was pretty disturbed. Hardly anyone else got a word in. Joe did most of the talking and it was very loud and crass. Delusional, for sure. There is real paranoia going on there that I believe is from mental illness. Are there any authorities keeping check on this? I’m not implying they should have their home raided and their children removed but someone please, check on the mental well-being of the parents. We all know post-partum depression is a real and scary thing. And for a man to say “fuck no” when asked if he had employment… speaks volumes.

    Moving on, I watched the car wreck video in which Mr. Sneed appeared. Out of everyone there, he seemed the most level headed and so, it’s extemely difficult for me to believe that he threatened to shoot a human being.

    I will reiterate what others here have said: if I felt my children were in true danger, there’s no way in hell I’d be posting on the internet.

    I just cannot understand most of this. And I cannot imagine what it is like to be one of their children. To be taught that you can’t trust law enforcement, that you cannot trust anyone. What kind of life is that?

    I think this is exactly why they are still under the grips of the courts and I can’t say I disagree. Hopefully, this won’t end before they require the parents to get mental health evaluations.


  22. One other thing.. isn’t it possible that the N’s have high powered binoculars (or something else) and that they’re actually watching not only anyone that drives down their “private” road but also their neighbor? I have no idea how their property is set-up so it may just be that they’re hiding in their bushes but any way, just a thought.


  23. “I have a feeling my family is in extreme danger. These people will do anything to land my husband and I in jail and the children back in state care.” – Nicole on BLH

    I think the fan base has grown weary of the paranoid obsession. Nicole said 8 hours ago that her family is in “extreme danger” and the post gets less than 300 likes and less than 200 comments (out of the 45,o00 she claims still follow them).

    Hopefully, Nicole and Joe can take a fresh look at the situation.
    Have a talk with the FBI. Really listen. Maybe try to lighten up and live and let live.

    The Duggers have dozens of “troll” pages made about them. They are stalked and photographed and ridiculed online. They seem to just let it roll off and get on with living how they want.

    Life is too short and precious to waste it living in anger and fear.


  24. I’m sorry, I’m still in stitches over Joe talking to the FBI. I just can’t stand JN. I just remember sitting there listening to him talk and wanting to shoot myself in the foot. Not to mention he is such a perv. But on a more serious note, if NN is soooooo gravely concerned why does she continue to publicly post pictures of her children on facebook? I’m so lost as to why any mother ( I use that term very very loosely when referring to her) would continue to put her family out there if they were really in danger. That just proves yet again what a shitty “mother” she really is.


  25. One thing to remember even when talking directly with Joe and Nicole is that they are always acting, always on stage, always documenting. Personally I think they’re both insane, but in reality they’re not THAT insane, but they play the part needed to bring in money quite successfully.

    Always, always about the money. A year of these cycles repeating themselves. Sometimes she ramps it up because she needs new leghumpers/money donors, sometimes because they need actual cash money for court bonds or rent payments. The cycles of “bat shit crazy” act are just that, an act, an extraordinary performance as they busk online for more money.

    Of course, all the above is just my opinion. Brought to you by the retired attorney who the blessed attacked and I’d say have been regretting ever since, but for the fact that they have no regrets, just “give me your money” feelings.


  26. Meeting with the FBI is a great idea! I hope it happens. Soon.
    I don’t know how much of a horse and pony show vs. reality her latest posts are but I never discount her manipulative repeated falsehoods and she does crave the limelight. She also knows her audience and has moved her show conviently right next to her PayPal button.
    But after all the damage they have inflicted on so many, her fears may in fact be grounded in *some* truth. She knows how many and how severe they have damaged others and their property. Fear laden with guilt maybe? Reckoning day looming?
    Josie, what a picture! Friday sitting down with her saying, “just the facts ma’am”, (albeit false attribution) while both of them simultaneously yammer on and on. Poor Friday, poor FBI agent. Beer me, beer for the agent. No beer for you JN!


  27. There could be mental problems going on. Nicole’s self-described behavior certainly indicates an escalation of paranoia. Their neighbors seem to be living their lives as best as possible around and with the actions of this off-charts irresponsible and anti-social family.

    But I think it may be something less complex than mental problems that is bringing out the paranoid behavior. I think it is simply that Joe and Nicole are finding that they have no real options left. They cannot run, really. If they do, depending on how they do it, they will bring upon themselves continued CPS and legal accountability wherever they go. At worst in running they would bring fugitive status on themselves with many minors in tow. They may not have sufficient vehicles to run with their kids. I think Joe and Nicole are looking at, and are freaking out at the very real possibility, that their camp may well be declared unhabitable because of their housing, garbage, and sewage decisions, face a life begging on the streets, being diagnosed as nut cases, extended jail time, and permanently losing their children. They probably think that every vehicle that drives by is an incognito reconnaissance trip by CPS or some other government entity.


  28. Mrs. N’s blog post reminds me of a saying that my grandpa had. “If you meet and a**hole in the morning, they’ll ruin your morning. But if you meet a**holes all day, there is a strong possibility you are the a**hole.”


  29. NoNameNecessary, it is possible they have binoculars, but the scenario Nicole described would not make sense if they did. Her story indicates that she needed to run down to take a video/photo of the truck in order to get the license plate. Still not sure how obtaining a license plate number identifies the person unless you get the authorities involved.

    Jahaza, thank you for remembering that, according to Nicole, her 5 year old stated the neighbor threatened to shoot a dog if it came on his property. Not a person. Stories change.

    And the story behind statements that the authorities did nothing are not provided leaving the reader to think the worst.


  30. “If you meet and a**hole in the morning, they’ll ruin your morning. But if you meet a**holes all day, there is a strong possibility you are the a**hole.”

    Omg, I love this. I love your grandpa for saying it.


  31. Remember before the shed they lived in the stick shack way back on the property next to their own pond. Not the pond you see in the latest videos that belongs to their neighbor.

    When they placed the shed they placed it close to the road and almost on the property line with the only house within sight. That house happens to belong to the neighbor whose watershed they have contaminated, whose land they regularly trespass on, whose daughter’s dog was mysteriously shot on his own property, whose potable water started mysteriously disappearing , whose trees were mysteriously being cut and removed, where the goats would free range almost daily eating crops and landscaping, and with whom the Nauglers waited in the driveway until the daughter was driving the child to school at his regular time, but not a time when the Nauglers normally left their shed, pulled in front of the car went really slow and then break checked causing a very very minor bump that caused no damage to either car, but a VIDEO, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. The car accident happening shortly after that same elderly neighbor’s daughter and grandchild moved home to be with them, thus IMO, enraging the Nauglers for reasons not hard to guess. From the get go ma and pa Naugler had it in for the daughter, as they felt she would be a hinderance to the plans they were trying to perpetuate and what other nefarious schemes one can only imagine.

    Eventually the good hearted neighbor had enough. A note to the Naugler bullies don’t endanger someone’s pregnant daughter and their grandchild. It has a tendency to raise their hackles and seal your fate.

    When the corn grew too talk to spy on the neighbor’s house, they moved the shed a little way from the road, up a small incline and the turned the shed so that the front of the shed now faces that neighbor instead of the road. There is a clear line of vision above the corn stalks.

    They have more than 20 acres upon which to place the shed. They could have faced the shed toward the back of the property for privacy or faced the other way for privacy. I don’t need to guess why they went to the trouble of facing it directly at the neighbor.


  32. “When the corn grew too talk to spy on the neighbor’s house, they moved the shed a little way from the road, up a small incline and the turned the shed so that the front of the shed now faces that neighbor instead of the road. There is a clear line of vision above the corn stalks.”

    I wonder how much it cost them to move the shed. I also wonder if they now call it Point Lookout or something. Such a stupid waste of time, energy and money moving that shed just so they had a better view of the next door neighbor’s home. The weeds are growing nicely and would have protected the N’s privacy until they got it together to put up a fence.


  33. Mud’s Grandpa wins the Internet quote of the week in my book I just LOVE IT. Is my new saying and takes notes for future reference. NICKY you should take some NOTES TO YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! 🙂


  34. And pointing the shed in that direction required the precarious arrangement of rocks under the front porch. If they had turned the shed 90 degrees, I think they would have had a more level spot. That whole shack is going to come crashing down and I only hope that none of the children are hurt when it happens. If CPS won’t step up, where are the building code enforcement folks? Maybe they’ll come on Thursday along with the other inspection!


  35. “Oh, god, I feel old. Really old. Here’s Joe Friday.”

    Oh, you shouldn’t though! When I was growing up every Sunday night there was a radio station that would play old radio programs. I can’t think of the name right at the moment but it was great. I even heard “The War of the Worlds” and “The Shadow”, “You Bet Your Life” and many more. All decades before I was born and some were before my parents were conceived too.

    Some things just STAY interesting.


  36. Color me dense. Why would the pregnant daughter and grandchild moving in next door enrage the Nauglers?
    And yes, all the crazy things that the Naug’s are claiming that people are doing to put their children’s lives in danger…. it seems to me that that is exactly what the Naugs are doing to the “trolls”. This whole thing is fascinating, but horrifying. Those poor kids are being raised in this environment of trust no one but mom and dad, all outside authority figures are evil, blah blah blah. If they ever leave the “homestead” they have no hope of surviving in the real world. Absolutely none.


  37. KNX 1070 used to play Dragnet, The Invisible Man and all sorts of other radio dramas at 9 and midnight. Coming home from a concert or a late date, we’d turn it on and listen to it. When I was working at home when the kids were little, 20 years ago or so, I’d listen to Garrison Keillor every Saturday night on KPCC as I did the time cards for the employees.
    Since they’ve been bought out, they don’t do that anymore. What I would give for a midnight Dragnet week.
    I hope the authorities bring backup, wear protective clothing, and shut this shithouse down. I know it’s an expense to the county, but those kids need some sort of order and stability in their lives and not from a fat old frog who curses at them and plays on FB all day. As for Momma, Welbutrin, Effexor, Klonopin, just to name a few of the meds that are out there. She needs to get off the 78RPM turntable and back down to 33 1/3 and smell the roses.


  38. I have a question. I’m rather confused as to why N. Naugler called out Sheriff Pate’s mother in law. Has she ever had dealings with the Nauglers? Maybe in her official capacity but outside that? I would be livid if someone threw my name and picture out to the world. And she wants to talk harassment.

    My own father has a victim’s mentality so I know what it is like to deal with someone like this. They won’t stop, they won’t give up.. you know, because they are “victims”. The world isn’t out to get you, people.


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