Sincerity and Credibility

sinceritycredibilityThe problem here is not my blogging. The problem is that somehow, for some reason, the Women’s March really bothers Nicole.  I mean, really bothers her.  She keeps talking about it.

As far as the above is concerned, I wonder who has “asked.”  I wonder what “they” have “asked.”  I suspect nobody has asked anything.

Nicole and Joe Naugler claim to be homesteaders and home educators. This blog endeavors to use their own words and their own photos to show that their claims are not true.

Cathy Harris claims, among other things, to have been raped in Philadelphia in the parking lot of an emergency room.  The other blog quite clearly shows that her claim is entirely and provably false.

I fail to see any difference between the two things. In each case, claims were made. In each case, I dispute those claims.

It’s not about “women.”  It’s about truth.

But let’s talk about “sincerity and credibility.”

marchworkThere is a great story going around about a Trumper who yelled at marchers in Washington that they ought to get jobs and do something constructive.  A passing marcher, without missing a step, replied, “It’s Saturday, bitch.”

It was a Saturday.  And I know a great many people who wanted to march but couldn’t because they had to work on Saturday.  But the majority of people do not.

However, when it comes to “sincerity and credibility,” nothing in the world trumps this:

marchworkJoeIf anyone wants to know what the enormous significance of the Women’s March was, go watch this.


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  1. Alex (Joe’s biological and firstborn son) ‘claims’ to be a victim of sexual abuse, too. Inflicted by his own father.

    You mock and discredit him, Nicole. Alex was a child when he states it happened to him. Are we to believe only adult women and that’s why you call him a liar? Because he was a child? A 4-5 year old little boy?

    Applying your logic, what does that say about you?

    PS: Stop proclaiming you don’t read this blog. Your traffic burns up the internet super highway and is easily proven another lie. But you just don’t seem to know how to stop. I think that you might be called a pathological liar, even if not formerly diagnosed as one. I’m admitting that I am no expert. I merely observe human behavior. Yours is one of my favorites.


  2. Nicole is angry about the march because the women who marched that day have what she desperately wants, freedom.

    It is Nicole herself who made the choices that put her is such desperate circumstances, not society, not bad luck, not the government, but herself.

    She cam undone sometime after the eight child. She should have stopped having kids at that point, personally I think they should have stopped after two because they were flat ass broke even then.


  3. I think the march bugs Nicole because unlike her other women stand up for themselves. When she sees truly empowered women who are happy with their lives it just reminds her how trapped she is. She claims she loves her life. I find it hard to believe. She works long hours to support a husband who keeps growing in size. She has nearly a dozen children who many of them were birthed in a filthy crap hole. And yes the majority of her recent homes were filthy, even the ones with utilities. She and her mate have had numerous run ins with the law and CPS. And now she is stuck in a space smaller than many living rooms with no electricty, no running water and people everywhere. She is a miserable cow and spreads that misery everywhere. Seeing happiness, solidarity and empowerment in other people just pisses her off.


  4. “Prison sentences for rape are not uniform. A study made by the U.S. Department of Justice of prison releases in 1992, involving about 80 percent of the prison population, found that the average sentence for convicted rapists was 9.8 years, while the actual time served was 5.4 years.” Laws Regarding Rape-Wiki

    The 25 years part doesn’t add up. Soooooo many things don’t. No judge name, no detective name (even though she’s sent him a card for 25 years), no specifics about the case…..a lot of specifics about how betrayed she felt by everyone in her life.

    “I had ENOUGH! This time, I was pressing charges!” This statement intrigues me. Which time? Had she been raped before?

    There’s a lot of anger in her story that feels genuine. A lot of pain. But there’s so much vague weirdness….that I don’t know quite what I’m dealing with.

    I would hazard to guess that Cathy is someone who suffers from some mental health issues (likely due to events beyond her control, possible past abuses)…..which doesn’t mean she’s a liar….but does create room for some other possibilities.

    It could be that telling this story is a defense mechanism. Believing this story is her way of coping with some painful betrayals surrounding an unreported rape she endured. Maybe it’s her way of fighting back now, when she couldn’t then.

    Maybe it’s her idea of a public service announcement…to encourage women to report rape.

    It could be that Cathy was not raped, but feels the story illustrates her extreme sense of isolation and sense of victimhood inside her adoptive family, her feelings of being abused and misunderstood and abandoned.

    It might represent cumulative abuses, abandonments, difficulties in her life.

    Every rape survivor account I’ve ever read focuses on details. Official’s names (if not the rapist’s name) the judge, the DA, the PA, the detective, specific memories of the assault-smells, sounds, focal points, nature of the threat (guy was huge/had a knife/very strong/etc)….This is stuff survivors talk about, because they can’t let it go. It keeps replaying, they want to tell the story in detail to get out of their heads.

    There is a feeling while reading this…that something happened to this person. That they have a positive opinion of NOVA. That they believe women should report rapes. These are positive things.

    But there’s some negative stuff, too. Why did literally no one in this person’s life believe her? Why did she feel so abandoned? What is the REST of the story here?

    Ultimately? Who the hell knows?

    But I think Sally has made a solid case that the facts…as presented…..don’t add up.

    They really don’t.


  5. Looks like her life is unravelling some more. She just posted a video on BLH and says they’re moving but it’s within the boundaries they have. What boundaries Nicole? I thought everything was honky dory with CPS and the case was closed?
    She is having an auction the second week of February to “fundraise” for this move. Hmmm, lose the property maybe? What the hell do you have to sell. I know you think the children are your property, but you can’t actually sell them. Is A being forced to sell the horse?
    If Joe actually had a job and wasn’t such an abusive asshole, you probably wouldn’t have to go anywhere. But alas, I guess you do. I don’t imagine a second GoFundMe will turn out quite as well.


  6. What has Nicole achieved in her life?
    I believe she graduated from high school
    I believe she has some training in grooming dogs
    She has had 11 children (but is financially unable to provide the basics for them)
    She has had several grooming businesses, but had to close most for various reasons
    Am I missing any other accomplishments?

    She has never contributed to any community she has been part of; but has only taken (free or reduced rent housing, a gifted van, food bank donations, PayPal donations, etc). Maybe seeing all these women (and men), coming together for the greater good, grates on her because she’ll never be part of anything big or important, she’ll never be a force for positive change. She’s tied to a worthless, lazy good for nothing husband. She has no friends. She lives crammed into a small garden shed, no running water or septic despite her husband having over 1000 days in which to build a simple water catchment system, use part of donated funds to repair or replace a septic system, or otherwise expend the slightest effort to improve life for his family. It must grate to see all these woman who made better choices in life, marching in harmony and common purpose, and then drive her old beater homeward, to that lump of uselessness, knowing that her situation will never improve. She’s made bad decision after bad decision, and her body and mental status have paid the price. Her fury should be directed at Joe and herself, but she cannot admit any error. Thus, she mocks and disparages those women who marched for a better world.


  7. I’m sure other comments will be posted before mine, but I just saw Nicole’s latest vlog explaining they are moving and supposedly used their savings to buy (?) a place. Seems sort of unlikely, but I guess anything is possible. They are going to auction off the kid’s artwork and other projects for gas money needed for the move. What, nothing made by Joe to auction off? Color me surprised, NOT.


  8. The woman is isolated. She has been without quality female friendship – or any friendship at all – for so long that she seems to resent other women, and the opportunities they have. How utterly miserable.


  9. I don’t think she gives a single white bucket about the march. She’s realized most of her potential donors are Trumpers.


  10. “I had ENOUGH! This time, I was pressing charges!” This statement intrigues me. Which time? Had she been raped before?

    She has this story where she claims that she was kidnapped as a three year old (lots of holes in it as well) and raped repeatedly for years by preachers. That’s what she is referring to. She’s been “raped” as many times as Nicole has had sex.

    Why did literally no one in this person’s life believe her?

    Because she’s lying. Her “story” is a mishmash of every story she ever read or was told. It’s not just rape. She claims that she had Stage IV bone cancer and was undergoing experimental drug treatment and was terminally ill – about ten years ago. She was always on the brink of death. And if you said anything negative to her or about her, you were mean because she was dying. Only she never died. (FWIW, people with Stage IV bone cancer receiving experimental drugs don’t survive for the most part. It’s not completely impossible, but it’s very, very doubtful. ) One day, she simply quit talking about it and suddenly, her hair was all back and that was the end of it.

    She claimed that she spoke to the entire Pennsylvania legislature about sex trafficking and had them all in tears and they passed a law and a state senator called it “Cathy’s Law.” So I sat down and contacted every single state senator in PA who sponsored that bill (about 30 of them) and none of them had ever heard of her. I went through the entire record of sessions (it’s all public) of the PA legislature for the time when she claimed to have spoken and she didn’t. It simply didn’t happen. She still insists she did.

    It’s sort of like saying that you would have won the popular vote if it weren’t for illegals, or that you had three or four times as many people watching you speak as you actually did. Alternative facts, you know.

    By the way, she got so angry about me contacting that church that she managed to figure out who I spoke with and has hounded him relentlessly ever since, threatening him with lawsuits and FBI agents and you name it.


  11. What boundaries Nicole?

    She is referring to her business. She can’t move more than a reasonable commute from her business. It’s not about CPS.


  12. I guess congratulations are in order for Al and all the other Naugler neighbors!

    I’ll believe it when I see it.


  13. I haven’t seen the vlog yet….sounds like it will merit an eye-roll or two.

    The more I think about it, the less surprising it is that Nicole is so disdainful of the Women’s March. First of all because the anarchist protest/riot on Friday is now a mere blip on the public consciousness thanks to the historic turnout on Saturday. Of course she’s not really an anarchist. No, she’s an anarcho-libertarian-voluncapital-offgridderist-CopBlockulist-See-Ya-Latter-Day-Saint. Or at least if today is Tuesday.

    And while I’m not saying it can’t be done, it seems unlikely that feminism can co-exist with a mindset that thinks life’s purpose is to have babies as often as is humanly possible.

    It’s certain that no feminist would put up with one second of Joe’s bullshit just to be able to say she has a man in her life.


  14. Auctioning off the children’s artwork. Yeah, right. They’re cute kids and all, but none of them are a budding Pablo Picasso, or Georgia O’Keefe anymore than Nicole Naugler is the next Ansel Adams.

    Yes, I know Ansel Adams specialized in black and white photography of landscapes. I bet him when I was a child at the Smithsonian castle and he signed some books. I was very excited to meet him and knew who he was in the grand scheme of things.

    I wouldn’t buy anything even if the kids were the next Whistler or Mary Cassatt because I would imagine the artwork wouldn’t be the only thing that would be shipped in a box. Bed bugs, fleas or brown recluse spiders coming along wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

    Nicole also states that they’re going to move their shed/home. That will involve paying someone to get it onto a roll-off, paying for the move PER MILE as well as setting it on a prepared (hahahaha) site. They’ve burned through all their savings, very little was donated to their “thriving business” when she wanted help paying for the costs associated with moving it (what “thriving business” begs for donations on its own behalf?), exactly how can they afford to move?

    I’m glad for their current neighbors if this is the truth. I feel sorry for the new neighbors though. If I were living in Indiana, or anywhere within 40 miles of the business, I would keep my eye on whether or not a large band of squatters turned up. Suddenly there is smoke coming out of the chimney of an abandoned or foreclosed building…


  15. Hey Sally – did you catch this?

    BRECKINRIDGE : 16-M-00091

    Next MOTION HOUR is scheduled for 02/07/2017 at 10:30 AM in room D

    Goat gate has been re-opened? It certainly appears that way.


  16. I could say something about the only ‘things’ #profitjoe has ‘made’…but I won’t ( you all know what I’m talking about, anyway! ?)


  17. If she auctions off the pig I will buy it….

    That pig is long gone. Do you know how big that pig would be if they still had it?


  18. Nicole is pissed because no one showed up for their protest outside the courthouse when the kids were tsken. The was news agencies there and none of them showed swarms of protesters.

    Maybe she can auction off a gently used kidney or become a surrogate mother. Wonder how much she can stud Jojo out for?

    IMO this moving is just more dribble like in the past. I am leaning toward the funds are needed for legal fees. Why do I say that? Well grandma Joann got a call from her grandson she has not heard from in a long time. In the past the only time the kids spoke with grandma was to ask for money. Looks suspicious not letting kids talk with grandma and then Daddy Dearest has a whoop load of legal troubles and grandma gets a call.

    Wonder if they are going to auction off some Naugler hand/poop decorated white buckets? Hey they can advertise them for self fertilizing flower pots.


  19. I hope you do a transcript or her current blog. I can’t bring myself to listen to her tripe. Just curious what she said about moving at all that.


  20. Sally….Cathy sounds like a piece of work. And you should be a private investigator, by the way. Damn, woman! Those are some fine-assed detective skills!

    The new video is interesting for sure.

    Wonder what the plan is for the Expectant Couple? Are they taking their shed, too? Or do they have something else in mind?

    Guess it puts to bed any spectulation that they owned the land. “leased land” was right on the sign, so I guess there was truth in advertising.

    I don’t think they’re BUYING a new place with their “savings”. Nicole says “We’ve used all of our savings to acquire the place.” This could mean everything from paying rent on land, to using money to move their shed to a place they’ve been given permission to use. Who knows? But “acquire” doesn’t give me the impression of legally purchasing.

    Who knows? I’m sure she’ll post pictures. She always does.


  21. I actually laughed out loud when I watched her vlog. Her heartfelt words about how she knows that some of her viewers are struggling with serious health issues and she hopes the best for everyone. Oh Nicole darling, does that include me? Have you decided to take back the, oh, pool on when I will die from my life-threatening illness? I am happy to announce that I am doing very well and my latest tests revealed I am kicking this disease’s ass. Hope you didn’t waste too much money on the pool you dumb bitch. As I said before, at this rate, poor oral hygiene and your shitty diet will kill you long before my illness kills me.
    Now, as far as the auction goes, I will give you $50 to have hungry hippo’s nads chopped off.


  22. Using Joe as a stud, that’s disgusting.
    They have trashed one property, so now they are moving to another one.
    Awesome. Wonder if the EPA will for the land company to clean up and correctly dispose of the human waste.
    I didn’t watch her vlog. We have a shit ton of snow, many elderly neighbors, and have been working on shoveling driveways, walkways and mail boxes (things good neighbors do)


  23. Naugler hypocrisy.

    Both Nicole and Joe are constantly posting memes depicting Thoreau, Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, etc. regarding civil disobedience and nonviolent protest. I believe that Nicole once compared herself to Rosa Parks (but back pedaled when people called her on it).

    Nicole’s barrage of recent memes are anything but.

    True colors or is she just working her newest crop of potential donors? I have no idea. Are they hypocrites who only see the world as it relates to themselves in that moment? I think so. Are they willing to push aside their personal belief system just to dig at their detractors? Maybe, personally I don’t think they have much of a belief system.

    What I do believe is that it would have been nice for their children if they had been as willing to set aside their purported belief system for the children’s benefit as easily as they set aside their belief system in an effort to offend their detractors. Priorities.


  24. 1/55 I’m wondering if that new court date in Breckinridge County is due to his new harassment charged in Hardin County.


  25. Guess it puts to bed any spectulation that they owned the land

    They have a land contract. This means that, unlike a mortgage, they can simply walk away without any repercussions. You can walk away from a mortgage, too, but your credit will be shot if you do. With a land contract, all that happens is that they lose every dime they paid in. It was as though they were renting.


  26. 1/55 I’m wondering if that new court date in Breckinridge County is due to his new harassment charged in Hardin County.

    It’s not the same case. It’s Goatgate revived. We now have to call it Horsegate.

    I told you that the horse was getting loose and running all over the neighborhood. Remember?


  27. Have you seen the new video posted on blh fb page? It was allegedly posted by people that intend to harm them. It is recordings between Tate and N and pics of the children, pic of Tate and really hard to understand. She claims it is used to harm them but that it just shows how bad the situation has escalated. Someone asked who posted it, but she doesn’t respond but she plans to find out. It shouldn’t be hard to find out I wouldn’t think. Does anyone think it was done by them to make it appear they are being attacked and harassed?


  28. I don’t think the women’s marches bother her because she truly is like a pussy willow that just goes where the wind blows her (like that word play?). I think N is so jealous and so angry at Sally that she takes the opposite stand against whatever Sally stands for. Since N cannot critically analyze any argument for or against, she relies on all those little memes to dig at Sally. I’m sure she stomps her feet and screams at her phone when she sees Sally so elegantly rip her to shreds…..


  29. Does she really believe that people are going to pay money for a stupid drawing made by one of her kids? Maybe Nicole can auction off the fake rock that is being worn by the incoming Mrs. Naugler! That ring is ridiculous.
    I think Nic is secretly hoping one of the Blessed Followers will suggest a GFM instead of an auction and then she can take off with that. Because there is no way in hell that Joe and Nic really believe a little auction of the “artwork” done by their kids will raise enough money for moving expenses! Personally, I believe if any money is made it will go towards court costs and that move will never happen!

    (Where is the post about the cabin?)


  30. Another thought…they cannot possibly have any money in savings. Nicole would just be getting by on her paycheck as a single woman let alone supporting 12 other people! If they are just doing another pay-by-the-month land deal, they are probably skipping on current land payments to get together what monies are needed for down-payment and first months rent.


  31. Does anyone think it was done by them to make it appear they are being attacked and harassed?

    No, it was not.


  32. Concerned says:
    January 25, 2017 at 9:36 am
    “Have you seen the new video posted on blh fb page? It was allegedly posted by people that intend to harm them. ”

    Has this been taken down? I only see Nicole’s video.


  33. Tekla, thanks for the link. As an aside USU has an amazing agriculture school. And so much land. The Cache Valley is gorgeous. And the students in the program do amazing work. Someday when I’m out there I’d like to tour more of the agricultural buildings but they are huge and spread out.


  34. So now the kids are responsible for raising the money they need to move.
    “Kids, we’re in danger here. The stalkers are going to get us. I wanted to move the family to a safer place but your art work didn’t bring in enough money.”
    She’s sink to a new low of pimping out her kids.


  35. It seems that Amanda Mcmahon is moving. She’s posting a lot on the Facebook yard sale pages. Maybe Nic AND joe are taking over her place.
    Also, I wonder if they filed taxes yet? It looks like the new PATH law is holding all returns with the EIC until February 15th to help weed out fraudulent returns. They would probably get a good chunk of money from our evil Guvment.


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