Shit and Fans

Nicole whining

Gee, I thought this was all taken care.  A non-issue.  Nicole and Joe had schooled the local authorities on the law, because they don’t have a clue what it might be, and all was well.

Oh, maybe it’s not okay.

You know what I wish?  I wish to hell that just once Nicole would simply do something instead of announcing how she plans to do it.

She’s planning to write all about this.  I can hardly wait.

In the meantime, I will answer some of her questions and raise some of my own.

why do you think the local trolls, county and state health dept are so concerned with our composting?

Oh, I can tell you about that one.  Because you aren’t “composting,” Nicole. You are apparently, from everything you’ve said, dumping raw human sewage on the ground.  That is illegal.  It’s been illegal, oh, for a long, long time.

What are your concerns as an observer?

Little things.  You know, like cholera.  And parasites. And contaminated groundwater. And public health.

Contrary to your claims otherwise, you do not live in a “wilderness.” You live in a relatively densely populated area. Your closest neighbor is very, very close by country standards.

What rumors have you heard and what questions would you like me to clarify?

Haven’t heard any rumors. I’m going solely by what you have said yourself, Nicole.  For anyone who doesn’t know what Nicole has said about all this, here’s a place to start.

As far as questions are concerned, I have only one, and I’ve been asking it over and over again from the beginning.

What are you doing with the shit?

Waving your hand and vaguely saying, “We’re composting it” isn’t enough. I want you to clarify that statement.  How are you composting it?  Where?  Photographs, please.  Location.

Even the Humanure Handbook lists some pretty strict guidelines involved in properly composting human waste.  Just dumping shit in a pile on the ground won’t do the trick.  It has to be contained properly so there’s no run off.  It has to be mixed with organic matter like sawdust or leaves to the point that it will heat property and evenly to a temperature that will kill pathogens.  And that has to be measured—with a thermometer.

Surely you want to help educate all of us.  You’re supposedly educating the authorities (who deal with permits for handling shit all day, every day), and it’s just so tiresome and they are all irresponsible, and poor you, like Elijah of old (I Kings 18:22, a verse which illustrates that even prophets whine), are the only one remaining to straighten everyone out.  Why don’t you educate me, Nicole?

What are you doing with the shit?


link to somebody else
NIce try, but this won’t do, Nicole. This is somebody else’s blog, and somebody else’s system, not yours.

(By the way, you live in Kentucky. There is no water shortage around here.  Our well has never run dry, ever, so stop with the “saves water” stuff.)

It is up to the user, though, to remove a bucket of human ‘waste’, and take this to a very carefully managed compost bin.

Notice that (from the article Nicole linked to). A “very carefully managed compost bin.”

We’re back to the original question, which Nicole keeps dodging.

What are you doing with the shit?

And this (“very carefully managed compost bin”) is the reason that humanure setups should not be approved generally.  I am all in favor of people getting familiar with the process so that in the event of something like an extended emergency situation, you could manage  your own waste without relying on a septic system, but for normal usage, no.

I would never, ever be in favor of government just signing off on people like the Nauglers, who have proven that they cannot “carefully manage” anything at all, controlling their own human waste on a day-to-day basis.

Septic tanks work nicely, for the most part, because the owner can be a total dumbass and it will still work fine. The owner can even misuse the system to some degree and it will still work fairly well.

The Nauglers are not capable of doing this right. They can’t even pay rent regularly or maintain a real house or even maintain a vehicle for any length of time. They are allowing (forcing?) their minor children to haul shit to this “very carefully managed compost bin.”  I leave to your imagination what that must be like.

No wonder she refuses to post any photos.



51 thoughts on “Shit and Fans”

  1. I wonder how many chances she going to get to clean up her act before the full weight of the law finally slams her into the ground.

    Just think, this twit believes there shouldn’t be laws or regulations.

    She certainly isn’t voluntarily keeping her shit on her own property. She isn’t voluntarily driving safely. She isn’t voluntarily taking care of and educating her children.

    She even fails at her own philosophy.

    And forget personal responsibility, her problems are all everyone else’s fault


  2. Lest she forgets, we all live downriver. Run-off is an issue along with everything else you mentioned. You photograph everything else and post it publicly (including giving birth) so why are you so coy with your humanure composting system, Nicole?


  3. She won’t post her shit pile because people will see the truth! It is a shit pile . There is no composting pile that is being maintained by strict guidelines. She is quick to post videos of everything else, but has yet to post a video or picture if the shit pile , even after her worshippers asked to see it. I wonder what is is going to take for these fools to wake up and the the Blessed One is full of more shit than her shit pile.


  4. This is typical.

    We’re the victims.
    Everyone is out to get us.
    We’ve done nothing wrong.
    The government is evil.
    Instead of doing something about said issue, we’re going to debate it on social media.

    Repeat with the next issue.
    Repeat with the next issue.
    And so on…


  5. She is full of shit. The land is full of shit. They have had time to fix this. They didn’t do it. The plan is to do nothing, whine on Facebook and collect money.

    If they continue to contaminate the land then the county will condemn it. If the land is condemned they will have to move. She has already said she wants to move. No one feels safe there. The land was worse than she thought. SHE WANTS TO MOVE but, no money, and the “fake GFM” must have been a paypal bust.

    So, if the big bad government makes all those poor children homeless who could resist sending them money?

    Like she says “follow the money”.


  6. Instead of blogging , why not just clean it up??? Schitt is gonna hit the fan again.



    Interesting snippet from it, “Poor management and a lack of understanding of how composting works will create problems with any compost toilet. Too much liquid will create anaerobic conditions with consequent odors. The aerobic nature of the organic mass can be improved by the regular addition of carbonaceous bulking materials. Compost toilets are not pit latrines. You cannot just defecate in a hole and walk away. If you do, your nose will let you know that you’re doing something wrong.”

    If you can’t tell that you’re doing it wrong, apparently your neighbors will bring it to your attention.


  8. Same “crap” different day…she has made MANY posts stating she wants people to asks questions that she will answer..I have never seen her answer any questions…what she does is answer a question with another question…anyone can see they relieve themselves in buckets..The truth is, the issue isn’t so much about using the buckets but where and how they dispose of it..she may not believe it’s anyones business, however it becomes other peoples business when the waste and fecal matter run off into neighboring water and land..but, again,, I have just repeated what many others have already shared as well…


  9. I think we have a better chance of seeing a video of joe in his hanes and a green lantern cape than ever seeing their sanitary and effective compost pile. also, would have taken less effort for him to fit into a cape than actually DIG A HOLE
    Pathetic excuse for a man.


  10. My eyes my eyes! A mental picture of the schittpile with a blue tarp over it and paw in his dirty undies barenaked in a green lantern cape and mask. What a disgusting sight. We’ve already seen maw naked pooping and birthing, but paw…that is just plain nasty. Make it go viral, maw, your fans are waiting with baited breath. Oh, maybe they’re holding their noses because of the stench..


  11. Sigh. Homesteading is hard. It takes work, research, education and dedication to be successful.
    Just posting shit on Facebook will not make you a real or successful homesteader any more than claiming to be a genius will make you one.
    The reason we need government is because of asshats like Joe and Nicole.


  12. Suggestion for Joe and Nicole: Get your shit together. Pun intended. But not funny because it’s so sad.

    It’s sad because any outsider looking in can tell neither of you have *ever* had your shit together. EVER. There’s absolutely no reason to believe you will now. But there’s 11-12 reasons why you should. If you want to raise those children, you better get your shit together.

    But you won’t, will you?

    Always the victims, you won’t get your shit together, you will continue to blame others for the consequences of your own actions and inactions. You both repulse me.


  13. Notice her followers ate getting angry that she doesn’t like any of their suggestions. She only wants to fight


  14. Ironically, she won’t do anything to clean up her shit pile, yet we’re supposed to believe that they didn’t leave piles of shit in every other place they lived? C’mon now…


  15. She’s saying the land is not contaminated, cause they haven’t tested her water or the neighbors. Oo


  16. Notyouraveragejoe wrote “She’s saying the land is not contaminated, cause they haven’t tested her water or the neighbors. Oo”
    They can’t test Nicole’s water, she has no running water.


  17. “Why won’t she just clean up the schitt??? What is so difficult?”

    They can’t. They don’t have the skills to fix this on their own. Nor do they have the will power to do much of anything but pimp out their kids for money. In order to clean up 3 years worth of poo, pee, diapers, feminine products and lord knows what else; they would need to hire professionals. But, that requires money, the ability to co-operate with others as well as follow instructions to prevent further contamination. The Nauglers are not capable of co-operating with others. The only instructions she is able to follow have to be in a meme. Last but not least they would need to make a plan and actually follow through on said plans. I don’t think they have followed through on any plan whatsoever.

    As for money they seem to have plenty for unnecessary purchases. Joe’s recreational substances. Hardees for Joe. 900$ chainsaw for Joey to play man. Big fat lawyer fees so Joe can “be the man” for two minutes before the LE or Judge shuts him up. A high powered rifle so Joe can teach the kids to shoot. Then there is the hundreds of dollars Nicole must waste on dollar store crap each month. Surely if you took the cost of all these items, it would have been more than enough to install a proper sanitation system.

    Honestly, reading her posts makes me wonder if she has sustained brain damage somewhere along the way. She is like a broken record. For over a year now she has said the same comments over and over and over again. It’s like her mind is stuck like a broken record.


  18. Gee Nicole, and when the water comes back contaminated what will you then say? Oh wait, you will be framed. After all, you aren’t accountable for your actions. One commenter on Facebook asked why not get the septic certified. It’s easy. Where’s the drama in that.


  19. Oh, the irony of announcing the uncomposting toilet conserves water when the blessed one makes a living using water. Lots of water.

    Like…a really large amount of water.


  20. There is, ultimately, the law. Doesn’t matter what they want the law to be, it is what it is. If they don’t like the law they can work to change the law, but they can’t just disobey the law because they don’t like it. Even if they had a proper humanure composting system, which I doubt very much that they have, if it is not properly permitted, inspected or compliant then they are violating the law.

    They aren’t a protected class and this isn’t some “wrongful law” that needs to be changed immediately such as a discriminatory practices. Basically, she is not Rosa Parks, a transsexual trying to pee or a Jewess hiding from the Nazis. It’s a simple public health law, enacted for the benefit of all the citizens and only affecting people who refuse to properly dispose of their waste.

    There are laws I don’t like. Having followed this case I am now not particularly fond of the very loose laws we have regarding homeschooling. One can assume that the very lack of law regarding homeschooling attracted the Nauglers to our Commonwealth. One can also assume the lack of laws regarding the size or composition of ones house attracted the Nauglers to Breck County, and allow them to live in a garden shed.

    Like all adults the Nauglers are now faced with something everyone has to face at sometime or another. No place will perfectly fit in with everything one wants. Some law will be in your favor, some not. You research these things, you decide what is most important to you, you compromise. You act like an adult and suck it up. You don’t have childish temper tantrums and lash out at every government official just trying to do their job to uphold the standards that the community has agreed to. You don’t blame your own ignorance, shortcomings and inability to follow the rules on everyone else and their mother.

    They are constructing poop mountain out of a nonissue. This is a battle that they have not planned for, are equipped to fight or will win. Their cavalier attitude and half assed system will set back any attempts to change the law toward humanure composting for everyone else for a long time. They aren’t modern day heroes, they’re certainly not environmentally conscious, they’re a detriment to the self sustained homestead movement and to their community, IMHO.

    Excuses are like assholes, everyone has them and they all smell like shit.


  21. “I think we have a better chance of seeing a video of joe in his hanes and a green lantern cape than ever seeing their sanitary and effective compost pile.”

    I think you mean, diaper. Speaking of which, who changes Joe’s diapers, anyway?

    I thought this “composted” waste was a non-issue? She couldnt help herself, had to post about it. Never mind that posting about it in the first place landed her here.


  22. The(y) make it easy for you, dont they?

    They do indeed. Like taking candy from a baby.


  23. Excuses are like assholes, everyone has them and they all smell like shit.

    Beautifully said, Lisa. I wish I’d written that.


  24. Yes, she will say they fixed the water tests. They don’t need to be there too see that its coming from her land. How many other composting, trash everywhere neighbors are there?? None. Take responsibility..oh nevermind


  25. Nicole said all this, and probably more, just today 6/4/16 on the Blessed Little Homestead facebook page.
    Our composting systems seems to be a major issue in the community.

    Lord knows why.

    It’s come to my understanding that even the state and county health departments don’t have a clue about exactly what is going on…

    …and lies and rumors are running rampant.

    And they are acting on false information.

    It’s irresponsible.

    …but it seems I need to volunteer my time for the local government agencies who refuse to do their job.

    From the comment section on 6/4/16, from the Blessed Little Homestead facebook page – Some responses posted by Nicole Naugler.

    – We are once again the victims of someone else’s ignorance.

    – They haven’t come. I told them to look into composting, and to read the laws, and I would want a lawyer present. Because I’ve been burned one too many times.

    – So I should just do what others tell me and let them bully me into how they want us to live?

    – I’ve got no obligation to show anyone anything. The state has yet to provide evidence of their unfounded accusations. I’m being bullied. And I will stand my ground.

    – My word, you need to control everything I think, say and do, don’t you xxx (commenter banned)

    – I would like to sit quiet. However the persistence from the government agencies makes that difficult. As long as people keep calling with bogus claims, they will – keep interfering.

    – I’m not the one instigating drama.

    – How about if people just mind their own business? It’s easier than following rules.

    – I didn’t make anything into a mountain. I didn’t initiate any of this encroachment. We were just building a homestead, minding our own business. Still, that is what we do. It’s the others you need to take issue with. The ones who create the drama and contention.


  26. Showing filthy clothing, clothing that is too big , using money for toys instead of shoes and proper clothes, @ again. Trying to use the kids as a deflect.


  27. I may be wrong but isn’t this outhouse/bucket/composting new? I think the pic of the new outhouse is fairly recent. I wonder why the people in charge of taking the children and seeing that they are not putting them in danger did not look into how they are disposing of waste and if they did why they did not get in touch with the Environmental Control people.


  28. “– How about if people just mind their own business? It’s easier than following rules.”

    Aha. Nicole just admitted to breaking the rules and therefore everyone who happens to be affected by the effluvia should just “mind their own business”. Well, I imagine they would love to do just that but when your “business” is running downhill onto theirs, it’s tough to ignore.

    You know what else is interesting? How often she replied while working so very very hard at her shop. If she were that busy, how would she have a chance to respond so frequently? My groomer isn’t on social media when grooming and barely has time to answer the phone.


  29. I’m so grateful to you for wading through this shit for me (and the rest of us). I get so angry with these “parents” and their leghumpers that I want to just start tearing them down on Facebook. Your blog allows me to calm down and know that, despite what Nicole tries to make it look like with her delete button, I’m not the only one that sees the insanity.

    On the bright side, I can now add knowledge of how to properly dispose of waste to my “skills useful in the apocalypse” repertoire.

    Bonus: Here’s a diagram posted on another site that explains wtf the problem with dumping shit in a pile is.


  30. @DesertRose: IKR? They picked the absolute stupidest things to buy with the tens of thousands of dollars of gift moneys they received while completely ignoring the dire physical needs of their children. A piano, for crying out loud. Rabbits, but nothing to feed them or house them in. Lettuce seeds–lettuce, of all the useless vegetables. The most expensive chainsaw in Breckinridge County. And they’re still doing it. In court again, this time because your goats are destroying the neighbors’ landscaping? Time to buy a pig!

    Some weird hiccup in the parents’ minds seems to demand that the kids don’t ever get a closed door of their own, not even while pooping. But is there any physical reason why they couldn’t have had the septic fixed and made the kids haul poo buckets to that while still making them use that thing they call an outhouse?


  31. Since following for the past year, there is this same cycle churning over and over. Nicole posts an encounter, to create the drama. What she intentionally fails to do, is providing the whole scope of the issue. Then fuels for a Facebook judge and jury. And sometimes a social media lynch mob mentality. I wonder why the followers aren’t incensed for being played that way.

    A favorite comment to the post, something to the effect of “Generally speaking I don’t think most people care if you crap in a bucket or not, all they care about is what you do with the full bucket. That is the real issue.”

    Nicole has previously posted photos of the whitebucket outhouse toilet. And stated the full white buckets are carried back about 100 yards and dumped in a pile. And something about putting black tarp plastic over the pile. That is the extent, evidently, of the human waste management system. Or else she doesn’t want to share her “compliant” and environmentally green system they have set up over the past 3 years.

    I may be a creature of “past performance is good indicator of future performance”. Not that I’ve seen her mention previously “plans” of a human waste management composting system. But most plans haven’t seemed to come to full fruition. Just a hunch, there isn’t a well planned waste composting system.

    Another gripe is permits. Why wouldn’t others that follow the regulations in gaining a permit, not be infuriated that the Naugs think they are so special? And her arrogance, insinuating the Environmentalist and State agent (whomever she is referring to) is ignorant of their job and not doing their job. And she needs to volunteer for the local agencies that refuse to do their job. Excuse me, but what an arrogant bitch.

    A call out to the followers, wake up and smell the coffee! Or shit. Don’t be played as a social media judge and jury to her drama. Besides, as she often says, you have no impact…zero, zilch.

    I’ll put my trust in the wisdom of those professionals, doing their jobs. And hopefully protecting the safety of the neighbors, the environment, and the children.



    Just in case I shouldn’t have posted a direct link to any particular business, here are the highlights:

    “The liquid will then be transported into the drain field and then treated for future use again.”

    “While having your tank pumped out is beneficial for your home, know that it is also helpful for the environment. The siphoned waste materials are actually used in power generation and in growing food.”

    “In a report published by Home Advisor, the average cost of septic tank pumping ranges from $455 to $623. However, note that the minimum reported cost is $200 and the maximum is at $840.”

    The house that was on that site was burned down in 2011 by Robert J. Felker (source: so the septic system probably needs some help but they had over $45,000 and could have at least had it inspected. They could have figured out a way to incorporate that septic system into their sewage disposal particularly because they do have a LARGE family.

    Joe and Nicole are some kind of lackadaisical when it comes to serious things that could cause harm.

    Yet…Joe with his magical $900 chainsaw couldn’t be bothered to walk out to the road and cut up the tree that had fallen on “his” portion of the road. Nope. Left that to the elderly neighbor who had had surgery. Nicole went along with it too. They’re both wastes of good air. So much for all that preparedness bull shit and National Recruiter for his little gaggle of anti-statist wannabes. Couldn’t even figure out how to get out there and cut up a tree! One that was impeding his WIFE’S ability to go to work!


  33. Re: Felker. I decided to copy and paste the relevant portion to make it easier for others to find it.

    “Robert J. Felker, 22, Irvington, was indicted for arson 2nd degree. The indictment alleges that on Jan. 28 Felker intentionally started a fire with the intent to destroy or damage a building owned by Bucky Board at xxx Whitworth Lockard Lane.”

    Bucky Board = Kentucky Land Company. Also, I think I made an error. The house may have been burned in January 2012, not 2011.


  34. @KY Bred her repetitive online arguments must still be generating income from the ever dwindling flock. But she deleted over 100 comments so it appears she wasn’t able to keep up with the “trolls” on the overused sanitation issues.
    Mrs. Naugler, you profess your knowledge of the laws regarding your rights, so much so that you are now forced to teach the county and state officials these laws. Truly stand up for yourself then and represent yourself in court. Why continue to finance steak dinners and thousand dollar toilets on wasteful attorney fees, which could be better spent on your children. Be the woman you profess to be. Represent yourself in court.


  35. I think the TV news crew that did the earlier interview at the salon should request a follow up interview with the N’s at the site of the “compost”. Their 20 days are up. N will be able to prove that she is being persecuted or else she will (most likely) decline the interview. Either way the news station can still air a follow up story. Time for the N’s to shit or get off the pot.


  36. There have been three (at least) “outhouse” incarnations, and one (the outhouse/shower combo) that never got past the uneven pallet floor stage. I suspect that CPS assumed it was a proper outhouse with a hole. Half her followers think that even now no matter how many times you tell them otherwise.


  37. Blessed Little Blogger,

    “Excuses are like assholes…”

    Don’t thank me, thank the US Marine Corps.

    I appropriated their unofficial “words of wisdom”. I am far more wordy.


  38. Friend of mine sent me to this blog. These people aren’t homesteaders, not even hopeful homesteaders. They’re our worst nightmare. The local homesteading community works hard on community relations and educating people about what we do. We get permits, we openly discuss things with the neighbors and authorities and we work at local and state level for changes and acceptance of new ideas. People like this make our job harder. They stand as bad examples we are then forced to have to deal with. They’ve been on that land over four years? What have they been doing all that time?


  39. What have they been doing all that time?

    Whining on the internet and begging for money. Welcome.


  40. The veiled threat to their neighbor is just outstanding! “Illegal butcher” yeah right! All of their talk is just that, talk. They never produce any results except to make themselves look even worse than the last time they talked about “plans”.


  41. I have plans for the sky to rain lemon drops and gum balls.

    And oh what a rain it will be!

    Standing outside with my mouth open wide,

    Ah ah ah ah- UGH IS THIS SHIT!? WTH!?!?


  42. I have read many comments that allude to me somehow “calling in favors” (since I’ve been dubbed a local troll). That the only reason they’re having these issues is because “local trolls” are harassing and bullying them.


    The neighbor found chunks of shit floating in his pond and diapers and other stuff washing over to his property. I DID ask him if he had contacted the health department. He said he had months ago. I told him to take pictures of the evidence and go back.

    He did. That coupled with the admissions of non-compliance on her own internet attention seeking stupidity brought this whole thing down. They’re in a pickle. They can reach out to their leg humpers ad nauseum and ask for opinions. They can soak in their own hubris and claim they are “educating” the environmentalist.

    I didn’t call in any “favors” FFS, I’ve never met the guy at the health department.

    Joe and Nicole, you people need to lose the tinfoil hats and grow the fuck up.

    You guys are going to keep fucking around and thumping your chests and will lose your kids. You’ll blame me and everybody else.

    It’s time to wake up and take responsibility.


  43. Al, I almost wish the pictures could be shared. Almost.
    Diapers don’t compost. That’s disgusting

    Bucky Board seems to have lots of problems with tenants on that piece of property.


  44. I’d like to see their composting operation too! I am unable to defend it if I have no clue what they’re doing.


  45. It’s never going to happen. How many people have asked her to just post her composting operation to be met with silence. IMO her operation is no more than throwing buckets of feces and urine in piles .


  46. “IMO her operation is no more than throwing buckets of feces and urine in piles .”

    I doubt it’s even that organized. After all, children are carrying five gallon buckets with varying amounts of material at least 100 yards, uphill, if Nicole is telling the truth. That usually leads to some amount of spillage, they’re heavy and unless closely supervised that will lead to a kid just dumping the bucket along the route. That’s not composting. That’s not dissimilar to what was once a common sight in many areas of the world and led to some devastating epidemics.


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