Shit Again

It’s time to revisit the whole subject of shit.

That’s the basic stuff.

But there’s more.


And here.

Consider outhouses.

Do it again.

Some more.

And then there was court.

I vacillate wildly between two positions.

One is that Nicole and Joe are just stupid as all get out and not teachable.  If that is the case, they should never be trusted with much of anything.

The other is that they know perfectly well what the facts are and choose to lie.

I’m not sure which applies today.



16 thoughts on “Shit Again”

  1. If she feels that cows shitting in fields are no different then this feral clan shitting in buckets and dumping it on a field is no different, then yes, they are unteachable. Hell Frances has more sense then these two bonded together by ignorance and stupidity. NN, you had a large hand in the killing of your kid and you think your smart? Need anyone say anymore?


  2. You’ll be happy to know that the few homesteading groups they haven’t been kicked out of they happily jump onto posts about humanure (which is rare anyways). I have never seen someone so obsessed with their own shit. And you’ll also be happy to know that somehow she manages to throw in how the trolls got her in poop trouble.


  3. Ooh, ooh, I know this one! It’s the first one, right? Every single action they do and utterance that make adds up to a folie a deux, which is what happens when crazy is squared. It doesn’t simply double. Crazy grows exponentially when two or more are gathered in it’s name….


  4. I think the word you are looking for is savvy.

    They are neither smart nor dumb.

    They are manipulators who have found the perfect mate.
    One that will cosign the others bullshit.

    A drug addict can not have a functioning relationship with a mate that does not also do drugs…well. what they perceive as functioning.

    Can you imagine Nicole without Joe or vice versa. They validate and encourage, they celebrate their cyber victories and wallow in self pity….together.
    They are 1

    There is no balance, they are both cut from the same cloth…no one is saying “hey babe, you might want to chill before you get the kids taken again”…They are willing to stand side by side against this imaginary Troll army and fight till cyber death do us part.

    I almost envy their commitment


  5. After watching it play out in their own words, I believe they know better.
    They are both stupid, but it is the lazy that gets them in the long run.


  6. I think often they read facts and science as propaganda, and out of laziness do not research or understand scientific studies, easier to just badger with inane statements such as this. But I think they believe firmly they are intellectually gifted and see and understand things that are beyond most, (add some weed here), and fabricate these ideas out of grandiose delusions. I don’t discount the “research” she’s constantly employing though, by fishing for a loophole (and monies), from her audience to avoid her ever present and reoccurring legal troubles. Is their case coming up for review on this issue? Celebrating the Cult of delusional Ignorance, by the BO.


  7. I commented on a FB post the other day wondering how the two dumbest people on earth somehow met each other, got married and had children they barely can provide for. Does Nicole have any idea the difference between a cow’s diet and a human’s diet? I guess she doesn’t.


  8. So it’s been a year since shitgate part one and the appearance of the turdis. Are they getting pushed for a more permanent waste disposal solution? They must see cows fairly often, so what prompted this posting now?


  9. Does Nicole have any idea the difference between a cow’s diet and a human’s diet?

    It’s not just the dietary difference. A vegetarian human’s excrement is just as dangerous to another human as carnivorous human shit.

    There is an enormous difference between the human gut and a cow’s gut. And there is a difference between the diseases each species is susceptible to.


  10. They are not entirely ignorant but they are not the tiniest bit as smart as they think they are, which makes them easy to smack down when they get up to no good.


  11. They invariably tell on themselves. The shit must be hitting the fan (again) at the homestead. But wait, weren’t there plans to apply for a permit for waste disposal?


  12. Cow poop = does not have human pathogens that can be spread by insect vectors.


    Jaysus Christ on a pogo stick…this is NOT a difficult concept. Human viruses and Human bacterial infections can be spread from the Naugler’s shit in the fields…to the neighbor’s picnic on the feet of flies, or into town…some insects travel MILES. Some viruses are VERY tough and persist in the environment for a long time…even when all the visible shit has been washed away.

    Bacteria and viruses come to town on their shoes, on their clothes where flies have landed with poop covered feet. On their outgoing mail. Anything that leaves the shitstead….including the kids…runs the risks of being covered in last weeks stomach flu.

    If the Nauglers wanted to put up micro-fine fly nets and waterproof barriers around all the human shit they’re dumping and keep their bacteria and viruses to themselves….I honestly wouldn’t give two shits about it. But what they’re doing ENDANGERS OTHER PEOPLE. Some gut bug that rips through half a dozen kids with few consequences can kill an older person or someone who is weak or fighting another illness. There is a REASON the Romans invented sanitation…and that reason is that HUMAN SHIT CAN SICKEN AND BE FATAL TO OTHER HUMANS when it has pathogens spread by insects and water run off.

    The Nauglers have no consideration for anyone but themselves. They are the most entitled pieces of shit….a malignancy on their community. Not taking care to dispose of your shit properly is essentially telling other people….fuck you, I don’t care if you get sick or die, I don’t care if my actions kill you.

    At this point, ignorance is no longer an excuse.


  13. Cow poop = does not have human pathogens that can be spread by insect vectors.

    That’s not entirely true.

    The larger issue is that cow manure spread on fields is not spread on lettuce. It’s spread on grass, and it’s typically spread on a fields that are not being grazed by livestock at the time, which gives it a chance to decompose. It poses little risk to human beings when handled properly.

    The larger issue here though is that Nicole and Joe ran afoul of existing Kentucky law which says that they simply cannot dump human sewage on the ground. That they almost certainly continue to do so in order to give Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton the finger is beside the point. They are breaking the law if they do it.

    Why this is a topic that has to be brought up over and over again is beyond me. Why anyone wants to use a white bucket for a potty and then dump on their ground is something I will never understand.


  14. It’s certainly true cow manure has common pathogens like Listeria, E Coli, Leptospirosis, etc. this is why it’s composted and not used directly on table veggies, why we wash things….like our hands, before eating with them (another skill the Naugs lack) But you’re dead right, Sally.

    But all of this common stuff is present in the environment. It’s spread by wildlife, too. Raccoons, deer, mice, birds etc. Where there’s shit…there’s E. Coli….that’s a given. Most strains of Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria are harmless and are actually important to a healthy gut. But a few can cause everything from diarrhea to pneumonia to kidney failure in humans……and the most human infectious ones are most commonly contracted from human feces.

    The BIG HUGE GLARING DIFFERENCE between human shit and cow shit…. is that Human shit can contain shed human viruses, and human strains of bacterial illness. Human shit is MASSIVELY more dangerous than any other shit on the planet…to humans.


  15. There are tons of viral Gastroenteritises spread by human feces… Aichi virus, Astrovirus, Human enterovirus 68 and70, Torovirus, Lordsdale Norovirus, Norwalk, Rotavirus A, B and C, Sapporo virus, etc…

    Polio is spread in human shit.

    Hepatitis A is spread in human shit.

    Coxsackie is spread in human shit and can cause menengitis and myocarditis.

    JC polyomavirus is spread in human shit and causes encephalitis.

    Echovirus, The common cold…FFS…is spread in human shit.

    And none of these….will be caught from a cow.


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