No, you didn’t, Nicole.  No.

Or if some stupid client told you that, then the client is as dumb as you are.

No doctor ever told anyone that.  Ever.  They haven’t because it is impossible.

Here’s the deal.  Chicken pox is the primary disease caused by the varicella zoster virus.  After you have it, the virus buries itself in your nerve cells and just sits there doing nothing, until something rouses it and then you get shingles.

Shingles is always preceded by having had chicken pox.  I don’t care about your Aunt Matilda’s anecdote about her cousin Billy.  It is entirely possible to have had chicken pox and not really know that you had it.

When I was a child, I had chicken pox.  My mother used to laugh about it (there was no vaccine then) and say that I had one pox.  That’s just about the truth. I had a very light case, and was barely sick.

But it was enough.  Years later, I got a nice case of shingles.  I assure you that you don’t want it.  That very mild, almost-not-noticeable case of chicken pox set me up for a nasty bout of shingles later on.

It is true that if you have shingles, it’s possible for you to pass the virus to somebody who has never had chicken pox or been vaccinated, for instance, your granddaughter who is too young to be vaccinated.  The child, if infected, will develop. . . chicken pox.  Not shingles.

But it is impossible, completely and totally impossible, to get shingles from some kid’s chicken pox vaccine.

Furthermore, the chicken pox vaccine is attenuated.  Nicole, honestly, hon, look up that word.  Figure out what it means, because you really do not have a grasp of it at all.


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  1. My mom had gotten shingles when I was a kid. She has a scar on her forehead from it.
    My husband also had the shingles when my kids were little.
    It’s not fun at all. Crossing my fingers I don’t get shingles.


  2. Well none of the Nauglers will be giving chicken pox to the granddaughter any time soon. For that they’d have to actually visit with the child. Their son seems to have blown that one for the time being, but there is still time to make it right.

    Hopefully Jacob will surprise us all and not follow in his parents footsteps. Jacob Naugler your daughter needs you more than your parents do. Your parents are adults and they have made their choices and now they are forced to live with those choices. Your child is a baby who needs you to step up. What you do over the next few years will not only effect you, it will effect her. Just look at the example of what not to do set by your father. Jailed for failure to pay child support. Estranged from his eldest son. Accused by that son on national news of abuse and sexual molestation Is that the life you want? You’re better than that. You can do it.

    Merry Christmas Joseph and Nicole Naugler.


  3. Thats right NN, cover your eyes,, plug your ears and scream . The thing is, your so fucking wrong. Even your toady Larisa is quiet on this one. (Hows Keno treating you Larisa) at the Indian Casino


  4. So I never was sure if getting a light case as a child and then getting the full blown worse case of chicken pox ever when my kids got it and gave it to me, I was 30 it sucked so bad, I was so sick I could not get out of bed, now am I more likely to get shingles or less likely, and am I old enough to ask for the shot from my doctors next time I’m there?


  5. I’m always amused at the shedding conspiracy.
    Look, I’m not an immunologist. I don’t work in healthcare. I’m not any sort of scientist. But I do understand the basic mechanics of the immune system. I absolutely do not understand how it is possible for a fractured, weakened, or attenuated virus to be put back together and be made virulent by a recently vaccinated individuals immune system. It makes zero sense. It’s just not how any of that works.

    The other side of the anti-vax argument is also senseless. I had chicken pox too, and it was not a light case by any stretch of the imagination. It was a week of pure hell. It’s also not considered a serious childhood illness, meaning that other vaccine preventable illnesses are worse.
    What kind of asshole parent wants to see their kids sick like that? Coughing so hard they’re breaking ribs? Covered head to toe in rash and open sores? Unable to breathe around a membrane of thick mucous and swollen trachea? Paralyzed and seizing so hard bones are breaking from an uncurable toxin?
    It makes no sense. Why do they hate their kids so much?


  6. Crossing my fingers I don’t get shingles.

    You don’t have to cross your fingers. The new vaccine is very effective. It’s expensive, but worth it.


  7. am I old enough to ask for the shot from my doctors next time I’m there?

    I don’t know but ask. The new shingles vaccine is very effective. I’m looking into it seriously after the first of the year (I’ve changed Part D Medicare providers so it’ll be different after Jan 1)


  8. I was not vaccinated as a child against chicken pox. I acquired chicken pox at age 22. I have never been more sick in my life. Her stance on vaccinations is completely ignorant. She is free to make the choice for her family, but stating untrue “facts” to justify it is pointless. There are possible side effects and as a mother i feel the possibility of those outweigh the risk of not vaccinating. Not only for my children’s health, but for the community around us. She’s free to feel differently. We have already learned that her track record of playing medical professional has not fared well for her. It seems that would open her up to the possibility that she can be wrong. Her strong desire to be “different” and “right” will come with a very high price tag. Unfortunately she puts very little value on the lives and health of her children.


  9. I need to ask my doctor about the shingles vaccine. The remember getting chickenpox. I was young and my parents had no daycare options for me. My dad took me to work with him. He was a mechanic. I sat in the car with socks on my hands so I wouldn’t scar myself up. This was the 70s, they pulled the car into one of the bays and my dad and the other guys kept a close eye on me.

    All my kids were vaccinated for chicken pox. I’m glad they never had to deal with it, it wasn’t fun.


  10. Are the anti vax’ers sending her so much money, she refuses to learn?
    Or more likely, this is another example of her rigid investment in only one line of thinking to the detriment of her children, again.
    Her willful ignorance and arrogance about being all knowing during her last pregnancy still has not changed her. Unbelievable! The very death of her son still leaves her unchanged.
    Her children will continue to pay the price for her stupidity and arrogance but sacrificing their lives and wellbeing is just nothing to her. Her children are her possessions and tools to use as she sees fit and mostly for her own personal gain. Statistics to be lost in the game of life. Her number one priority in life is keeping her FB crowd, at any and all cost to her children.
    I understand that KY DFS is over burdened, but it remains an awful tragedy to see the consequences of two ignorant and destructive people, continuously played out in the lives of these children.
    I am so glad the granddaughter has been saved.


  11. When I was a kid there was no chicken pox vaccine and my children didn’t get one either. My chicken pox was mid-summer and all the neighborhood kids stood outside my window and talked to me through the screen. My son got it and 2 weeks later my daughter had it. We had a solid month of sickness with them.

    My mom has had shingles twice, even after the vaccine. The first time was the worst. She has a scar through her eyebrow where the virus broke out. Her doctor said it was unusual but it’s been reported on people getting it twice. She was on vacation when she got it. My husband has had them and he thought he was having a heart attack. I’ve had the vaccine so I’ve got my fingers crossed.


  12. Shingrix has been approved for adults 50 and over. It’s more effective than the shingles vaccine currently available. I hope that all forms of insurance (private, public) cover it. MUCH better than the current shingles series!

    Husband suffered shingles in his 40’s and suffer doesn’t begin to cover it. In the end it was 14 days from start to finish and he has scarring on his cornea.

    Chicken pox isn’t pleasant for many. I got a nasty case of it in 1st grade. Our eldest got chicken pox and it wasn’t too bad but if I could have prevented it from occurring, I would have(born prior to 1999). Our youngest got vaccinated.


  13. Gather around children for todays physics lesson, Notice the chain snap and tear off half of that mans face. Now what kind of parent subjects there children to that? I watched it and hell I even cringed.
    I see today a few people are getting in her face, you know shes pissed when the HH chimes in with his C**t talk. and of course chuckles (larisa) throws her two cents in. Whats wrong chuckles, Penny slots not hitting?


  14. Speaking of vaccines…..she just posted about the “importance” of letting your kids run around barefoot….failing to mention that her land is a trash heap full of twisted sharp scrap metal that washes up from the ground…and her kids are not vaccinated against tetanus.

    I love being barefoot. But I sure as hell wouldn’t take off my shoes on land that is widely known for having been an illegal dump site, and home to several decayed shells of previous dwellings.

    About the only species more susceptible to Clostridium tetani than lambs and horses…is humans. It’s commonly found in soil, particularly soil that has ever been dug up or exposed to manure (most of Kentucky). You get it by having a nice little cut (commonly on the bottom of a bare foot) that goes unnoticed and gets a little necrotic….read: when common cuts and punctures are not washed and cared for properly you are most at risk.

    The Naugler kids are tetanus waiting to happen. Between 10-20% of people who get tetanus in America…die. The other 80-90% can have extended hospitalizations and neurological injury.

    Granted, cases of tetanus are pretty rare in the US….but if you wanted to be the absolute poster child for at-risk behaviors and hygiene….the Naugs would fit the bill to a T.


  15. I’ve had shingles. It is horrible!! I’ll be 50 in January and I’ve already informed my family the only thing I want is that vaccine!!


  16. I saw both my sisters get shingles and I visited my Dr. I asked for the vaccine, drove over to the pharmacy and was given the shot. The vial has to remain cold, I was told it could get too hot on the short drive across town. Insurance paid every cent of it. It’s supposed to last the rest of my life.
    NN, sometimes we can talk an ounce of prevention and receive a pound of cure. You deserve every illness you get, you choose no health care for that baby and tried to cash in on his death. I don’t even feel sorry for your stupidity.


  17. I remember my first shingles outbreak. I had finished my masters and was in the PhD program and was due to start teaching my first college freshmen class. I wasn’t stressed because freshmen are no different than seniors in high school, and I had my share of experience with that age group. But, I had been on steroids for a few weeks prior to the outbreak, and the steroids suppress the immune response so it leaves the person taking the steroids at risk for getting just about anything. I told my husband when I began feeling the nerve endings burn that I thought I had been stung and we looked for the wasp and he was ready to give me the epipen, but we couldn’t find a wasp nor a red area. It was on my right chest and from my sternum (breast bone) all the way to my back bone, in sort of a pattern, the heat turned into burning pain. I stood in the shower for almost an hour trying to put the heat out and it didn’t work. By the time the blisters started popping up in that same pattern, I was sure I was going to die. The pain was horrible and I went from needing cold water to put the fire out to trying to fight fire with fire so I kept standing in the shower using the hottest water I could get out of our hot water faucet. I took every antihistamine I could find, thinking I was having a reaction and finally the pain became more than I could bear so off to the ER we went. While in the ER, I sat next to a woman with a newborn baby and I have often wondered if her baby became sick because of me. When the intake nurse heard my symptoms and saw my chest, she took me back to an isolation room. Morphine didn’t stop the pain. I cannot describe how badly shingles hurt or how awful they look going from blisters to open skin to necrotic rot. I’ve had many of these outbreaks since and now I know the tingling sensation that is a little warning for me, so I start taking the antiviral medicine that I keep on me all the time. I also have the cream. I want the vaccine but because of my immune system, the immunologists tested me and found there’s something in the vaccine that I am allergic to, so he said the risk outweighs the benefits now. But, there’s one they are developing for people like me. When it is developed, I will get the shot if I have to pay thousands for it. That’s how bad shingles are to me; plus, I don’t want to pass chicken pox on to someone who hasn’t had the vaccine. I’m responsibly like that.

    When Nicole is screaming about her rights and her individualism, she doesn’t consider the public’s rights. While it’s true the bill of rights does provide her with a certain amount of individual rights to chose certain actions, but when those actions affect the public, then the public’s rights always supersede her rights. NicNaug, you cannot dump raw sewage on the ground and call it composting because it isn’t. Raw sewage left untreated contaminates the ground water and the runoff of your sewage contaminates your neighbor’s yards and animals. Just because you want to live nasty and dump raw sewage around your property doesn’t mean you get to do so. You don’t have the right to put the public (your neighbors) at risk. I feel badly for your children because if it is true they have not been vaccinated, they are at risk for life threatening illnesses. No, playing in dirt will not keep polio away. Letting your children run around barefoot in the winter and during summer on land that has not ever been cleaned and has raw sewage contamination will not build their immune system. Immune systems are strong and will battle for us but there is a point where the battle is lost. I know, mine has lost time and time again.

    You are willfully ignorant. Choosing to ignore science in favor of shaking your nasty finger in the face of those of us who practice civil responsibility gives you a certain satisfaction and makes you feel special and morally superior. Recently, your willful ignorance cost you the life of your unborn child, yet you continue to deny that prenatal care could have prevented his death. Yes once the placenta began to die of old age and the lack of oxygen rich blood stopped passing into his body, he only had a short time, so it’s possible the doctor said nothing could have been done but you had nine months to be a good mother to him. Sometimes I look at my grown children and I hope that I’ve had enough time to be a good mother and that I did all I could to make sure they are okay for when I am gone. That’s what parents do…we want our children prepared. So here’s my thought for the day: Why would a mother, who doesn’t give a shit about the safety of her unborn child or the safety of her living children, give a shit about public safety? A selfish bitch yesterday, today, and forever.


  18. Bumping

    4. The vaccine cost is expected to be $280 for 2 doses. Shingrix is available for ordering and is expected to cost $280 for the 2 doses. Insurance companies are likely to cover the cost, but it may take some time initially.

    I guess this means if you pay $280 your insurance company will eventually reimburse you. Which is a big hassle but still worth it if you can beg, borrow or scrape together the money somehow.


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