Sheriff’s Ranch Accounting


From our Paypal account, we have this.

The odd numbers reflect Paypal removing its fee. I don’t really know why Paypal is holding that one donation back but it will be released this month.



The email address where I sent the donation (at the Ranch) is not something I feel free to share publicly.  If you want confirmation that it’s actually the Ranch, contact me and I’ll give you that information.

And if you’re new here, and mystified by this, here you go.

Good job, guys.


8 thoughts on “Sheriff’s Ranch Accounting”

  1. Thank you for posting a public accounting of the donations. Too many sites don’t do that and I think it is really important. Next payday (this one is bills galore) I will find some money for this excellent cause, and keep working on my crochet projects for my local Children’s Hospital. Seems right that at least some good can come out of this mess.


  2. That is really nice Sally. At least we know the donations are going to a good cause, unlike the donate button on another blog.
    I think that helping those kids is paramount to their success growing up.

    Congrats on finding a worthy cause!


  3. GREAT Example of where all the money goes. Unlike Nicky she takes it and tells you to PISS off its none of your business what she does with all that money you gave her. NOT ONLY THAT I am sure Nicky will take all the credit of this money going to help kids out. I mean you would have NOTHING if it was not for her dumbass and the abuse of her kids. Sally BRAVO! You do a lot of good for needy kids thanks to Nicky. Everybody that donated Thank you too! BRAVO! Its nice to know there is folks in this world that really CARE. Unlike Nicky the only thing she cares about is herself and her Power hungry ways.


  4. I just wanted to mention that I got a letter from this organization in my mailbox yesterday, thanking me for my support and issuing me a letter that will permit me to write it off too.


  5. Oh, gee, thanks for the reminder. I am supposed to do something about that, and I totally forgot. Anyone who wants to have a letter can have one if they will permit me to forward their email address to the organization.


  6. You’re welcome. It’s nice to see it going to a worthwhile organization that has the class to thank the donors, as well as issuing the appropriate paperwork. I did mine separately but mentioned your blog as the reason for the donation. Hopefully by this time next year at least one child will have had a chance to go to camp.


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