She Goes On

I don’t have any way of knowing if Breckinridge County’s CPS folks, or anyone else in authority there reads this blog. I’ve never been told that they do. I’ve also never been told that they don’t.

But just in case they do, I want to keep this sort of stuff easy to find.

I want to keep it front and center that Nicole Naugler has no intention of obeying laws she finds inconvenient if she can figure out a way around them.

This applies whether you’re talking about gun laws, which she clearly would violate quite happily (look at her last sentence), or home schooling laws, which she quite happily violated for years, or city business ordinances, which landed her in court.

She has no respect for the law.

This is why she repeatedly threatens to kill other people who have done nothing more than irritate her by disagreeing with her online.



And here.


And finally, here.


7 thoughts on “She Goes On”

  1. The thought of the crusty one and HH having weapons scares the hell out of me, effective gun laws would take the guns away from them. And LE would still protect them regardless of what kind of people they are.


  2. There are helpers in this world and there are those that hinder.

    Nicole Celeste Naugler helps no one but herself, not even her kids. She can barely pay lip service to the idea of giving of herself to others, and she’s the expert at bullshitting people, but she can’t choke out the lie of being a helper.

    She is a bitter mean woman who obviously hates her life, but is unwilling or incapable of doing anything about it. She is consumed with jealousy for those people who have what she does not. She hinders her own kids, because God forbid that they have lives of their own or do better than she does. She even hinders herself through her contentiousness and, of course, the iron ball she has chained herself to, Joe.

    Joseph Naugler is a blowhard and loser, and he hinders the hell out of his family on those occasions Nicole let’s him off his leash. If it weren’t for Joe the kids wouldn’t have been removed when they were. If Joe hadn’t been out and about menacing neighbors the sheriff and CPS wouldn’t have gone to the homestead. Per Joe, if he had only not had drugs in his system, the kids would have been returned sooner. If only Joe had been doing his only damn job, which is being the HH, homestead hubby, then he would have been supervising where their shit was dumped and making sure the “livestocks” stayed on their 28 acres. If only Joe had been building up the homestead they wouldn’t have been living like livestock before the generosity of strangers brought them well over $45,000 to buy a shed to live in.

    Nicole can try to blame the sheriff, the courts, trolls, or whoever for all her woes, but she needs to look closer to home. She needs to really look at herself and at Joe. Until they take any personal responsibility and work to change themselves nothing will change except their kids will get older and escape their sad pathetic life.


  3. “But please listen to what I am saying.” she says right at the beginning of what turns into a potty-mouth screech by the end.

    “I believe what I believe and you can say anything you want but you’re not changing my mind, so shut the fuck up!”

    Those are the bipolar ends of Nicole’s thought processes. She doesn’t care what you have to say because you are wrong. Not just wrong but motherfucking wrong. She doesn’t care what you say but listen to her. Just listen to her because she is right and there are only two places in her warped world.

    You are either with her or you are against her. Full stop.

    FU, bitch, and the kid’s horse you rode in on.


  4. She screams that the sheriff abused her but we have all seen the video…her video. I thought he demonstrated an enormous amount of restraint. She begged him to put his hands on her by being a total idiot and arguing with him. But, I noticed she tested the waters first by being a little bitchy and a little argumentative and then she escalated her behavior before begging to be shot. I cannot imagine what went through her children’s minds. They had been told over and over that cops are killers and rapists and kidnappers and now their mother was losing it and they had no idea if what their mother had told them all those years was true. As far as the cops in FL or any other cop that does cowardly things, she nor anyone else can generalize an entire profession based on the actions of a few.Here’s a thought, white men and boys are usually the people who do mass shootings and to be more descriptive, white men and/or boys who identify as christians are the ones who do those heinous acts. McVey…very cowardly…could we then say that all white men and or boys are school shooters, domestic terrorists, child molesters…of course not. Sadly, the bad cops get the attention and the ones who are heroic or who are charitable or who go far and beyond what is in their job description rarely are seen or heard about. And so what, the sheriff got drunk and acted a fool…did he shoot his family…no he didn’t. He was drunk and he allegedly made some pretty horrible statements to his wife. My husband and I have huge disagreements. It’s taken twenty years for him to show any progress toward enlightenment when it comes to women’s issues. He used to say the most misogynistic crap, and we would have knock down drag out yelling sessions over it. The other day, one of the GOP women made a statement that was so incredulous that I had to say who hired her and my husband spoke before he thought and he said, she got that job on her knees. Of course I don’t even want misogyny to enter discourse about GOP women any more than I want to see it in discourse about liberal women so I tore his ass up and he said, I was kidding and I said, no you weren’t because you know if you were kidding, you would have had time to think and you would realize that those jokes bring out crazy-assed, psycho Jeannie and then when she comes out, you better thank your lucky stars we don’t own weapons. And then I add, bitch assed punk, because I don’t know what else I can say to him to make him realize just how mad it makes me to imply that a successful woman got to the top or near the top by servicing men. I am getting angry rehashing it here so I need to go yell at him for a minute. Damnit….


  5. (I tried to quote ¡Repeat!, I don’t think it worked)
    And we all know that will never, ever happen. To admit accountability is to admit their failures, and the Nauglers are too effen’ perfect for that.


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