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  1. She’s lovely. Is she already halter-trained? Will you be training either of the girls to pull a cart?

    The calves are adorable. Particularly as they’re leaping around, “I’m a gazelle! I’m a gazelle!” Yeah boys, for now. Airs above the ground will be a bit tougher in a few weeks.


  2. Is she already halter-trained?

    Nope, but she’s started having some lessons. I would love to harness her to a cart. Cheney would be so insulted that she would never forgive us, so she’s not a candidate.

    Dave and Jason are out working in the barn area right now and the little boys are “helping.” 🙂


  3. Are your donkeys primarily there as livestock guardians? While they are both adorable, I can’t imagine they don’t have some sort of job.


  4. She is adorable. It looked like Frances was more than interested in the new addition.
    Welcome Shadow! Your new home is very welcoming and you’ll be well taken care of.


  5. Are your donkeys primarily there as livestock guardians?

    Yes. Most people who run cattle around here have them. They will attack a dog or a coyote.


  6. What an adorable little donkey! I am so glad that you, Dave, and Cheney have her, and she is very lucky to have drawn the “Davis” straw at the local donkey bingo game.

    Another question for you, Sally. Can a coyote take down a calf the size of the teenagers or Frances, or just Al sized calves?

    Just curious, as we are having major issues and endless community debate resulting from coyotes killing outdoor cats here in the middle of suburbia. It never would have occurred to me that a coyote represented a threat to an animal the size of even the little boys.

    They (here) will take on a dog of Minnie’s size, but I don’t think they would dare attack a dog the size of any of our three Einsteins. (55-100 lb each) I am trying to understand why they would be emboldened enough to attack cows; maybe different subspecies and sizes of coyotes?

    Will the donks protect the calves from wolves as well, or do the calves need to carry machetes for that? ?


  7. Can a coyote take down a calf the size of the teenagers or Frances, or just Al sized calves?

    They probably couldn’t kill Frances, but they could do some serious damage to her udder. Either that, or she would do damage to herself trying to get away from them. The dairy lost a couple of good cows to exactly that. They tangled themselves in fencing trying to get away from dogs, and ripped their udders in the process. They had to go to the sale barn (McDonald’s). In addition, if dogs get in the pasture, they tend to want to run the cattle. Frances can’t really run very fast or very much. And the boys are supposed to be growing, not being panicked.

    It’s not so much a question of them being killed as it is of economic damage due to a slower growth rate.

    We have only ever had dogs in our pasture twice. Both times the donkeys went into high alert and went after them. The cattle ran from them. Our neighbor the deputy sheriff got his gun and fired over their heads to scare the shit out of them (the dogs).

    The same neighbor, as a cop, had to put down a man’s dogs once. It caused a huge uproar. They had escaped (repeatedly) from his pens, and were terrorizing the neighbor’s large calves. Our neighbor was called and witnessed it and shot them on the spot. The owner was irate but he was in the wrong.


  8. I always enjoy your posts about farm life.
    Your animals always look happy, healthy and well cared for.
    Thank you for sharing.


  9. What a wonderful video. So I think I can guess where the names Georgia and Cheney came from (previous admin?? Or am I way off?), but what is the inspiration for Shadow’s name? And that is the sweetest little trailer!

    Love the calves running. Reminds me of that youtube video of ‘Dogs in Boots’!


  10. Georgia and Cheney were named for George Bush and Dick Cheney, both asses.

    And Shadow is like a miniature Georgia. She looks a whole lot like her, but is smaller. So she’s her Shadow.

    Shadow and Cheney are pretty much inseparable now. And it’s sort of funny to watch because instead of Shadow following Cheney around, which is what I expected (that Cheney would establish herself as Top Donkey), Cheney follows Shadow. That’s really a good thing, because Shadow is much younger and is all over the place and that forces Cheney to do a lot of walking. Maybe she’ll lose some weight. Trying to put a donkey on a diet is difficult. She eats nothing but grass now.


  11. Georgia and Cheney were named for George Bush and Dick Cheney, both asses.

    Ha, yes, love it! I figured that’s what it was considering they are both donkeys. 😉
    But Georgia and Cheney are actually quite beautiful names on their own.

    Was wondering if the new little girl would have some sort of current political spin as well, but I think Shadow, and the sentiment behind it, is perfect. Very sweet that Cheney is following her around. Sounds like they’ll be great buds.


  12. Was wondering if the new little girl would have some sort of current political spin as well

    I suggested Donnie, but Dave totally vetoed that. Neither of us liked either Bush or Dick Cheney, but dear god, we look back at them sort of fondly now. There’s a difference between “I don’t really agree with most of his policies” and “Good golly, he’s a fucking lunatic.”


  13. I sure enjoyed this video. Love your life and your animals. So now I’m thinking “we” need a webcam on Francis (money is not relevant, right?).


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