Screwed Up

Here’s the deal.

Nothing for the Nauglers is screwed up, except what they have screwed up themselves.

These people have been doing something that normal people don’t do. They’ve been doing it for years and years. They  have been fucking indiscriminately and making one baby after another.  Get it?  That’s what they’ve been doing.

And after they make these babies, they do not want to pay for them.

Joe refuses to work.

And don’t hand me that stay-at-home dad shit. I was a stay-at-home mother too, until one day it became clear that I needed to go back to work, even if it was just part-time.

I did, and for several years I homeschooled and worked full time simultaneously. [I worked nights on the weekends, twelve-hour shifts, and was home during the week. Mondays were always pretty tough because I’d been up all Sunday night.]

Nicole cannot possibly make enough money to support that family washing dog butts. Nobody could.  It doesn’t matter how hard she works, or how many dogs come through those doors. The math won’t work.

Having children carries with it some requirements for responsibility after they are born. The Nauglers have almost zero awareness or acceptance of this. Just posting nice photos on Facebook of filthy dirty children usually mostly naked in the summertime isn’t parenting. And using the hashtag #unschooling isn’t education.  Pictures of your pregnant belly that nobody wants to see is not prenatal care.

If you have functioning reproductive organs, having a baby is not an accomplishment of any sort. And not having functioning reproductive organs is not a failing. It’s just a fact for some folks.

What is an accomplishment is knowing how many children, if any, you can afford to raise and making sure you don’t have any more than that.

What is an accomplishment is understanding that bad shit can happen to anyone without warning, and making sure that you do your damnedest to prepare for that so you and the people who depend upon you aren’t put in jeopardy.

What is an accomplishment is making sure that the children, the ones you figured you could support adequately, are in fact adequately supported, even if that means you have to get two jobs and do without the internet and weed.

Society does not owe the Nauglers shit. We’ve already put in place a system to provide them with health care so they won’t be any more of a drain on our society, but they refuse to avail themselves of it.  They chose to have all these kids. The world does not need their kids. The world does not need for those people to reproduce endlessly. Their kids are not that great.  I see no signs of genius there. They are just kids.

Yes, our health care system currently needs some serious tweaking. Republicans have absolutely no idea how to do that, so I don’t think it’s going to happen any time soon, since what we need is some form of single payer health insurance.

But the Nauglers’ current situation is not because of that.  Nicole boasts about how she “trusts her body” and how great she is for having home births.  She would have done it that way if giving birth at a hospital was free.  You know how I know?  I know because she has qualified for Medicaid now for years and years and has never bothered to apply.  Under Medicaid it would be free.

So, Joe, don’t try this blame game.

This clusterfuck that is your life is not the government’s fault. It’s not the trolls’ fault. It’s not the health care system’s fault.  It’s not the insurance companies’ fault.

It’s your fault. It’s Nicole’s fault.

Own it.  Get a fucking job, you lazy fuck.


50 thoughts on “Screwed Up”

  1. I get so tired of hearing that Joe has to stay home to care for the 10 children so he cannot work. He is not homeschooling those children Those children are being neglected and denied an education
    Joe and Nicole made the conscious decision to have more children than they can afford This is not something that was thrust upon them it is something they chose.
    While the rest of us are paying taxes so that they can have the medical care that they need, and so that there are schools that will educate their children for free, Joe is sitting around on his ass watching his children and his wife work while he pontificates
    Screw the go fund me. Whether they think we have already paid out of coerced taxes or not we the people have already paid for their medical bills


  2. My Granny told me this my entire life…..young lady you are free to choose whatever you want in life no matter the situation….but you dam well better be ready to put your big girl panties on pull them up and OWN the consequences of those choices….and I have, haven’t liked some of them but they are mine and I OWN them. You cannot choose to bring a child/children into this world and not have insurance and then expect the world to pay for it because you don’t want to play by society’s rules and get some type of medical coverage. It’s not right! You can’t have it both ways, you can’t ride the fence because eventually you are gonna get splinters in your VA JAY JAY!!! Go apply for Medicaid if you do not already have it so that your dam hospital bill gets paid!!! Then take the dam GFM DOWN!!


  3. I’m glad someone finally said it … “Their kids are not that great”. No, their not terrible I’m sure but just that…kids. Kids who drown their misery in one hobby after another as escape from their life on the “Home stead” their bat shit crazy parents created for them .

    And yes..they should have stopped popping babies out after 6 or 7 even ( and that’s pushing it) when they could still afford to rent a real house and they had time to actually home school their kids , and dress them in clean properly fitting clothes after a bath in a real tub . And celebrate birthdays and Holidays. poor kids.. I don’t know which ones I feel worse for the ones who are old enough to remember those things or the littlest ones who will never experience or remember any part of a normal life . Makes me cringe to think they will grow up and think the way they are being raised is normal


  4. Over on the BLH facebook from 7/28 Nicole points out that it’s been a week since the birth, says that Joe’s been playing the part of “nurse and warden” and says he tells her she doesn’t realize she almost died. Then she says they have the salon open 3 days a week right now and that the teens assist while she supervises and does a few haircuts.

    She gave birth a week ago. Seven days. Is that how long Nurse Joe Rat-Shed thinks it takes a woman to recover? My theory is that she’s severely manic and/or Joe’s running low on weed and needs the money to drive to his dealer, travel being expensive and all.


  5. So…for the sake of an argument, let’s say that he can’t work a paycheck job. His brain will not do one or more important things. He loses track of time, maybe, or has a terrible memory, or gets overwhelmed by more than one person talking to him at the same time, or whatever.

    He has two dozen acres of land.

    Judging by what I’ve seen online, he has at least a dozen acres of trees that are up to cuttin’ size, but not too big for one guy and a teenager to haul.

    He’s had four years. Even if he’d never handled an ax when they moved in, he’s had four years. Even if he can only work slowly…he’s had four years.

    So, if he actually can’t work offsite, where’s the woodpile? The cut, split, stacked, seasoned, not-built-by-making-little-kids-drag-fallen-branches-out-of-the-woods woodpile?

    I mean, yeah, I’ve posted about all the other stuff he could have built with four years, a dozen-plus acres of trees, some YouTube tutorials, and assorted free junk…but where is the fricking woodpile?

    You’re useless, Joe. A dog could do what you actually do: reproduce yourself, make messes, and bark a lot.


  6. Wanna know a secret?
    Medicaid REQUIRES checkups, they send you letters reminding you to schedule. They check on you annually to see what your level of care needs are via phone interview. If you have a level of 5-10 care, you are REQUIRED to let a home nurse come out and make sure you know about ALL services you and your kids are entitled too. My kids get free lunch, school fees waived , social group intervention , extra time on everything. Medicaid will also report you to cps if they notice you arent following the guidelines aka rules, and we all know how thr Naugs feel about rules. Do I like being on medicaid….yes and no…I dont want to live off the govermment, but ..we had an emergency, and epi pens are 600 a piece..two food allergies in our family and other meds. I thank god for medicaid, we worked jobs for 25 years, we deserve some time to get back in the saddle with things. Not sure why she thinks you are a whore of the state on medicaid. Having kids you cant take care of cause you spread eagle 24/7 is a whore.


  7. Something to consider: did the Nauglers file for birth certificates on all their little blessings that were born at home with no attendant? Maybe getting medicaid would be a lot harder than just applying and accepting it if they don’t have the proper paperwork to apply.


  8. When we lost our baby, we were not financially prepared. We did have health insurance. What we didn’t have was the money to pay for funeral costs, a family plot, or a headstone up front. We tried to work out a payment plan, but they all said to just pay what we could when we could.

    My husband loves to say “Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.” We take accountability and responsibility for our actions. Money offered was respectfully declined and we suggested any monetary donations be made to the NICU where our baby lived. We took care of our financial responsibilities with our own hard earned money.

    We also made some changes. We now have several different life insurance policies on ourselves and our children. We also have AFLAC which is pretty awesome. We also pay it forward. My husband has his company take a portion off the top of his salary, and then they (the company) donate that money to the NICU in memory of our baby.

    Accountability, responsibility, honor, and integrity can be hard concepts for some people to comprehend…among many other “normal” aspects of life.


  9. I’ve lost track of the times I posted on maw’s page about responsibility( before I was blocked from posting!)
    My first post was probably 2+ years ago, before the first gofundme.
    I’ve also lost count of the times other posters have posted the same thing, and have also been blocked. The Naugs have played their form of oppositional research and development for so long, trying to be ‘different’, ‘ no one tells me what to do’, and *what not*. Fine for 2 adults, but there are 11 children involved, along with a grandbaby and a stillborn.
    Now another gofundme. Begging others to pay for their lack of responsibility. The beat goes on. The Naugler vicious circle.


  10. He can’t get a job.

    1. Dirty drug screen
    2. Wages garnished to pay back child support or outstanding judgments.
    3. I R S


  11. Forget insurance. These losers can’t even provide clean water for those poor kids to wash the crap off themselves. It makes me sad when she posts old pictures of them sitting on normal furniture in a conventional house, b/c the kids look so clean. No wonder Joe and Nic are always scratching. I don’t even want to think about the stench in that hot little shed.
    Yes, kids should play outside and get dirty. Kids do it all over the world, then they come home and bathe. Oh, and then a hot dinner and wait for it, a clean bed with sheets and pillows and stuff. But let them keep having more babies, with no prenatal care. We can see how that is working out. And we are not going to donate to it.


  12. Being a stay at home parent is great,if you can afford it. They can’t. I have a teenager who is going away to college next month and a younger child at home. My husband always was earned the bulk of the income and I am certified in home day care. For the past few years, I have been a stay at home mom and would take 1-2 kids for days care to earn a little extra ” fun money” for my family. A few weeks ago, my 19 year old cat, got very ill and passed running up an almost $1,000 vet bill. The same day my husband lost his job of 17 years. So, I started a go fund me. JUST KIDDING. Within a few hours, using my referrals and resources, I was able to pick up 3 more full time day care children which would make up the difference between my husbands pay and what unemployment would be. Unlike the Nauglers, we have 401k and some modest savings.
    When my 18 year old daughter became aware of her dad losing his job, she starting picking up a few babysitting jobs of her own so she would be able to have some extra spending money for college instead of relying on us for it. She already has all her needs covered. Starting a go fund would not even cross her mind because that is not how our family works. When we have temporary set backs and we require more funds for our family, we click into survival mode and figure out how to earn it.
    I suppose it is easier for my family to handle a crisis because we have 2 children and not 11. Nicole will go on it is no ones business how many kids she has. If you cannot fully support your children and need to seek donations from the public, you have made it the public’s business.


  13. I’m not sure if this has been asked yet, but given Nicole’s situation with this last pregnancy is she at risk with future pregnancies? I’m just wondering if she will continue getting pregnant after this near death experience.


  14. she at risk with future pregnancies?

    Absolutely yes. All the risk factors that were already in place are still in place and they are compounded by what happened this time.

    I’m just wondering if she will continue getting pregnant after this near death experience.

    I predict that she will be pregnant as soon as she can coordinate ovulation with sperm donation.


  15. He can’t get a job.

    At the very least, he could clean up the cesspool they call their property. And yes, it’s bad. I’ve seen it. It’s bad.


  16. did the Nauglers file for birth certificates on all their little blessings that were born at home with no attendant?


    Nicole does not need birth certificates for her children in order to apply for Medicaid for herself. Two or three of the older kids do have them, and I suspect just those dependents would qualify her.


  17. we had an emergency, and epi pens are 600 a piece..two food allergies in our family

    Hey Poorkids – I want to point out that if the color of the solution in the epi pens hasn’t changed (it’s still crystal clear, no yellowing), the pen is still usable. It’s not ideal, but you don’t really have to replace them annually.

    Reuters reported that even 50 months after the listed expiration dates, EpiPens still retained 84% of epinephrine concentrations, which is still enough to prevent

    anaphylactic shock.

    Both Cantrell and Casale say that if someone has an allergic reaction, expired epinephrine is better than nothing at all.

    “Our paper is not suggesting that people take expired medication,” Cantrell said. “We can’t make that leap based on our data. But what we can say is that if you have nothing else, and you’re having a life-threatening reaction, certainly use the expired epinephrine.”

    Many people who disagree with single-payer health insurance overlook that it does NOT ban people from getting additional insurance if they want it. It’s criminal to see people crowding into a fair ground in order to be seen by a doctor or dentist once a year.

    There are still several more events where RAM USA will be providing care for our citizens. You know what else is horrifying about this? The founder of the program is a citizen of the UK who initially was focusing on places with severe needs overseas. Then he came to realize that it was needed in the US.

    There is even going to be a clinic held in Washington, DC (AKA “Mordor on the Potomac” in late August. I WISH it were going to be held on the Mall!

    It’s a beautiful city and it’s free to go to the Smithsonian museums, including the National Zoo, but please donate money. Sauron is looking to gut their funding). I wish that our Benevolent Overlords were going to be active, hands-on volunteers. Okay, I wish they were actually in dire need of the services offered, showed up at 3 am the day before and still couldn’t get a ticket. Maybe then they would get it.


  18. How would she feel if folks walked in, did the self serve doggy wash then left without paying? She would be on the phone to the police in a heartbeat, screeching about theft. Yeah, it’s like that. Only a lot more expensive.


  19. “He can’t get a job.

    1. Dirty drug screen
    2. Wages garnished to pay back child support or outstanding judgments.
    3. I R S”

    As long as a place tests the urine, there are ways around a dirty drug screen such as borrowing clean urine and bringing it in.
    If he wanted to, he could work under the table and not report any earnings.
    The IRS I don’t know but I guess working under the table would take care of that too.


  20. Hey, you guys?

    Could you give me ten thousand dollars?

    I mean…I know we really don’t know each other that well, but I can show you a lot of pictures of stuff I do with kids and dogs and show you photos of my backyard, and wildflowers, and sunsets, and the humble little dinner I ate last night.

    But back to that money I was talking about. It sure would help me out! This adult thing is very overwhelming and work is really really hard! I know people say we should plan ahead, take responsibility for securing our future and prepare ourselves for life’s difficult surprises….but damn, that’s hard. No one actually does that, do they? I mean…why would you kill yourself working when you can con other people into saving your ass again and again? Hell, it’s a LOT easier to just ask other folks! I’m surprised more people don’t do it. Why live under all that stress?

    So, how about it? Ten grand is really a drop in the bucket when you think about it, and God Himself is in charge of the circumstances I’m in….so we’re really kind of…chosen…and God HAS told you that you need to support those who have less, right? I don’t mean to speak for God, but I’m sure you are reading my message today because HE sent you to see my need! Are you going to ignore God?

    But yeah, the ten thousand will be put to good use for life and travel and whatnot.

    Thanks in advance, and have a blessed day.


  21. We have one child. We had insurance, but had copayments and a deductible that we paid because thats what we agreed to signing up. I stayed home for 9 months, but we hit some hard times and I went back part time even though I didn’t want to. I’m starting full time soon even though I don’t want to. I have had bad reactions to all birth control I’ve tried, so we’re using condoms until we are ready for our next baby and then my husband said he’ll get a vasectomy. Do we want to? No, but it’s necessary! And because we can’t afford another baby, I’m looking into either getting my teaching certificate or going to grad school to get a higher paying job in my field. Because that’s the responsible thing to do. It’s really sad when children are effected by the irresponsible actions of their parents. I am 1 of 7 kids, but we were always taken care of. My husband is 1 of 2 but his parents were extremely selfish and irresponsible. We never want our kids to experience that!


  22. In her post about the aches and pains she’s experiencing, people suggested a bath (not okay in the postpartum, right?), and then other people said she didn’t have one. So then she said she has a bath. She said the shower’s not hooked up, but they have a bath. If they have a bath, they don’t have plumbing. Where are they getting their water?


  23. The only guiding principle governing the Nauglers’ minds is getting something for nothing. They get pissed when they have to do something for what they get. It’s unfair to them. They are special, extraordinary individuals who are more enlightened than all the rest of us who have real houses and apartments to live in and the Nauglers exist on a special elevated plane from the rest of us. They are so mad and frustrated that the rest of us don’t get that.

    With this entitled mindset they have it is no wonder that they cannot stand to deal with the mundane realities of life like bills, laws, civility, and that life is essentially a quid pro quo affair. It is beyond their comprehension that in order to get anything, somewhere along the line they will be expected to pony up. When they refuse to do their part they stop getting what they want. This makes them mad and they resort to in-person and online tactics to punish those who do not honor the Nauglers as exempt from the quid pro quo of normal life.

    The Nauglers are not special. They are stupid, lazy, malevolent and essentially homeless people with internet. They are also essentially predators and the prey is anyone better off than them. Better off people should give them whatever the Nauglers demand. That is the natural and appropriate order of things according to warped Naugler-think. If whatever they have a whim for at the moment is not granted then the Nauglers are ‘victims’ in their minds and they start to invent scenarios where they were so important that people have combine together to persecute them. In fact that they are extraordinary only in the depths of irresponsibility they plumb and nothing else, whatsoever, can be comprehended by the Nauglers.

    No one here has persecuted them or is plotting their destruction. (Joe and Nicole “yes you are!! We can say whatever made up mean thing we want and now we don’t get as much grift money as we used to. How dare you suggest that our glorious Naugler narrative isn’t the whole story or even true!??!! How dare you suggest that the Naugler prophet broke the law by stealing water and threatening people??” The Nauglers have been actively and pretty successfully ruining themselves all on their own. The Naugler prey, however, is no longer willing to be prey for the Nauglers any longer.


  24. Also is there a car battery sitting in the window of their prefab on stilts?!

    Wifi router. Run by a generator.


  25. WTH? My grandparents got INSURANCE to cover the costs of raising kids, plus the risk of loss due to fire, theft, etc. for the business and the automobiles.

    My great-grandparents went without insurance and mostly without medical care which wasn’t a good thing for them. In fact, of the 16 kids one set of great-great grandparents had, at least 10 of the elder kids went into the monastery or nunnery and took orders rather than getting married and raising children. They’d done that already. Plus they got health care through the church (their employer, if you will).


  26. What a needlessly exhausting life. They’re not building anything; they’re perpetually avoiding starvation and exposure and dehydration by the narrowest margin possible.


  27. I would think N would use her recovery period to spend time with her traumatized children. They lost a brother and then had to build his casket and dig his grave. Yet, N is back at the shop. I wonder if she even likes the homestead? She seems to prefer the shop.


  28. In regards to cheating the urine drug screen. The urine’s temperature must be in a very narrow range or it will not be accepted. The ph must also be in an acceptable range for fresh urine. The ph of stored urine changes. If a person wants to pass a drug screen they need to stop doing drugs. J consistently puts his drug use above the welfare of his children and N allows it. Shame on both of them.


  29. I wonder if she even likes the homestead? She seems to prefer the shop.

    Wouldn’t you? Electricity, air conditioning, a refrigerator, plenty of space. Hell, if I were her, I’d put a cot in there and move in.


  30. Just some thoughts. Of how the Nauglers, in appealing to a following, like to romanticize a lifestyle. Of back in the good old days. Minimalist. Homesteading. Outhouses. Kids playing in dirt. Wild flowers. Farm animals. Simple life.

    There was another to back in the good old days. My parents lived it. Before government assistance. Before GoFundMe. When most everyone around where you lived, lived the same circumstances. When crisis presented, you did whatever you had to do, then some more. There wasn’t a golden parachute. I’ve heard stories, when times were rough and no jobs. Where some of the men got on a train and traveled to North Dakota and other areas. To work jobs, in government programs. Building infrastructure and so on. Sending money back home for the family.

    I feel certain, none of these people alive today, that grew up in that often romanticized lifestyle, would ever consider GoFundMe or any other golden parachutes. js.

    It’s challenging to feel any guilt, for not wanting to donate, to disingenuous. Simply stated, a father that will not work and provide everything he is capable, for all the children he has brought into this world.


  31. The Nauglers live in a small community with limited job opportunities so maybe Joe can’t just get a job like a normal person. Half the local businesses likely aren’t hiring and the ones that are may have heard about him and have standards.

    No excuses for why the property looks like that though.


  32. The Nauglers live in a small community with limited job opportunitie

    Jacob’s managed to get three jobs in about a year. I don’t think that’s the problem.


  33. Joe likes to talk people into submission. He uses lots of words he does not understand or use properly and contradicts himself in the process. But he thinks he has won them over with his intellect and charm but in reality people stop debating or giving their opinion cause they can’t take anymore of his ignorance or get blocked online.

    I got pregnant at 15 and again at 17. Very irresponsible I know.. I know. But the father and I got married at 16 and raised our children best we could. Some help from our parents with babysitting while we worked that kind of thing. For years we worked opposite shifts so no sitters were needed and they were home with at least one parent. We did have Goverment assistance in the beginning anything and everything we could qualify for. One thing that that I don’t like to do is “beg”. It is kinda a moral personal thing. To stoop to begging is the lowest of the low for me. Kind of the way the naugler feel about being a “whore” of the state. But I did what I had to do for my kids. Because it was not about me. I could live in my car, or go without meals, or let the electricity get shut off because I couldn’t pay the bill. If my kids needed food or we needed help with electric bill I would call every church, every community program, follow every lead, go there and “beg” for help. It was the most humiliating and degrading thing. They basically would want me to tell my story of need and convince them it was needed. Explain why I couldn’t meet my children’s need this month. But I would do anything for my kids and I did that for them. At 21 we were finally able to get off all goverment aid. That was hard!! Grocery shopping first time in my life without food stamps was painful. But we have remained off goverment assistance since then and we have been married 26 years. I have been able to stay home now for the past 13 years with our kids. But it wasn’t always like that. Working opposite shifts, working a second job at ups for a while for the free health insurance, or using every program available to us when needed is just a few things you do for your kids. You swallow your pride and convictions and do what has to be done.


  34. Medicaid did not require us to show birth certificates or SSN. All they needed was our drs names, the kids names, date of birth.


  35. It is a small community but they do drive to radcliff to the salon every day. Not much further north from the salon is Louisville. Lots of entry level jobs there with good health benefits as well.


  36. I wonder if she even likes the homestead? She seems to prefer the shop.

    Wouldn’t you? Electricity, air conditioning, a refrigerator, plenty of space. Hell, if I were her, I’d put a cot in there and move in.

    Part of this reminds me of being in the army during training exercises. The tents were crammed with cots or foam pads and sleeping bags. We had potable water in some sort of holding tank. We used porta-crappers. Part of it was fun, but we loved any excuse to get back to civilization just to wash our hands with soap and running water and to use a real flushing toilet. If we were lucky, we were able to get in a quick shower!


  37. Eloi mentions getting help from her and her husband’s parents early in their marriage for things like babysitting while they worked.

    I get the feeling she and I led similar lives but at different times in life. I was older when I needed support.

    My husband and I got divorced. I got the house and associated costs and the kids. I worked, any shift I needed and could and even took on a second job at times.

    Usually, I could manage. The house payment, the utilities, school fees and clothing, the groceries, the car payment (insurance and gas) and health insurance. Anything monthly, I could do. But there was nothing left over for savings, nothing. The girls and I joke about the pinto beans and garden vegetables we ate – and how we brought cookies and junk food once a year from any tax refund I’d get. I also repaid any loan I might have gotten from my parents during the year, like a wood stove that efficiently heated the entire house but cost over a thousand dollars. Or the homeowners insurance that was around $600, I think. Larger amounts that I couldn’t save for because I earned exactly what was required to exist month to month. There wasn’t any to budget for savings toward those costs.

    It shamed me to have to ask my parents for help but they always lovingly gave whatever I asked for. And they were paid back before anything else came out of any tax refund. After only 3 years, I was able to fully stand on my own two feet and raise those girls. They get credit, too, though. They both got jobs, one at 15, the other at 17, and helped buy anything they needed for school or special events.

    I took responsibility because I was taught to. I handed that down to my children. I was taught by example and I taught by example.

    Joe and Nicole, what example are you teaching your children?


  38. I thought a lot about the Ns the last couple weeks. We’re a family of nine, and due to septic issues we couldn’t put anything down the plumbing for several weeks. We had water aplenty from our well, hot water in abundance actually; we just couldn’t let it go down drains or toilets because the septic service couldn’t come immediately. We needed all three tanks pumped. The last company only pumped one, and we didn’t know enough to ask to have all three pumped a year ago.

    We used bucket camping toilets over those weeks, laundry by hand (dried on clothesline), and washed the dishes on the deck by hand. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t that hard either. Our younger kids took baths in laundry bins about every other day. Our eldest daughter and my husband had to take “showers” outside with the hose. I decided to just sponge bathe because well water is freaking cold straight from the hose! The younger kids adored taking baths this way; accompanied by birdsong and beautiful views. We live on 5 acres and our kids get really dirty. Using the buckets with special bags for toilets wasn’t pleasant, but we were able to do it. Dishes was not too bad because we made it into a system, and it was a good lesson in why mom hates it when you get a new cup every time you blink. Laundry was challenging, but ultimately not too bad. We made it with our sanity intact, and a new appreciation for our septic system.

    One major observation was that even though we used double bagged buckets with accompanying chemicals, and changed the bags daily or more often to cut the smell of the buckets; those buckets still stunk. They never touched waste, but they reeked to high heavens because that smell isn’t a dainty one. The Ns aren’t using the chemicals we did. The number of people using their buckets is far larger than the number of people using ours. I can’t imagine our buckets smelled worse than theirs. We knew from the outset this was temporary. I absolutely would never have chosen to subject our kids to no septic long term. I imagine the Ns are nose blind to the smell now, but that doesn’t make it okay. Having so many boys likely has made it easier for them I imagine. Boys are all too happy to pee outside.

    All this to say that the Ns aren’t even doing the back to basics aspect right. They do everything haphazardly. Indigenous societies without running water and electricity didn’t live in the filth the Ns live in. If anything indigenous societies were fastidiously clean.

    Regarding an earlier question about lumber; that person may or may not be right. We probably have around 40-60k in western red cedar on our property. It hasn’t been logged since before the 70s and cedar is in high demand. We likely have some telephone pole trees too, but with our power lines they would be more effort to harvest than it would be worth. I imagine the Ns property was harvested by the land company without reseeding and the trees they have aren’t worth a heck of a lot. A land company isn’t going to rent out property with valuable standing timber. They’d be better off cultivating mushrooms, ginseng, or something else similar that likes their climate.


  39. They’d be better off cultivating mushrooms, ginseng, or something else similar that likes their climate.

    They can’t grow a garden. A simple garden. They can’t. They’ve tried. Sort of.


  40. Eloi,

    Joe might be able to score a job in Radcliff if E-Town but he is known in those towns and it’s not positive. It would amount to an act of charity to give him a job, even one flipping burgers, when he is very unlikely to last for any length of time. He’d get fired for skipping work, not doing his job or stealing something.

    Could he be employable if he wanted to? Sure, but that would require a sense of responsibility that Joe has never exhibited.


  41. Grieving parents?
    I was thinking who would be their next victim?
    They are just evil.
    Joseph E. Naugler
    I tend not to play those childish ‘let’s meet in the playground at 3’ games.

    I’m a matter of fact kind of guy. Run your mouth all you want…. however when push comes to shove I will shove with extreme prejudice!

    I do however find it amusing that when we go as far as to tell those running their mouths and spreading lies about us to go fuck themselves and quit being cunts we are somehow the plague of humanity…. yet a guy threatens to leave me in a pool of my own blood and he’s deemed by the same deplorable people to be a man of integrity just sticking up for and protecting his family…

    Even more amusing is those same individuals claiming to be all spiritual and peaceful yet taking credit for William dying because of a curse they put on us…

    Fucking pure evil right there!
    1 · 1 hr · Edited
    Charles Smyth
    Ya I also had heard about someone gloating they put a curse on you. What kind of person does that crap?
    35 mins
    Nicole C. Naugler
    Someone who claims they are not evil and are full of joy…

    Oh and she needs publicity. Because her business is failing. So she’s going to use my deceased son, to try to get people into her business.
    7 mins · Edited


  42. I have just been sick about the loss of the Naugler baby. The day she was going on and on about “know my body”, “I feel fine”, blah, blah, blah….all I could feel was certain disaster. Somehow I knew she would be eating her words. I hate it that she is, but not surprised.

    But the trend most evident is jobless Joe and their use of online begging. I get it that getting a sitter for all those children would be fruitless for Joe and Nicole to work a job away from the shit sted on the same shift. But opposite shifts? Yes. It’s doable. Especially with all the older kids to help corral the littles. Joe could do odd jobs for cash pretty much on his own schedule, again, with the assistance of the older kids to watch the littles whilst he is away.

    No regrets says: “He can’t get a job.”
    Yes, yes he can.
    1. Dirty drug screen– no problem- cash job
    2. Wages garnished to pay back child support or outstanding judgments.-no problem- cash job
    3. I R S-no problem- cash job

    People do it all the time.

    The trees on their property may not be worth a dime to sell, but will keep them warm all winter, for several winters. Might even bring in a little extra cash for the Prophet- many people willing to pay a fair price for firewood. But it ain’t going to cut itself, lard ass.

    They easily have enough property for a good garden, and judging by the videos she’s shown, more that one nice, flat, open space to plant one. A garden big enough to feed the whole family and hey, maybe even sell some fresh produce from it to make some…… (yeah)for other expenses.

    It’s still mind blowing to me that they have been there as long as they have and still haven’t figured out how to properly care for animals and fatten up a cow and a hog and feed that bunch. Chickens and rabbits only get so big and will only provide small amounts of meats. They could butcher and keep meat in a deep freeze at the shop and bring home what they need when they need it.

    I just can’t wait for the kids to grow up and get out of there and learn how to live somewhat normal lives. Their “simple, minimalist lifestyle” is nothing more than glamorized abject poverty and I just cannot believe any one of them is comfortable in any way or leading truly enjoyable lives.


  43. A real man, that truly loves his wife and respects her, would work so she didn’t have to after being close to dying. Even a grieving father wouldn’t put her through that. I agree with many people’s sentiments, he’s a failed man, father and husband. I’ll add failed human. I also think he has totally brainwashed her.


  44. @MyOhMy: Ah, you perhaps haven’t seen my perennial rant about the things that the Nauglers could have done with the resources they already have, plus Craigslist junk. I can’t seem to bring up a post history for anybody here, so I guess I’ll repost it as briefly as possible. Things I’ve seen free plans and Youtube tutorials for online:

    * Cabins made from polewood like their trees and just big enough for two adult-sized people to sleep upstairs and two downstairs; a team of newbies including teenage boys put one up in six weeks, so three could go up over one summer
    * Exhaustless cabin heaters made from firebricks heated outdoors and placed in old holey non-galvanized pails or canning kettles set on cinderblocks
    * A shaduf, for dipping water out of the pond with minimal back strain
    * A self-watering system for the thirstiest part of the garden
    * A toolshed next to the garden, made from old plywood (the roof feeds the self-watering system)
    * An actual working humanure composting rig, with at least three toilet stalls, one of which could have a sunken bucket so the bench could be low enough for little kids
    * Rain buckets below the eaves of every structure on the place, which is such a simple thing to do it doesn’t even need a plan, Joe Naugler
    * A complete garden, tailored to the climate of Western Kentucky, using only plants that can be directly seeded into the prepared beds and either eaten immediately after harvest or cellared/trenched; Kentucky Cooperative Extension lays everything out in a free and profusely illustrated pamphlet
    * Root cellars made from cheap new trash cans half buried in the dirt; ditto
    * A three-box composter, separate from the one with human poo in it, for all suitable kitchen trash, plus leaves and free-to-haul manure; they could be turning a nice batch of crumbly finished compost into that garden right now
    * A moveable chicken run with attached coop that would let chickens forage safely while depositing their eggs where they could be quickly gathered
    * Manual washing machines made from food storage buckets–they don’t hold much at a time, so better make a lot of them

    With all of this they would still be dirt poor, but they would be warmer/cooler, better rested, better fed, and cleaner.

    But actually doing this would require the Naugler parents to be completely different people. Their M.O. is to announce that something cool is going to happen, look expectantly at their kids, and when their kids can’t magically pull a solution out of their butts, turn to grifting and/or theft. Also Mrs. Naugler has an obsession with making her children sleep in a pile and not having doors on things.


  45. The other day I was listening to Dave Ramsey. I’m only sharing because a caller happen to be going into her own dog grooming business. Dave asked the caller how much money? She replied at most 30-40K. at most.

    I immediately thought of our subject family …..


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