My name is Samuel, Samuel.
My name is Samuel, Samuel.
My name is Samuel, an’ I’ll see you all in hell.
An’ I’ll see you all in hell,
Damn your eyes.
Tex Ritter

Salt Lake Tribune

A guy named Samuel Shaffer is in big trouble.

Here’s the short version.  It starts, it appears with Sam’s friend and follower, John Coltharp.  Shaffer is an offshoot Mormon, and founder of a new religion which seems to consist of him and Coltharp.  Coltharp and his wife divorced and she was awarded custody of their minor children.  He didn’t like that, so he left, with Shaffer, and with the children.

Ultimately, Coltharp was found, but it took longer to find Shaffer and the children had been divided up.  Two little girls (one a daughter of Shaffer and the other a daughter of Coltharp) were found in fifty-gallon barrels in sub-freezing temperatures without appropriate clothing and with no food or water. Supposedly, they were put there to hide them from the police.

Shaffer is in a shit load of trouble.  He is also a bit weird, and it’s easy to see he is just by visiting his Facebook page and reading some of the comments.

Ordinarily, I would look at this story and think “Well, another dumbass religious goofball, this time Mormon. I wonder if he knows Warren Jeffs.”

But there is a twist to this story.

To make it meaningful, we have to return to yesteryear and revisit something.

This is just one screen shot. I have several like it, but one will suffice.

A long time ago, Todd Pate’s mother-in-law, who reads this blog, sent me a friend request on Facebook.  I accepted it.  I get lots of friend requests, and generally if you aren’t obviously in Bangladesh, or obviously fake, I’m fine with accepting them. I had absolutely no idea at the time that the woman was Todd Pate’s mother-in-law.

My friend list is not publicly visible, but hers was.  Nicole was creeping around on her profile and found that I was her FB friend.

This morphed into “collusion” between me and Sheriff Pate’s office.  There was lots of speculation, as you can see from what the Great Prophet wrote above.  They have never let it go.

Todd Pate’s mother-in-law never did a single thing to anyone.  In fact, during Pate’s little misadventure, supposedly his mother-in-law was one of the people he threatened to kill.  Don’t you think it’s odd that the same woman would be in collusion with me to somehow discredit the Nauglers?  Isn’t it weird that in the entire time we’ve been Facebook friends, she has never once mentioned Todd to me?

No matter.

I am Facebook friends with Todd Pate’s mother-in-law and therefore I am in direct contact with Todd Pate and we are conspiring to do something or other.

Well, here you go.

Now then, did Joe know about this kidnapping?  Did Joe help Samuel?  Is Joe part of Samuel’s new religion?  Is Joe planning to flee with his own children and learning how from Samuel?  After all, Joe is, in fact, Facebook friends with this guy.

And not just Joe.

So, how does Pace figure into all this?  Did Pace make a loan to Samuel to help him hide from the police, or set up his new religion?  Are Joe and Pace conspiring together to go into hiding with Samuel and his buddy Coltharp? Are they conspiring to form a polygamist cult with Samuel as the head prophet and Joe as his understudy?

Are these questions ridiculous?

I don’t think so.  If Joe and Nicole can turn a simple Facebook friend request into proof of conspiracy to commit crimes, I can do the same thing.

Own up to it, Joe.



21 thoughts on “Samuel”

  1. Actually, you may be on to something here Sally. It’s not like this guy has thousands of people on his friend list. He has 168. Birds of a feather, indeed.


  2. Whoah! Shit just got twisted real. Joe is Facebook friends with the Samuel Shaffer?!?

    Give me a minute to process this…..


  3. That was all over the news down here. The girls were found in a 50 gallon drum, had hypothermia. There were some other kids that were missing too that they found.
    You can throw a rock and find radicals in Utah, especially the southern portion of the state.
    Joe Naugler is scary. Im Not surprised he is looking for other radicals to associate with…


  4. So did we find a conspiracy. Oh goody goody goody. Come on Joe fess-up. We should go to the papers, we have proof.😂😂😂


  5. Someday, I think we’re going to find out some similarly perverted shit about the Nauglers. Making the decision to isolate your kids from school, church, any aspect of community outside the home….is very often correlated with extremely ugly secrets.

    Someday when something disgusting and shocking comes to the surface….and there’s not a doubt in my mind it will….I hope every idiot who gave those people money feels a little bit personally responsible for what happened to those kids….and for enabling the abuses they suffered.


  6. I found this where he states

    Pace was either incredibly, pretty much unbelievably naive and threw away a ton of money, OR we aren’t privy to the real information and what the real deal was with Nicole.

    I have always believed the latter. The “loan” was a front of some sort for some reason.



    ‘Theskyisfalling,’ thanks for that link. With as much as Nicole has denounced the Mormon Church, I found it strange that she was hanging out on Mormon social media sites. She knows the generous nature of many Mormons and I’m sure she was looking to sucker someone in to giving her money. Pace Ellsworth is either a sucker, stupid, or up to no good trying to evade taxes, or turn illegal gains into legal ones- money laundering.

    He made me want to puke describing Joe and Nicole. How they garden and farm 26 acres, how they have this nice little cabin with a “loft” for sleeping and how happy and well educated the kids are. Oh, and Joe is just Paul Bunyan and runs the homestead! OMG! Gag!


  8. Guilt by association is one of the foundations for their attempts at discrediting someone. They attack anyway they can. The truth is, no matter what she says or how she attacks, she cannot disprove your claims. That’s what fucking kills her.


  9. It does seem as though the N’s are spending well beyond any possible income. What sort of reputable business man would make such a large investment in the N’s during the whole crap show they were in at that time?
    I hope that the kids aren’t being victimised through their parent’s “friendships”. Oh my God.


  10. when I hit Like, the number goes up by 4.

    ARGGH. I suppose you get what you pay for. The like button was free.


  11. I’ve noticed the number is often 0 until I hit the button… I figured I wasn’t seeing the likes until I hit the like button.


  12. I have always believed the latter. The “loan” was a front of some sort for some reason.

    So, I would guess it was a deal to do with providing an avenue for Bitcoin laundering. I once asked Joe, on their facebook-live Q&A video, “Do you know how to launder bitcoin?” And Joe got really excited and quickly answered, “No, but my friend knows all about it!” or some such reply. He went on about it for a few sentences, with desperate thirst and enthusiasm.

    Or the deal went sour before it ever really began, considering shady Pace said it was a “bad business deal”. Hard to say. The Nauglers do fuck up everything they do, every opportunity. But meanwhile, Pace does work with crypto-currency – he currently has a crypto-currency trading app or something.
    If one thing is for certain, it is that the Nauglers are not honest. Nor is their livelihood likely to be.

    Blessed Little Homestead, Garbage fire, for life!


  13. So are they selling daughter wives or buying? If buying who are they buying for?

    How many dogs would Nicole have to groom to buy Joe her replacement breeder?


  14. Speaking of polygamists groups, if you look at groups that Joe is apart of, you’ll see a few that are polygamy ones. I believe very much that it’s a life he wishes for


  15. Well on Joseph Naugler’s page he expressed those things he’d like to spread in 2018 and one of them was a pair of legs of a very young and nubile woman. Definitely didn’t look like Nicole Naugler’s meaty thighs, IMO.

    Sloppy Joe doesn’t even try to hide his inclinations and perversions, imho. He flies his freak flag and publicy disrespects the woman that clothes, feeds and supports his ample lazy ass. Joe is not setting the best example for his sons, and unfortunately his example appears to already be bearing poison fruit . Don’t even get me started on the low expectations he is setting his daughters up for.


  16. This post has haunted me since I first read it. Is it likely that CPS are keeping an eye on the Naugler adults’ online presence and are aware of these disturbing connections? Or some other agency? Sexual assault and molestation are common in kids who have been/are in foster care. I fear for the girls especially.


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