Sally the Troll

We have made arrangements, with the assistance of Tracy at the Ranch, to use Ebay as an auction platform for trolls and other stuff.

Ebay has a nifty thing called “Ebay For Charity.”  Here’s how it works.

When you list an item for sale or auction on Ebay, you are given the option to donate part or all of the proceeds to charity.  Ebay has a list of approved charities.  Tracy at the Ranch very helpfully did the necessary paperwork to get the Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch approved as an Ebay charity, so now they are one of the choices.

This means that not only can Debra make trolls and whatever else tickles her fancy and auction them on Ebay, but you and I can auction/sell off anything we like, and donate any percentage we want to the Ranch.  I am already eyeing Minnie and maybe Dave.  Ebay takes care of sending the money directly to Tracy, which, of course, puts a big dent in Deb’s and my ability to “steal” money.  🙂

And the Sally Troll is the first one up.

Here’s the link.


Deb and I are total Ebay selling virgins. Neither of us had the slightest idea how to do this.  When Deb made the listing, she made a mistake on the shipping thingy.

She sent me the link to the page after she had listed it, and when I checked the shipping to my zip code, it was astronomical.  I think what was happening is that the shipping is being added to the cost of the item, which is wrong.

Deb went back to try to adjust the shipping, but found that the Sally Troll already had a bid on it, and she couldn’t change anything.

She’s placed a note about this on the listing.

IF YOU HAVE THE WINNING BID, the shipping cost will be adjusted appropriately and will not necessitate a second mortgage on your home.



9 thoughts on “Sally the Troll”

  1. I didn’t realize Ebay had a for-charity option! Nice. Hopefully this gets lots of money for the ranch.

    In other news, I’m going to be in the great? state of Kentucky in a day or two. I’m putting my real email on this comment to make it easier to figure out who I am in the podcast chat in case I disappear. When/if anyone notices me missing, it can be said that I visited an antique shop, found a nice wardrobe and buggered off to Narnia.


  2. Kinda unrelated but not totally, do ya’ll happen to know when the next round of trolls are being shipped out please? 🙂

    Thank you 🙂


    Everyone who participated in the first “wave” of internet trolls will be receiving them in the next 2 weeks

    (wave means the $20 donation)
    (I know there are quite a few who ordered more then 1, this includes you too)

    You guys are awesome!


  4. Deb didn’t add this, but much of the delay has involved the weather. The finish coat on the trolls has to cure. When the humidity is high, the curing takes forever.


  5. No worries, I may or may not have been struggling with impatience:) ya’ll rock and thank you for everything you both do 🙂


  6. Just noticed this at the bottom of the Sally Troll auction:

    *** SHIPPING COST NOTE**** The shipping will not exceed 25.00 in the continental US…i messed up when setting up the shipping cost and before i could adjust it the listing had a bid and now i cant change it…

    Whew! I was thinking $64 was a little pricey for shipping:)

    Figured I’d throw this out there…cause I’m sure there will be others who…like me….are too dumb to scroll down and read to the bottom of the auction for the very understandable explanation.

    EDIT: I just noticed Sally already addressed this in her OP. D’Oh! I was so excited to see the auction, I just wanted to click and see what it was up to. Too many distractions today….sorry for my bafoonery:)


  7. 11 bids in two days certainly outpaces 20 donations in 2 months despite 1.7k shares on Facebook.

    Sally the Troll may not sell for $606 but it would be cool if it did. Highly unlikely but still cool!


  8. Made it back from Kentucky, which was mostly as I remembered it. While there I checked in on the auction and was glad to see that the price had gone up. That’s a bit more money that the Nauglers can’t get their grubby mitts on.


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