Sainted, Part Two

The first two parts of this recording are on the other page.

Here is part three, which is the actual removal of the older two kids and Nicole’s arrest.

Pate: Do not make it any worse than it’s going to be.

Nicole: He knows his rights.

Pate: We’ll end up arresting your mother

Nicole: NO

Pate: I’m asking you to maintain your silence and I’m asking you to not interfere with what we’re doing.

Nicole: I don’t have proof that you have proof to take my children.

Pate: I have told you that as sheriff of this county and I am telling you now. . .

Nicole: (Yelling) Will you call the state police please? They are trying to kidnap my children. Call the state police and tell them.

Pate: We may call them ourself and get one out here

Nicole: Please do, cause you are overstepping your bounds. You have no grounds for taking my children. On hearsay, you cannot take my children. That does not give you grounds to do anything. That is kidnapping.

Pate: Ma’am, I am asking you to ask your children to comply with a court order that we . . .

Nicole: I don’t have proof of your court order, so therefore I’m going off of what you said and that’s not enough. That’s not enough. [Younger son’s name], stop. He’s just going to shoot you, ’cause that’s what cops do. They shoot people that don’t comply. You cannot kidnap my son.

Deputy: Sit down. Sit down!

Nicole: (yelling) You cannot kidnap my son.

Deputy: Ma’am, sit down!

Nicole: You cannot kidnap my son.

Deputy: You’re going to be under arrest

Nicole: You can shoot me dead, you can shoot me dead, but you cannot kidnap my son.

Deputy: talking in background, hard to understand

Nicole: (yelling louder) You will not kidnap my son! No! You stop. That is abuse. Stop abusing my children. Dear God. . .you’re gonna sleep tonight thinking you stole my kids because you’re

Deputy: (louder) Ma’am, you need to sit down in the car.

Nicole: (unclear) shoot me! (unclear) fucking do it

Deputy: (unclear) you’re going to be under arrest

Nicole: Go ahead!

Deputy: You’re going to be under arrest for disorderly if you don’t sit down!

Nicole: I am standing up for my rights! I have a 4th Amendment right to search and seizure (unclear) my children! You have seized my children! You have seized my children! [Yelling son’s name], do not say a word! I will come get you. Jacob, do not say a word under any circumstances.

[Pause of several seconds]

Pate: I explained to you what was getting ready to happen, didn’t I?

Nicole: You did this! You threatened me for not complying. You threatened me for not complying. You have no grounds to take my children.

Pate: Ma’am, do you want to go to jail with me?

Nicole: (yelling) I do not! I need to go find my other children and make sure you don’t take them either.

Pate: I am asking you to calm down, okay? I am asking you to calm down or I am placing you under arrest for disorderly conduct. Do you understand what I’m telling you?

Nicole: Why did you take my. . . I never saw a warrant, I never saw any kind of paperwork, you – I understand my rights.

Pate: Do you understand what I’m telling you? Do you understand what I’m telling you.

Nicole: I understand that I do not have a lawyer for them. I understand all this.

Deputy: You’re going to start understanding that you have to comply with the law, too.

Pate: I think she needs to be arrested for disorderly.

Nicole: No! I am not being disorderly. I am standing up for my rights.

Pate: You’re under arrest.

Nicole: NO SIR! DO NOT TAKE MY FOOT (garbled very loud yelling ) HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! (garbled rapid speech about her phone and stuff recorded and “my husband” and something about “be careful of my belly.” ) I am not disorderly. I AM STANDING UP FOR MY RIGHTS. I don’t have any rights. (Pause) Can I leave my keys and my phone in my car for my husband? (Crying)

[At this point, the audio gets more distant as Nicole is obviously separated from her phone – the recording device]

[Several minutes of inaudible stuff follow, picking up at 7:34]

Deputy: There’s a phone laying in the front seat

Voice in distance: That’s not hers, that’s the boys. It’s the boys.

Another voice: This is not it?

[At 8:05, Joe enters]

Joe: I’m the father.

Pate: I understand you’re the father. I want you in the car or I will put you in a police car too. Do you understand me?

Joe: I’m recording it.

Pate: Do you have any children with you?

Joe: No, I do not. Listen, (inaudible) my wife.

Pate: I need the other children brought to the county (inaudible) I tried to deal with (inaudible).

Joe: (inaudible) We have done nothing wrong. Well, I have some friends coming up

Pate: (inaudible) we tried that

Joe: Where did they go with my wife? Can I take this car? She’s going to the county jail? You guys know that this is going to go viral. It’s going to go viral.

Pate: I want you to get in your car right this moment.

Joe: I will! I will! Yes, sir! Yes, sir. Yes, sir, yes, sir.

[several inaudible comments]

Joe: I can’t afford (inaudible)

Voice: (inaudible) in your car or you’re going to be under arrest

Joe: Yes, sir!

[Several moments of inaudible voices in the distance – resumes with more looking for the phone]

Voices: Was it a white phone or a black one? I think the black one.

[more inaudible stuff – at 12:19 a car leaves]

[12:52 – more cars leaving, and possibly Joe talking in the distant background]

Joe: . . . just because we wouldn’t talk to you guys on your terms, because we were busy.

Pate: They need to be there by ten o’clock in the morning. . . (inaudible) laying on the dash. Did you find her phone, Bruce?

Voice: She was scuffling and carrying on, her phone (inaudible) . . . hollering

Joe: So her phone’s not here at all?

Voice: You might try to call it if it’ll ring.

Voice: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, (inaudible) It could be, I don’t think it’s in my car. He’s calling it. . .

There is a better recording of Joe located here. I didn’t go to the trouble to transcribe it because it’s just Joe caving in rapidly and saying little if anything meaningful.  And this version has the great stuff, like the “this is going viral” thing (be careful what you wish for), and the whole “we were busy and therefore the Breck County judge can just jolly well wait on us to get around to stuff” thing.

But notice how Nicole says that she knows she doesn’t have a lawyer for her children?  She never had an attorney. All the shit about “we’re arranging for our attorney” was just that – shit.  They didn’t have an attorney. They didn’t get one until some time later, after this.

So they were not prepared to allow CPS to interview those kids, ever.

Okay, now for one last little gem. This is Joe.  Joe is telling his other eight children about their imminent surrender.  Nobody could stage this. If anyone ever deserved the Shitty Father of the Year Award, it’s Joe Naugler for this performance. [The audio for this is on that same Youtube video.]

Keep in mind that the two oldest boys were already in state care, so he is talking to children who at their oldest are very young teenagers. Most of them are just young children.

[6:51 on Youtube video]

[kids chattering in background]

Joe: Have a seat right now. I have to tell you what’s going on.

[kids background noise]

Joe: Okay, listen. The state has kidnapped Jacob and [second oldest son’s name]. They’ve arrested Mom, okay, and they will be kidnapping you tomorrow morning. If I don’t bring you down to the sheriff’s office by ten o’clock tomorrow morning, they will put FELONY CHARGES out on me. And Mom.

So this is what’s gonna happen. Tomorrow morning, I’m going down to the sheriff’s office and I’m just gonna have to send you guys to the state for a while, until we can get you guys back.

Okay? That’s just what’s gonna happen, and there’s nothing I can do about it. (inaudible) force of a gun to dictate this. You guys understand why we live the way we live? You guys understand?

Okay, while you’re with them, you say nothing. You understand? Don’t consent, and nothing.

Child’s voice: What’s consent?

Joe: You don’t, you don’t agree with what they’re doing. Okay? You be reverent, you be decent, okay? All right? But. . . this is, this is crazy out of control. So, I have to drop you guys off at ten o’clock tomorrow. You will not be living with us for I don’t know how long.

And that, folks, is how to scare the shit out of your kids in one easy lesson.  Use big words they don’t understand. Use other words like “kidnap” that they might vaguely understand and know are scary awful. Tell them that there is nothing you can do about it (so they have no champion or any defense at all). Mention guns.  And make sure that, like Mom, you’re making it all about you and your “felony charges.”

It becomes “Sorry, kids, but fuck you. I don’t want any felony charges so you have to go live someplace else and it will be scary as hell because it’s kidnapping.” And leave it all very, very open-ended.  “I don’t know how long.”

If the Naugler parents ever deserved to have their children removed for abuse, this alone is Exhibit A.

And if ever anyone should be nominated for sainthood, it’s Sheriff Todd Pate.


50 thoughts on “Sainted, Part Two”

  1. “And if ever anyone should be nominated for sainthood, it’s Sheriff Todd Pate.”

    Not too bad on the eyes either.
    His voice is such a soothing, calm voice. He was so patient and kind to that kind of crazy. What a man, and an awesome sheriff.


  2. Every time I think Joe could not get MORE revolting he just does. Is Nicole a victim of Stockhom Syndrome? I for the life of me cannot imagine supporting such an all around revolting jackass. That exchange between him and LE was absolutely repulsive.


  3. I thought I had heard all the recordings (and they are online in several places) until tonight. I had not heard the one of Joe telling the kids he was handing them over. I cannot even imagine being a child and hearing the things he says to them. I cannot fathom what must have been going through their young minds. What heartbreak. No I love you’s, no assurance he will fight for them. Nothing you would think a loving parent might say to children he is being forced to part with. Unbelievable.

    I know Nicole rants on occasion about how traumatized her children were when placed in foster care. But I can’t help believe that even a few of them wish they were still in foster care so they could have some shred of normality in their lives and at least the basic necessities of life. I am sure they all love their parents but I have known children who love their parents deeply but are more than a little thankful they didn’t have to be raised by them.

    Instead, the Naugler children appear to be condemned to live their lives with a couple of self centered, self righteous lunatics with no escape in sight.

    I had hoped that the older kids would find a way out of the grip of their parents, move on to more normal lives, and take the younger ones with them. Instead, the oldest gets a shed of his own and continues the cycle. Surely one of the Naugler offspring will want more out of life than is offered on that 28 acres of misery and find a way to break free.

    I still cannot believe with all that has transpired in the last couple of years with this family that 1. the state has not stepped back in to take the kids or 2. that none of them have been able to go live with a relative or even friend of the family. When my kids were still living at home, I had more than one of their friends living in our home from time to time because their home lives were less than desirable. One young man stayed with us for the better part of a year because, well, his mother just wasn’t fit.

    I remain hopeful that someone will step up and give those children the lives that they deserve. I continue to hope that Joe and Nicole will finally see what whack jobs they have become (or always have been) and change their ways.


  4. The part with Joe talking to the kids I never heard before today. I don’t know how I missed it before. Besides the word themselves I’m surprised about how empty those words are from emotions. It’s just totally stripped of emotions. I know my hubby would be a royal mess.

    I know Nikki keeps on about *her* rights, but at least she has emotions behind her words and is not so cold. It truly shows she has some feeling for her children even if her primary concern seems to be rights.

    One thing that crossed my mind tonight that I didn’t think about way back then was why the heck did they have a pet sitter? Joe doesn’t work, SAHD, and even if they were gone for the day they didn’t need a pet sitter. Many people work daily and don’t use pet sitters.

    Reflecting on it and applying logic it’s clear they were in the process of fleeing. Not exactly where they were going, or what the plan was, but they clearly were tring to go into hiding at least.

    Also listening to the audio I totally understand why in the very beginning there was rumors about them hiding in the woods trying to avoid the police.


  5. As much as I despise Nicole, as a mother my heart hurt for her when I thought about someone taking my kids from me. I would be devastated in that situation.

    Pate warned her what would be coming down the pike if she wanted to be an asshole so she brought it on herself.

    Joe Naugler is a foul, disgusting, piece. of trash.


  6. I’ve never heard or read the audio of Joe talking to the kids until now. I am disgusted. Yes I already knew he was a worthless piece of crap, I knew that well before the kids were taken or before the Naugs went viral. But if I ever had an ounce of pity or a thought that he might be a decent father in some small way it’s gone now. He is a sick, abusive asshole. You don’t say shit like that to your kids. You tell them you love them, you tell them it will be okay. You tell them not to be scared. This is a prime example of what you don’t do.

    And honestly now I hope when Joe sees the next judge in his current case I hope the book is thrown at him. The asshole should be in jail, at least there he can’t abuse his kids and he can’t create anymore. It’s not like he’s needed on the shitstead, all he does is take up space and eat.


  7. When does it stop? When do the Nauglers say to themselves, hey maybe I’m the problem? Maybe instead of always standing up for “my rights” I want to live in peace. I don’t want the cops called anymore, so I’m going to learn to get along with my neighbors.

    I couldn’t live my life in the middle of all this drama.


  8. I’d wondered where that audio of Joe talking to the kids went. The heartbreaking moment in this is the child asking “What’s consent?” (It sounded like “What does consent mean?” but it’s the same things…just posting that to head off Nicole.)

    I made sure to teach my child that from a much earlier age than she is now. That exact word. She has the right to give consent or not give consent for anyone to touch her. She has the right to consent or not consent to hugs and kisses and cuddles. She learned when she was just three that it meant permission, and that her consent would be respected. The kid who asked what consent is sounds older than my child is right now. #nauglerunschooling

    Sad that the kids don’t ask what felony charges are. It’s like they know.


  9. i dont think this family realizes how lucky they are. things could have gone so bad so fast with the way she was acting.


  10. They were so skipping town. Let’s see, they had a really rough winter, Joe got caught stealing water, nobody could stand them and CPS was coming. Yes, they were planning to pick up and run. Where to? Who knows but it makes me wonder if they were going to try for a different county and keep the salon or if they were planning to just ditch the salon.


  11. So Nikki posted the transcripts or at least the beginning on BHL. I reading them and going to do side by side comparison to what you had here.

    I didn’t even finish what I read because, Nikki referred to herself as she in the transcript. Not I or me, but she. Which right away make me think she just copied and pasted it from here. Which is totally laughable if that’s what she did.


  12. Oh she most definitely lifted it from here. I scanned it some more and she didn’t even bother edited it included her son name. She left it exactly how you had it Sally. The only name you listed was Jacob’s, because he’s 18 now. The other one you just made it clear she was talking to him and his name was being used, but didn’t include it.

    Nikki, I know you read here. It has been proven over and over and over again you read this regularly. Never, ever batch again about Sally’s blog being false or transcripts being false. You lifted it directly from here and shared it as truth. I sincerely hope more people see you just lifted it directly from here and question why you refer to yourself in 3rd person or don’t include the one sons name…. I hope people realize that’s odd and question why.

    Oh and honey the Internet never forgets. I’m sure screenshot have been taken.


  13. Not once did either Joe or Nicole say to the children that they loved them. Not. Once.

    Nicole also accuses Sheriff Pate (and by extension, the department) of “stalking” her for reading her PUBLIC PAGE.

    “Pate: And if it weren’t me here, it would be another officer. If there is non-compliant and we get those court orders and the things that you’re posting on Facebook are true – ten ways to deal with the police –

    Nicole: Oh, you guys are stalking my page. I’m glad you guys read stuff.”

    Of course, there is one BIG reason why CPS and the police department are even less inclined to just do a cursory glance at the Naugler family and it’s due to Joe threatening yet another woman. Presumably unarmed.

    Sheriff Pate – “In a nutshell, I’m not quoting what the person said, and that he told one of the children to go get the gun out of the glove box and that is a concern for the Cabinet for Families and Children. It’s also a concern for law enforcement.”

    Then she changes tactics and tries to insult him for NOT reading her public pages.

    “Nicole: If you were following my page, you’d know. You were reading there today, obviously you were reading my page today, previous post, because that was”

    Ultimately, Nicole made certain she was going to be detained, if not arrested, and the children taken with this little gem,

    “Pate: Um, so, we’re gonna go, but I can’t tell you that we won’t be back tomorrow.

    Nicole: I won’t be here.

    Pate: Okay.”

    Well, they wanted it to go viral and it did.

    “Joe: Where did they go with my wife? Can I take this car? She’s going to the county jail? You guys know that this is going to go viral. It’s going to go viral.”

    Many dollars later they still don’t have a water collection system up and running or a productive garden. They don’t understand that while they may not be directly receiving funds through the state to support their lifestyle, they are soliciting money from others to keep them going. As such, they are going to be criticized and people are going to discuss why they feel they should not receive money that is going to be UNTAXED. Even while they drive on roads that are paid for through taxes, purchasing fuel that is taxed and subsidized by the government, get electricity for the business through a regulated business (because Nicole, dear, if there was no regulation the prices would be higher still – you really should review what a monopoly REALLY means to most people and prices), etc.

    You got what you wanted but you failed to plan for the other side of the coin.

    Luke 12:48
    For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required; and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.

    That applies to you and your husband, Nicole. People expect better of you and you (pl) are being held accountable. That’s what being an adult is about.


  14. The first time I heard this audio, just when the story “went viral”, I was struck by how Nicole escalated the situation and literally caused her own arrest.

    Any mother should be distraught if authorities come to remove her children. One feels powerless, it must be a terrible realization in that moment. But laws have been set in place to protect children —whether the allegations are legitimate or not — and imperfect a system as it is, our laws must first look to protect children from an unhealthy or unsafe environment.

    The time to become combative and argue over “rights” was not in that moment. Nicole became histrionic, combative with Pate and his deputy, and SHE was the abusive party, not law enforcement. Yelling to her children that cops will shoot them because that is “what they do” is manipulative, traumatizing, and tantamount to child emotional abuse.

    Joe as well shows no parental regard for his children. Both he and Nicole were more concerned with the children “not complying”, and frightening them into silence. It was all about Nicole and Joe and their perceived “rights”, not the best interests of their children.


  15. The words “comply” and “compliance” are recurring themes in Nicole’s speech and writing. She appears to be intrinsically oppositional defiant, for no good reason other than “you are not the boss of me.”
    One wonders when this woman began to feel so entitled to be above all laws and codes of ethical conduct? A society without any laws is a state of chaos.


  16. I should have written “unarmed woman” for clarity’s sake. Joe’s reported statement indicated that he had a weapon available to him. Asking a minor child to go fetch it for him was a real dick move.

    That’s the case where he took the Alford plea, right?

    “… an Alford guilty plea, and the Alford doctrine) in United States law is a guilty plea in criminal court, whereby a defendant in a criminal case does not admit to the criminal act and asserts innocence.”

    In the end, it’s a guilty plea. You can assert your innocence all you like but you accepted a guilty plea.


  17. I’m starting off with something I feel is important to correct, even though it is a one-word change.
    In this instance I don’t think it’s nit-picky, because the word is key to what we can’t see as Nicole is being placed under arrest.
    You quote Nicole as shouting DO NOT TAKE MY FOOT but I am 98% sure she is saying DO NOT TAKE MY PHONE because that is immediately followed by her saying I HAVE RECORDINGS ON THIS!
    It’s an important distinction because “foot” paints a rather dramatic and somewhat comical picture; I doubt the officers were attempting to apprehend Nicole feet-first.
    And we certainly don’t want to give Nicole more ammunition for a police-abuse rant. : )
    If she is in fact saying PHONE then this becomes a very telling moment in this incident: Up until the arrest, Nicole is angry, but maintaining her defiant and terse demeanor. As her sons are getting into the officer’s car she starts to become emotional, but it isn’t until she utters DO NOT TAKE MY [phone/foot] that she loses control and becomes hysterical and begins bawling like a baby.
    This is all open to debate; I don’t have any more knowledge about what Nicole said than anyone else – that’s simply what my ears hear when I play the audio.
    Sally, thanks for the transcription! Huge job, that, especially considering how often you must have had to listen to Nicole’s annoying backtalk and screaming. I hope that you had some voice-to-text software to save you some initial typing! I also appreciate your care to include telling details from the audio that wouldn’t show up in a words-only transcription.
    While I’m here, I’ll include a genuinely unimportant detail: I think when Joe says “I can’t afford [inaudible]” the inaudible words are “a tow.” Guess that’s what the GoFundMe was for. : )


  18. “Right now, the people whose job it is to take care of children are worried that you guys could be taken care of better. So they are going to look after you while your mom and I do a few things to make our home more comfy for you. We love you very much and we will do what we need to do as quickly as possible so that you can come back home and we can all be together again. Your job is to be kids and my job and your mom’s job is to take care of you. I’d like each of you to ask any questions you think of right now and I’ll try my best to answer them. But don’t worry if you can’t think of something now, we’ll have lots and lots of time to talk and answer questions.”


  19. Joe is a disgusting individual. Abusive is putting it mildly. I have other words for what he did to those children that day, but they aren’t fit to print.

    They don’t deserve those children.

    I cannot imagine telling my child something like that.
    What’s worse, is that they see nothing wrong with it.


  20. Which right away make me think she just copied and pasted it from here.

    That is what she did. She called me an “idiot” for doing the work. We’ll see who looks like an idiot.

    I’m not the one who told Pate he hadn’t bothered to call and then turned around in the next comment and admitted she’d gotten his message.


  21. See on NCN page, Nikki admitted that she lifted the transcripts from here. Well not in a direct way — but indirect and anyone following (closely) know exactly what she’s referencing. To bad she doesn’t have the guts to be HONEST on her BLHpage on where the transcript came from and link it.

    Basically share directly off the page you have said repeatedly is nothing but lies!! Come on Nikki be honest with your BLH readers. Tell them where the transcript came from. link the source. Tell them how you didn’t have time to do it yourself that you lifted it from the “troll blog”. Go on….


  22. You quote Nicole as shouting DO NOT TAKE MY FOOT but I am 98% sure she is saying DO NOT TAKE MY PHONE because that is immediately followed by her saying I HAVE RECORDINGS ON THIS!

    Oh, that’s an excellent observation and you may well be right. I couldn’t understand that part. I listened to it several times and really wasn’t sure.

    Great catch. Thank you so much. I will go amend the transcript. That will make Nicole’s copy “inaccurate.” LOLOL


  23. IMO this is the most ominous part: what does Joe not want his kids to talk about to people outside their family?


  24. Nicole is missing her sensitivity chip. On a Facebook mirror page someone calls her out on how Joe and she talked to the kids when things were going down and she answers what is wrong with that?
    She also does not seem to mind that he calls women the c word as well as being threatening and abusive to others. My bet is that is how he talks to her and the kids on a daily basis.She is so use to the rants and abuse she doesn’t see or hear it.
    What a mess!
    It will be very difficult for the kids to break out of this situation.


  25. She won’t call the police if she knew or thought children were being harmed, but will call the police when a man bets her husband that he will be laying in the street.
    She gets upset for someone calling the police when Joe threaten a woman with the statement to his son “get my gun out of the car” (or whatever he said to get it from) and then calls the police when lil Joe is betted (not threatened). And she did this after stating she would never call the cops for a child being beaten.

    She is a special kind of coward. I fear for her children.


  26. Maybe I missed it when reading the transcripts, but I vaguely recall that one of the two sons with Nicole said to her, “You’re making it worse” when Nicole was ranting at the sheriff. I could be wrong since it was summer 2015 when I listened to the audios.


  27. I really wish that the people I’ve had to deal with over the years, who liked to try to reinvent history in their favor, had recorded stuff like the Ns do. Could’ve ended a lot of arguments a lot faster if we could’ve just replayed some audio. LOL


  28. Old Kentucky Home: “The words “comply” and “compliance” are recurring themes in Nicole’s speech and writing. She appears to be intrinsically oppositional defiant, for no good reason other than “you are not the boss of me.”
    One wonders when this woman began to feel so entitled to be above all laws and codes of ethical conduct?”

    I am probably not the only one who feels sorry for Nicole’s mother. Imagine having a child and they have this personality disorder from day one. Nicole whines that she never felt close or connected with her mother — and I believe it. But that’s probably more due to Nicole’s genetic disposition to be oppositional, to be narcissistic, to be unreasonable and in consequence – generally unlikable. I imagine her parents tried their best, but given what they had to work with, perhaps the end result was a given.


  29. here is what Nicole would have transcribed:

    Pate: Get your Ass over here so I can take your kids away & sell them to the state.

    Nicole: you can’t sell my children. Be careful you’re hurting my stomach.

    Nicole: Children be good, remember I love you and the evil cops are just trying to take away my rights.

    Joe talking to the children:

    Mommy & daddy have to turn you over to the state, because the government doesn’t know how to do their job, & we’ve been called to help fix the government regarding our rights.

    Yup. She would actually make crap up to make herself (not her children) the victim. Even with her own edited audio you can’t pretty this up.


  30. I thought I had listened to every audio of this entire fiasco, but somehow I missed the audio of that lazy lump of lard talking to the kids. Until now. How appalling!! He spoke to them like a skitzed out drill sergeant, never one time making any attempt to soothe their minds. It really was sickening to hear him go so far out of his way to scare the bejeezus out of them. And Nicole doesn’t find anything wrong with this? There is not one ounce of maternal instinct in that woman’s delapitated, narly body. But, I will give fatty a little credit. He wanted it to go viral. Now it has. Smooth move, biscuit lips. I don’t think the next go fund me will be quite as successful. Sucks to be you. *snicker*


  31. Nicole, of course, had to go and edit “her” transcript on BLH to add the sons name in there.
    You know, because she doesn’t read over here, nor copy and paste it..

    Nicole, stop worrying about what the “trolls” say about you on the internet, and go hug your kids and tell them they are loved. Stop wishing them Happy Birthday via the internet, and spend the day with them.


  32. Nicole, of course, had to go and edit “her” transcript on BLH to add the sons name in there.

    Did she really? LOL!!! That’s excellent.

    She rattles on about how inaccurate I am, but then swipes my stuff.


  33. In doing that transcription, I had to go through lots of places where Nicole and Pate were basically talking over each other. Nicole interrupted him a lot. So, it wasn’t really back-and-forth like this:

    Nicole: Blah, blah, blah.

    Pate: Ipsum lorem etc.

    It was more like both of them saying those things simultaneously. So which one comes first and which one is put second?

    I had to make constant decisions about where to put the Nicole stuff and where to put the Pate stuff. If somebody else were to start from scratch and transcribe that audio, their decisions about where to make the breaks might look very different.

    She cut and pasted my stuff identically and then went back and did a bit of editing, but didn’t remove the places where I referred to her in the third person.


  34. “If I don’t bring you down to the sheriff’s office by ten o’clock tomorrow morning, they will put FELONY CHARGES out on me. And Mom.”

    He thought enough of Nicole to add her to the conversation after he explained that he would get felony charges.
    “And Mom”
    He will always be his own number one.
    They make me sick. Those children don’t stand a snow balls chance in Hell.


  35. Off topic but I thought appropriate to share this:
    The lady shop owner that recently had the displeasure of meeting Joe and Nicole has closed her shop.

    She posted this a couple of hours ago on her shop’s FB page: “This is a very difficult post for me, it’s not easy to say. I have closed the store for a while. The drama never stops, the police are no help and I am only one woman. This entire situation is causing great turmoil in my home life and I just need a break.”

    Yet another victim Nauglarized.


  36. CHARGES out on me. And Mom.”

    It’s actually not true. She was already in jail. She couldn’t be guilty of obstruction (of the removal of the eight kids) when she was already in the jail cell. But it was interesting the way he sort of tacked her on as an afterthought.


  37. Seriously? The poor woman who did nothing wrong is closing her shop? What a load of crap!!! Nicole and Joe just can’t be part of society. They are such losers that they drag everyone down to their level. How incredibly sad to see someone who is working hard hurt by their antisocial and despicable behavior.


  38. Sheer, I also think it’s Foot. I wouldn’t out it past her to not try kicking the officers. Her minor injuries make is clear a physical fight happened.

    Myohmy, any guesses how many shows will have to close before the owner cancels Nicole’s lease?


  39. Her minor injuries make is clear a physical fight happened.

    She had one tiny bruise on her arm. Nobody even knows if it happened then, or if it was already there.


  40. When this first came out (I found out about on a yard sale type face book out of meade county), and felt a little sorry for nicole and her family when I heard the audio.

    Then the pictures started showing up with their living conditions, and I found out about his charges. My sympothy for them went bye bye. I showed the pictures to my husband and he told me he thinks he saw their 3 sided shack some where, but couldn’t remember where.

    I am really surprised they got the kids back.


  41. I have ultimate sympathy for the latest victims of the Nauglers. The N’s have turned their phones and the internet into weapons it seems. Everywhere they go they are recording in an attempt to take advantage, intimidate and control the outcome by later posting their edited version of a confrontation. Who normally would have the foresight if approached by a stranger or even familiar face about town, to film what you might guess is an everyday encounter.
    A vaccine against becoming a victim of the Naugler’s needs to be developed, people would be lining up I’m sure. Or maybe the law finally will do something more than issue more paperwork and send them back to their devious ways, always looking for a new payday.

    Keep your phone video handy and rolling if a Naugler approaches folks, especially women. No joke.
    Viv, my sympathy. Good man you have there. Respect.


  42. @Kaylee: I listened again, and I stand by my earlier post: Nicole is saying “phone.” This is based on both my ears and my logic, neither of which have been tested lately, and thus may be equally flawed…..
    : )

    But my ears hear the word “phone.” They also hear a thump sound which could very well be the phone being dropped, after which the sound of Nicole’s voice is further away – Thank God, or we’d all be deaf from the screaming which follows.

    Thus my logic: She is screaming HELP! HELP! as loud as she can because she wants to be sure her screams will be picked up by the phone, now out of her possession. Because why else would she scream? Who else is even remotely close to hear her “distress signal”?

    Also, she says “I have recordings on there” essentially in the same sentence: “DO NOT TAKE MY [disputed word], I HAVE RECORDINGS ON THERE!!”

    Also, she says “take,” and if she were saying “foot” I would think a more likely verb to use would be “grab” or “touch” – or she’d probably just say “Don’t touch me!” “Let go!” or “Take you hands off me!” Of course, I’m presuming Nicole would speak like a normal person which she clearly hasn’t done up to this point. But mainly I think the whole episode smacks of manufactured and/or played-up drama for the benefit of the viral audience. She has said she was “slammed” belly-first onto the car, and that she had bruises on her arms. She’s never mentioned anyone trying to grab her by the feet. And if she was kicking, I would think there are safer ways to avoid the kicks then by grabbing her foot.

    TL/DR version: I listened again; I maintain Nicole says “phone,” not “foot”.


  43. The blessed Mr and Mrs “vaccine” is in the works. It is called community support. All the Blessed bullshit online is just that, Blessed bullshit. It doesn’t change a thing. What counts is what is real. We stand together. We support each other. We witness. We testify. Real life acts have real life ramifications.


  44. Sally, hats off to you as I cannot, just cannot listen to this whole thing.

    What I’d like to mention and ask is I’ve read several places where people have said they listened to what they said was an unedited version of the recording.

    Some of those people have mentioned one of the teenage children stating to Nicole, “Stop. You are making it worse.” Is this something you’ve heard and if so, can you comment about it?


  45. Some of those people have mentioned one of the teenage children stating to Nicole, “Stop. You are making it worse.” Is this something you’ve heard and if so, can you comment about it?

    I don’t remember ever hearing that.


  46. Do we have any idea whose house they are in when the inexplicable horror of Joe tells them they will be “kidnapped”? I’m assuming it’s a friend but I haven’t ever seen it I don’t think. I also agree with others there was no sense of affection toward those kids. All I want to do, even now, is hug the babies & comfort them. There was not one iota of compassion towards those poor babies. From their own father….I just don’t understand how he can be so detached.


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