Safety First


Dear Mandy,

You came to the wrong place. They don’t have “projects on hold.” They don’t have projects at all.  They never finish anything, ever.

They aren’t “learning to homestead.”  They’ve been at this for years and have accomplished absolutely nothing except managing to squirt several more infants that they cannot afford into the world to live in a garden shed.

. . .we have a good food storage. . .

Really? You know, I call bullshit on that.  We had friends visit us for Thanksgiving, a mother with four teenagers.  We only had one child, so my experience cooking and storing food was always for a maximum of three except on rare occasions.

Feeding four teenagers for two days was interesting for me. I knew they’d eat.  I even guessed the amounts pretty close. It was just astonishing to watch, though.  Put food on the table. Doesn’t matter what it is. Doesn’t matter if it “goes together.”  They inhale it.

There is no space in that garden shed for “good food storage” for 13 people. There is no space for the thirteen people, much less the food.

Nicole’s idea of “a good food storage” is enough food to get through to Friday.

. . . lots of wood. . .

Sure. Lots and lots of wood.  Lots of wood, obtained. . . where?  Whose property?

We are not safe right now. . .

Oh, for pity’s sake.

Trump was just elected President. You know who is “not safe”?  Minorities.  LGBTQ folks.  Muslims.

Syria is in the midst of a civil war.  You know who is “not safe”? That little girl who has been tweeting from Aleppo.

Putin is probably going to invade Estonia.  You know who is “not safe”?  The nice peanut vendor who kept our backpack for us when we lost it in Tallinn.

The Nauglers are safe unless you count the danger of the shed burning down due to their ineptness or the whole crew getting frostbite or the risk they run by teaching their children to shoot first and ask questions later.  Whatever happens to them, rest assured, they bring on themselves.

Mandy, whatever you’ve done, however little you’ve done, means that you are miles ahead of the Naugler family.  They haven’t even arrived at the starting gate.


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  1. Mrs. Naugler declaring that they are not safe, SHOULD invite further scrutiny of CPS.

    She goes on to state that this is their “focus” right now. The prolific amount of reactionary posts on her “private” page from an assortment of dubious websites indicates that she has no “focus”.


  2. When will people learn that the Naugler family are basically homeless people who managed to make a deal to squat on a really lousy piece of property. They have no clue how to homestead and from what I can see have learned nothing in the years they have been at BLH.


  3. Remember, the older sons is playing house in his own shed. So it’s 12 in a shed.


  4. So it’s 12 in a shed.

    LOL. That’s right. I stand corrected, but that means that there are 14 people to feed with all that “food storage.”


  5. She says she’s not safe.
    Is that because she knows how many people she’s stiffed or scammed in the past and knows how many people could be really pissed and looking forward to seeing her exposed and brought to justice.
    Or is she feeling not safe from CPS and their continued control over her non-parenting.
    Or maybe not safe from losing more income as her games and methods are coming to light.
    Or not safe from being cooped up with a drunk abusive spouse. Or not safe from hiding the horror new inlaws/friends will experience upon seeing the Sstead up close and personal.
    Maybe her fears are well founded.


  6. Food Storage? LOL now thats funny really. Food Storage for a family that size just for a week would take up HALF THE HOME! God what a idiot! Guess the living room Sofa is the (Bent) Canned mystery surprise!


  7. The food situation. Any perishables such as meat, dairy, frozen have to be consumed as soon as they’re bought since the have no refrigeration. I’ve seen no evidence of fresh fruit and no fresh vegetables since the few handfuls from the garden. It’s canned goods and beans or rice or pasta. The quiche was a change of pace which of course couldn’t be stored for later. Homesteading? Nope!


  8. Someone should call the police and have a well check done. I think the police should also patrol the road more often right in front of “the lofted cabin that is really just a shed because it was obviously not built with habitation in mind” as well as stepping up patrols on the route to the shop. Don’t want anything bad to happen to the kids.

    No snark. I’m dead serious.



    Paranoid schizophrenia is a subtype of schizophrenia in which the patient has delusions (false beliefs) that a person or some individuals are plotting against them or members of their family. Paranoid schizophrenia is the most common schizophrenia type.

    The majority of people with paranoid schizophrenia, as with most schizophrenia subtypes may also have auditory hallucinations – they hear things that are not real. They may also have delusions of personal grandeur – a false belief that they are much greater and more powerful and influential than they really are.

    An individual with paranoid schizophrenia may spend a disproportionate amount of time thinking up ways of protecting themselves from their persecutors.


  10. If they’ve worked hard to put away decent food for winter…. (done a lot of canning, drying, buying seasonally and preserving, etc)

    If anything decent was put away in volume, doesn’t it seem like they’d have had something better for Thanksgiving than beans, rice and ramen?


  11. Wood has to dry before it can be used. They can collect sticks and small bits in summer and fall to burn, but that doesn’t work well in winter. They can’t send kids to go find random pieces in the woods and have it burn. I doubt they have any wood piled up, cured and ready to go. What good are those stoves if they have no dry wood?

    The food issue has been covered. Those kids are in for a lean, hungry winter.


  12. When exactly did they decide they did not celebrate Christmas anymore? Anyone know?

    When they got too broke to buy anything. They obviously made a stab at it when they had fewer children and lived in an actual house.

    FWIW, we don’t celebrate Xmas either, and haven’t for a very long time. We own no holiday decorations of any sort and I pretty much refuse to cook Xmas dinner on Xmas. I often do a turkey and the whole bit sometime in January just to be contrary. But we didn’t start being Scrooges until Nathan was grown and didn’t care about it anymore. And we wouldn’t have deprived him of anything like that.

    I just got tired of being the one who put up and took down the tree, and who had to figure out what to buy for who, and who had to do all the present-wrapping. It was tiresome. Nobody really wanted anything we bought in the first place and we really didn’t want anything we were given. We gradually just bowed out. Nathan always knew that we’d buy him stuff when we saw something he needed or something we knew he’d like, and it didn’t matter what date it was. Dave and I regularly purchase gifts for each other now, but never/rarely at Xmas-time unless there is a super sale.

    But kids – well, kids love the whole holiday thing.


  13. Mandy, if you read here: Homesteading because you are afraid of living in American society is very silly. I could be less blunt, but I won’t. Homesteading–real homesteading, not this squatting-in-the-dirt-watching-their-uneducated-children-try-to-figure-stuff-out-without-any-help-at-all thing the Nauglers do–is extremely hard work, and does not actually free you from the world that frightens you. Unless you are living a Neolithic lifestyle in an extremely mild climate, self-sufficiency is impossible. What you have instead is a mortgage, a backache, and a second job.

    Now, that said, being able to put things by for hard times is a good skill. So is being able to produce things so you don’t have to buy them (not all the things, unless you are a Melanesian taro farmer, but some things). It’s the kind of behavior that used to be called prudence–which used to be preached as a virtue, that is, a positive thing, rather than a reaction to fear.

    So, Mandy, let’s look at emergency preparedness (putting things by), which should come before greater self-sufficiency (producing things). Specifically, let’s look at your city life now.

    *Do you know your neighbors? Can you trust them or not, and how do you know? (Hint: Court records searches are generally free.) What skills and shareable resources do they have, and how would they be most in trouble if the city suffered some kind of disaster?

    *How do you heat and light your home? How do you cook food? How do you heat a lot of water in a short time? If one of these sources of heat/light/electricity went out, how could you compensate?

    *How do you stay connected with friends, family, and emergency help? If the power went out, how could you compensate?

    *Is your tap water safe or unsafe to drink? How do you know? If the power went out for one day, would you still have running water? How about two or three days, or a week? Do you know how to safely clean and reuse beverage containers as emergency water storage? How much water does your household need per day in order to stay healthy?

    *Now, about food. How much room do you have to store nonperishable food that your family will actually eat? (The stuff that comes prepacked in buckets is useless if nobody can stand it.) Is your food storage safe from heat, cold, humidity, and pests? Is it easy to rotate food in and out? If all you had was food storage and a little BBQ grill on the balcony or something, could you face eating it? What if you had no way to cook? How will you clean your dishes, flatware, and cookware?

    *What are the most likely natural and other disasters in your area, and how do people whose job is to keep you alive recommend that you deal with them?

    *What if something really awful happened and you had to leave your home, wherever that may be? Do you know what a go bag is and what should be in it for somebody with your level of skills? How would you stay in touch with loved ones? How many other people could you take with you?

    How do you find the answers to all this? Don’t start with prepper sites. For every sensible bunch of people there are two more who either daydream about sitting on their piles of supplies shooting the rest of us without any mean ol’ cops around to stop them, or just blow hot air like the Nauglers. That’s not counting the ones who are scared and looking for a solution in a catalog. Go to sites with URLs ending in .edu and .gov for sensible, practical information on not becoming a statistic.


  14. Maybe she refrigerates at said place of work? But why not cool at the place of work and bring it home? Bet some good veggie pizzas could be made at the stove at the blh. Why not make some good steaks , ribs , some good protein…..hope young mom is eating right and taking prenatals I dont see a bump.


  15. “A large radical rational faith driven quasi unschooling off grid wilderness homesteading family living a back to basics minimalist life style” — This is what drew me in, initially, with sympathy for the Naugs. I’ve come a long way, baby! It’s their hypocrisy and deceit I hate the most. The “mud for Christmas” video is one that haunts and sticks with me because it epitomizes so much of what life must be like for those kids… the lack, the dirt, and their denial of it all by keeping their minds occupied to the point of distraction. It’s called escapism…escaping into a fantasy world of play where even mud becomes a Christmas “gift.” Mud is suffocating and cold, especially in winter. Mud is the color of poop. In my mind, mud is a euphemism for all that is wrong in this sorry situation, and it makes me sad. Really, really sad. The cute smiling babies Nicole always photographs are still too young to know about all the mud. The light has not yet gone out of their eyes, and the coping mechanisms have not yet kicked in. That will happen soon enough.


  16. They have food storage. LMAO. Nicole, sweetheart, you admitted your garden was a failure. And we sure haven’t seen any hunting photos. Just one of the oldest a few years back with a rabbit. Oh and if you just count on rabbits, which I know you don’t because the sloth is too lazy, you can become quite malnourished from rabbit starvation. Growing children need healthy fat in their diet. The starvation thing might be very good for the BH though!


  17. After having read the “Enclosed” post, as well as this evenings, “Safety First”, I must join in the conversation and slightly dissent from the majority. But first and foremost, I enjoyed the latter post. Well done.

    Regarding the former… It is my opinion – at this point – that Nicole Naugler is not well. That is putting it lightly. (No healthy mother would squat with her 10 children in a lean-to shack through winter – and that is just a small tip of the iceberg).

    As such, I feel that “The great and secret show” is doing a huge disservice here. They are antagonizing a paranoid woman who could very well be mentally-ill. Isn’t she paranoid enough? Do you read her pages? Why up the ante? She thinks it is real! She actually thinks someone would fly a drone over her property to film them! And she spreads this toxicity throughout her shed – can you imagine how nutz she must sound, 24/7?

    Leaver her be, as far as insinuating you are buying drones and film permits – youre not! Advocate for rights of the child, sure – but why must anyone create such crap as “the great and secret show”? What an asshole.


  18. I too call BS on her food storage. I have a large family. Until recently there where 11 people living in our home. A large home with a huge pantry which is stocked with a years supply of food. We have 2 refrigerators & 2 freezers. Both well stocked & organized. Even with all of our food we still spent about 300 a week in groceries. Why? Cause 10 people eat a lot. Our ages run from 1 to 65. Breakfast, lunches & dinners every single day. Plus we always have people over for dinner, parties, holidays. Most nights at the dinner table there were 15 people eating. Holidays? No less than 32 people. So I know a little about feeding people. I have one room in my home that is just for my cookbooks. There is no way she can have a food storage that can feed a family of 13 in her shed. Let’s talk about the dishes. You’re going to have a lot of dishes with a big family. It may explain why they have mostly canned, one pot meals. A typical days worth of dishes for a family of that size would mean at least an hour of washing, drying & putting away (and that’s with a dishwasher). I work full time & use my crockpots a lot. I seem to always have two going at once. I make fresh soup daily. Huge salads at every lunch & dinner. We packed lunches for work & school. People always comment that we are like the waltons at our dinner table.
    We haven’t had a vegetable garden in three years as we have had problems with a retaining wall (a huge mess), but that is fixed & hopefully by 2018 we will have it back along with our berries & very small vineyard. We have a number of fruit trees & a kiwi bush that produces over 500 kiwis a year.

    It takes work to feed & clothe a big family. My heart broke for her children when I read that each of her children had their own dish. I wonder if she made them buy it with their own money.

    A weeks worth:
    Bread- 6 loaves a week
    Milk- 7 gallons a week (I hate the stuff, but we have a few who love it)
    Lettuce- lol! 12 bunches a week
    Meat- omg
    Tomatoes & avacodos – lots lots
    Carrots- 5 lbs a week
    Fruit- bananas, apples, oranges, omg!

    Breakfast-oatmeal, eggs, cereal, fruit & juice, hot chocolate

    Lunch- salad, sandwiches, fruit, carrots, soup (there is always soup)

    Dinner- protein, starch, vegetables (always, always 2 kinds) and a canned fruit & salad

    Dessert- cake or pie or cookies or ice cream or etc (I love to bake & usually bake every night after dinner for the sweets for the next day)

    I know I go to the extreme, I followed my mother in that regard. I can’t wait until I retire (another three years) so I can spend more time baking.

    When they had a house did Joe do the cooking??? What does Joe do???


  19. She thinks it is real!

    No, she doesn’t. She’s using it. She knows there are no drones. She’d have taken photos of them if there were.

    That said, the tactics used by the GSS are not what I find very palatable.


  20. I know we’re a bit over-the-top, but we have two refrigerators and two large chest freezers. One fridge is in the kitchen, normal. The other is in the basement and is used for milk and cheese. I often have nine gallons of milk down there (that’s how many gallon jars it will hold).

    One freezer is solely for meat. The other holds everything else, including several gallons of colostrum from the cow (in case of a baby calf whose mother can’t feed it – it has happened more than once at the dairy). The dairy keeps colostrum, of course, but occasionally they run out, and we’re delighted to get to help them out. They do so much for us and it’s a kind of pay back.


  21. I will venture an opinion on Nicole and her husband here. I believe Nicole fully understands the reality of her situation and that her lies about persecution are just that. She knows that the road isn’t private, she knows she is a key factor in her children’s squalid living conditions, she knows anyone with half a synapse of sense would be appalled by what she has enabled with her children. She tries really hard to not be responsible by painting some profitable alternate reality for the world to see and donate to. Anything that is contrary or remotely threatening to this alternate reality she attacks swiftly and a bit too obviously. Her rationales and statements change frequently. I have seen these people and seen their interactions with others. I cannot remember a single interaction in which anyone acted aggressively toward the Nauglers. The Nauglers did not get what they wanted in many cases. Every time the Nauglers acted aggressively, overtly, covertly, and online. They initiate the drama. They know what they’re doing. It’s how they make a living. They know that they have provoked god knows how many people. They whine that they’re victims an it is only to their advantage to be seen as victims. People have been pretty darn nice to them and let things go such as property damage, stalking, theft to name a few things. The Nauglers believe they are entitled to treat everyone else poorly and that everyone else has to treat them with kid gloves or else the blustering bullying will start. That their world news story about victim hood has only resulted in their lies being revealed is really funny.


  22. @Prolapsed Ovaries comment, “It is my opinion – at this point – that Nicole Naugler is not well. That is putting it lightly. (No healthy mother would squat with her 10 children in a lean-to shack through winter – and that is just a small tip of the iceberg).”

    According to Joseph Nauglers comments made in December last year, (that were screen shot and posted within this blog) the Court Appointed Guardian ad litem also had concerns and apparently requested that Mental Evaluations be conducted. Several months afterward this seemed to be worrisome to the Nauglers, as they continually made on-line posts.
    In my opinion, the request the Guardian ad litem made was likely granted by the court. Due to the fact that most of the time Guardian ad litem’s do normally get their way, and judges and courts era on the side of caution. Also given the pattern of behavior the pair has shown in their actions and criminal charges, I feel this would not be a outrageous request to be granted.
    It also would make since as to why the Family Court case has been on-going for the past 19 months. Leading me to believe that some type of Mental Illness was found on one or both. And of course all this is just my personal opinion.

    @Catherine2 comment,
    Mrs. Naugler declaring that they are not safe, SHOULD invite further scrutiny of CPS.
    She goes on to state that this is their “focus” right now. The prolific amount of reactionary posts on her “private” page from an assortment of dubious websites indicates that she has no “focus”.

    I agree with your comment, one would think that Nicole’s self proclaiming the family is not safe indeed should invite further scrutiny of CPS. Nicole has been harping on that issue for months yet nothing has happened.

    @Prolapsed Ovaries comment, “As such, I feel that “The great and secret show” is doing a huge disservice here. They are antagonizing a paranoid woman who could very well be mentally-ill. Isn’t she paranoid enough? Do you read her pages? Why up the ante? She thinks it is real! She actually thinks someone would fly a drone over her property to film them! And she spreads this toxicity throughout her shed – can you imagine how nutz she must sound, 24/7?”

    No argument there, I too am not understanding how a mini documentary is going to help the situation as they have stated it will put a stop to both sides of this squabble. But if they are somehow able to be fruitful with any evidence that would be admissible to help those kids in some way, well I can’t argue with that either.

    This was in my news feed yesterday, after reading it I was shockingly surprised that we Kentuckians might be seeing even more mini documentary’s on bizarre subjects, like the Nauglers.


  23. Regarding “the great and secret show”… I agree with it? would I be involved in it? Not a chance.

    Will I defend “poor mentally ill Nicole against those asshole people” doing that? NO FUCKING WAY. You attract the kind of energy you give out. If the Nauglers have attracted the attention of antagonistic nutters….it’s because THEY THEMSELVES are antagonistic nutters. You will not get a single tear from me for “poor mentally ill Nicole”. Fuck that.

    “But she’s crazy and antagonizing her will only hurt the children”
    No. Keeping them prisoner on a shitstead is what hurts the kids. Denying them education is what hurts the kids. Indoctrinating them with nonsense that the government is out to get them….is what hurts the kids. Nicole’s CHOICE to hurt her kids…is what hurts her kids.

    If the Naugs were just incredibly ignorant people who wanted to live a quiet desperate life, to themselves, in their shitshack, providing what they can (and screwing up horribly)….most people would feel pity for them and defend their right to be different. Well, damn, they’re mentally ill…what are ya gonna do? They’re trying.

    But that’s NOT who the Naugs are. The Naugs USE their children as pawns to con and steal from others. The Naugs actively try to spread the cancer that is their lifestyle. And they’ve succeeded. They’ve got a nice young woman being indoctrinated into the shitstead while pregnant with Naugspawn, risking her health. Her life is forever FUCKED…and they did this….purposely. They encourage and “inspire” other mentally ill nitwits to pull their kids out of school (the only lifeline the kids have for help)…and endanger other children.

    I UNDERSTAND people NOT pitying them.
    I UNDERSTAND wanting to stop this tragedy they are perpetuating on other vulnerable people.
    I UNDERSTAND wanting to give them back a fraction of the antagonism and threats they’ve dished out to people who have civilly disagreed with them.

    I don’t approve of “the great and secret show”. I would never be involved with it.

    But I am NOT about to play apologist for the fucking Nauglers and condemn people who are behaving no worse and no more crazy or antagonistic than they are. And, I might add….are on the side of stopping a menace that IS affecting other people’s children.

    You get what you give in this world. You get treated how you treat people.

    I personally hope Protective Services finds a way to step in and do the right thing by the kids. I hope the young woman gets her head out of her ass and listens to her family. The blessing of the kids growing up, is that they will bring more and more outside people into the equation who have a voice. People who are invested enough to jack up protective services and MAKE them do their job. People who can document and witness what really goes on. People whose testimony can help throw those motherfucking child abusers in jail. That’s what will work to correct the situation…not nutty internet claims that you would have to be six shades of stupid to take seriously.

    I think eventually, it will come to that. That day can’t come soon enough for me.


  24. My parents’ home always had two refrigerators and a big freezer. The main fridge in the kitchen; the “old refrigerator” and the freezer on the back porch. As to food storage, we were not homesteaders or off the grid. But my dad’s income had to provide for a wife and 8 kids. I remember him taking us probably once a month to the day old bread store and stocking up on loaves of bread, rolls, and if we kids behaved, we’d each get a fruit pie at the end of the trip. Those loaves of bread were put in our freezer until we needed them.

    At fair time, my parents would buy half a side of beef, half a lamb and I think perhaps a whole pig. That would be processed, wrapped and most of it frozen until use.

    We had a pantry and it always had plenty of canned food, not to mention about 5 kinds of cereal, crackers, big old cans of Yuban coffee, pasta, etc.

    I guess the Nauglers could store food in that new kitchen one of the older boys built, but it would have to be only canned or dry goods, and perhaps for short periods only – some vegetables like potatoes and carrots. Depending on how cold it gets there, maybe that could act as natural refrigeration. But I think someone else already pointed out – we never see any pictures of the family sitting around together eating a meal. Do the kids get milk, once they are past the breast feeding stage?

    *laughing* at the idea that Joe ever did any work to contribute to the household. I would require videotaped proof before I believe that happened even once.


  25. Mark my words,, if CPS shows up ,, there will be gun fire, she is mentally ill, bi-polar or schizophrenic, maybe both. Who would live like that and drag there kids with them, its cold in Kentucky today


  26. That day can’t come soon enough for me.

    I cannot like this comment enough. I wish I had written it.


  27. Depending on how cold it gets there

    Unheated food storage would be almost impossible. Canned food would freeze solid.


  28. The one thing I wonder is rats. They have an outdoor kitchen and rats are attracted to food.For that matter so is most wild animals. How do they keep vermin from inviting themselves in? How do they keep any food they have safe?


  29. RE: Christmas

    I personally dont give tqo hoots if they dont celebrate, I have just always thought it odd that these people went from semi-normal (having a home, being clean, celebrating holidays) to the dirty hucksters of today. I just do not get it. How do two adults lose their marbles at roughly the same time and drag their kids into this mess? I will probably never know, but it is sad just the same.

    I dont have a tree up yet. We hung the outside lights, but I agree, the tree usually turns into a big hassle. I will have to do it this weekend because of the kids, but if it were all the same I wouldnt have one either. My mom hasnt put one up for about 10 years.

    Since we are trying to focus our season on Jesus we are not doing many presents. We are using the $ to take a cruise over Spring Break. So I totally get cutting back and focusing on the spirit and not the consumerism. However, I can only imagine how resentful the older kids are going to feel if they ever get some distance from this nuttiness. They had clean warm beds, and a gift or two at Christmas. Now they live in a shed and literally wallow in mud for the Holidays. It is insane. And the poor littles do not even know what they are missing out on because that is just how life is to them.


  30. We have a pantry room (7 x 6) with 6′ high shelves, a freezer, and a freezer/fridge combo. We also have a fridge/freezer in the kitchen along with food storeage. We also have 3 mini fridges throughout the property so we can have something cold to drink without going to the kitchen. Our house usually has 5 – 8 people. Our pantry is overstocked during the summer in case we have a hurricane or 3. My parents grew up during the Great Depression so they always kept a huge stock of non-perishables. I kept up the tradition, so if things go badly, we could still eat.

    As for being “unsafe,” build a damn good fence. Someone tried to break into our shed in 2000. 8 ft privacy fence and no problems for 16 years.


  31. I agree with NoApologists. It’s disturbing that attention on Nicole like this, even with all her instability, might be keeping the kids safer. If attention it suddenly gone, I’m afraid she might do something catastrophic to get attention again. It’s a balancing act with her. She’ll get dangerous for attention if there’s not enough so she can get some, and will get dangerous if there’s too much to protest it. I can’t pity her and Joe. I pity the kids who are the losers in all of this. I have added pity the girls who are going to have certain hygiene needs that…I can’t even imagine having to take care of certain things without access to soap and water.

    I showed that photo from the movie to a couple teen nieces of mine to see if what jumped out at me jumped out at them too…. Both of them immediately said it looked like the girl in back (A) looked like she was trying to be invisible. I know a snapshot doesn’t always tell the whole picture, but enough people were looking at the camera, smiling, and posing, that they had to have known that a picture was being taken, yet A had her head down and looked like she was trying to shrink out of view. A’s stance in that picture is haunting me. All of those kids look filthy and utterly exhausted, which is heartbreaking enough, but A is the one who stands out. Maybe because I was a teenage girl once, maybe because she’s trying to hide her face. I want to give that girl a big hug and a break from that life.


  32. You can be mentally ill AND an asshole at the same time. You can have a mental disorder AND be a horrible, unethical person at the same time.

    I’ve seen this discussion happen with other bloggers/internet personalities who went viral, which invited scrutiny. I have seen people tie themselves in intellectual knots trying to suss out “is this person mentally ill or a horrible person?” I think the answer is usually “yes.”

    Plenty of people have mental illness but do not act like Joe and Nicole Naugler. I think their case is a powerful combination of mental illness and them being rotten and unethical to the core.


  33. @NoApologists

    You took the words right out of my mouth when you said, ” The Naugs USE their children as pawns to con and steal from others.”
    Honestly, I think that is why they never called us back on our offer to build the family a new home for free. If people helped them SOLVE problems such as housing then people might not be so willing to give them cash and other things like they have over the years.
    After all, this ONE incident did put over $45,000 cash in the parents pockets, and they did not have to work a day for it either, nor spent any of it on the children’s basic needs. So one must question, ” Just how much money has Joe & Nicole raked in over the years parading these children around?

    A friend of mine has a relative who has 14 children, he and his wife paraded these kids around all over the country going to different churches and singing, and lived off of church donations. By the time the children were teenager’s their father owned a large farm in Indiana, and two other farms in Tennessee. The man has never worked a day in his life, and now he has everyone of those kids working on his farms.
    So I have a general idea of where the con-cept comes from and how the Nauglers have tried to make this donation game work for them. Especially when Nicole can’t seem to push Joe into getting a job and actually keeping it.

    In regards to “The Great and Secret Show”, I have no idea who these people are. But kinda of hopeful when they stated that, ” They would comply with requests for release of evidence from interested agencies.” This leads me to believe that maybe they might have something useful to possibly help the Naugler children.


  34. There ishould a child in front of the oldest girl and behind the boy in one of the jammies in the front. If you look you can see the bit of blond hair.

    So Kaylee, I do not think the oldest girl is trying to hide in the picture or not be seen. I think she’s trying to wrangle the younger children that is a bit hidden. Maybe getting them to turn around or look or something like that….


  35. My last comment is riddle with typo. More than usual. Stupid phone. Please over look that…. just saying I think she’s trying to wrangle that hidden child that is near her and in the direction she’s looking.


  36. In response to a comment @poorkids wrote ‘hope young mom is eating right and taking prenatals I dont see a bump.’

    Has anyone noticed the dates on the movie posters behind them in the photo? I have a sneaking suspicion that this was probably taken at an earlier date (maybe Halloween)? That might explain the ‘costume PJs’ and non showing baby bump. I think she is desperate for drama, attention and makes this stuff up to play victim.


  37. L. Mc, the date means nothing. The date on the poster is the date Troll hit the theaters. (Opening day) and it’s still playing. It’s typical for the dates on the posters to be opening date and for them to be posted prior and during the showing.


  38. Also. Her due date is summer. Not sure when. Just summer. Just assume June. (Early summer) that puts her at about 12 weeks pregnant now. That’s still pretty early in pregnancy. I know with my first I was young and truly didn’t show until much later. With my second I showed much sooner. Everybody is different. Some women don’t really show at all.


  39. According to Boxofficemojo, Trolls opened Nov 4th. It’s doing very well, and is still in 3,100 theaters nationwide as of today.

    I wouldn’t put it past Nicole to adjust dates, etc. but in this case, I don’t think the November Trolls poster is evidence that she did.

    Where I live, the adult super hero PJ’s were put on the floor of Target on Black Friday.


  40. Essie wrote, “You can be mentally ill AND an asshole at the same time. You can have a mental disorder AND be a horrible, unethical person at the same time.”

    A fervent “YES!” from me.

    Ever been to the Depression Fallout board? I used to read it quite frequently back when Anne Sheffield was still alive. I just went and took a look, it’s good to see it’s still around. Anyway, depression doesn’t magically make anyone an asshole but it can. Mental illness doesn’t make anyone extra smart, it can’t be cured by the love of a “good” person nor does it make someone stupid and mean.

    I hate the movie “A Beautiful Mind” for continuing to use the “love of a good woman will cure you” crap.


  41. Don’t discount the power of a documentary. While thousands of diverse people follow this sordid tale, that audience is nothing in comparison to the audience for a well made and distributed documentary.

    So far, with the exception of this blog and a few Facebook pages the only ones “telling the story” are the Naugler parents themselves. Needless to say their story is beyond biased, riddled with falsehoods and is barely hidden behind a crumbling facade.

    Sometimes, unfortunately, it takes public attention, even outrage, to get someone to do what they know they should be doing. Not that I think the documentary would get the Naugler parents to change. More that I think certain government officials might start feeling a bit uncomfortable or even motivated to do their jobs.

    I see no problem with bringing light to the darkness. Bringing the truth to the public. The Naugler parents have had no problem selling their story as far and wide as possible and continually for years. I don’t believe for a second that it is driving them to the brink of some catastrophe. I believe they have been hovering on that edge for years. I think it is about time the other side of the story was told just as far if not further. For the children. Isn’t that the point of all this?


  42. With my first I didn’t show till 6 months when she turned and it was over night. I strechmarked so bad it was crazy.


  43. I am uncertain if the person/people claiming to be putting together a documentary are really doing so, or just yanking Joe and Nicole’s chain. I am sure that if a person or, in this case couple, abuse the kindness of others over and over, eventually they will mess with the wrong person. Call it karma, call it reaping what you sow, or whatever you like. I do believe what goes around, comes around.


  44. Wait..what?!!? The Great and Secret Show isn’t really happening? I thought I was getting an early Christmas present. ?
    I must say that NN had me fooled at first. Then I saw how she loves the drama. At first I came here to tell you to leave her alone and to stop picking on her. I quickly learned that she loves playing the victim, she is the real bully! I just wish she would go “off-grid,” stop with her online obsession and be a real mom to those poor kids!


  45. I have always wondered, what is it like to stand on the abyss of disaster day after day, in my world we never let it get that far. Look t her post of the day. Looking for receipes and most of the posters have good ideas, all that are lost on her. No way to store a damn thing, cans will freeze, meat will rot. What do they feed there animals, do they get fed at all . I feel zero sympathy for her and lard ass


  46. hahahahahahahahahahaha! The ‘ladies’ at FJ have their tits in a knot about the documentary FB page. ALL kinds of pearl clutching going on. *gasp!*

    Especially VA Sports Mom. Omg. If it’s all so ‘upsetting’ and ‘cruel’, then why do you continue following, reading every last word, and then posting prolifically about it all?



  47. “I don’t believe for a second that it is driving them to the brink of some catastrophe. I believe they have been hovering on that edge for years. I think it is about time the other side of the story was told just as far if not further. For the children. Isn’t that the point of all this?” (The Truth Will Set You Free)

    I absolutely agree. IF Nicole or Joe snap and something “bad” happens to any of those kids as the result of the documentary, that is entirely on Nicole and Joe. They would be 110% responsible. Nobody else.
    I believe that a documentary is being made and I also believe that it will be the catalyst that will finally get these kids into warm, clean, safe and loving homes where they will be properly cared for, fed and educated. If they are split up, that is also the complete fault of Nicole and Joe. They bred like rabbits and produced children they couldn’t afford or care for. Please don’t shift the responsibility from them.
    From Nicole’s descriptions and videos, I am certain one of those kids is on the autism spectrum, one is desperately in need of speech therapy and one looks as if he has rickets. The rest of those children are in need of a proper education and a home that will provide for them – good nutrition (not just crap that fills a belly), clean clothes, likely counseling, friends etc.
    Bring on the documentary that will save these children. Joe and Nicole can rot in jail.


  48. Amazing. Nicole Naugler never learns!

    Here she is again, posting on her publice Facebook page (incriminating herself) that her family – whose CPS case is allegedly still open – is currently “not safe”.

    By participating so actively online, while likewise admitting how unsafe and threatening the online community is for her family, she is practically demonstrating her inability to properly care for her children, but more so she is publicly demonstrating her incendiary – exacerbating and aggravating the situation. She comes off as an unsafe mad woman. This is one very unhealthy person.


  49. Essentially, it looks like a call for help. She might think this call is going out to her “following”, but the only answer she will get, if she continues, could very well be from authorities who take her for her word – that her family is “not safe”.


  50. Please excuse me – just one more post – after having read read one comment or two that I had missed.

    No, the “documentary” is not real. It might be a real piece of shit, but that is about it. I mean, take a good look at the page. It is a shit show. Utterly ridiculous. My 7 year-old niece could put together a better “teaser” than that, in five minutes on an android phone – that is NOT professional. Rather, just slapped together by a professional loser who sucks at constructing even a basic slideshow.


  51. Nicole’s mental illness is obvious, but it is her vicious cruelty that keeps this family in the news. When Nicole posted pictures of recently deceased infants with comments about a mothers inability to keep her child alive, obituaries and posts about lost loved ones with the intention to harm mothers using their grief to torment and silence them, she showed her true evil natue. Not only mentally ill, but truely evil.
    She freely uses this technique and others to protect her way of life of enslaving her own children bred endlessly to support and comfort her and her alone.
    She uses her children for photo ops as cute infants, then as youngsters as a labor force in her shop, only later to be relegated back onto the Sstead as child caretakers and domestic slaves, all the while producing and publishing images of an idillic lifestyle for that all too famous Paypal button to keep her sick lifestyle going. By keeping her slave labor force isolated, hungry, cramped into horrible living conditions and dependent upon her, and fearful with enforcement coming from her capo spouse, she has had free reign for about 20 years now with little opposition until now.
    If the GASS can bring a larger audience to this outrage, and show the abuse this family amongst others is allowed to get away with, I am 100% behind them. These children and all children like them must be afforded an education and a chance at a decent future.

    As for those with opinions that the GASS is a farce, I wonder why you are so opposed to offering these kids the possibility of increased exposure and the possibility of at least some chance at a better life. Nicole’s use of her instability is her adult form of a tantrum in order to attempt to silence her critics again and continue her reign of terror and servitude.
    I hope GASS will will shine a light on the Naugler’s child abuse to a much larger audience and force lawmakers and others into action, and put a stop to this outrageous educational neglect and child abuse and neglect.


  52. Joe and Nicole know human nature pretty well according their targets. They are nothing if not purely manipulative and bank on people feeling sorry for them or their kids. They use their kids, you know the ones that the dad won’t support, to garner pity dollars and to game any system to their advantage. They also hold a sword over their kids’ heads saying that if we, the normal and responsible people don’t do what Joe and Nicole want they try to insinuate that terrible things will happen to the kids. And it will be all our fault. Oh yes, Joe and Nicole are supremely manipulative of the outside world and completely exploitative of their children. The only difference between around ten years ago and now is that there are more children to exploit, they put less effort in trying to look legitimate, and they rely on internet anonymity to continue their grifting and manipulation.

    What their underlying motive is I cannot really figure out. The most consistent things about Joe and Nicole have been their utter contempt for authority and accountability and their huge egos. That’s why Joe won’t get a job. He cannot handle responsibility, authority of others, rules, laws, and accountability. It is beneath him. He’d rather live in a squalid haze and let his family freeze and go hungry (not only for food) than to submit to the rules around holding a job and supporting his family. Nicole is different but just as bad. She doesn’t really want the kids, I think. They’re just her servants and tools and unfortunate by-products that have manipulative use. But she wanted to keep Joe (now that is nuts every way you look at it) so she acquiesced to having kids. Why? To prove she was worth something? To ‘bind’ Joe to her? What is so fabulous about Joe? He is nothing but a grossly obese, filthy, smarmy, abusive (oh yeah I’ve seen small controlled examples from Joe doing this) con man and thief. And not a very good one. To me, the only real indicator of mental illness is the pair of them prioritizing their super-sized egos (I’ll live like a pig before I do what someone else tells me to do) over their childrens’ lives. They call their ego-indulgence freedom but it has resulted in their essential confinement to a nasty piece of land that they made nastier. They deserve no pity, no apology, nothing except incarceration.


  53. I confess I’ve been following the Great and Secret Show page with strange fascination; I don’t know if a movie is really being made or not, but I do want to point out that anyone with funds can make a documentary, so while I agree the online presence is odd and unprofessional, that fact doesn’t negate the possibility a film is being researched, tested, or made.
    P.O. argues that the first trailer could have been made by anyone with five minutes and a phone and thus is evidence that this isn’t a real project, but paradoxically that same evidence could be used to entertain the idea that it could indeed be happening, because who needs a studio?
    One thing these GASS folks are doing very, VERY well is appealing to our collective thirst for not just a ceasing of Nicole and Joe’s terrible behavior but a resolution, one that takes form in whatever one likes to call it: poetic justice, karma, payback. It’s hard to admit that because it doesn’t speak to my better nature, but the desire to see their stupid charade exposed and the enabling ended is so powerful that it’s hard not to hope that this could be real.
    Regarding the whole “don’t poke the bear” argument, I don’t think there’s much point in worrying about what will or won’t set Nicole Naugler off, because her whole deal is “you can’t control me!” Anything the outside world does sets her off, including ignoring her. Folks keep saying she seems more riled up lately: Maybe I’m clueless but the rather infinite nature of her nasty behavior means I don’t see much that has changed of late; but there are plenty of circumstances not attributable to “troll” provocation that could account for it. Her son turns 18 in just a few days. Presumably the wedding will follow shortly. It’s nasty cold out right now. There was a big spate of wee-hours posts on her NCN page; I had visions of her tossing logs into the wood stove one moment, fanning the hate flames with her outrage memes the next, a rather pathetic picture, this, her life’s work.
    Yeah, that was a little overblown. Maybe *I* should make a documentary. 🙂


  54. I hope a documentary is made or better yet I hope cps case stays open.I hope the mental evaluations are court ordered to be done soon, I hope those kids get into a real home. Do they need much no…but clean water, nutrition, proper clothing , shoes, SOAP, A BRUSH, and friends , could do wonders. Nic is scared that her kin is so bright that they will make it on their own and leave.


  55. “If they are split up, that is also the complete fault of Nicole and Joe.”

    I agree. People like them breed such huge families, then try to hide behind the kids by saying we must not care if we want them split apart. Well, they made the choice to neglect their kids. Their kids would never have been split into manageable groups (even if one foster home was large enough for the all, it wouldn’t be responsible to put so many kids with so many special and individual needs into one home with one set of parents to try to take care of them al all at once) if Nic and the Fat Man hadn’t first chosen to abuse them.

    When/if those kids are ever permanently removed, hopefully they’ll get lucky and end up in the magical home that can somehow care for them all, but if not, then they’d go to homes that will keep them in close contact with each other.

    This is all Nicole and Joe’s fault, and having too many kids shouldn’t exempt you from following the laws about children’s rights.

    “As for those with opinions that the GASS is a farce, I wonder why you are so opposed to offering these kids the possibility of increased exposure and the possibility of at least some chance at a better life. Nicole’s use of her instability is her adult form of a tantrum in order to attempt to silence her critics again and continue her reign of terror and servitude.”

    I agree. Right now, their lives are a holding pattern where they are used to the neglect, but they’re at the point now where they’re having teen sexual urges, a dad who has said teens should do what they want sexually, and now a new generation is being born into this, and I doubt the current generation of kids is done. Nicole’s young enough to have several more. The potential for new Naugs is exponential with her brood’s oldest being able to reproduce. It’s scary, and I think times are desperate enough for desperate measures.

    One of the worst things people can do is turn a blind eye to this mess. It’s of Nicole and Joe’s causing, and if the get worse, maybe that will get CPS to step in again before there are another six or seven Nauglets running around the shit-decorated junk yard.

    “But she wanted to keep Joe (now that is nuts every way you look at it) so she acquiesced to having kids. Why? To prove she was worth something? To ‘bind’ Joe to her? What is so fabulous about Joe?”

    I wonder if she tried to get him back as a show of power. Someone else was knocked up, but hell if she didn’t want him just to keep someone else from “winning.” Sometimes people want something or someone just to stick it to someone else.

    “One thing these GASS folks are doing very, VERY well is appealing to our collective thirst for not just a ceasing of Nicole and Joe’s terrible behavior but a resolution, one that takes form in whatever one likes to call it: poetic justice, karma, payback.”

    They’re also marketing this well. When you market, you want people to talk. Even negative publicity is still publicity. If they make a legitimate, professional documentary, all this early stuff about them won’t matter.

    They’ve also managed to draw Nicole and Joe out, and I suspect Nicole gets more riled up the closer they get to hitting on something. Her riling up tells them they’re getting warmer, warmer, hot hot hot!! So acting as they are has made Nicole a participant in letting them know if they’re going in the right direction.


  56. Dear Nicole,

    Just read your declaration that children taken by protective services grow up and speak out about the evils of the system.

    Might surprise you to know….That’s really not often the case. Most often, they grow up to speak out about their parents. (as you will soon learn)

    And while there are plenty of wonderful homeschoolers out there doing a fantastic job, there are a lot kids who experience their memories of homeschooling as a limitation and an injury, particularly when neglect and abuse factored in.

    Scroll to the bottom to read Homeschool Survivor Stories:


  57. Looking at the movie theater picture made me very sad.
    Those poor babies.
    Dirty, pale, sickly-looking, haunted children wearing ill fitting clothes, missing a shoe, and the one little boy appears to have a bruise on his cheek. Those pajamas are probably the first new clothing they’ve gotten in a long time.

    I, for one, wish with all my heart that TG&SS are actually making that documentary that shows the third world living conditions that those poor children have to endure day in and day out. Hopefully, it will draw the attention of the right people who can actually make a lasting and profound difference in their lives. Nothing else has worked so far.


  58. Sculder&Mully, I’ve thought very often that she doesn’t really want the kids. I think she’s secretly hoping they get taken and don’t come back, as it will give her the perfect, lifelong victim label. Man, she could milk that one. My guess is that she loves them while babies, then they become less dependent (in her eyes) on her, and she gets pissed off at them and loses interest. I’m quite certain she’s done with having babies. I mean, why bother if the donations are drying up, right? She can’t very well fake a pious approach to baby making anymore. She’s repeatedly stated she’s done with the church so no one will buy that bullshit anymore. I feel for those kids. I hope some of them manage to escape.


  59. “As for those with opinions that the GASS is a farce, I wonder why you are so opposed to offering these kids the possibility of increased exposure and the possibility of at least some chance at a better life.”

    But these two things are not mutually exclusive.
    I can think that GASS is a farce & still want the abuse exposed & for the kids to have a better chance at life.
    I guess it all depends on what your definition of a farce is though. The idea of an expose of some sort is not the farce, it’s the facebook page, the posts, and the tactics. Now if a real documentarian were to come along and give the impression of a professional, and make a real documentary, I’m on board for that.


  60. More for Mandy: If the Nauglers were capable of figuring out whether a project was realistic, planning that project, and following through, here’s how they could be living right now with no other changes in their character or lifestyle.

    *It took me 5 minutes to find the plans for a 10×20 cabin that can be built with the skinny trees that are on the Naugler homeplace, a few basic tools, and some gumption. Stick two of those together and you’ve got living quarters the size of a single-wide trailer. Even if that’s no bigger than the family is living in now, it would be better insulated than that garden shed. Plus the money saved could have been used for a proper wood stove.

    *The kids heat the place with sticks. There is a man there. There are trees. There is at least one saw (if it isn’t frozen into the mud). There was a chainsaw, before he broke it. There are pallets, and probably a tarp or two, and possibly some rope. Put all that together and there could be a sizeable covered and ventilated woodpile instead of their current muskrat lodge. Plus the kids wouldn’t have to drag sticks out of the woods all the time.

    *They say they own a copy of The Humanure Handbook. It’s frickin’ free, so I guess they might. That book talks about ways to make sure your poop don’t stink and also how to clean up graywater. You need about as much construction material as would make an ordinary garden shed, some tools, literacy, the ability to do some basic tasks every day, some buckets, a bigger container such as a barrel, and a thermometer.

    *Again, there is a man on the place with a broad back and no job. Soil testing is free and I do believe you can take a sample to the tester instead of having them on your land. I can name four free-to-take sources of fertilizer within an hour’s drive of my house; unless Kentucky’s laws are really weird, that’s probably also true in Breckinridge County. Information about vegetable cultivation and storage for beginners, tailored to western Kentucky, is free. A while back I went to the trouble of listing crops they could have grown with no way to do indoor starts and stored with nothing but some trash cans and a shovel. Root vegetable stew with beans in it may not sound like much, but on a cold winter’s day it could mean a lot.

    *Speaking of food, they have two dozen or so acres, guns, and somehow no venison.

    *Hell, just using those phones grafted to their hands to look up the edibility of local wildstuff before they post pictures of the toads(!!!!) their children plan to eat could help a lot.

    But we’re talking about people who had to be nagged and reminded and finally taken to court in order to move some of their abundant crop of white plastic buckets to spots where rainwater could drain into them, so their children wouldn’t have to wait for the next water run in order to get a drink.


  61. @DMD
    Yes, I agree they are not mutually exclusive, but I have read too many posts criticizing the professionalism of the FB page of GASS and leaving that negative impression standing for the second unsaid impression to be formed, in the minds of some that, therefore the efforts are farcical and should be dismissed as such. My point, not well stated I agree is, I don’t care if some find the FB page unprofessional or grammatically incorrect or one of the many other many criticisms, the efforts and results of what they are doing has already had a positive effect I believe, for the improvement of the conditions under which these children labor, and criticizing GASS writing or FB page comments seems to be the only way some can begin to undermine the purposes and credibility at this point. And I don’t agree with these critical efforts nor will I go there. It seems too familiar to the methodology of camp Naugler from their past behaviors. In effect, the FB page writings and professional appearance criticisms appears to me to be a first effort to discredit and stop support for the GASS in it’s entirety.


  62. The Mediocre and Stupid Show released its much anticipated trailer which is a very short rehash of the same material that’s been floating around for ages.


  63. I had really hoped that there was something to the GASS group. But after watching trailer #2, saying I was disappointed would be an understatement. If the trailers are any indication of the content or quality of any real documentary they might be making, well, I hope they aren’t depending on it for revenue to even recoup expenses. They’ll be as broke as the Nauglers bank on it.

    I’ll bet the Nauglers are laughing their asses off right now.

    Sally, just write the book.


  64. I thought for sure GASS was real, but after seeing the second trailer it’s clear they are just there to poke fun and irk Nikki and Joe.

    Watching the second trailer made me question if it wasn’t just Nikki and Joe causing drama.

    I know GASS started as a mirror of grooming business. It was that only for a very, very short time. I only know that because they admitted to it.

    Then it became GASS. I for sure thought they had something. …. but after last night’s release of the second trailer (that was delayed by a week) it’s clear they got nothing. I’m certain now they are a fake.

    Who is behind it? Not sure. But now I wonder if it’s Nikki and Joe. It is perfect for them if it was …..


  65. @ Sleepless… I too thought at one time that Joe and Nicole might be behind the GASS page just to promote sympathy for being picked on. But then, after watching how frazzled the postings from the GASS page made Nicole, I abandoned the idea.

    While I do not agree with the tactics the GASS people have used, I think their goal of exposing the whole story is right on track. Joe and Nicole wanted their story told, but only wanted pieces of it to be to be known so as to garner sympathy, i.e. revenue. Had the full story been told in the beginning, I doubt that they would have received those thousands in donations.

    Disappointed in the trailers, I hope any documentary in-the-making can expose new facts that will further solidify the scamming, lying, harassing, and downright nastiness, that the Naugler couple have inflicted on others, and that most of us are already aware of.

    And Niki, since I am sure you read here, let me clarify something for you that you just can’t seem to grasp. Rumors of Ranger’s demise are not what prompted animal lovers to lash out in the manner they did. Words written by you and shared publicly by you, are what caused your demise. The world wouldn’t have known a thing about Ranger had you not told 45,000 people about it yourself. As always, you need not look further than the closest mirror, for your own undoing.


  66. Sleepless… I feel the same way about GASS, now that I have seen the 2nd trailor.


  67. My reaction to the second GASS trailer….

    I am smiling rather wryly as I recall my comment above, where I said the GASS folks were appealing to my “thirst for resolution.”

    Obviously I meant resolution in the storytelling sense, but now I feel let down by the lack of resolution in the video-picture-quality sense. It’s not even bootleg quality, even when played at the HD setting.

    But I haven’t written it off as a hoax just yet.

    I’m in more of a wait-and-see mode, mostly because they are using clips from outside sources, including the Today show. Either they are about to get in big trouble with a copyright department, or they have paid somebody a licensing fee to use these clips. I’m not a lawyer, and I would welcome any lawyers out there to offer an opinion, but to me I don’t see how the clips are used in a way that could qualify as “fair use.”

    Thus time will tell. If the video disappears soon that will, ironically, give us a pretty clear picture.

    Another thought about the video quality: it could be an issue with Facebook; I know they often reduce resolution of photos and videos due to space and traffic. I’m not sure why they opted to post the videos there, unless they want their media presence to stay hidden under their Great and Secret Umbrella.

    Before anyone accuses me of grasping at straws, I am fully aware that is exactly what I’m doing. It’s patently obvious that I really wish it were true that the Nauglers were about to be outed as frauds for the big wide world to see. Right now it’s looking like that wish is suffering the same fate as a Naugler chick: it won’t survive past the fluffy phase.

    I’d also like to thank you, Sally, for indulging this comment and all the other tangential Naugler discussion that happens on your posts. Common sense tells me I should direct GASS commentary to their own page. But like so many who have seen what Nicole likes to do to total strangers who have conversations on nonsupporter pages, I’m not keen on sharing my thoughts on the Naugers in the Facebook realm.


  68. Dear Mandy,
    Bless your heart. You came and gave without taking and she sent you away…poor, poor Mandy. I am not sure if you were seriously seeking advice from the idiot with bad hair, but I would like to let you know that there are some incredible blogs out there that can give you some pretty good information about everything from canning, drying, and fermenting foods to even tanning your own deer hides, if you are a meat eater and don’t want to waste the hide. Plus, there are many steps you can take that will begin to eliminate unnecessary spending while also providing you a cache of food on hand. Realize, first, that my husband and I are vegetarians so you won’t see information about storing meat other than fish. My daughter raises a huge garden and I can everything from her garden. If you’ve never canned before, you might start with doing water bath processing of fruits. Investing in canning supplies is expensive but in the long run, I think everyone would agree that you save money on the produce per pound, especially if you grow it yourself or garden share. We garden share with our daughter: we buy the seeds and plants and really the land and they plant and nurture and harvest the produce, and I can, dry, pickle, jelly, ferment, etc. all the vegetables. My husband and I also buy bulk fruit from a pick-your-own berries, fruit, and nuts farms. I also can or freeze the produce.

    We also go to a trout farm in Missouri, a few hours from our apartment, and we take the grandkids and pay for the right to fish for trout in a little river that runs right out of the fishery (a nursery where the fish are bred, hatched, and allowed to grow huge). They release tons of large trout and they are so easy to catch, I even manage to get my quota for the day. I then freeze, can, and smoke the trout. Look in your area for similar opportunities to fish, if you are fish eaters.

    Finally, I am a forager from way back. I forage for wild mushrooms (of course you need to have knowledge about mushrooms so take a class, join a club, and research) and other wild plants such as cattails and burdock. If you have the space in your home, you can plant various herbs such as basil, thyme, etc. and dry those.

    There are so many ways you can save on your grocery bill but there is an initial investment for canning supplies and maybe reading material or joining a club to get information.

    And to N…shame, shame, shame on you….your safety my gravity affected ass. You are what my grandparents would refer to as worthless as tits on a boar hog….TRUE DAT


  69. oops, per her blog….a cabin

    Oh, no. It’s a “lofted cabin.” The “loft” consists of exposed rafters with some plywood sheets across them. That is the children’s “bed.”

    Al and I were in his chicken house today and I noticed the roosts he has for his hens. They are rafters. “Naugler roosts.”

    Al’s chickens live in a nicer house than the Naugler children.


  70. Nicole is posting plans again. You know the cabin they’ve been planning on building for over 3 years. A cabin I must point out that on one occasion she actually posted was already framed and would be done if they could just stop changing their minds. A cabin that another time she posted had already been decided upon and designed. A cabin that they were waiting for the children to come back to build. The cabin that per her own postings should be done by now.

    “We don’t live off donations” Nauglers will squeal that it’s not been done because of money, trolls and whatever. She can sell the idea of a cabin to the newbies because she knows they will be long bled dry and gone before weather permits any building on the shitstead. It’s a win win for her.

    Send more money. Nicole is rehashing the same plans that she has used for years as donation props. I firmly believe that they will never build a proper cabin because that would dig into the donation drive.

    I wonder if she will dig out last years video of the children being grateful to God for giving them mud for Christmas. If that doesn’t tug the heartstrings and again get the donations flowing I don’t know what will.


  71. Gotta love it. She’s getting her ass handed to her on her NCN page, people are criticizing her on her whooping cough thread.


  72. The telling thing about the shed with roosts for children is that it is an improvement over the previous dwelling. The shed has four vertical walls instead of three. It has a roof whereas before they had a tarp.

    I dub the king of sloth and orange crocs and queen of ‘shoot me’ and matted hair the Naugahydes. Faux leather, faux man and father, faux woman and mother. Faux homesteaders. Sorry, people with real dreadlocks would be insulted to hear that the matted wads on Nicole’s head were supposed to be dreadlocks. Maybe more of a Medusa effect she’s going for.


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