Sacred or Profane


It is hard for me to reconcile the above post that Joe made on Nicole’s public page with the “faith driven”  Mormon family man he claims to be.

After all the Bible plays a “vital role” within the Church of Latter Day Saints.

The Nauglers craft the appearance of being Godly people.

Capture Joseph claims to be a saint and a radical rational hippie Mormon.

imageCaptureAt other times, the image projected is far less Godly.  The constant use of profanity we are told by Nicole is no big deal and does not make them less Godly, and anyway “who are we to judge?”.  I am not judging.  I am simply stating that I, personally, cannot reconcile the constant use of profanity with the faith driven image they would have me believe.  It impacts their credibility.

Perhaps he’s really making these “small, steady, incremental improvements“? The kind listed below in one of his G rated posts? I wonder what he’d really like to post. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s on that reverent path. Preparing to walk guiltless. Waving the “C word banner” and dropping “repentant F bombs”.
CaptureBecause . . . integrity? Seems we have different opinions.
CaptureI think hubris can often be seen to bleed over into his religious views and holdings.  He often calls for mercy on himself, while rarely giving it to others.
CaptureHe seems to have a few bones to pick with the members of the Church of Latter Day Saints and his perception that they are “statists”.  That they do not see as clearly as he does.
CaptureOf course, Joe’s vision has been “enhanced” with “herbal supplements” causing him to have “great revelations and insights”.
CaptureBut wait, Joe sees “Satan’s influence” on others who have “been called as seers and revelations”. Joe finds following “the prophet insidious”.  Maybe Joe just wants everyone to know, that although he himself claims revelations, he has a much better understanding and insight into God than they do.
CaptureAfter all it is all about the individual.  A statement which I feel sums up the entirety of Joe’s very self obsessed philosophy.
CaptureWhen the Nauglers first came to live in Kentucky they relied on the kindness and open hearts of the Church of Latter Day Saints.  While the below statement by Nicole may have been true by 2015 the Nauglers, after moving from ward to ward in different stakes, had long worn out their welcome.

The Nauglers are loathe to discuss it much, but this has not stopped them from publicly naming and shaming ward members on their public postings.  I will not share those here.  I will not be a party to the Naugler’s biting the hands that literally fed them for years.
CapturePerhaps, someone should ask Joe if their Temple Recommends were revoked.  All I can say, is – don’t expect a straight answer from either of them.image As I wrote earlier, Joe and Nicole often invoke mercy for themselves, but are far from willing to extend it to others.

The Naugler’s words and actions are far too often at odds with the image that they have carefully crafted.
CaptureCaptureCapturePerhaps instead of just publishing the good works and words of others, Joe could begin to practice what he preaches.  It is not enough to self-proclaim yourself a saint and a man of God.  It is not enough that Joe proclaims that the spirit has moved him to do the things he does (some of which are not good deeds in the slightest).   I think, for people to take you seriously, you need to walk the walk and talk the talk.
CaptureI believe that Joe thinks he is a faith driven man.  The problem I believe lies in Joe’s uniquely self absorbed and grandiose views of himself and his place in the world.  It would seem that Joe is consumed with a false impression of his own importance, that he knows best when it comes to just about everything, including his special relationship with God.

He may lightly lay the mantle of one religion or another over his shoulders, but he does not adhere to any teachings that he doesn’t feel like adhering to.  He does as his “spirit” tells him, often invoking this spirit to justify otherwise unjustifiable actions towards others.  It would appear that he does not believe that he serves God, but that his God serves him.  He may have been criminally convicted any number of times, lost parental rights to his child, bully and threaten those he deems weaker than himself, engage in behavior that demeans others both online and off, not provide for his family, or any number of heinous things, but it is all just dandy.  Joe tells us so over and over again, and if we don’t believe him, no worries his spirits have his back, and you’re just a cunt.

Hubris.  Pride.  To quote one of Joe’s favorites — Ezra Taft Benson
CaptureCherry picking right and wrong and who it applies to seems to be a subjective art here huh?

This installment brought to you by “The Nefarious Please”


22 thoughts on “Sacred or Profane”

  1. All I can say is wow.

    Both of them need mental help. From the pictures and her blogs from a few years back they looked to have a semi normal life at least the pictures showed that. Now they are on a total downward spiral and bring the poor kids down the same path.

    If Joe can post that C word and toss it around so easy you know he is doing so in front of his kids. What a thing to teach your sons how to be disrespectful to woman. He is also teaching his daughters that word used against them would be okay.

    As statement Nicole likes to toss around – Joe needs a good throat punch.


  2. I’ve had my big girl panties for months now, but nothing.
    I’m beginning to suspect Joe is full of it.


  3. My my! Nothing like a good example. These type of people are exactly why I no longer attend church. I can do better on my knees early in the morning watching the sun rise. Anyone else notice how Joe / Charles/ Ben love to throw out the “C” word? As far as the lawsuits they promise, bring it on! You will surely fail and fail miserably , just like with everything else you have tried to do!


  4. I’m indifferent to religious beliefs. They’re interesting to read about but I’m not moved by any holy texts, nor do I believe that prayers make a difference. That being said, there is a difference between righteous people and self-righteous people. Neither group exclusively attends or eschews houses of worship or participation in religious rituals.

    Joe and Nicole are self-righteous.

    : convinced of one’s own righteousness especially in contrast with the actions and beliefs of others : narrow-mindedly moralistic

    They are also niggardly, no gracious generosity on their parts.

    : grudgingly mean about spending or granting : begrudging

    : provided in meanly limited supply

    In fact, in light of the $70,000 – $80,000 they were given in 2015, I think they’re penurious as well. After all, there are never any indications of their giving of their time, treasure or talents to others. It’s always about what they wish to be given.

    All definitions from Merriam-Webster.


  5. Oh, brother (and sister). Nicole has posted a birthday tribute to Joe on her Blessed Little Homestead Facebook page, in which she describes him as “a romantic…very sentimental…a great father…a big kid at heart…a spiritual person…(having) a dreamer mentality (I concur with this one)…optimistic (I’d call it delusional)…very outgoing and friendly…” and more.

    I do not recognize the man Nicole describes in other valid accounts of his personality, past and recent behavior, and history. It appears to me that lots of cognitive dissonance is displaying itself in Nicole’s description.

    It seems also significant that Nicole reports that Joe “tells me everyday how much he loves me. He tells me that I am beautiful. He is always there for me”. I think Nicole desperately wants and needs to hear these things, and to have these reassurances, even if they are completely countered by the reality in which she, her husband, and their children live each day. Folie a deux, as well as cognitive dissonance, perhaps…and so very sad for the eleven children these two have brought into their delusional world.


  6. In addition, No Greater Joy Ministries is now linked to Nicole’s Blessed Little Homestead Facebook page. This is the ministry which supports the child-rearing practices of Daniel Pearl, which are widely viewed as very abusive by those who are not his followers. No Greater Joy also strongly advocates having the husband be the head of the family, with the wife in a distinctly secondary and inferior position.

    This is a “Christian” (but not very Christ-like, imo) fundamentalist organization, with no connection at all to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the Nauglers’ most recent church affiliation, as far as I know. It has been said by others that the Nauglers have a history of church-bouncing, going from one to another whenever they have been questioned about their “life-style”. I wonder if this is another step in this pattern.

    I wonder what is really going on out at the “Homestead”, and just how much power Nicole really has when it comes to co-parenting with Joe?


  7. Joseph Naugler. Saintly, kind, romantic, loves his wife and kids.

    And calls women “cunts”. The most volatile, vulgar term in the English language and one laden with contempt of women. This is the Joe who is behind the photo that Nicole wants us to see. The “faith driven”, Christian, wonderful stay at home dad.

    He loves his wife and every day tells her how beautiful she is? What about the black eyes you gave her, Joe? (and calling your kids “motherfuckers”?)

    “Folie a deux”. Two crazy people. Like a Bonnie & Clyde (without the killing. But there is robbing of the public). Joe and Nicole’s dysfunction are to enable one another. They deserve one another.

    They just don’t deserve those 11 precious children. Such parenting examples they are giving their kids. “Cunts” and “motherfuckers”.


  8. What’s the count now, of children who have died while being “disciplined” a la Pearl? Four?


  9. I have a mouth like a sailor, but the “C” word is one I never use. It demeans and demoralizes anyone who it is used to describe, at least in my opinion.
    Joe Naugler is no more a saint than I am. He is a bully and a wannabe tyrant.
    I fear for those children if they are following the Pearls, whose current death count is 4. They are child abusers clothing themselves in the Bible.


  10. I somehow missed the two black eyes – can anyone expand on this? When did this occur, and what were the circumstances? No excuse, in any case, of course.

    Nicole also just stated that Joe’s optimism is a good counter to her own tendency towards pessimism.(paraphrased, but also in the birthday post). Perhaps in her inner heart she is not quite so delusional as it appears…but cannot admit the good cause for pessimism to herself, much less others, for reasons of pride and inability to admit to her own poor judgment and bad choices.


  11. If joe focused on personal responsibility as much as he did on cunts, he might actually become the persona he (and the homestead wife) try so desperately to portray. Until that happens, rest assured, the most accurate description of joe is creepy loser. I’ve noticed, unlike Nicole, he doesn’t even have a token “pal” to defend his existence. Pathetic sack of shit. Those poor kids.


  12. Yeah, I’d like to see Michael pearls puff piece on the Nauglers after spending time with them. You know how he starts describing the family after supposedly just watching them interact?
    oh, I would pay money to see the look on Mikeys face the first time Joe says “cunt” or “Motherfucker”. maybe Mike could come up with a new book describing the three types of parents?

    Jenny, I do think it is four, that anyone is aware of. not counting the extreme damage on every other child who met a 1/4 inch plumbing line.


  13. What am I saying though, the Pearls children aren’t doing any better than the Naugs anyway, are they?


  14. One of them, a daughter, had a sobbing breakdown when her husband asked her what she wanted for dinner. A woman who is properly raised a la Pearl is supposed to pray to God that her husband pick something that she wants or can eat, then silently wait for him to order dinner, whenever that may be, and take the blame if he forgets until a late hour. On the other hand, the Pearls project a folksy, down-home image. On the gripping hand, if you look at their self-generated publicity without a filter wishful thinking, the holes in the facade become clear. I mean, the photo that is supposed to sum up the country-fried manliness and dependability of Michael Pearl (b. 1945, B.Sc.) is of him dressed up like an elderly Mountain Man, throwing a big knife at a target. The Pearls also claim deep knowledge of Amish wisdom from having lived near some Amish one time. Just like the Nauglers, their down-hominess is pastede on yey.


  15. Don’t forget the other daughter living off grid whose husband decided to stop working so he can REALLY study the Bible.

    Then you have hoe the Pearl children grew up, living for s period of time on animal feed.

    Debbie being denied life altering surgery till a bunch of people donated the funds for her to have it.

    The honeymoon from hell.

    Nice people.


  16. It isn’t so much the curse words, as the attitude that the Naugler parents have toward everything that one would consider spiritual behavior.

    Honor your family? Not so much. They seem to be not only estranged but hostile toward their mothers, and much of their family. They spend an incredible amount of time online crucifying any family member who dares publish a differing version of their sordid tale.

    Do unto others as you would have them do to you?
    Well, they get offended by people taking photos of their shed from the road, but it is perfectly okay to argue with a stranger who asks they not take photos of their house.
    Anyone or anything trespassing on their land (how many no trespassing signs does someone need to get the point across), but it’s perfectly okay for their animals to wander onto someone else’s property or for them to wander on to someone else’s property to help themselves to buckets of water.
    Someone just saying they will eat at the restaurant next to the shop, but they think it is perfectly okay to call people’s work and try to get them in trouble.
    Someone posting something a little disagreeable on their public pages, but they think it is perfectly okay to then go to and pull everything they can find on the Internet on that person, publicly publish it, and call that person “fuckface” or a “cunt”.
    Gratitude for help or charity, but it’s okay to publicly denounce both those who give to them and those that don’t. Give back? Yeah, right.

    I could go on and on, but I think you can see the pattern from not honoring their parents to demanding it from their children, imaginary slight to full blown attack, from self proclaimed spirituality to statements about how they are “working on it”. I suppose that they are working it as hard as they work fences or gardens or whatever other announced plan they are going to get to someday. With about as much success.


  17. Oh the irony of that first Gif of Australian comedian Jim Jefferies. Jim does stand up comedy, and yes, he does swear…a lot.
    The irony is though, while Joe posts and presumably endorse Jim’s take on the Bible, he (Jim) also did a lengthy comedic rant about gun control in the US compared to Australia. Interesting, when you take into account Joe’s infamous comment “Get the pistol out of the glovebox”, and his stance on gun ownership/defending property etc.


  18. Lisa, I so agree. It’s the attitude. Take from others everything they can beg borrow or steal, and leave everything in their wake in disarray and damaged.
    It really sums up their failures.
    I think, “homesteading”… Love of the land, love and the utmost of care for all of god’s creatures, nurtured honestly and wholeheartedly and passionately. Not so with the Naugler’s. “Homesteading” is simply a convenient label slapped onto extreme poverty and irresponsible and negligent parenting. Jenny said, “a hobo camp”. Pretty apt.
    Learning that they must first give to receive, becomes an absolute when working the land and animals especially when depending upon it. Mother Nature is not all giving unless care and hard work come first. Mother Nature doesn’t fall prey to BS and “plans”. “Hard work”, is strictly defined by her and not prone to interpretation or misdirection or BS by the Nauglers. It’s science. Do “A,” and you will get “B”. Nothing less will work. A law they must follow, no compromising. No begging no borrowing nor stealing here. Give first, take second.
    Nicole seems to be on a never ending “homestead” fantasy ride, towing a bunch of kids and one very heavy dead weight of a husband. It’s not the ‘different life style’ they have chosen that I find fault with, it’s the attitude of all take and no give. I am beginning to believe this really IS enough for these two, and this IS all they will ever achieve. I hope the kids are not too radicalized to ever learn the alternatives. In one of the vlogs posted (and then removed) by Nicole some insight was revealed into the dissatisfaction of one of the kids on their barely working stove and generator, so there is hope… I hope.


  19. No wonder their extended families will not have anything to do with them. Can you just imagine having Joe for a son, brother, cousin, brother in-law, friend, husband or father?
    What a nightmare !!!

    As someone said earlier when this whole thing stated, “Joe is a failed man.”
    I could not agree more with that statement.


  20. Annnnd…it’s folks like this…that make it very hard for youth or people who are choosing a religious path to be leery of Religious/Christian relationships with God.
    No we are not perfect. We (if you follow religious teaching) are to pray without ceasing.
    It sincerely hurts my heart to know they have soo many children looking to them…for guidance, protection, and example to follow. I have children of mine own. I teach them honestly. Many mistakes I’ve made and there are things they enjoy that I do not…but I, at least, give them my $.o2. No, no parent of the year award here.
    They (Nicole and Joe)…might feel as though they are teaching their children to “fight” for what they have or want. There is nothing wrong with having desires or making change. But you surely get more Bees with honey not vinegar. Foul mouthed and unprofessional doesn’t go very far. Usually shrieking…screaming obscenities gets one “carted off”…and those around side eyeing the crazy behavior. Like a child throwing a tantrum.


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