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  1. Love these guys. You can tell they are straightforward with no BS. Unless messed with. There’s only so much people can take.


  2. Ron seems like the nicest man. And probably the best one could hope for, as a neighbor.

    I feel for him, with the irresponsibility and nuisance that moved in next door. Joe and Nicole seem to think everyone around them should be tolerant. Tolerant beyond reasonable.

    Don’t give an inch, Ron, they will take a mile. Until they think they have worn you down.


  3. You can tell Ron sneed is an upstanding and compassionate man. He is a no bullshit type of man but he is not bothered by the kids and animals…only the destruction of his property. Ron and Al both are the kinda guys who I would love to have as a next door neighbor.


  4. A thumb in the eye to those who didn’t think there was any video or audio at all. Or who mistakenly believed it was owed to them immediately or something.


  5. Mr. Sneed seems sweet. Bless his heart for giving condolences to the people who least deserve it. But that is how it used to be, people were polite even if they didn’t like you. My dad always told me to be pleasant, even if I don’t like someone, because you’ll see them a lot and it’s easier to get along in this world then fight with them. Some day you might need help from the people you least expect. I almost feel bad for NN who strives to be argumentative, mean, and cause drama. I wish she knew how lovely life is when you are a pleasant human being. Not everything has to be difficult.


  6. How you like that apology? I think it was something like sorry you shouldn’t have made me to do it. That woman is loaded with excuses and will not own up to shit!


  7. First and foremost, thank you Mr. Sneed, for your service to our country. Mere words cannot convey our gratitude.
    Now, this is the greatest thing I’ve seen since the beginning of this whole debacle. These gentlemen are true blue, decent, honest, lay it on the line kind of men. So very different than the homestead husband. Can you imagine the help they would have offered the “Nozzlers”, with heavy equipment, gardening advice and help, water cachement, etc. etc. had the “Nozzlers” taken one step back, and asked themselves….why do i believe the world is out to get me? I believe these two men, Mr. Sneed especially, would have offered all the help in the world. I live in a rural community (I’m a city girl. It’s all foreign to me), but I see what these people to do help each other, and the community as a whole. They don’t go around stirring shit! Please Mr. And Mrs. “Nozzler”, take these men at their word. Leave them alone, and they will leave you alone. Stop infringing on Mr. Sneed’s property, his family, and his livelihood. Stop using Mr. Wilson’s name, image, or job to support your narrative. Stop crying to your blind followers about how persecuted you are. YOU ARE NOT VICTIMS! You are the perpetrators of this entire farce. Continue to do your “quasi-homestead” blog. No one cares. I quite enjoyed your blog in the early days, before you lost your collective minds. Your followers will obviously continue to follow you blindly, unwilling, or unable to see the truth. and that is fine. We don’t care. Stop crying victim when you screw up. Stop bothering anyone and everyone who disagrees with you. Stop sticking your tongue out at society as a whole, because you chose a different path. (Did i say no one cares?) I also chose the road less traveled, and my hope is, regardless of mistakes along the way, I left people just a little better for having known me. You cannot say that, but it isn’t too late. Pull up your pants, and move on. We know you won’t, and for that reason we will continue to watch.
    Sally, thank you for sharing this. I understand it all so much better now.
    Mr. Sneed and Mr. Wilson…..If I ever get to Kentucky, the beer is on me!
    Mr. And Mrs. “Nozzler, go suck an egg.


  8. Dear Naugler fans who are reading:

    The Nauglers and their surrogates have threatened to:

    1. Destroy my family business.
    2. Kill my pets and shoot at my house from the road.
    3. They harassed my teen daughter online.
    4. They made harassing phone calls to my aunt with COPD during her last month of life in home hospice. (Because we share the same name)

    All of which was reported to my local police…and theirs.

    And they did all of this…because I wrote on the internet…that I worried about their kids and suspected serious educational neglect.

    I am allowed to express my opinion without fear of being shot, or having my elderly relations tormented on their deathbeds.

    I am allowed to express my opinion online without fear of my business line being phone bombed and IRS complaints phoned in anonymously. (If I were a vindictive person, I’d return the favor)

    I am allowed to say that I think Joe and Nicole are disgusting two-faced con artists who pimp their children to raise free money by manipulating kind-hearted fools on social media.

    I am allowed to think they’re opportunistic deadbeats… for having taken advantage of and abused the generosity of multiple ex churches, ex land lords, ex friends and ex employers.

    And you know what? If Nicole is stupid enough to let her business name lapse…Lisa is legally allowed to buy it and do whatever the hell she wants with it. Tough shit.


  9. This made me feel so many emotions..it was sadly comical but really infuriating. It is sad that Mr. Sneed had to invest money in cameras for his pond. It is equally infuriating that the Nauglers do not care if the kids trespass in order to bath, fish, poo or do whatever they were doing to make Mr. Sneed resort to those measures..


  10. Here is a man who has been lied about, has his property trespassed upon, has been threatened, had his customers interfered with, his daughter threatened and who has been literally deluged with shit- and he still finds it within himself to offer genuine, sincere condolences about the loss of a baby.

    I have met a lot of men like Mr. Wilson and Mr. Sneed. A couple of years ago when the power went out on my block our neighbor, Buck came over and split firewood,and came in to start a fire. I came out later that day to find that he had split another 6-8 logs and left me a note telling me he wanted to make sure we had enough wood to last the entire night in case the power stayed off. Our sprinkler system failed one year and my New Yorker husband had zero idea of how to fix it. Buck came over with tools and showed D how to fix the problem and offered some suggestions on how to prevent it from happening again. . After my son died, his wife left casseroles on my porch for a week…. she knows I’m vegetarian and cooked things that she knew I could eat. She didn’t want me to feel like I had to entertain her so she simply rang the doorbell and went on her way.

    When their disabled son needed an iPad set up so that he could communicate, I was the one who did it and spent time teaching his caregiver how to teach him to use it. When their dog escaped from the kennel where they were boarding him while on vacation and came home- my husband and I let them know, brought him into our house and kept him for the rest of the week. When she had surgery last year, I returned the food favor and cooked them food that I knew they would eat (yep…this vegetarian cooked meat).

    I managed to get my minivan stuck in the snow last winter. While I could have waited for AAA, my other neighbor, Red was there in five minutes to poke fun at my driving and then he used his ginormous truck to pull me out.

    That’s what neighbors do.

    If J and NN had even the most basic ability to act like decent adults, they might have been able to count on their neighbors to be resources for them in terms of knowledge, or during emergencies. Instead, they have to act like complete shitstains….and then have the gall to talk about karma.

    Yeah…. when you’re living in a garden shed and shitting in a bucket seems like the karma you need to worry about is your own.


  11. You know, Al may come off like an “Aw Shucks” kind of guy, but I wouldn’t mess with a guy who’s got a BS and an MS in aeronautics, plus he was an instructor in attack helicopters. That means brains, which Joe and Nichole together are sadly lacking.


  12. The Nauglers are so fortunate to have Mr Sneed and Al as neighbours
    If the Nauglers hadn’t behaved the way they have I’m sure Mr Sneed and Al would have helped them sort that mess of a place out
    They just do not deserve such nice neighbours


  13. I don’t think any rational being could watch this video and not believe that both Mr. Sneed and Al are speaking from their hearts and telling the absolute truth.

    Bravo, gentleman!


  14. Is Al single? Asking for a friend…

    No. He’s very married to one of the nicest people I know.


  15. Her update on AW was he no
    Longer flies over her house after she called his employer….. I doubt he did that.

    These men are honest and I love that. Take notes joe.


  16. I know what NN’s update on him was. I don’t believe a word out of her mouth anymore than I believe that my neighbor has a 10 foot tall bullfrog that he rides during the full moon.

    I really think J and N have royally screwed the pooch (metaphorically speaking) with their attitudes towards their neighbors. Mr. Sneed seems to be an amazing guy with a plethora of knowledge and information at hand. He fought in 3 wars. He runs a butcher shop. He has been around long enough to see things change constantly, some for the better and some for the worse. Imagine how much he could have taught them if they were only inclined to learn. But I guess now they will learn something they didn’t expect to learn: that in life there are consequences for your actions and that that they will eventually catch up with you.


  17. Glad to hear this in it’s entirety. It really filled in the gaps and shows the straight forward sincerity and frustration of the Naugler’s victims without any hype.
    Interesting to hear that on top of all of the Naugler encroachments on their neighbors and community, Joe also drives around barking! Add that to his crotch grabbing while making lewd noises towards woman, and his other antisocial and criminal behavior, and I think we all get a really good idea of what the neighbors are suffering on an ongoing daily basis.
    NN’s 2 part video, proclaiming their innocence is comedy gold. Appears Nikki takes pleasure in saying they are there to stay due to CPS, so suck it up neighbors, we are going to put you through hell in retaliation. Her delusional state seems to be more of her norm now.
    My condolences to the entire community.


  18. Her update on AW was he no
    Longer flies over her house after she called his employer….. I doubt he did that.

    Translation: the situation hasn’t arisen for a little while and she never “witnessed” it happening anyway. It was what she was told. Airhead thinks she can identify the pilot of a helicopter from the ground. Not bloody likely. Plus she doesn’t know when he’s the pilot or not. It’s not like he’s the only pilot employed there and I doubt he has the same shift month after month.

    I wonder if they’ve paid the hospital for saving her hide. Hahaha. Get yourself a different car but stiff the medical facility and licensed “statist” medical staff that saved your life. Stay classy, Nicole!


  19. I find it sort of telling that Nicole immediately pounced on the teeny issue of Ron thinking that Maggie was dead (and being genuinely sorry about it) as the only thing she can rebut. And she did that in spite of the fact that Al corrected Ron right in the video.

    I guess this means that all the rest stands. 🙂 You know, the whole reporting him for non-existent dead carcasses, and letting her goats destroy $600 worth of soybeans, and Joe cussing Ron out on his own property. All that stuff.


  20. Nicole Naugler is on a mission. She is out to discredit Ron Sneed. Not with anything significant of course. All she proved is that Ron Sneed isn’t nearly as obsessed with her family as she is with his, IMO.

    She posted a video of herself and their dog Maggie at the Blessed Little Homestead. Ron Sneed mistakenly thought Maggie had died because she stopped coming to visit with him, to eat his dog food, to sleep on her dog bed at his place and to have the quiet contentment she enjoyed there. I think I know why Maggie stopped going over. Nicole Naugler posted photos of the dogs tied up at her place. She wrote of the “danger” her dogs were in from Mr Sneed. Whatever. I suspect that Nicole Naugler had a mini stroke when the photos of Maggie enjoying her retirement space at Ron Sneed’s place were published. It put the lie to Nicole’s dramatic and false claims.

    Well, Nicole Naugler, you know what you proved with your Maggie Video? You proved that Mr Sneed isn’t all up in your business like you claim he is. He had no idea. He didn’t Note it on your social media posts about your dogs. He didn’t see Maggie tied down on your property. He only noticed that Maggie wasn’t coming to his place anymore.

    As to rumors, what rumors? Mr Sneed said it in the video and Al corrected him. End of story.

    Nicole Naugler. Joseph Naugler. How about you stick to the significant stuff? Where are those recordings you have been promising of Ron Sneed telling you that I or Al aren’t welcome at his place? Or any of the other bullshit you spewed online about the recording from the day of the horse, the teen, the bucket and the gun. Cough it up

    *Note. I’d type up the various accusations from the Nauglers but they change their story about it a lot, they embellish and shit they don’t always even agree on their story between the two of them. Plus I can’t be bothered. It’s all out there in their blogs, vlogs, videos, YouTube, Facebook, etc., social media smear campaign blitz against so many people, including myself.


  21. I saw that, Sally. So ridiculous. That’s another one of her tactics: respond to a rumor that isn’t actually a rumor.


  22. So, she isn’t denying that Joe barked at someone, that he handed a minor child a firearm with the instruction to not remove his trigger finger, or that Joe cursed at the woman involved in the chariot incident and called her a whore. Huh.


  23. I recall photos of the poor dog tied up by that shitty pond. I cant imagine how miserable she was when it was below zero there


  24. What I got from the Maggie video other than the dog being alive was:

    We have seen pictures she has posted of her kissing and showing affection to Fat Ass. I do not recall seeing a picture or a blip in a video of her kissing, hugging or showing any of the kids real genuine affection.
    What mother is so disconnected from her kids that never show that even and especially with the gazillions of photos and videos? Only one sick twisted cold hearted narcissistic bitch of a mother.

    Those kids do not know what physical loving touch and affections is and that is sad. All they have been taught is fear, hate and how to be disrespectful to authorities (LE and court system).
    No wonder the oldest are marching right behind the parents with the same footsteps of legal problems… 🙁


  25. Isn’t going to the store while Mr. Sneed’s daughter is working violating the IPO? IPOs here include your place of work, home, and if you attend a school it includes that also.


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