Emmy was brave and wrote a fairly scathing comment on Nicole’s new blog. [I am not going to link there for reasons I will explain in a moment.]

She predicted that she’d be blocked for commenting with less-than-flattering statements.


But Nicole, pretending to not necessarily be Nicole because she has so many friends helping her write this absolutely fascinating blog, says “Oh, no, you weren’t blocked because we don’t ever do such a thing, ever.  Having free and open discussion is how we actually roll.”

So there.


Remember the other piece where “Seeking balance” wrote a comment that was awaiting moderation (which never happened)?  Remember that?

Well, when “Seeking balance” went back to Nicole’s little blog to see what happened to the comment, this was the screen that appeared.


Of course, we all know that Nicole is heavy with the ban hammer.  She does not typically tolerate much in the way of criticism. Her favorite comments are those that say, “You are so awesome. I want to be just like you. And your children are so obviously happy and beautiful and I wish I had eleventy-million children just like you.”  That sort of drivel.

I just checked to be sure.  I have exactly four IP addresses blocked from this blog.  Four. In an entire year.  And I have made it clear that I was going to ditch all four of those folks.  (In one case, I believe that a person’s IP was blocked and then she showed up again using another IP, so I blocked that one as well.  And in one case, the person actually asked me to block her IP address, so I did as she requested.)

We’ve had few problems here.  People have come here and disagreed, but that’s fine. And most of the time, even in disagreeing, people are decent.

But Nicole just doesn’t handle it well, so she blocks and bans and deletes and ejects.

Now, back to what I promised at the start—the reason why I am not going to be linking to her blog.

She is using Wordfence.  See?  Up there in that screen shot?  Nicole has the capability even in the free version of that utility to block any IP address of anyone who comes to her blog from here.

So, if I put up the link and you followed it there, she would know, not who you are, but she’d be able to block your IP address just because she doesn’t like anyone who reads over here, except of course herself.

Now then, if she ever linked to me (and pigs flew), and you came here, I would know it as well, but I would not block anyone for that reason ever. I encourage you to go read her nonsense.  It’s fine. But you’ll have to get there some other way because I do not want to be responsible for you being blocked.

If she does block you, please take a screen shot of the blocked page and send it to me (I’m making a collection) and I’ll help you out with a work-around.



And they begin to come in.  This person was blocked from the BLH blog, so it’s not just the new one.



41 thoughts on “Rolling”

  1. But what about her other blog? You are linked to, “A Voice For Our Families”? Different set up?


  2. I mentioned to Nicole that her blog seemed suspiciously similar to yours along with letting her know just how sad her life is, especially what she is doing to those poor kids. Guess who got the ban hammer? 🙂


  3. She hasn’t been active on that blog in forever, and the whole blocking issue hasn’t come up. I will probably cease to link to any of her stuff since she’s pulling this crap.

    This is actually cutting off her nose to spite her face. The more her blog is linked, the higher the rankings are in Google. I won’t link because she’s an ass with the ban hammer, so she loses. I give not a single. . f. . .well, you know.


  4. I am blocked but I don’t know how to send you a screen shot. I simply use a proxy to get through anyway.


  5. Hahahaha hahahaha. Hahahahahahaha. Hahahaha hahahaha.

    Nicole a hypocrite? Nicole banning people on her super new little blog? Nicole carefully orchestrating what people see and don’t see? Nicole rewriting her narrative as she goes along looking for what will give her the most exposure for her blog that’s just for family and friends, anyone else who reads it is a stalker? Nicole who spins a careful story with carefully cropped and staged photographs? Nicole trying desperately to bring down this blog? Nicole who creates a mirror blog in hopes of diverting the traffic to herself? Say it ain’t so, Joe.

    Why is it so important to Nicole to have this carefully crafted very public version of herself, Joe and the children/hostages/shields/props/workers (take your pick) all over the Internet? This is the question that continues to puzzle me.


  6. Annie, I was blocked for the same reason. I asked about the pig. No profanity or anything. One simple question.


  7. I was banned from posting a long time ago because I made the great sin of suggesting the Mrs. take some responsibility with her life and family..Bing bang, boom, I’m gone! ( and doxxed as well)
    It’s okay, I was getting cooties from just posting there!

    (Not nicole nor one of her cult members!)


  8. I am blocked but I don’t know how to send you a screen shot.

    If you message me via the blog, I will reply with an email address you can use.


  9. Why is it so important to Nicole to have this carefully crafted very public version of herself, Joe and the children/hostages/shields/props/workers (take your pick) all over the Internet? This is the question that continues to puzzle me.

    The long this goes on, the more questions I have. And they all circle back to this.


  10. Perhaps she’s trying to be Sally Field winning her Oscar. “You like me! You really like me!!!” Yes, I’m showing my age.


  11. and you have to chuckle that she is writing her blog in 3rd person. because 3rd person makes the lies more believable..she should have been a comedian she sure knows how to make us all laugh

    (written by the person who might not be waiting for her 1099)


  12. “Why is it so important to Nicole to have this carefully crafted very public version of herself, Joe and the children/hostages/shields/props/workers (take your pick) all over the Internet? This is the question that continues to puzzle me.”

    Money and power.
    What she has been doing has been working for a long time now and, it’s all she knows.
    She was Selling an idea and hope, especially in the hard times of the past 10 years, to a very desperately hurting group of people, that there is a way to live a beautiful simple life without all the pressures of the established norms such as working 9-5, a mortgage and debts. Or if you had gone belly up, her way was your redemption, a way out. And she would happily be your leader, (insert PayPal button, here.). After all, she was providing a service, right…
    Apparently her fantasy portrayal was profitable, to what extent exactly we will never know, and until the windfall / downfall in Ky occurred it probably would have continued unchallenged. She discovered how easy it was for her to mislead desperate trusting and naive people using her images on the net and got better at it. The image of not only a beautiful life but better still, one with many many beautiful photogenic BABIES! “You too can do this! Anyone can do this!” And even more Babies!

    When some followers fell away, there were always new marks, as long as you controlled any negative feedback. She learned a long time ago how to do that too. Doxxing, harassment, deletion, blocking, socks, etc, are all tools of her trade. But when locals began looking a little too closely at the reality of the living conditions or possibly neglect in one or multiple areas, they simply relocated.
    Until KY. They chose to flee to KY likely due to it’s leniency and troubled systems. How ironic is it that the very place they fled to has also become their Waterloo.
    And of course, all IMHO.


  13. How does one find time to teach each child, work, unschool, feed, wash clothes, run 3fb pages? I have 2 kids…I have 1 fb and thru ate in activities …..#lyingisstronginher


  14. At this point there is really no way the Nauglers can escape themselves no matter what image they try to project. Search engines all over the net readily pull up negative articles, blogs, and images of them and their lives.

    Nicole has scrubbed blogs both old and new of posts she thought painted the family in poor light, but even that is not enough to erase all the negative things about them that circulates. They will forever be infamous.

    And if its true that the new folks in the game will eventually publish an exposé about them, well, I bet Nicole has already shat her pants about that possibility. Sounds like they have dug up some really interesting things in the Naugler past and as much as it pains me to admit it, I want to know.

    BTW, has anyone other than me realized that the new group doing the exposé has labled their fb page with the same title as an 80’s Clive Barker novel?


  15. Why can’t I find this blog? Googling “my blessed little blog” or typing it in without the spaces and adding .com just gets me to search results (this blog and about a page of other results) but not hers.


  16. Right?! That IS the question! WHY is it so important to her to have this public shit-stain on her family’s reputation played out over and over again? She is in denial , as if this isnt all a very real and permanent tarnish that will never undo itself, despite her constant efforts. More and more parents are learning, rethinking the sharing of so much familial delicacy online, and the dire consequences of oversharing and the loss of anonymity. IT IS FOREVER.

    So. My silly metaphor for her situation is this:
    Nicole’s husband spills something. Now there is a big shit-stain on the carpet. Instead of patting it gently with cloth, mild cleanser, and patient tlc, she rubs and scrubs too hard, spreading the stain into a larger one. Since she doesnt know what to do now, and doesn’t utilize logic, she doubles down, throwing more shit onto the carpet, rubbing it all in, and spreading the shit until it looks as if, just maybe, the whole carpet was brown in the first place. No one will know, she thinks. Alas, it doesnt quite look right. And now, to boot, it smells. (Only this isnt a carpet, its her family. She is ill. Very ill.)


  17. The funny thing is that very few people would be upset if Wilburina had been butchered and transformed into several meals. It’s the idea that she escaped or succumbed to something rather than being butchered that bothers many readers.

    Yeah, well, if she didn’t have many children would anyone be interested in her? To the point of donating money or buying bows? Nicole and Joe simply aren’t that interesting in and of themselves.

    By the way, Nicole, when you list names alphabetically it’s Al Wilson before Alex Brow. This is taught in elementary school.


  18. I was blocked. I knew I would be once she seen that I called her husband a bucket of lard and said some other stuff. That’s the thing about Nicole, She hates the truth. Probably because all she is use to is lies. From herself and from her tubby hubby.


  19. Why can’t I find this blog?

    You can’t find it on Google because Google doesn’t know about it yet. It takes time for the spiders or bots or whatever the hell Google has to scurry about the internet and find new stuff. For a blog hosted privately, that could be weeks.

    If you want to visit it, skip Google and type into your browser that name of the blog (no spaces, all lower case letters) and the .com at the end and you’ll go right there.


  20. Sally, hit the nail on the head…Nicole wants to make these grand claims about how great she is and she wants her readers to agree with her in all things and those who don’t agree, she bans them from what she calls trolling. While I am sure there are those people who are malicious in their quest to shed light on some of those crazy ideas that she and Joe have, for the most part, I believe most people are trying to enter into a conversation to present the truth. Simpleton J and N are not able to quite differentiate between baiters and thinkers. I know they come here and read; however, their reading comprehension is limited as is their ability to understand logic. If some idiot on FB says that free ranging goats is the best practice for raising healthy goats, they look no further because they are lazy and need support for their negligence and apathy. Let the goats, dogs, cats, chickens, and now horse free range and someday, they might build a fence. When critical thinkers respond with logic and reasoning as to why it is best to shelter their animals, they go nuts and so do their three little alter egos.

    Now, after all this time, N wants to be build a more positive image. She doesn’t want people to see her as this poor white trash idiot who is too lazy and to poor to buy a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, so she thinks she can do what you do, Sally, which to her is simply follow your form or model, if you will. She has no idea that if she wants her blog to succeed, she is going to have to engage with more than, I’m being bullied and here are the bullies….see….she is going to have to provide evidence that will be evaluated and she will have to have real conversations and provide real support for her claims. We all know she is unable to do any of that so this new project will bomb just like all her other projects bomb…..soon, she will create another to do list that will include catching everyone up on what’s been going on in her life, which anyone with any sense can see through her FB page that her to do list will never reflect the actual needs of her children or the shit shack…running water—no, they love hauling it; flushing toilet—no, we love paying for the port a potty or shitting in the woods like them there bears—getting kids health care—we don’t need no stinking shots. Her lists are more like, catching up on the blog, making bows, getting a book list together…yeah, right!

    And, finally, N, I think more than J, wants to use her blog to support her choices and she really believes that it’s her right to un-derparent and un-derprovide for her kids. If it weren’t for the poor kids and animals, and, of course, her neighbors, I wouldn’t give a flying fig about their lack of sanitation. I wouldn’t care if they stood naked in a snow storm and stuck to the ground, but they have kids and animals and they make no effort to provide for them past keeping them from starving. And their neighbors, geeze….I feel so sorry for those who live down hill and down wind….poor folks. BTW, we met our neighbors that live near our weekend fixer upper….the folks to the west of us seem nice….nice animals that are kept in nice fenced areas with barns and hen houses etc…they offered us meat from their pig they are about to kill and since they would eventually find out we are not meat eaters, we told them thank you from the bottom of our heart but we are vegetarians and she said, well what about some turnip greens…hell yeah! But I think we have a middle class Naugler like folks to the east of us…big fat man who drinks a lot of beer and belches loud and pisses out his back door…yes, I saw it. He also has his big assed camper parked on our land and we have had to contact lawyers to get him to move it because we are demolishing some of the structures near his big assed campers and that pissed him off…on the weekends when we are down there working, he straps on his gun and walks around his porch, looking in our direction. He has a fenced in back yard, but the sides and front are not fenced and he has a million cats and dogs and one goat that he keeps tied to a bush…The cats and dogs run to our house the minute we pull up…it’s a problem. The other neighbor said he is harmless but his animals are a problem, but I see a drunk with a gun and I am not too happy. He also, and this might seem a little gross, scratches his privates all the time, even when he is face-to-face with my husband and me…I wonder if he has cooties. Friday, when we go down there, the sheriff is going to swing by–he is a friend of my family–and if the middle class Naugler like man is walking around with his gun on, he is going to have a conversation with him about appearances of insanity…should be interesting.


  21. Well, blocked from FB too now. I had asked about how they justify listing their first son at the top of the roster of enemies. Nicole claimed it wasn’t a list of enemies. I gave a tiny sample from each person’s description who is listed in that totally objective list of non-enemies. It was difficult not to read it in the voice of a whiny, overtired, 4-year-old.
    Anyway she didn’t like that.


  22. Well, blocked from FB too now.

    Ah, I knew you’d get the ax sooner or later. I’m actually surprised you lasted as long as you did.


  23. P.O.- your metaphor is absolute gold and paints the perfect “shitty” picture of how the Nogs handle their problems. Loved it.


  24. These blog posts are the same old tired recycled nonsense people have been hearing for 2 years now. It is unlikely to sway opinions either way.

    Seems folks with common sense think that the Naugs way of life is harmful and people with an axe to grind with authority think they are the best parents to walk the face of the Earth.

    Megan, I tip my hat to you for lasting as long as you did.


  25. Jeannie’s comment wins the internet today, for me anyway. Especially this line, “I believe most people are trying to enter into a conversation to present the truth.” This has always been my goal, and the reason I’ve not been able to walk away from this train wreck. I’ve left exactly two CALMLY spoken comments and been blocked twice! I want her to receive TRUTH!! I keep hoping something or someone will be able to break through to N for the sake of her children and those animals. N seems to go the most ballistic over the kind-hearted, reasonable and calm-speaking individuals who approach her with respect…and TRUTH. Those are the people she seems to block the quickest. Whereas, she is able to tolerate those who go after her in a tougher and more aggressive fashion, and she will often respond to those comments and then brag about not blocking or banning people. Why is this? Perhaps she likes the aggressive comments better because she has the opportunity to underplay her own hand as she attempts to appear “normal” as in…See! I’m not the crazy one…it’s this crazy person who is ‘screaming’ at me that is crazy! But when a mature, sincere, calm-sounding and obviously astute person asks a reasonable, truth-seeking question (or makes a statement) she bans them immediately, without a word, because it interferes with the false picture she is trying to portray about herself and others. Please note, I’m not saying the people who cut through her bullshit in a more abrasive and succinct manner are not “mature, sincere, calm, etc.” I’m merely making the point that she reacts differently to these two approaches. Has anyone else observed this phenomenon?


  26. Has anyone else observed this phenomenon?

    This is quite a common reaction to criticism online. You allow the negative comments that you think you can refute well, or that are so over-the-top that they make you look sane, and ban the ones that are calm, measured, and reasonable.


  27. I got blocked from the BLH blog but don’t know how to send a ss of same.

    Message me (contact stuff over to your right) and include a valid email address and I will send you instructions.


  28. Nicole said in her blessed little homestead post, that part of the donated money went to lawyers fees. Yet she states in another blog post, that they did not use that money for lawyers. Just curious if anybody else has noticed that.

    I also don’t think Joe will ever have a job, because his wages will be garnished for back child support.


  29. I also don’t think Joe will ever have a job, because his wages will be garnished for back child support.

    I think Joe does not work, not because of back child support, but because he is basically unemployable.


  30. I have often pondered the reason Nicole doesn’t defend Joe’s unemployed status any more than she does. I think it’s because he does work some and they just don’t want people to know because he gets paid under the table and she doesn’t want to draw attention to any more unreported income. 1. So no one knows there is an income to come after for support, and 2. to avoid an audit; even bartering is taxable in some situations if the value of the barter can be proven.

    That may be reaching, but I think it is completely possible and most likely probable. I think this because I just do not believe Nicole makes enough money to support 13 people on her income. They have the land pmt, the shed pmt, gasoline costs, a supposed loan pmt for the grooming salon, utilities and other expenses at the salon, and the grocery bill. No matter how lean they cut it, it must be pretty expensive to feed that many people. (And not to mention trips to Hardee’s and shopping at the Dollar Tree.)

    I just don’t believe that’s all getting paid with Nicole’s income, or even if the oldest boy contributes some or even all of his.

    This is just my opinion, of course.


  31. I earned a block from the BLH blog a little while ago, when I pointed out that she had accused the “trolls” of having various mental illnesses, while crying foul that folk claimed she, too suffered from assorted conditions. She’s nothing if not hypocritical.

    Don’t worry about showing me a workaround, I know how to get around it as hubby is an Snr Network Engineer, so nice try Nicole old thing (idiot).


  32. MyOhMy, I suspect Joe’s selling pot. They have all that land that is so nasty that no one wants to go poking around, and so a lot of area to grow when the weather’s right.

    I’m not against pot at all, and have some that I bought at a local dispensary, so no one accuse me of accusing him of being a druggie. I’m just saying where I think he’s making money.


  33. “Why is it so important to Nicole to have this carefully crafted very public version of herself, Joe and the children/hostages/shields/props/workers (take your pick) all over the Internet? This is the question that continues to puzzle me.”

    I imagine because she deems success as public internet branding that pays in kind, monetarily. Probably the momentum for all of her social media, to develop a source of money. She’s been doing it for years. She hit pay dirt in a big way May 2015. Almost like someone that hits the lottery or wins big at the black jack table, and walks away with the money in their pocket. When they burn thru the money, they gotta go back and try for the big pay dirt again.

    Actually, imo, her blogs she creates are not good marketing for her branding. Not in the context of building a source of money. When people discover it is a biased and controlled media, participation wanes. When participation is “manually blocked by the administrator” too.

    Off topic, but I’ve seen this just recently on a politician’s page. One that I support, and commented on a visitor’s post that I do support this candidate. But was expressing disappointment for having a controversial party leader come support a recent political campaign rally. After typing the comment, there was a pop up that said the page administrator would review before my post would appear. Never appeared. pfft.

    So I liken Nicole’s controlled media to the John Mayer song lyrics,
    “And when you trust your television
    What you get is what you got
    Cause when they own the information, oh
    They can bend it all they want”


  34. Omg, no. All Joe does, is sit around. It is blatantly obvious. #funnyshit

    Those theories re Joe are easily disproved. Eastern Kentucky is one of the largest outdoor pot-producing regions, outside California. Unfortunately for the Nauglers, they live in western KY. So, he does not grow, not in that acid. Joe probably does not even have the stamina to grow and harvest Marijuana. It seems to me, he is pushing to be obese. I would wager, however, that he and Nicole do purchase it, and both partake in it’s sticky. And if he is making any money on the side, it is by contracting his son(s) out for physical labor. But since they are taught that money and property is their own, and not shared among family, the second-eldest son will soon wise up and learn that he does not need Joe to make money, given that craigslist and such are just a click away.


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