The Nauglers are supposedly Mormon.  They have attended Mormon churches in several places, always leaving in a huff after claiming that they are being persecuted in some way.

On this page, I’m just going to make a collection of stuff Nicole has said about religion in general and Mormons in particular.

Note: I am an atheist. I spent much of my life (until my mid-forties) as a fundamentalist Christian. I have little use for religion.  However, when a family bounces from church to church, always as takers and never once as givers, and then complains bitterly because they don’t believe they are “being helped” enough, I have enough experience with church-goers to know what the problem is.

In my entire time as a devout Christian, I never once asked a church to help me do anything. It would never have occurred to either me or Dave to do that. We never saw church membership or attendance as something we did to gain anything material.

The Nauglers did.


Nicole says that the church members are “trolls,” so that makes them automatically “the problem.” Every Mormon across the whole area of Kentucky where the Nauglers have lived is a “troll,” apparently.



She only wants “uplifting stories about your testimony.”  This was obviously on a day when she was feeling all warm and fuzzy about religion.


I don’t know what this is about exactly, since I’m not Mormon and don’t follow that stuff, but I do know enough about being an atheist and deconversion and nonbelief to know it when I see it.  There is nothing whatever wrong with being critical of religion, nothing wrong with doubt, nothing wrong with not believing stuff.  I think that it’s a positive trait, frankly.

What is wrong is pretense.  If atheists had an organized benevolent thing like the Bishop’s Storehouse, Nicole would announce she was an atheist in about ten seconds.


. . . I personally struggle with my faith.

We noticed that.  And it’s okay.

Fake is not okay.



Here’s another quite obviously atheistic remark.  It’s the sort of thing I would say as a retort.  Nicole knows that “turning it over to God” (whatever “it” might be) is a joke.  I do too.  And this is okay.

Fake is not okay.  Calling yourself “faith-driven” when you clearly have no faith is not okay.  It’s a word choice made to dupe religious people into giving you money.


Another note:  If you have had dealings with the Nauglers via the church (any church) and wish to list the stuff that your church did for the Nauglers, feel free to comment.




You can find shit like this, where somebody from church did something nice for the Nauglers and Nicole gushes her approval.  What you will not find is a post where Nicole talks about how her family did anything, absolutely anything, for anyone else.  Nor will you find anyone else who says, “Oh, gee, the Nauglers were so nice to us. They came over and worked all day helping us plant our garden.”  Nothing like that, ever.

Dessert was included.

Gag me with a spoon.



This was written recently. Notice the quasi-religious BS?  Notice all the Mormon language (“fullness of the gospel,” “Heavenly Father,” “importance of knowing our heritage” )?

But she’s carrying on about family.  Oh, how important it is. This, coming from a woman who has a bazillion children, a husband, and beyond that, almost no family whatsoever that she has any regular contact with.  She’s pretty much estranged from her mother.  Joe’s son, Alex, is a pariah.  We never see any mention of any family coming to visit the Blessed Little Garbage Dump.

Yet, they are going to “celebrate their ancestors.”

Our family who has come before us and should not be forgotten.

Right.  And if you wanna study about it, why, just visit your local Mormon church.  It’s free!

And Joe the Prophet:


Just for those who don’t know, “your testimony” is a uniquely Mormon way of speaking.  Joe is laying it on thickly for his Mormon acquaintances.


My children admire your testimony.

Please pardon me a second. I need to do something about my head which is hurting from banging it on the desk.

Here’s the real Joe.


Notice it’s a different profile.  The first is Joseph E. Naugler. The second leaves off the middle initial. Different profiles for different audiences.

There is nothing wrong with swearing. I do a lot of it. I don’t even complain about the “c” word. I think Joe is a disgusting prick, so how can I bitch when he uses the “c” word?

Nor do I have a problem with pot, although there are better things to spend money on when you don’t work and live off your wife’s labor and pretend you don’t drink beer standing in the road.

What I despise, truly loathe, is a fake.


You know how we get a new transmission when we need one?  We work, put money in the bank, and save it for needs like that.  And then we go buy one.

Nicole and Joe just find religious suckers and bleed them.




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  1. but joe the profit was going to be made deacon of the church.. they all loved him and they wanted him to be a leader, until they found out that he was a stay at home dad, then they shunned him.


  2. Thank you for making this blog. Even more thanks for asking those that had dealings with the Nauglers at church. I really hope some of them come here and post their experiences good and bad with them, after all both sides of the story should be told. At least here they can tell their story with out being afraid of what she might do to them.

    I have seen some post here and there on FB and not once have seen anything positive about the Nauglers or their experiences with them. Really wonder if there are any positives.

    This should get very interesting. Passing out popcorn and butter salted caramels for all. Enjoy!

    I was brought up Catholic and when I became an adult changed to Reformed where I took my children to church. I do not attend church now days. When I did not once did I ever ask or expect the church to do anything for me and there were times when I could have but did not. I did not because I was brought up you get what you get for yourself and you do not beg. If people offer and you really need it then it is okay to accept but do not accept if you do not need it. There were many times in my life that I could have accepted but did not as I knew there was probably some one who needed it more and were deserving of it. Myself I am a helper. I will give the shirt off my back and have done it many times. Have gotten used and hurt along the way but those were learning lessons. Like my Dad use to say live and learn.

    The Nauglers are nothing but lazy users that do not give anything in return. But that is okay some day they will get what is coming to them, Karma is a wonderful thing. IMO Karma is not far off from making an appearance to them.


  3. I see that Satan’s Pet Salon is SO busy it has to have another guessing game with some sort of prize attached to it in order to get clients. I thought this was the busy time of year for groomers? I know my groomer is booked solid through Christmas and doesn’t have many openings between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


  4. I do not attend church anywhere. My parents and oldest brother do. If it brings them comfort, it brings them comfort and I do not begrudge them that. My parents have hearts of gold and would give all they have to help someone in need. A few years ago, a couple with a baby stopped in at church on a Sunday morning. They claimed to be traveling to family out of state and had a flat tire, out of gas and out of food. Yeah, the congregants ‘passed the plate’ for a small donation to the family but instead of just handing over money, many of the members made quick trips home and returned with food, a mounted tire and a can of gas.

    I told my parents that the couple was most likely grifters, and would probably make more Sunday morning church stops that day. Daddy said, “If they can live with it, so can we.” Bless him, bless her, they are good people, unlike the Nauglers.


  5. I remember when the Nauglers first came to the church in Elizabethtown, KY. They seemed so sincere. They had a hardship story or two and did ask for help. I am rather surprised to see that she seems to feel as though no one cared and that they were ignored. I know they did get much help with food for some time. I also know we were able and willing to help with cleaning when she needed it at one point. It was good for awhile and then they seemed to be on edge all the time. Next thing many of us who did help knew her husband was at war with the bishop. He even yelled at the bishop’s minor child one Sunday as we were all leaving the building after church. They didn’t stick around much longer after that. They were very odd and apparently still are. I feel very sorry for their children.


  6. Sunbeam I am pretty sure we must know each other. I was in that ward when they got to Kentucky.

    Joe and Nicole played the part of wholesome parents well. They seemed like a Mormon missionary’s dream come true. I remember Joe giving his Testimony on Fast Sundays. He told a story about how they came to the church. If I recall correctly he said they called the church after doing research on their own. It was quite inspiring. I was very sad to see the decline of that family over the couple of years or so they were in our ward.

    All was well until people had to start telling them no. I had no idea it was possible to wear out your welcome as far as needing charity in the LDS church but they managed it. I do not know much about why they were taken off the food program but I do know many members including myself got annoyed when Nicole began complaining we were not doing enough. Oh and then the accusations came that some of us had called CPS on her. That was crazy! One time she had a meltdown on Facebook after she got help cleaning before moving out. Someone called CPS on her that week. I have no idea who but she went nuts. She said it was because she had dirty laundry piles but I know it had to be more than that. I do not know if you ever went to her home but it was dirty despite Joe being home all day. I suspected the landlord called because the place was disgusting.

    What an ungrateful woman! The church helps all kinds of people and paying tithing has nothing to do with receiving help. Our ward where I live now helps whoever needs it, even non members who are in need. I think she must be bitter about being taken off welfare at some point. I do know the church asks people who receive help to either look for work, do service for others and apply for state services to at least see if that is an option. Welfare can become permanent for disabled members and widows who are on a fixed income. The Nauglers were both young and able bodied last time I saw them which admittedly has been a few years. We left shortly after they did when the Army moved us to another state. That was a great ward. Wish we could have stayed longer.


  7. I want to see that visual family tree she mentioned in the last screenshot. Where is that?

    Or is that another thing to add to the list of “shit we said we were going to do, but we never did”?


  8. The fifth screenshot from the bottom made me chuckle…

    Church neighbors plowed the cornfield.
    The children are doing yard cleanup.
    And Nicole is preparing to go take pictures of birds with her camera.

    That about sums up the proud work ethic of the Mr. & Mrs.


  9. I see that the damage control posse is out. Joe and Nicole have really messed up their facade of being Mormons. They have their Arizona brethren piping in arm chair guessing from a distance that all the wards in Kentucky that the Nauglers used and abused must be full of imperfect Mormons, not any fault of the Nauglers or the Church. I see Joe dusted off his old Facebook page from the days before Joe threatened the members of the wards, threatened young men or creeped on the young girls, and finally ran off to join the polygamists. Joe posted that wholesome family picture they had made and is telling people how much he misses them and the ward.

    You see the Nauglers haven’t been to any ward or church in years. They don’t let their children go either. Joe does all the religious training they feel the children need and we’ve all seen how much effort Joe puts in to doing anything. Now they need an excuse. Like all their excuses it is somebody else’s fault. Don’t pay attention to what they do or they have said or published. It never happened, they will tell you. You don’t know what you’re talking about. How dare you judge them. All that matters is the now, and right now they really need to sell the idea that they are just some misunderstood persecuted Mormons. All mormons understand persecution. Especially those people out of state that haven’t had any personal dealings with Joe and Nicole. The Nauglers are banking on it.


  10. They are obviously pretty desperate for money. If Joe spent half as much time seeking employment as he does switching personalities on facebook, they might actually be able to help themselves. Even a little bit would be a huge improvement. But I suppose just like math, work is hard.


  11. Nicole struggles with her faith…in her donors. I remember when she asked her readers to just send $1 each. Just $1 each.

    She has no dignity nor feels any shame. How do you become such a person?


  12. Sally, I just found this post through “Minions FB page”. It isn’t dated on the sidebar like other posts so I looked at the comments to find what day it was posted. When I scroll through all recent posts it isn’t there. My question is what do I need to check to find other posts that are not written on the home page? Or how would I even know..? Hope this makes sense!! I don’t want to miss a post 🙂


  13. Sally, I just found this post through “Minions FB page”.

    It’s a “page,” not a “post.” Look up at the top of your browser. You’ll see a menu there. “Religion” is one of the choices. That is this page.

    I did it that way on purpose. Anyone visiting here for the first time can go to the menu and quickly find the basics. The Naugler’s claims about religion is basic, so it goes there.


  14. I see their leghumpers inviting them to move to Idaho or Utah. Let them the wards here nay support them for a minute, my experience in this neck of the woods has been you better figure out how to be self reliant. Something,no matter how they try to say they are; are not. When was the last time the Nauglers did anything positive for their community? I am not counting moving,Lol.


  15. They claim religion for more $$$. Bible thumpers (no offense to the faith driven) melt at that total bullshit.


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