Are You Really There?

Are you really there?
Are you just a dream?
I thought you were in there somewhere, hiding from me,
Hiding from the world.

Nathan Davis, Untitled #2

keyboard warriors

‘Cause talking shit in person is too dangerous.

What follows here are excerpts from a conversation Joe Naugler had with Al Wilson. It’s a very long convo which took place over several weeks. I’ve tried to include the pertinent parts but not the whole thing because of the sheer length.

beginning 1

It began here when Joe sent Al a friend request.  Joe is a peacemaker.  He desires greatly to get to know Al better.

beginning 2

As you can see by the dates, there’s a gap. There is bunch of stuff, back and forth, that I omitted for brevity’s sake, but things began to heat up a bit when Joe made the now-infamous trip to Al’s farm and stopped to take a gander at Al’s daughter.

Please note that Joe says they stopped. This confirms Al’s daughter’s account, but Joe has often contradicted himself, asserting that they only slowed down.

Al 2

Al 3

So Al, in the interest of being up front about the whole thing, and obviously not afraid of meeting Joe in person, suggests that they do just that.  He makes it clear in what he says that Joe cannot bully him.  Joe can’t pull the shit he pulled on the other neighbor over the water because Al is not going to tolerate it.

And Joe insists that he’s a “super friendly guy” but “indifferent.”

We should totally make Joe Naugler Secretary of State.  He’s just got the touch for dealing with a hostile situation.  First, make all sorts of accusations, and then agree to have a meal and discuss stuff.  Super.

First though, he probably needs a good English course since he cannot spell and has trouble with coherent sentences. What in the world is “my god willing way of life”?

But anyway, Joe wants to meet for a meal, on Wednesday.  He’s available then. He’s not available any other time because he’s so busy with his job.

Wait.  No.  Anyway.

Al 1

So, it’s on.  Al suggested it. Joe agreed ’cause he’s a super friendly guy. Detente shall surely follow.

Joe 2

More from Joe, including a valiant attempt to placate Al with an assertion that Joe is only having the conversation out of curiosity.  That’s going to make for solid ground to form an understanding when they meet, I’m sure.

The highlighted part illustrates part of why my husband was concerned about me doing this blog.  Joe thinks this is really nothing, not even worth mentioning (only he mentions it).  But you know what?  If you do a search for my criminal record, or my husband’s criminal record, you know what you will find?


And then comes the little sermonette. Screw your religion, Joe.  The church you claim to believe in doesn’t even want you.

Joe 3

. . . yes, I did call them cunts. . .

And then he has the temerity to say that’s why she became so “vile.”

No wonder he took a plea.

All of which are saved.

Right.  Something like the video of the vehicular assault, showing the neighbor’s daughter clearly admitting that she rammed the Naugler van on purpose for Reasons.

. . . we went to work.

Oddly, we cannot tell.  Why can’t we tell? They’ve been there two years and we can’t tell.

. . . testified to the awesomeness I profess to be.

The poor judge had a headache, I’m sure, confronted with that awesomeness.

Joe 4

So going by somebody’s house, and slowing down (and in Joe’s case, stopping) and having a bit of a look is not a crime.  Glad to know that.  Then quit bitching about people going by the Blessed Little Dump.

I am looking forward a finding common grounds of understanding.

That’s JoeSpeak, of course, but it means he’s going to be there Wednesday for breakfast.


And when Al arrived at the appointed time and at the appointed place, here is what he found.

empty seat

Sometime later, Joe came over to my wall because he found my photo of an injured chicken to be threatening and starting yammering about lawsuits.  During that conversation, all of which is posted here, he made this comment when asked about his no-show.


No. Al didn’t not ask Joe to meet after school at 3 o’clock. He asked him to have breakfast with him on Wednesday at 7:30, the day Joe said he was free to meet with Al.

Al was there.

Joe was not.

I guess it was just too “dangerous” to “talk shit in person,” and Joe finds being a keyboard warrior more to his liking.



26 thoughts on “Are You Really There?”

  1. That Joe is such a putz. So much bravado, the big he-man on the internet but too chicken to meet his neighbor man to man.


  2. Maybe with all the baby making Joe has lost his balls!

    Joe is like my father would say all talk and no action. Hell I am surprised he did not send his wife in his place to fight his battle. She seems to wear the pants in the family any how. Yes Joe is pussy whipped and loving it.

    Maybe Al should ask to meet with Nicole. I bet she would show up and not be a chicken little like her husband. Nah she is all talk behind a keyboard and no action face to face. Both of them seem to have a lot of mouth in the videos of the encounters with the police but did not say all that much to the officer’s faces.

    I would believe Al over either of them any time cause Al has no problem calling the bull shit when he sees it. Al does not pussy foot around things he says it like it is.


  3. Sally, you have real writing talent. I don’t know much about you, so maybe you actually are a writer. I loved the way you tied the keyboard warrior into the ending there. It was incredibly satisfying to read. It kind of reminds me of Stephen King’s surgical style of writing (on the rare moments he is not being super verbose). Bravo!

    And suprising no one, Joe Naughler is a huge coward. Skeeeeeeeeery breakfast!!!


  4. I wonder if folks/possible supporters would offer $$$ to Joe and/or Nicole, if they would show up anywhere? Nope, all their *business* seems to be done over the Internet, basically facebook, many pages on facebook. Anything that is hard work or working toward their many ‘goals’, seems out of their reach. Even their bitcoin scams don’t seem to be working for them. Al is 100% more the man/human being than are the two Naugler adults put together.


  5. I’ve read a lot of accounts about what a great guy Joe Naugler is, only thing is all those accounts were written by Joe Naugler.


  6. Joe brought up the girl. Not Al. Then Joe tries to act like Al did? WTF? Right there on July 26th Joe mentions her. Al doesn’t say anything about her until Aug 1st and then only to let Joe know that it was a bad thing to mention. I don’t know what happened between, but on the 17th of August Al basically tells him that his daughter is off limits. Then Joe says that Al mentioned her first? What a crock of bullshit. I know Al Wilson and he’s a good guy. He’s also a very hard worker and spent a lot of time in the military and I don’t believe I’d want him pissed off at me. I don’t think Al had any intention of starting anything in a public place. He even offers to meet Joe in his own attorney’s office. Not hard to see who the real asshole is.

    It’s not Al.


  7. Pa is frigging joke! Not the 1st he has made a young female uncomfortable. I remember on NN blog she said some of the women & men had asked JN to stop sending fb friend requests to their minor daughters as they felt uncomfortable and that they accused Pa of being odd and came of as having a little to much interest in their daughters. He is sick in the head in more ways than one. I don’t know Al in person but I respect him and thank him for his service to our country and admire him being a real man, who works, provides and takes care of his family. I have followed this for quite some time.


  8. Just in case Joe or Nicole stop by, read this but don’t comprehend.

    July 26, 2015 JOE mentions STOPPING at the mailbox, and then foolishly brings his son and Al’s daughter into the conversation.

    August 17, 2015 JOE states that going by, slowing down (and stopping he wrote in July) isn’t illegal.

    But Nicole pitches fits when someone drives down the road on Father’s Day?

    Re: “cunt”. Incredibly vulgar word so it doesn’t surprise me that Joe flings it around so often.

    Also, Mrs. X may not own the home in which she resides, but guess what? Owners may NOT give permission for others to stop by a home and hassle people who rent the property. Not to mention the water that came out of the tap was paid for by Mrs. X – not the property owners. Or IF it was paid for by the property owner and there was more water used, there was a larger bill and you can bet your bippy the charges would be passed along to Mrs. X. Not Joe and Nicole.

    So that doesn’t pass muster either.

    Joe & Nicole, you’re in the wrong. That road isn’t a toll road and people are permitted to drive on it. Even if it does afford them a look at the Blessed Little Shed and the Blessed Little Crap Shack.


  9. Joe Naugler, a man who is your neighbor invited you to share a meal and conversation. Why would you interpret that invitation as a childish game? A man is only as good as his word and you have shown that yours is worthless.
    And those people who physically removed you from the church? They had been very kind to you and provided for your family when you wouldn’t. Your violent behaviour got you thrown out. You were responsible.
    Maybe you don’t think it’s a big deal that you called those ladies “cunts” when they asked you to leave their property but that’s because you are an indecent and irreverent person who respects no one. A decent man doesn’t call his neighbor a cunt. One of these days you are going to call a woman a cunt and her husband is going to beat you to a bloody stump faster than you can say “hand me my gun”.
    Stop making excuses and stop blaming other people for your problems, Joe. That would be awesome.


  10. A violent cowardly bully. It seems like an oxymoron, but it isn’t. You know the type a violent bully when it comes to people he thinks he is bigger than and can push around. A complete cowards when it comes to other men or people he perceives as stronger, tougher, smarter than he is.

    All that inner anger he must feel. All that self disgust. Scared of his shadow. Henpecked, with no life of his own. Day in, day out, house husband to nearly a dozen children (who seem to do all the work) lost in the wilderness. He doesn’t even have TV service to watch the soaps and no freezer for his bonbons.

    A wife who escapes to her own business every chance she gets, leaving him lonely. No wonder barely anything gets done on the homestead by Joe. He has Classic Housedrudge Syndrome. He’s gotten a tad wide in the belly and fat in the ass. He spends all his time sitting around on the internet instead of doing what needs to be done.

    You could cut him some slack and think “well, who wouldn’t be depressed in his circumstances”. Or you could tell him, “suck it up buttercup. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. There is no time for self endulgence you’ve got a homestead to build and a family to take care of. It isn’t going to get done by itself”.


  11. I would like to know if the dealings with Mrs. X occurred the way Joe suggests…”he proceeded to walk to his car while she said “aggressive things”…got into his car and left”??…then why the menacing charge?
    Menacing:: as defined from Wikipedia…”Menacing is a criminal offense in many US states. The wording and degrees of the offense vary from state to state. It often consists of displaying a weapon to a person of with the intention of threatening them with bodily harm from the said weapon, or of criminally threatening another, or otherwise putting them in fear of physical harm.”
    Umm… Joe took an Alford Plea in response. Guilty..or admitting that there is enough evidence to prove guilt. Interesting.
    I suppose here we have more “evidence” of Joe admitting going to Al Wilson’s property. I would suggest Joe educating himself on criminal offenses. Especially if he is perhaps on probation from a recent menacing charge. Google is our friend. I’m sure he can research, given the Media photos, he and the Mrs. were in their kitchen on their cell phones…although off-the-grid.


  12. I am glad to see these communications made public. Joe, you’re done hiding behind false bravado and spin. Who’s the bloviator now?

    Judging by your past brushes with the law, you maybe grew up in a rough and difficult family background that causes you to engage in self-sabotage. I’ll give you that handicap. But at a certain point, a God believing adult male needs to take stock of himself, his family, and man up.

    Put the joint down, Joe. You blew it with Al. You lied and blustered, you disrespected a man with over 2 decades of military service for YOUR country. Whether you agree with our government policies or not, you don’t disrespect our armed men and women in service. After all that, Al was still willing to meet with you. And you flaked out.

    If you’d shown up, been genuine, conciliatory and willing to learn, tried to be diplomatic, Al would likely have offered you assistance with your homestead projects and spared you failure after failure. He has the knowledge, experience, tools. You needed only to show up and be earnest. Not a truculent flake.

    I’m not a local but have had the pleasure of getting to know Al. You missed a huge opportunity there that won’t come twice. My guess is the Spirit didn’t “move” you to go to breakfast with him. Tune in to another Spirit. This one keeps directing you to shoot yourself in the foot.


  13. I’m reflecting back to when Joe is describing his instructions to his children on how to behave, as they are being placed in the care of CPS. He instructs the kids to be “reverent”. Reverent, feeling and showing deep respect.

    In other words, don’t do as I do. Do as I say.

    One must wonder, how does it make his daughters feel, that their Daddy calls women “cunt”? What does that show his sons? According to Urban Dictionary, cunt is a “derogatory term for a woman. Considered by many to be the most offensive word in the English language.” So when a woman disappoints Joe, he degrades her in the most disrespectful term, for being a female. My message for those little girls, Joe’s daughters, when you hear your Daddy call you or another female a cunt, it’s a most vile attempt to “put you in your place” from a very disrespectful person. Just consider the source, not a reverent person. I reserve calling Joe a man.

    Besty said, “A man is only as good as his word and you have shown that yours is worthless.” Exactly! From what I’ve observed of this neighbor, Al, he appears to represent himself the same online, as he is in person. He doesn’t hide behind a keyboard, or anonymous. He’s a man of honor, and honors his word. Joe is not a reverent person. Again, I reserve calling Joe a man.

    In my opinion, the incident with Al’s daughter and following “keyboard” communication, is a veiled intimidation. And very likely threatening. I also interpret his no show at the scheduled breakfast meeting, as a veiled intimidation. Joe is not a man. He’s a coward.

    Oh the irony in Nicole’s meme.


  14. “I am a god believing man…”

    And somehow, not a God-fearing man.

    I hear this in my head…

    Please don’t procreate, learn to hyphenate!!


  15. Building upon what Kentucky Bred wrote about “cunt”, I’m willing to bet that Joe’s favourite derogatory word to use on his boys when they don’t please him is to call them “pussies”. To imply that being female is to be a lesser being and shameful. I do wonder how his two daughters feel about that word usage. Do they gut their way through it and prove themselves to be as “tough” as the boys or do they grow more and more silent when they realize just how little their daddy thinks of them and their worth? Boys have feelings that can get hurt and girls are capable resourceful people too. Doesn’t mean you should belittle either of them when you’re upset about something. Go split some wood instead.

    Now, I know that men will use that word between themselves for their own reasons. Good men don’t permit it to show up when they’re in the presence of women and most especially not their family. The best of the best of them don’t use it at all and Joe – I truly doubt you’re in either camp.

    However, I may be wrong. I like my odds though.


  16. If ever there were two people who don’t need to be on social media it is the Nauglers, not for any other reason than it does not serve liars well to leave such a wide paper trail to their lack of truthfulness.


  17. Betsy, forget someone’s husband or boyfriend. I know some women who would kick his ass for that kind of language.


  18. I read today that the blessed ones said the breakfast in a public space was a set-up. What is this the Godfather? Did Al have a sheriff hiding in the toilet ready to pounce on Joe and arrest him for murdering some bacon? Does anyone actually believe this hogwash? Maybe that’s why the blessed ones so often use a sock to float around their wilder fantasies. That way when everyone is laughing at them they can point a finger at “the sock”.

    By the way, Joe and Nicole, did you ever wonder why I refer to you and your socks as the blessed ones. Google “The Young Ones”. It’s a vintage British show, you may not see the similarities, but I do. Laugh riot, that.


  19. I think Joe is nothing more than an uneducated, loud mouthed coward with an aggressive violent streak when he thinks he can get away with it, especially with women
    and children. I also think he attempts to mislead when confronted with his misdeeds, by presenting a confused argument of quasi spiritual rhetoric. Baffle with BS.

    Nicole knows what a screw up he is, and probably didn’t encourage the very real possibility of another incident after the fallout and legal repercussions from the water stealing incident. It seems Joe was all about this meeting until the very last hour, then, no show. Someone or something seems to have put the kibosh on this. I clearly recall Joe constantly deferring to Nicole during the seat belt video, all the while Nicole was whipping up the insanity. She may have even convinced him it was some sort of “set up.” I think Ma gave him the perfect excuse to duck and hide. Ma said, “NO!”


  20. I will be traversing beside the shit dump Tuesday morning. In a tiny truck with a dead steer in back.

    Should Joe wish to speak to me . . . I’ll be more than happy to.

    After I’ve skinned and gutted it and turned it over to the local cat that has the facilities to hang it and cut it and package it.

    Whaddya say Joe?


  21. I wouldn’t hold my breath any longer than it takes to drive past the shitbucket shack.

    If the man can’t muster the courage to meet in a public restaurant, you know he will be awol when you drive by the shed.

    Well, that is except on Facebook. I’m sure he will posting away about how brave he is right until you drive away.


  22. Better be prepared to show him your identification papers when you drive on that “private” road at the point where it’s no longer county-maintained, Al. Perhaps he will come out and attempt to collect a toll before permitting you to pass.

    Wave at his neighbors. The ones whose daughter committed “vehicular assault” but the local gendarme didn’t think that was a reason to arrest and charge her with anything.

    *rolls eyes*


  23. I just looked at BLH facebook page and literally hurt myself laughing so hard. Charles is being soo sweet to people. So concerned and helpful 🙂 Almost like Jo/Nicole realized that using their sock to be hateful to everyone wasn’t working out so well. Good luck with that PR attempt. Charles chased away so many people and caused them to take a serious look at what Nicole is really like.


  24. Old post but I just want to say something. And a question. I’m catching up. Question-Didn’t they move to raw land? With nothing on it? Just clean, beautiful land? He says they bought it and it needed a lot of work. Please clarify this for me.
    So, 2 years ago my husband and I bought a foreclosure out in the country, 40 acres with an early 1900s farmstead on it, surrounded by 190 acres of state owned tax forfeited land. The main housing area was COVERED with garbage, years and years worth of garbage, everywhere. It was awful! The back yard dips down into a huge 10 acre pond, garbage down the hill, on the beach, in the water. I mean it was BAD. There was a few fallen down outbuildings also, a huge garbage pit in the woods, old barbed wiring fencing going completely around the 10 acre pond. We spend the entire first summer busting out asses cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, dump runs, it was a lot of work. But we have 2 young child who are outdoorsy and you bet your ass we cleaned up EVERYTHING that first summer. From June 1st, the day we moved in, until the snow hit in November we busted ass. So….give me a reason why that wasn’t their first priority for the safety of their children? I can tell ya’ll that my yard was probably is worse shape. I had strangers stop over and tell me how nice we cleaned it up!


  25. -Didn’t they move to raw land?

    No. They moved to land that had been occupied over and over again. There was at least one, maybe two, collapsed trailers on it. There is a septic system and a well, but neither one are operational.

    They’ve been there three years and if anything, the place is much worse than when they got it.


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