Real Life

I am going to be tied up with Real Life for the next few weeks. As a result, I won’t be able to keep up with this blog like I’d wish.

However, I have been rescued by a very capable set of volunteers.  They are calling themselves “The Nefarious Please.”

They will be blogging and moderating in my  absence.  Please be kind to them.

The rules remain the same.

No discussion (except in a very general vague sense) about Nicole’s business. No speculation as to the state of that business. I want her to succeed. I do not want to do anything to jeopardize that success.

No photos of the children without their faces blurred (and only use a photo of a child if it’s necessary for commentary). Typically I try to either pick a photo without children in it, or one with their backs to the camera or crop the kids out.

No use of the children’s names, please.

nathan admission

You see, I am more conscious of Nicole’s children and their personal space and privacy than she is.  And certainly I am much nicer about it than she is about my child.

But there is one thing about me.  I never, ever, ever forget.

Play nice while I’m tied up elsewhere. I will be watching even if I’m silent.


4 thoughts on “Real Life”

  1. OH MAN!! Are you chomping at the bit yet? She putting up some classic NN BS…Its a car wreck and I cant stop watching.


  2. I hope real life taking you from us for a while means something good for you and your husband, and not the opposite. I shall miss your posts, but I am sure “The Nefarious Please” will do you and your blog proud, much to N and J’s horror.


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