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This is from the Breckinridge County Herald News, on the front page.

Joe Naugler made the front page of the local newspaper, and they didn’t have to use anything but his last name in the headline.

He did this marvelous feat by dumping human feces on his property.

I wonder if they will clip the article and save it in a scrapbook.


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  1. Well isn’t that just a little gem for the scrapbook. Joe’s so famous they don’t even need to use his first name, yet the majority of the readership knows exactly who he is. Priceless.

    I just wonder how long it will take, and what kind of spin Nicole will put on this, as they try to blame this one on you too, Sally.

  2. And they wonder why they are in the spot light. They bring this on all by themselves.
    Wonder how the courts would react I’d she told them “we will get to it when we can”. They just don’t give a shit. More and more every day I hope those kids are taken away for good.

  3. Gosh, I guess their nasty asses really are famous in these parts. No first names required in the headline, not even a Mr. LOL

  4. How embarrassing for those kids. Mom and dad are choosing this life, these kids are not. Imagine being a teenager, and Naugler kid, and trying to date or socialize with other kids who know your shit.

  5. Did you say VIRAL? Well Ma & Pa you got viral. Enjoy your fame… Damn what a thing to be famous for….

  6. That paper is priceless. it will just lend to their theory how others continue to persecute and harass them.

  7. Potato Hunter…hahahahaha! “Save it in a crap book”.

    Front page. “Naugler” ranks!

    They can’t say the news media is bias.

  8. The parents have no shame, but how mortifying for the children. In a way, it’s good they aren’t in school just so they can’t be picked on.

  9. Well I guess the local paper can now join the long list of haters she claims are harassing and stalking her. The “haters ” club must now have well over 100 members

  10. Wow I thought poopgate was all over nothing new to report they just had to get a porta potty.

  11. I also feel sorry for the kids. But I bet the parents spin it to the kids placing the blame on every one but where the blame belongs.

    Why do I picture Jojo beating on his chest crowing in glee as he made the front page. Mean while Ma is glaring at him thinking how the hell am I going to spin this one.

    Who wants to bet that Ma is going to waltz into court on July 19th proud as a peacock with her defense all ready to spew = I demand this case be dismissed because my husband’s name is not on the property, it is only in my name. You are charging the wrong person.

    Good luck in that defense Ma. But remember you have conditions hanging on your head too for your resisting arrest deal you took. I am sure a misdemeanor charge would be a violation of that. Remember you are the sole bread winner in the family and Jojo does nothing so best bet is to let him take the rap an fall. How do you expect your children to be provide for and survive if you are sitting in the crow bar hotel? You know your husband is not going to get up off his duff and go earn money to feed those kids. Wake the hell up stop being so damn stupid. Put some salt and pepper on your crow eat it and be done with it. You know you are in the wrong and you know it is not going to go away. Why keep being so pig headed and making it worse than it is especially for your kids? Stop being so borderline and think of your kids instead of yourself just for once.

    You can not blame this on locals or trolls because not one of them emptied your shit buckets on the ground. Own up, grow some gonads and be done with it.

  12. I was reading the comments from the 13 May article from WRDB. Those people, with the exception of AL and a few others ( HI AL!!!!!!!!!) are as crazy as the shit house rats that are running through the piles of poop on the property. They only read what they want to , and I’d lay dollars to Timbits (oh Canada!!!) that a good portion of them are socks.
    The wanted to be viral and by God they did it.

    (I’m PUI just a little, half a bottle of Traders Joes Finest Chuck. Celebrating my kiddo being home for a few more days then back to the Windy City).

  13. @Beth: As much as it breaks my heart to agree…I have to agree. I remember how imaginatively vicious kids can be.

    One more time, eldest son on the place: (800) 733-5627. Job Corps can help you. uses the least bandwidth of all the homeschool resources online. It loads quickly, so it should be easy to hide behind a boss tab, if your parents are actively trying to get between you or your siblings and actual homeschooling. It isn’t perfect by any means–for one thing, older kids have to guide younger ones through the assignments–but it’s better than nothing. The Links page will connect you to tens of thousands of free books, most of them on sites that load quickly. If you can get a Kindle or hide some files on a laptop, many of the books can be downloaded as PDFs and read offline.

    Good luck. Get out of there as soon as you can.

  14. Yep, she posted the article on her Facebook.
    This is craziness. What part of illegal are they confused about

  15. Just to recap what was provided by Breckinridge County Health Department to remedy the situation, a letter to the Nauglers stated that they could have an existing septic system inspected and approved (or get a new one installed and inspected after a site evaluation). Also, the KAR does allow approved composting toilets, but I did not find which make and models were approved.

    What I have not seen is the Department directing the Nauglers to get a permit for their existing bucket to composting system. Was there a recording or letter that I missed? I only recall a recording that stated their attorney advised the Nauglers to file a permit.

    Nicole states that composting human waste is already being done in Breckinridge County. If it is residential and not commercial, then they should not have a problem with getting the permit approved.

  16. What exactly was printed that is not true. The Nauglers were charged with failure to remove a health nuisance. That is true, they were charged with a misdemeanor, there is no lie there. They were charged not found guilty as of yet. Whether there system is effective is not the charge. The charge is failure to remove a health nuisance. Whether there system is effective or not does not matter, as of right now it violates Kentucky health laws. That is what they are being charged with. Yes they most likely will be found guilty. In essence them actually applying for the permits demonstrates their guilt. Really why apply for a permit if what they are doing is not against Kentucky health laws?

  17. Really why apply for a permit if what they are doing is not against Kentucky health laws?

    Because a permit is required for sewage disposal, period, regardless of what type it is. Just like a permit is required for electrical work (at least, it is in NC, which is the only place we ever built and had to get one).

    The whole thing about the so-called permit is that there isn’t such a thing. They actually went to the health dept (she put the audio recording of them arguing with the clerk up on YouTube), and demanded a permit. There is no such thing.

    When she talks about how the porta-potty people “compost” the waste, she is talking about a commercial situation that has lots of regulations and inspections, not a makeshift “compost bin” in the back yard.

  18. On her BLH page she invites the Health inspector to come and see the Porta poty and to watch it being dumped…how stupid does she think we are?…that thing has only been there for what 2-3 weeks….this issue has been about the poop pile….ya know, the one that has been building up for about 3 yrs and flowing into the neighbors property…

  19. What a stupid stupid waste of the limited resources they have time and money wise. It never ends, their wastefulness tilting at windmills. Considering Nicole’s rants on ‘having to teach the inspectors the law’, why isn’t she representing herself?
    Firing up the ‘ol propaganda machine, as usual.

  20. She also posted the phone number for the paper on her FB. She’s got all her “supporters” riled up & hoping they will call & threaten the paper now. Just like on the sheriff’s FB page. It’s mind boggling to watch them defend her. And over 90% ( my rough estimate looking Over the comments) don’t live in Kentucky.

  21. @3 boys mom, yes, it is very telling that she has ZERO local supporters! Maybe her supporters should move her to where ever it is that they live! And if there are local Amish then it should be very easy to find out what they do. Though I suspect that many have indoor plumbing.

  22. They are not being singled out. They are not fighting any good fight, nor are they social justice warriors or any other phrase that applies to worthy people. They are just like all residents, subject to the same laws.
    There is a state mandated process for human waste disposal. The laws are there for the benefit, health and safety of every resident. People like the Nauglers with their attitude and flagrant disregard for the welfare of others is why we have to have those laws. Many systems are allowable, and variances are granted. All you need to do is to have a solid plan, execute it properly, file the requisite paperwork and pass the inspection. Not exactly the stuff of burdensome oppression. People successfully do it every single day.
    The problem here seems to be that the Nauglers did not have the property examined (for proper placement with least amount of impact on others), they did not even apply for a permit, there have been no plans submitted for evaluation, no proof of an acceptable system, there has been no inspection. They have no permit because they have not even applied for one. They have stated that it is cost prohibitive $250, time consuming, and in 3 years they apparently have not had either the money or the time.
    Pardon me if I choose to believe that getting a permit isn’t that big of a deal, every other resident manages to do it. Pardon me if I think they are being treated just like any other resident, that they aren’t as “special” as they think they are. Pardon me if I think that the Nauglers are full of shit.

  23. After having gone viral and their compounding foolish actions are broadly apparent to a much wider audience, the supporters (except socks, of course) cannot be as plentiful as when the kids were taken. Additionally, this involves much more than emotional responses concerning a family being potentially broken up. It involves the health of an aquifer, the health of many well users on the aquifer, potentially considerable cost to the users of the aquifer (filtration systems can be expensive), and the health department and city and county governments. Effectively the potential is that the Nauglers, through their inability to handle their bodily functions in an appropriate way, have incurred punitive expenses onto themselves and, quite possibly, onto innocent others. I would be livid if I was on a well using that aquifer.

  24. Well spoken, Lisa. Exactly my thoughts.

    C’mon Nauglers, quit trying to be special. And singled out. You aren’t that special. What’s wrong with doing what every other resident manages to do, what are you above the rest of us?

  25. With so much time on one’s hands , why can’t the paperwork be filled out while not doing anything at home or work? I’m sure they’re are other capable bodies that can read and write and fill out forms. I’m sure extra bow money would help….maybe 1000 that is supposed to be for a horse? How about we take care of the important matters.

    I do invite all leg jumpers to go to blh and offer Rio go help them clean up….I guarantee not one of you will be allowed to go visit, but send $$$ via PayPal cause “they got this”

  26. And a woman named Allison has called the paper & said the editor has anger issues. There was also someone who suggested they invite the media out to see their “God fearing family” . Was of course immediately jumped on by Charles Smyth who said why do they have to prove anything. My brain just hurts reading the comments. I’m off today so I’ve spent way too much time reading this today, 😂😂😂

  27. Call me a cynic. Does anyone else think NN is secretly glad her address is out there for cash and check purposes?

  28. I do have to say putting their address in the paper feels so wrong. I’m sure however the paper probally got it when nicole posted her neighbors on the internet for everyone to see.

  29. I do have to say putting their address in the paper feels so wrong.

    It is completely legal and often done. Their address is totally publicly available. I found it in ten seconds.
    Consider that what is involved here is a potential public health hazard. If you lived nearby wouldn’t you want to know where the property is?

  30. Remember last years clean up day? A far more important day because the clean up would mean the faster return of the children. All those keyboard warriors? Come the open day for supporters to turn up and help the family, and almost all of them had one excuse after another about why they’d love to, but just couldn’t. Keyboard warriors turned into the paper tigers they are right before our eyes. It was such a pathetic showing it was actually sad.

    Here come the paper tigers again, not doing a damn thing in real life, telling the community that they should go and do what they are unwilling themselves to do.

    Birds of a feather is what they have for support. Just a bunch of self obsessed whiners full of plans, full of excuses, and full of hot air. Don’t do it themselves, don’t take any personal responsibility, insisting that everyone else is to blame and everyone else should do it for them. Sorry, not sorry, life doesn’t work that way. Put up or shut up.

  31. Yes, I would imagine people living nearby would want to know where the potential public health hazard is located. Especially if there are wells and water systems in the area. And farm crops. And feral or wild animals that could potentially spread the health hazard. Or if someone makes home food goods to sell, or for personal consumption, that could potentially become contaminated. I remember last summer, a cantaloupe contamination with ecoli that was investigated and isolated to a single farm. Melons were taken off the grocery shelves all over the multi state regional area, and I think there were 15 people with illness. Some seriously ill. So yeah, a potential public health hazard, it is important to know the location.

    Also, I am pretty sure I have seen documents posted on BLH page, of personal information not blocked out. Addresses and I think license numbers, birth dates and maybe social security numbers. Not her personal information, it was another person’s. That public page has the potential to reach 45k viewers. Nothing in comparison to the local county newspaper.

  32. The state did, in fact, meet their burden of providing proof. They proved unquestionably that Nicole and Joe Naugler have no permit for their supposed waste disposal system. And that is what this is about. They have to have a permit.

    And to get that permit, they have to be inspected and meet certain very strict standards. Don’t pass inspection (or refuse to have one), no permit.

  33. They KNOW they are in the wrong, hence renting a Porta shitter. If they even remotely thought their “composting” was being done the correct way they’d never spend a penny on a portajohn. They are being charged because it’s the piles of crap already dumped and accumulated on the ol ‘stead, trying to smooth it over by finally doing the proper thing with their waste won’t fix that issue. And remember we don’t know if anyone has come and inspected the property only what ma tells us. And if anyone thinks for a second she’s going to admit to being in the wrong for anything they need to schedule an eval at the same time the other 2 get around to theirs.

  34. “Really why apply for a permit if what they are doing is not against Kentucky health laws?”

    Joe, I think you’re misunderstanding permits. You file for a permit and pay a fee for someone who is an expert to go and check what you’re doing, and if it’s legal, then a permit is issued which basically means, “Yes, this addition/waste/building/whatever is permitted by law.” It is verification that you’re system is following the law, and the point of permits is safety.

    So you file for a permit so the experts can make sure that you aren’t doing something dangerous for others around you or for the environment.

    You have to do it because, if you didn’t, and we all just hd to take someone’s word that it’s done right, then the county health department would have no power to intervene if it turns out that something is being done dangerously. They can’t inspect your property without probably cause, and can’t get probable cause without inspecting your property. A permit system enables them to inspect your property and, if you don’t have a permit, then they have cause to inspect the property.

    The point of laws is to protect individuals from others. Sometimes the law is abused, like saying someone in Tennessee can’t grow a pot plant in their back yard and smoke a bit to relax after work. Sometimes it’s now, like saying you can’t throw human shit all over the ground when it can contaminate the local water supply and kill people. Laws that my seem limiting, like not allowing people to toss shit all over their own property, actually protect the rights and freedoms of surrounding homeowners by ensuring they can use their own property without fear of harm. But their own rights end when their actions can harm someone else or infringe on someone else’s rights.

    So you understand? Or was this a pointless ramble?

  35. @Sculder&Mully: Their underlying argument appears to be that because none of them is sick, their poop is okay.

    Except, they don’t immunize their kids against anything. They don’t provide clean water and soap on a regular basis to those kids. They don’t provide clean food to those kids, or any means of keeping their cooking area clean. And we already know, because Nicole Naugler took photos, that they have been so sick with some kind of intestinal thing that some of them couldn’t even get up off the ground where she parked them (while blaming them for her complete failure to provide the basic hygienic measures that keep kids from getting enteric diseases). And some of the disease pathogens that are undoubtedly swimming around in that muckpit their call their homestead are remarkably hardy outside the human body. For crying out loud, have the Nauglers and their hangers-on never heard of cholera?

    (And that doesn’t even cover the utter disgustingness of drinking water that has a little bit of the neighbors’ poop in it. They may think of themselves as super special people whose poop is really fairy dust and twinkles, but it ain’t so.)

  36. I have had the misfortune to unknowingly drink e-coli contaminated water once. It was most unpleasant and you can guess what room I spent a few days in. It is very problematic for the Nauglers to say that their kids are healthy and therefore there should be no concern about the human excrement. In my experience the Nauglers are never knowingly honest so any statement about the welfare of their children is suspect. They may also, and this is somewhat speculative, not be very familiar with what their kids would be like if they were thrivingly healthy. They may be miraculously healthy and I do hope they are. But the kids certainly cannot count on any real qualified medical care for stitches or burns, much less a not-so-good-feeling-tummy. So, as audacious as it may sound to say it, I would ask the Nauglers how they know if their kids are really unaffected by three years’ exposure to three years’ worth of human excrement building up on the property. The pond didn’t seem to fare very well under the influence of the composting that ain’t.

  37. They also don’t partake the ground water. They get their water from the treatment plant in the city.

  38. Kaylee wrote, “Joe, I think you’re misunderstanding permits. You file for a permit and pay a fee for someone who is an expert to go and check what you’re doing, and if it’s legal, then a permit is issued…”

    I think you misunderstood Joe. I believe he was asking a rhetorical question, why get one if what they’re doing is legal in KY? Of course, Joe can speak for himself but I believe I understood what he was saying and just wanted to note that.

    Crystal wrote, “I do have to say putting their address in the paper feels so wrong.” Not many use phonebooks anymore but everyone’s physical address is listed in phonebooks. As Sally said, addresses are public record. Not only that, but Nicole posted a photo of court documents (regarding Goatgate) that listed their address. Kind of renders it all a moot point, wouldn’t you say?

    Lisa posted, “Pardon me if I think that the Nauglers are full of shit.” My guess is they are not ‘full of shit’ since this whole thing is what they do with the shit they make. (I couldn’t help it, it was begging to be said 😉 )

  39. NN what happened to swimming in the pond on your land? Why don’t we see pictures of you and Joe cooling off in your pond? In the past you posted pix of the kids in your pond. It is sweltering now in KY, why aren’t you using it?

  40. Before they got their water from the city they were driving miles away to acquire it elsewhere. Maybe even then they knew what everyone else didn’t, not to drink water from wells in the area, because their poop would be in it.

  41. For those that think I misunderstood the use of permits think again. That statement was pure sarcasm. I understand the importance of permits especially in a case like this.

    Now having said that, I wonder if they will in fact even be able to get a permit. Yes I understand that there are people who have been able to get permits for composting, but there is a major difference that comes into play here. THE NAUGLERS DO NOT OWN THE LAND THEY LIVE ON. KY Land Co. owns the land, therefore I believe they would be the ones who would have to apply for the permit. Remember in the beginning of the Naugler saga it was revealed that they could not build permanent structures until the land was paid off. That could be because they are not the true owners of the land. If the Nauglers default on their loan, KY land would have to pay the taxes on any permanent structure placed on the land.

    The Nauglers applying for a permit for any type of building or compost system would be like me trying to get a permit to put in a pool or build a barn on Sally’s property. Breckinridge County would laugh me right out of their office and rightly so. I do not own that land.

  42. You make a good point Joe Bloom. I was wondering where the Land Co. stood with all this after reading her supporters comments. They are thumping their chests, gnashing their teeth and rending their garments crying “How dare they tell you what to do on your own land!” Which is all very well, but that ISN’T the Naugler’s land, as you quite rightly stated. And they don’t seem to realise that.

    I wonder if eventually, they are going to be pushed off their land due to financial pressures, considering the monthly cost of the Port’a’Potty, land payments, generator fuel etc all before they even try to feed and clothe 11 children. Their lives would have been so much easier if they had just been humble and taken some advice from experienced neighbours, put in a decent garden that was tended and a well for water, with the old septic reconnected.

    it’s interesting, and predictable to see Nicole still spinning that this is all to do with supposed contamination on their neighbours land, when it isn’t that at all. It’s the actual pile of human excrement on their rented land that is the problem. Of course, if it were simply that, she couldn’t spin it into an “Aren’t we persecuted?” story as easily.

    Those poor children. She may say the kids are all on board with their parents decisions, but how much do they really know? They are kept isolated and uneducated; how are they expected to make choices that differ from Joe and Nicole when they probably aren’t presented with any options? The only recent examples of living differently came from foster care, and although they may have liked the hot and cold running water and clean beds, they associate them with being away from their parents and away from some of their siblings, which in their minds, probably makes them an unacceptable as alternative way to live.

  43. Lisa, great comments. They are not ‘special’, they are not being singled out. They are like everyone else who must get a permit.

    I did want to modify what I wrote regarding the permit. If someone had already done the hard work to get a residential human waste compost system approved, the Nauglers would have an easier time getting their permit approved (if they were following what would be required). As Sally pointed out, Nicole was referring to commercial composting only (typical for Nicole to not specify and allow the reader to believe their method is acceptable).

    Joe, I did not even think about the possibility that KLC and not the Nauglers would need to apply for the permit. I would speculate that KLC applied for the permit to have a septic tank on the land and expected any occupants to use that septic tank and incur the cost to maintain it.

  44. BLH posted a rant today in the comments, asserting among other things, that they are going to “stand boldly and fight for what is our rights.” Guess that means another plea deal is on the horizon.

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