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  1. We never got to see the actual composting system Nicole claimed to be on the property and claimed to be fully functional. It is pretty obvious that there isn’t one. Just a spot over the hill where the kids have been having to haul those famous white buckets.
    Looking back at the video BLH posted it appears the weeds are waste high, leading me to believe that there has not been any attempts to clean it up as ordered.
    So my question is this.

    In your honest opinion, ” What do you think the county, state and judge will do with this case? “

  2. I have a question that isn’t to anyone in particular but relates to how the Ns ended up in living in squalor. It looks like at one time they had some structure: the children were clean, they had a home, they seemed to be teaching, etc. What do you think happened?

  3. Mine has nothing to do with nauglers. I have bugs in the food. In the chocolate chips that were unopened and in a zip lock bag. (This isn’t the first time I have had bugs and I thought ziplock would solve it) other than putting everything in glass jars what can I do. And can they get into the jars I was going to use ones with a screw lid.

  4. The only way bugs can get into your food (in a glass jar) is if the eggs were already there (yuck – but sometimes they simply are and it’s not your fault) or if they somehow can gain access via the lid (highly unlikely, but I’ve seen ants do it when I didn’t screw the lid on tight enough). I am a hoarder of glass jars. I will confess it. I have them in every size you can imagine from gallons on down. Why anyone bothers with Tupperware or other plastic containers is beyond me when glass is so. . .clean.

    Summertime is terrible for bugs in the kitchen. FWIW, I keep chocolate chips in the freezer.

  5. In your honest opinion, ” What do you think the county, state and judge will do with this case? “

    I do not have the slightest idea. The state of Kentucky gave those kids back. Nothing would surprise me much.

  6. It looks like at one time they had some structure: the children were clean, they had a home, they seemed to be teaching, etc. What do you think happened?

    I think the seeds of where they are today have been alive and well all along. It’s just been a long, relatively slow, downhill spiral. More children came along, and more chaos as a result.

  7. I would like to tag off Melissa. We heard almost ad nauseam about the Humanure Handbook. Nicole even suggested to the Environmentalist as a reference. In Nicole’s video when the Environmentalist came to the property, he was led by Nicole and kids to a remote spot where they pulled back some weeds to view. We couldn’t see it, from the angle and distance Nicole’s videoing, at whatever they were looking at. There was no supporting by Nicole of where the composting materials that are mixed in the pile are stored. I would expect a bin for composting materials. No bookkeeping displayed of temp recordings, turning the pile over and so on. Or dating the age of the pile in processing into compost. My thought is this probably is not an attempt by the Nauglers to demonstrate a human waste composting system. Was it more or less to demonstrate the shit pile is rather old, the weeds have grown high, in proving they are complying and no longer dumping human waste in piles on the ground? The same with the port-a-potty. Showing in earnest they have complied to the letter sent by the Environmentalist and have not been dumping on the ground any longer. So what was all that misleading about The Humanare Handbook? Do the Nauglers even have a copy of it?

  8. Sally,
    I, too, am a jar hoarder. I use jars for everything, including taking my food for lunch. I keep all my condiments in large jars that pickles came in and I use quart and half gallon jars for pasta, rice, beans, etc. I never use plastic because of the connections to cancer. Plus, glass is totally recyclable, is easy to repurpose, and can be sealed. Plus, I am a canner so I need jars. Tomorrow, I’m making green tomato relish, cucumber relish, and kosher pickles. And, I’m making pepper sauce. Yummy.

  9. I probably won’t confess how many canning jars I own.

    Dave called me once from Walmart. They had their canning jars on sale. Really big sale. He went in the store with me on the phone and I told him what to buy. He came home with our SUV jam full, even the passenger seat. I even have a nice collection of 1.5 pint jars, and they are pretty hard to find.

  10. It seems to me that J and N get a lot of mileage out of being judgement proof and knowing exactly how far they can push the line before a criminal complaint moves from a misdemeanor to something more serious. I’m curious if anyone knows whether or not J has ever actually been charged with something that resulted in something beyond a trivial amount of jail time?

    One of the aspects of the fraud case that my husband and I were victims of is that prior to our publicizing it on our blog, the perp had not only never dealt with people going public, he’d never dealt with real live criminal charges. He bragged about people not being able to afford to sue him, and and knew that fraud cases are extremely hard to prosecute civily and criminally because you have to prove intent. He was good enough at muddying the waters that that made going after him tough. He was also extremely good at bullying people into silence. He didn’t even take his company being forced into bankruptcy seriously and for a long time didn’t see the fbi investigation as a significant threat. From what I understand once the indictment came down that changed pretty damn quick. This is another trait that I think J and N shared with RR share- The more they get away with something, the farther they push, the more confident they get in their ability to evade consequences.

    I googled this and maybe my search terms were off, but I didn’t find an answer. Most of the consequences I read in regard to contaminating groundwater had to do with civil fines. In the county where I live if you have been fined civily and don’t both come into compliance and pay your fines, a bench warrant can be issued and you can be jailed for a significant amount of time. Any idea if Breck Co has something like this?

  11. Here’s my question : does anyone ever see the younger children off of the shitstead? If they are hidden at all times? I wonder about nourishment, if they’re ill, etc?

  12. Sally,
    My brother-in-law buys and sales junk and last summer, he bought an entire estate and called me to tell me there was a little shed full of jars. “All sizes of jars,” he said. My husband and I loaded up in my other brother-in-law’s truck, pulling a trailer because the deal was that we had to help load, haul, and deliver all the junk to his house as payment for the jars. I thought I had gotten the raw end of the deal, but I ended up with a woman’s life-time supply of jars (she had canned her entire life and died at the age of 94) and her canning supplies. I ended up with every canning notion known to man. LOL. While I live in an apartment M-F, on the weekends, I have a little house a couple of hours away and that is where my real things are like my canning and quilting and sewing room…well, you know. This year, I retire, I think, and we have given our old house to our daughter, and Wed., we are buying another old house with a little land. But the real reason I want to buy the other old house is there is a huge pantry that has floor to ceiling shelves and it will hold my canned goods that I can perfectly and there’s two buildings and a root cellar. A freakin’ root cellar. I am so excited. Also, we are getting chickens. Since we are vegetarians, there’s no reason to buy any other livestock but we might get a goat to help clear out some vines along the fence line in the pasture and I love to sew, crochet, weave, and knit so we may get a few fiber animals….just to get some nice wool. Anyway, this bitch knows jar addictions. BTW, I do have a couple of antique jars that my junk collecting and trading BIL gave me. There’s something about canning food…plus, I have so many allergies to various preservatives, so canning my own is great. My daughter grows a huge garden and I get all the free vegetables I want as long as I can for the both of us. I need to stop…you are busy. I am planting peach, pear, apple, and plum trees, and my sister is going to help me get some grape vines growing. If all goes well, I will have my own fruit to can and freeze. Now I am stopping. I haven’t even had the offer on the property accepted and I am already planting trees. LOL.

  13. All you canning people—
    Could you give me an idea where to start? I would like to can my salsa recipe so we could have it all year, also peaches or other fruits. I’m a newbie so explain it like I’m 5 yrs old please, lol!

  14. Don’t start with salsa. Please don’t start with salsa.

    Of everything that can be canned in a water bath canner, salsa is the iffiest.

    Canning 101

    Canning food is not about how much you like the results, or if it tastes good, or if it looks pretty, although all those things are desirable. Canning food is about safety.

    Water bath canning: You submerge the jars of food in boiling water for a set period of time. Suitable for high-acid (or high-sugar foods because the botulism bacteria can’t grow in them. Tomatoes, fruits canned with sugar, pickles, jellies and jams. These are all okay for a water bath canner (in fact, that is what is preferable).

    Pressure canning: You have to have a pressure canner (not a pressure cooker – they aren’t the same thing). Necessary for low-acid foods like meats, most vegetables, beans.

    The problem with salsa is that it’s not just tomatoes. There are other ingredients, and they are low-aid. Onions, celery, peppers, whatever you add. Every spoonful of onions added to the tomatoes changes the acidity level.

    I once did a fairly exhaustive look on the net at every site I could find trying to determine how many real cases of botulism poisoning due to home-canned food occurred in the last couple of decades, and there aren’t very many. One problem is that when people get it, they often have consumed all the food and it’s gone before they know they are sick and there’s nothing to test. In a case like that, the hospital/researchers go with anecdotal evidence, which is faulty at best. So if the person reports that they ate fried shrimp and cole slaw and home canned salsa with chips, guess what they presume the culprit is? You guessed it. The home canned food gets the blame.

    But of the cases I could find that were verifiable because they actually tested the food, home-canned salsa was #1. In one case, something like eight people died from eating it.

    You certainly can safely can salsa, but only a particular recipe (which has been tested) and only if you know what the hell you are doing. It is not a beginner’s project.

    Start with peaches. Nobody ever got sick from home-canned peaches.

    Here’s the absolute best site on the web for canning rules.

    And if you love sites that put pretty pictures up, try this one.

    For the very, very basics, go here.

  15. Apple sauce is a very easy thing to start with too.
    Also jams and jellies are easy to make as long as you follow the instructions and you only make one batch at a time.

    I use Jel-Ease powdered pectin. I get it at Save A Lot. Not all the stores carry it though. It is the cheapest that I have found in the stores.

    I only use powdered pectin as I have not had good results with liquid pectin. I do convert recipes that call for liquid to powdered that is how much I do not like using it.

    I am a bit of a rebel canner as I use some of the things that my grandmother did and having been canning for so many years I pretty much know how to tell if something is not right when opened.

    Whole tomatoes are another easy thing to do. Pickles and relishes are easy to do too. I am getting ready to make Zesty Zucchini relish as we have a huge explosion of it from our garden.

    If you have any questions ask and I will try to help.

  16. Thank you so much Sally for the info! I told you I was a novice, I had no idea where to start. I’m going to try the peaches tonight. I already have jars, so hopefully I’ll be able to do it right. I DO NOT want my kids or the hubs to get sick.

  17. Peaches are easy. You’ll do fine. Don’t skimp on the sugar. People try to do that and you don’t get as nice a product. Just make sure you time it accurately.

  18. Why do you think the Naugler’s get away with very lenient demands from CPS? It seems that if they lived anywhere else the children would have been removed by now. Is it because the system is broken? Is it because the Naugler’s simply have too many children to place or is it that dire poverty and not educating your kids has become common place?

    I get that people have rights to live as they choose but I do not understand the right of parents not to document their children being born denying them citizenship and I really don’t understand how not educating them is legaly allowed.

  19. I think it’s because this state has severely limited resources for CPS and there are just too many Nauglettes. Furthermore, CPS has to triage these needy children. There is no meth that we know about at the Nauglers’ place. Pot is not really a big deal and even though it’s technically illegal, nobody really gives a shit.

    CPS is very likely doing the best they can.

    Homeschooling laws that don’t exist don’t help the situation one bit.

  20. Kentucky Bred wrote, “So what was all that misleading about The Humanare Handbook? Do the Nauglers even have a copy of it?”

    Lols, I know right, She went on for weeks about composting totally defending themselves with that damn book and telling her readers how……She was going to TEACH the folks at the Health Department all about COMPOSTING. 🙂

    When the students arrive ( Lols) their first stop on the “Blessed Little Tour” was a single door less shed with a boxed in toilet seat…one of the stars of the tour !!!
    In the boxed in toilet seat…students know is where…. the famous white bucket sat that permeated the air.
    A few snap shots from one students camera were taken… as the tour headed up the grassy hill, as the students watched the “BLH Tour Guide Teacher” picking up trash along the trail.

    On the way up the hill was the perfect time to chat…. and teach the students all about composting… know…..real shit and crap.
    But instead the “BLH Tour Guide Teacher” talks about how wet, muddy and slippery… the signal path up the hill is…..and almost falls and busted her ass…walking up the hill.
    There was no mention of the tall weeds, warnings of snakes, or of other dangerous creatures that loom or may run freely about…. the blessed little wilderness…the one that is full of crap.

    But the students were real troopers as they continue on with the ” Blessed Little Tour ” no matter the dangers that might await them…. at the top of the hill.

    When they arrive, to view the famous piles of human shit….. the guide has told the whole wide world is composting….. at the Blessed Little …..Homestead.
    There is no compost bins, there is no composting mix-in supplies stacked or laying around…. nor the famous blue tarp the guide has endless told…. blessed little world wide readers about.
    The “Expert BLH Tour Guide” the Teacher of them all… seems confused as she looks around, “Is it here or over there….where did it go?”
    “Is this the right spot?”………Well holly shit…she doesn’t know !!

    Looking like an incompetent fool….another ” Blessed Little Tour Guide” takes over and leads the students even further up the hill…. through the dangerous wilderness….where little children appear.
    Until alas, they have arrived. They can smell it, they know they are there. The students know they have finally made it….. to the bless little famous turd pile….that is over the fuck’in hill ???
    There is no composting bins, nor other composting supplies laying about.
    But no matter, by now it is clear to the students…. as they peer over the hill…. taking pictures, that their “Expert BLH Composting Teacher”…….is crazy as hell !!! 🙂

  21. I agree with misscanada; where are the rest of the children? She continually pimps out the baby, one of the daughters and two of the older boys. Where are the other 7?

  22. I agree with everyone that beginners should start with peaches; maybe some apple sauce or apple butter. Pears are also good. Pickles are pretty safe to do too but they require some experience because if the cucumbers aren’t just right, your pickles will not taste as good. I do both water bath for high acidic fruits and tomatoes and I also use a pressure canner for green beans and other veggies. I make salsa every year but I pressure can it because it does have peppers, onions, garlic, and celery in it. Salsa is really difficult because of all the dicing and chopping and you determine how much heat you use: too many jalapeños and you won’t be able to eat it…not enough and it tastes like tomatoes with green peppers. LOL. Plus, when you work with hot peppers and large quantities of onions, you need to wear gloves because the acid in those peppers and onions will eat your skin alive. I also can with a pressure canner vegetable soup that I make every single year. I probably can 50 quarts for my daughter’s family and close to that for my husband and me. I put her soup in the quarts and mine I use the pint jars and some of my jars that are not quiet a quart but the quart lid fits them. I also freeze a lot of vegetables too. I freeze corn and toward the end of the summer, I get so tired of canning that I actually freeze tomatoes, peppers, etc. I then use those to cook with. I love to can carrots and purple hull peas….beans…oh my, they look so nice in the jars, sitting on the shelf in my pantry. I dry my garlic and onions….Well, technically, they are my daughter’s garlic and onions but she is so happy to supply me if I help her can and freeze….it’s a good trade off.
    For those starting out, don’t go crazy investing in a bunch of stuff but do check at garage sales and estate sales. You can start simple. Maybe get a dozen quart jars (they come with lids and rings), a hot water bath pot (I have one that belonged to my grandmother so I don’t know what they cost these days), and do get a nice jar handling device. I have a really nice one because there’s nothing worse than burning your fingers trying to lift hot jars out of a pot of boiling hot water. Ouch.

  23. “I get drinking water from the store and refill at work, we get bathing, washing water from a local feed store that has a well.”

    That’s a quote from a late 2014 blog of Nicole’s. My question is whether or not she paid for the water she took from her employer or the local feed store. That was a LOT of water for what was then 11 – 12 people, even with the majority of them as small children, dogs and goats. She may have had gardens and/or chickens that year too, I don’t know.

  24. My question is whether or not she paid for the water she took from her employer or the local feed store.

    Your guess is as good as anybody’s.

  25. I don’t see the Ns paying for water. Nope…I see them pulling up, filling containers, and driving off….probably dropping candy wrappers in the process and taking a piss too. I had a man who filled huge containers from an artisan well on my property…the water was cool and clean and poured out of a rock formation and trickled into a little creek and it was all on my property. The water source was at the back of my property but it was easy to drive a vehicle right up to the rocks. The man who kept his cows in that pasture told me he saw someone there getting water and he and I went over to take a look and there was trash that had fallen out of the guys car. I put up a no trespassing sign with my phone number in hopes that he would call and ask so I would know….the water wasn’t the point; it was his idea of taking without asking; plus, my children were teenagers and I didn’t want some stranger running around where my kids played with their friends. The guy who rented my pasture called me again and said, he’s back and he’s modified the well….the fucker had put a damn pipe between the rocks…he had to have spent a great deal of time and energy getting the thing deep enough and it pissed me off because the little steady stream of water that had created a relaxing little bubbly sound was turned into something different and the water came out of the pipe in larger quantities and faster and that caused the damn stream to fill up with water. We had to end up rerouting the stream, which really pissed me off. He did it so he could fill containers faster. I had to hire a lawyer to go to court and get a court order to keep the guy off of my land. It’s water and he needed water and I would have given him water but I didn’t want him messing with my property. Now that there’s a pipe, people are constantly tracking over there filling up gallon jugs of water…I don’t want payment and I sure don’t want to deny thirsty people of water but dammit, drill your own damn well…that’s all I ask. BTW, this happened years and years ago…my daughter will be 40 this year so it’s been there about 25 years and the pipe is still there and the water still gushes out. BTW, I suspect the Ns are a little like my old neighbor; they feel they have it coming to them. They are sort of like children: they see it, they need it, they want it, they take it. Their taking water from their neighbor’s well cut the cake….

  26. I suppose she didn’t remove the pipe for the same reason my granny didn’t. What’s done is done, it could cause more damage, and people have come to rely on the spring.

    Jeannie, if I might suggest don’t put the grape vines anywhere near the fruiting trees. Ants and their slave aphids love the grapes, and it is a constant battle. You don’t want to bring that near your fruit trees, especially if you’re growing without pesticide (and good luck with that when it comes to the grapes).

  27. What happened regarding the paint party NN was hosting at her place of business?? I never saw any pictures or read anything posted about it?

    I also remember reading somewhere that the naugs would help themselves to water at a park? or picnic area? and it became so excessive that a lock was put on the faucet.

  28. What happened regarding the paint party NN was hosting at her place of business?? I never saw any pictures or read anything posted about it?

    Sorry, that’s off-limits. It’s the business. You can discuss it freely at Free Jinger. They don’t care. 🙂

  29. Thanks for the canning advice. I’m new too. I’ve made salsa (whoops) and blueberry jelly. Luckily no one has been harmed by my salsa and I know for the future.

  30. CJ, the pipe was drilled down pretty far. He didn’t just hammer a pipe between the rocks; he used a drill and the pipe was a version of pipes drillers use to drill into the earth for oil, gas, or water. My brother has worked for a drilling company for years (he is a geologists) and he talked to a couple of guys and they came to remove it but they and my brother agreed that if we took it out, the well’s flow would be changed and the rocks around the pipe would be further damaged. I loved the little stream and the creek and the trickle of the water from the rocks but once he drilled into the rocks and down, the pressure changed and the water coming out flooded the little stream, changing the course of the stream. The pipe is still there and it still pours water constantly….the artisan well pumps water into the creek faster than the creek can empty, even with us putting overflow drainage ditches, leading away from the creek, it floods and backup into our pasture. We’ve tried to irrigate with the water but we really don’t need to irrigate. Over the last few months, a family that moved into the area has asked and been given permission to fill containers with the water, but that doesn’t really do much for the problem this man caused. I wold have happily let him get water, had he asked. I would have, however, asked him to get the water at certain times because of my children but he could have gotten water. It’s him taking the water and modifying the source.

  31. jeannie Waller, that’s too bad. It’s a shame that he could not have put in as much effort communicating with you about permission to use your water source as he did drilling into it. That man must have had some heavy equipment. Thank you for answering my question.

  32. I’ll admit that I stopped following the saga once the children were returned home. I tried to remind myself it was not my circus and that these are not my monkeys. But alas I get sucked back in.

    My question is is all the money gone? They received a fairly decent sum of money that we know of and I am sure more has been received. And what was that money spent on? Is there any evidence of laptops for the children, which was something they listed on the gofundme page. I just cannot fathom how anyone can blow through those funds without anything tangible besides a garden shed that most likely they don’t own outright.

    And also what the heck is this poopgate thing? I know about the “composting” But is there now a portapotty on the homestead? Why?!? Why not just install some proper outhouses? Why not do it the right way?

  33. is all the money gone?

    I would guess yes it is all gone and has been for a long time.

    And what was that money spent on?

    Nobody has the slightest idea except that they bought a garden shed (dunno if they paid cash or not) and a “$900 chain saw.”

    Is there any evidence of laptops for the children, which was something they listed on the gofundme page.


    Why not do it the right way?

    Because it’s the Nauglers.

  34. CJ, my brother said he used a portable water drill. The guy had been trying to get a water source on his property but wasn’t paying professionals to help him find and drill for water. My brother said he either bought or rented a small water drill. Because the artisan well is at the back of our property, we had no idea what he was doing. I called the sheriff’s office and filed a complaint and they talked to him and we had an attorney file paperwork for him to stay off our land…he has done some pretty awful things to our neighbors in that area…our daughter lives there now, and he is still a jerk. I suspect he would fit in nicely with the Ns…

  35. I imagine the money was spent on her business. That would have been the smart thing to do. Nicole wanted to work for herself. Joe wouldn’t work. They weren’t sure if they wanted to stay on that land or run again.
    But investing Go Fund Me money in a business would require paying taxes on the money. So they probably gave the money to someone else as “gifts” to be used to pay for business remodeling, equipment, rent and paying off loans on the shop (that, or some other crazy plan to avoid income taxes that I don’t know about, cause I just pay my taxes).

  36. I’ve asked my share of “Why, why, why?” questions, that’s for sure. I keep remembering remarks by Ann Rule, a true crime writer who profiled criminals who were considerably more violent and less squalid than the Nauglers. Even though her subjects are 180 degrees from the Nauglers, many of them are eerily similar in consistent ways. The sense that the world consists of a basket out of which they can scoop whatever they like and a bunch of big meanies who keep getting in their way. The habit of regarding family members as investments. The blindness to the needs of children. And a persistent habit of stealing even when not stealing would actually be easier. Her subjects go out of their way to steal, in other words. It’s as though stealing were their default mode.

  37. Mscanada….I just saw her and 3 of the kids last week where I happen to work (sorry but I won’t say where, as I use my real name on here and I live in the same county not too far away).

  38. Fb refugee, kids looked to be very well behaved. They pretty much came in for what they needed and left.

    She had a stomach on her. But I really can’t say if she is pregnant or not. But possibly could be.

    They looked very well kept. Clean cloths and they didn’t look dirty.

  39. I mean it was just a matter of I turned around and she looked familiar by a side view and the dreads.

  40. I saw mention of this on another older post that the Naugs have been linking to Pearl sites. I believe it but it goes against everything I thought Nicole espoused. She used to claim she was against hitting children. Did that change like everything else?

  41. Angela wrote, “They looked very well kept. Clean cloths and they didn’t look dirty.”

    Well, that’s great news. I hope it’s now how they start every day.

  42. Why fast food? Does she bring food home for the kids? It’s horrible that she posts about the lunch dates her and Joe take while the kids stay home. Has anyone seen a picture of all of the kids enjoying a meal out? You know a meal they didn’t have to cook over some cinder blocks.

  43. Has anyone seen a picture of all of the kids enjoying a meal out?

    Yep. The whole family went to some buffet one day. Golden Corral, I think?

  44. Dinah what are Pearl sites?

    Anyone here about what happened at court? She hasn’t blogged anything yet.

  45. Dinah what are Pearl sites?

    Michael Pearl. (My thanks to the reader who corrected me on the name.) He, along with his wife, is the author of more than one book about child rearing. He’s a very fundy Christian and extremely strict authoritarian. His books have been linked to more than one tragedy where children were actually killed by their parents.

  46. Sally, I think you mean Michael Pearl and wife, Debi.

    [The other name removed so Google forgets it. Thank you so much for the correction.]

  47. Nobody likes paying bills. But you probably shouldn’t heat a grooming business with space heaters or a wood stove. You gotta pay that gas bill.


    $40 bucks : a service charge because the gas company has to pay its workers and expenses even if you aren’t using gas this month.

    $27 bucks : “Gas Line Tracker” …”to proactively inspect and replace natural gas service risers and to assume responsibility for the portion of the gas service from the customer’s property line or utility easement to the house or business. LG&E is now responsible for installing, maintaining, repairing and replacing natural gas service lines.”

  48. @Angela, did she have all 10 boys with her? Since it was evening, did they all look bathed? Sometimes, people look clean and have clean clothes on but underneath you can smell they haven’t bathed. What was your perception?

  49. Unfortunately this time they looked dirty. She had 5 with her today.

    I do have to admit that the baby looks so darn cute.

  50. I see a post for her new project on her page. She has made another blog!!! I am astounded. How can she not understand that as a mother of 11 her time would be best spent working, taking care of her children and taking care of her homestead? I will admit my ignorance about CPS. I have never in my 20+ years as a parent ever had any experience with them. But don’t they give lists of things to take care of? Are they just letting the Nauglers fall through the cracks due to the large size of the family and scant county resources? I really am at a loss. She needs addiction help, she is clearly addicted to her off grid internet usage.

  51. Anyone know what happened at court last week?

    Yep. Coming as soon as I can get documentation.

  52. Where did the link to her newest pet project (i.e. the foster care blog) go? You can find it buried on the BLH facebook page, but the pinned post is MIA. Surely she could not have lost interest in the project she has slaved over and felt compelled to start for a year now. *snort*

  53. Does anyone have any idea why they didn’t use that money to buy a nice cozy yurt? I know they trash everything they put their hands on, but if they ever did get around to building that “permanent cabin” they could resell it. At the very least they would have a decent SAFE, insulated home for their family. They would even have had enough money left over to put in a SAFE loft where they could at least all have a bedroll. I cannot fathom how they are sleeping now.
    I just hate these situations. I wish so much better for them and with a windfall like that they really could have gotten their feet under them.
    Double insulated 33′ yurt with a foundation/deck=35,000
    Safe lofts for the kids=5,000
    Nice dairy cow in milk with calf=2,000 (in my area, anyway)
    Propane refrigerator = 1,500
    That still leaves enough to pay someone to fix that MF septic.
    Instead they have a bare garden shed. For Christ’s sake, do something right!!

  54. I’m sorry for the foul language. I am just at a loss here. I hate these situations where people can’t seem to get out of their own way. Even with such a huge gift they still didn’t improve their situation by more than a very slim margin. Don’t get me wrong, that garden shed is no doubt an improvement, but it’s not enough. A yurt may not be what they want long term, but a 33′ yurt is about 855 Sq ft and with a loft overhead they can approach normal home square footage.

    I have a sister who is like this, so I am overly passionate. She’s into this kind of homesteading, i.e.: “I’m poor and wish I didn’t have any bills, but I’m too lazy to put in the work of homesteading.” It drives me crazy and this Naugler mess scares me.

  55. Nice dairy cow in milk with calf=2,000 (in my area, anyway)

    Completely impractical for them. Cows cost way more than just their initial purchase price. My milking machine cost more than my cow. She eats $60 worth of feed every month. We raise bull calves and a pig with the excess (which means that the pig and the calves have to have housing). Furthermore, you need several acres of good pasture to do this. We have about 10 acres of good pasture that is fully fenced. The fencing cost about $2K. And a dairy cow has to be bred annually to some bull someplace or AI’d. She has to be milked twice a day as close to 12 hours apart as possible. If you don’t, she will get mastitis which is expensive to treat or she will dry up, which means you’re feeding her with no return.

    The Naugler family is beyond uninterested in “country living” or “homesteading.”

    The Nauglers needed to buy a decent older house on a decent-sized lot. They could have done so with the money they got. They chose to fritter it away.

  56. Hey I made fig preserves from the figs on my husbands g-ma’s gig tree. Super yummy!!! Thanks for the advice!
    Also Sally—
    Please post pics of your bamboo floors if you feel comfortable doing so . We are wanting to redo our floors next spring I’m looking into options right now.

  57. Dumb question time:

    How do you get to the beginning of a Facebook page other than by scrolling to the bottom? I’d like to look at Lisa’s page, starting from day one but I can’t ever get to the beginning and work to present day.

    Why is it that not ALL of the blog postings show on the Sally Davis Fan Club?

  58. Why is it that not ALL of the blog postings show on the Sally Davis Fan Club?

    I do not run that page so I don’t know. I do know that it hasn’t existed for the entire time that the blog has existed.

  59. I didn’t know where to ask this question but this is ask a question so, logically, I came here. I’ve done a few responses that aren’t showing up on your different posts. I was wondering if the responses are getting rerouted to your junk mail or have I crossed the line? I know sometimes I can be a little bitchy when it comes N’s failure as a human.

  60. I’ve done a few responses that aren’t showing up on your different posts. I was wondering if the responses are getting rerouted to your junk mail or have I crossed the line?

    I’ve had some problems with the comments getting re-routed without my knowledge to the trash or to the spam folder. It’s the spam software doing it. I’m not sure how to fix it. You haven’t crossed any lines that I know of. Generally, I tell you if you do, otherwise how would people know where the “line” is?

    I’m sorry this is happening but I haven’t had time to deal with it.

  61. Wait. Forgive my ignorance and slow reply.

    You author the blog but someone else runs the Sally Davis Fan Club? The party who administers the Sally Davis Fan Club Facebook page updates their Facebook page with YOUR blog postings?

  62. You author the blog but someone else runs the Sally Davis Fan Club?

    That’s correct. I do not have anything to do with that page. However, I don’t mind them doing it. The whole point was to provide a place on FB to share links to new posts on the blog.

  63. Ok now I’m confused… I just stumbled across one of NN’s posts about the breakdown of the GFM money…

    I’ve read many statements about the shed payments but in her post she says they paid $9,000 for it outright, she also states that they bought all the insulation and wall supplies

    But everything thing I see posted anywhere talks about lack of insulation?… am I missing something?

  64. But everything thing I see posted anywhere talks about lack of insulation?… am I missing something?

    Nicole says that they insulated the shed, however, in photographs it’s quite clear that there are at the very least sections that are not insulated. Insulation would have been a very tiny part of the GFM money.

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