There is no such thing as bad publicity.


wave3Nicole2Nicole and Joe contacted the local news media to get them to do a story about their current troubles.  She doesn’t say this above, of course.  Instead she makes it sound like the news media contacted her because they are just so interested in everything Joe and Nicole do.

You know, “going viral” worked out so well for them before in terms of money that they thought they’d give it another go.

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And notice how, because it didn’t work out as nicely as Nicole hoped, suddenly it’s the news media that gets it wrong, is biased and just basically does sloppy reporting.

I ask again, Nicole, do you know Donald Trump?  I just ask because this is what he does.

If you look over the comment section at Wave 3, you will understand her frustration. It was simply deluged by people critical of Nicole.  And her humpers stayed silent for some reason.  Charles showed up, of course, but Charles is Nicole (at times, and other family members at other times). One or two other humpers, actual, real ones, showed up but only briefly. And a couple of other Nicole socks attempted to do damage control.

To save you all that reading, here’s what I consider to be the best exchange of all.

NicolecommentsBless her heart.  She thinks that somehow, if she can just keep saying it, it will be true and that if she can convince random strangers on the internet, that will convince the court.

This is something like Kellyanne Conway insisting that there was a “massacre” in Bowling Green, KY, and then Rand Paul following up by talking about the “bomb threat” there, and adding that he’s from Bowling Green, so he knows. [No such thing happened. You can’t even spin it to make that true.]

In the politicians’ case, they’re trying to convince their constituency, so it makes sense for them to lie, but in Nicole’s case, it’s senseless.

We can’t wait for the update. It’s not a contempt charge because the horse “got loose” (notice the passive voice here – nobody failed in any way; the horse just got loose ).  It’s a contempt charge because Joe already has a conviction for failing to keep his livestock on his own property.

The courts do not resort to this willy-nilly.  Nobody even reports people for loose livestock generally, because most people make an effort to correct the situation, apologize for what happened, and at the very least offer to repair/pay for any damage.  The Nauglers are not most people though, and did nothing whatever about it, and it has gone on for a long, long time.

But she’s willing to clarify anything if we just ask.

  1. Are you guys using the Porta-potty as the court decreed?  Are you cheating? Why would you cheat?  Why is there no path visible to the Porta-potty from your garden shed, as one would expect if it were being used? How often is it being emptied?
  2. How many times did the horse really get out? I know for certain it was more than the “two or three” you claim.  The horse is still getting out, you know.  We all know.

Let’s start with those and see how you do, Nicole.


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  1. I had a horse that jumped a 5′ fence and took off due to a SCARY thunderstorm that blew up out of nowhere. I got home afterward, found a note on my door about a horse that had gotten loose and the phone number of animal control. It was after closing so I called, left a message and picked him up bright and early on Monday (they were closed on Sunday too). $100 fine which was reasonable. No legal repercussions. They knew that the fence was normally secure otherwise that horse would have been out and about long before. He wasn’t the only horse that was affected by the storm. There was another one there too who was picked up that same day.

    The fact is that if you have good fences and aren’t a flipping lunatic, you don’t have to worry about this turning into a legal hassle. It was a bit surprising that he took off instead of heading for the other paddock where my other horses were hanging out riding out the storm. It was a really scary storm though – I don’t blame him one bit for taking off.


  2. I have a question. In some states, 16 is considered able to be tried in adult court on certain criminal offenses. What is Kentucky’s view on that? Is there a chance that the weapons charge will go to an adult court?


  3. Yeah about that Porta Potty? Maybe a call to that “idiot” Jeremy H, at the health department, asking for a follow-up on that very issue, is in order?


  4. I’m waiting for Nicole to ask why the horse wasn’t charged with getting loose. By the way, the photo that accompanied the latest news article cannot be recent, since Joe has close cropped hair in it. Was that taken at the time the children were removed by CPS? And where was it taken? Certainly not anywhere near the shitstead. In their hotel room?

    On another topic, in Joe’s vlog, he says their attorney advised them to leave the shit stead because of supposed harassment and threats against them once the children were removed, which is why they “had to” rent a hotel room with the GFM money. But once they get the children back, they return to their land. Sounds to me like Joe was too scared to be by himself during the daytime when Nicole would be at work; or perhaps both Joe and Nicole are scaredy cats who need their children around to protect them. (Actually, I do think Joe is a typical bully, and while he’s real brave at confronting women and calling them foul names, he was too cowardly to meet Al Wilson in a very public place for a man to man talk. I could see him being frightened to be alone on the shitstead, not to mention he’d have to empty his own waste bucket and figure out how to feed himself. Quite a winner you picked there Nicole!)


  5. I simply shared her blog. Her blog. Her blog. So if that was giving misinformation that is on her, not me. Those kids deserve better. Her teeth problems are concerning, just as they were for the last baby, she does not take care of herself. That new blessed baby deserves prenatal care. Birthing babies no longer needs to be a crap shoot. CPS is letting another baby possibly be born with no medical attention by two parents with no medical background. The parents are playing the most inhumane game of Russian roulette and it’s sickening that this is allowed.


  6. I’m curious about the documentation that J claims to have of the horse encounter, yet he won’t release it. Is it incriminating? As for the WAVE3 story, I felt it was slanted to favor the N’s, since no one else was interviewed. It was only the comments that gave the other side of the story.


  7. Every time I see mention that livestock gets loose I just cringe…
    I have many different breeds on my property and yes they will occasionally get out, a bird here or there, but they stay on our property because that’s where food and water is.

    Once we had a hog that seemed to be an escape artist. Neighbors never complained because again he had food and watee near by. We did end up selling him off for a less lively fellow.

    Now a neighbor has donkey’s that are always getting loose and the entire mile section of neighbors complain, why does this happen? Because the owners don’t keep water or anything other than what little grass is growing available so the animals look elsewhere.


  8. So first it was the daughter’s horse, then it was Nicole’s horse and now she calls it “our horse”.

    And I’m so tired of this “You don’t know my kids” argument.
    Nicole, most people only know about your kids and how they live through what YOU put online, and that stuff is condemning enough.
    Nicole, you have failed to provide your kids with the basic necessities, like sufficient food, shelter, education and opportunities for their future (you know, like things they’d need a birth certificate or a social security number for).

    Nicole, you are for some strange reason proud that you don’t receive support from the state in form of money or vouchers.
    This is stuff that your children have aright to receive. This is stuff that you’re withholding from them.
    It is incomprehensible for me: You are a parent! You should want your children to get at least the basic necessities! And if that means to get stuff from the state, you, as a parent, take it – for you children!
    Seriously, your wordviews come second after your children. As a parent your first responsibility is towards them.
    And if your children could receive extra help from the state, you go and get it for them.
    Try to get this into your head: It’s about them, not you.


  9. She is so, so, so very unlikeable. I don’t even think it’s about their children anymore, that people are so angry and fed up with these two. It’s simply that Joe and Nicole are so very arrogant and unlikeable, yet they insist on carrying on with their nonsensical rhetoric and spin. The snip you posted from the Wave3 page is a great example. I wish her brain could be pried open and reality and truth poured in; but alas, that is not possible. Keep cutting through their bullshit Sally! It relieves the painful infection caused by these two; an infection that makes me want beat my head against a wall in frustration. I know I am not the only one with this ailment. As a anti-bullshit nurse you are doing a tremendous public service.


  10. Oh, snap!

    Sally, you got her! Although, in another life and on another path she really could have worked for the angry orange. She at points appears to be a master at her craft (lying, spinning and grifting) however, she keeps talking and undoes all of her “hard work”.


  11. In her twisted lying and deceiving mind the horse only got out two or three times. Hey that is what happens when one owns animals per her. Funny thing is in the 5 years we had horse the mini only got out ONCE! That was not due to piss poor fencing, horse being lonely or bored or in search of food due to being hungry. Thanks to Free Willy the steer calf (name cause ge was given to us for free) used his horns to lift the livestock fencing to let Magic the mini horse break out. One spacing where posts were a bit more apart made a weak spot. If it were not for us watching to see how he got out to notice the fencing was ever so slightly bent we would not have found it. Fixed it by adding another post. Magic loved his pasture and for 3 years before we got Free Willy he never got out. Free Willy was a trouble maker from the get go.

    IMO the Naugler’s are seeing that their going viral crap is not working out for them. It has made them known, people they use to intimidate into keeping quiet are speaking out and most of all now they are known people are paying attention to their narcissistic crap and talking openly about it. The intimidation days are over for them. The REAL truth about them is speading faster than the Nauglers can reproduce. Last of all they are not smart enough to sharpen up on their propaganda spinning techniques. The same old previous shit tactics they used are working against them instead of for them. They are losing battles and the war!

    I am waiting for them to start their own news casting site. Where they can report all the false news they believe to be true.

    Thanks to this blog and other online venues the Naugler grifting is slowly but surely being shut down.


  12. I had a horse that jumped a 5′ fence

    We had a dog, years ago, who dug out under our fence and was found at a local diner, a good distance away. The local police had her in a cage at headquarters. We had to pay something like $25 for their trouble, which we were delighted to do.

    She was dumber than a rock. Dave put tent stakes in the area where she dug out, and set them in concrete. About six feet of fence. He did nothing at all to the rest. She had no idea that she could just move down a few feet and dig out again. She remained fenced and adventureless from that point on until her death from natural causes.


  13. Was that taken at the time the children were removed by CPS? And where was it taken?

    Yes, it’s a local media photo taken back then, probably at court.


  14. Thanks for the well wishes last time I commented. I’m feeling much better today…just in time to start going off my meds and on a diet for surgery prep. x.x

    The big issue is the adults have been rewarded for bad behavior in the past. $45K was strong positive feedback. They aren’t going to learn until their shit (some times literally) lands them into enough trouble without ANY silver lining on it. If they can spin it, they’ll keep spiraling.

    On the plus side, if their son ends up in juvie/jail, it just might save him. A lot of my students back in the day were late teens to early twenties who only were getting their GED because it was part of their parole/probation. Some kids really used that as a starting point to change their life. I just wish I didn’t know this poor kid was having legal trouble.


  15. Another question she can answer – Where’s the pig, Nicole?

    Also, regarding animals getting out – I live around the corner from a small farm. Lived here for 20+ years. The farm keeps about a doz cattle, several goats, 4/5 horses, 2/3 pigs and a multitude of chickens. In all my years living near them, I’ve only had the pleasure of 1 goat of theirs coming around. And only because someone didn’t latch his pen one evening. They have proper fences, pens, barns for these animals. 20+ years of contained animals. It can’t be that complicated.


  16. We had neighbors who’s sheep would get out all the time and come over to our house. Never cared on bit about it. Their chickens were over here all the time. Didn’t care about that either. I would watch those sheep get out and just laugh. They used the same kind of fencing that N used for around the pond.
    The only issue I had with our old neighbors is their rottie (I love dogs) getting loose and coming over to our property and bark at us. Even tried going after after my dog once and literally scared the shit out of my dog, to the point where my dog was so scared she shit on the deck.
    Our neighbors dog across the street comes over to house as well. And today I think I figured out why. It just wants to play with my dogs. I had my one dog outside (leashed cause we don’t have a fence yet) and this dog got playful and tried to get my dogs attention. My dog just ignored it.
    But a horse can cause a lot of damage. And it pisses me off to no end that they don’t fix the problem.
    I thought Joe was being held in contempt for other things as well. Just not things he animals getting out. Thought maybe his new charges of harassment had something to do with it as well.


  17. We had a big old cur that was utterly terrified of fireworks. Leave her outside and she would chew her way in through a (cheap) wooden door. Leave her inside and she would cram her very large self underneath a kid’s bed and break it. She was dumb as a post and very, very strong.


  18. Nicole just did a post – a look back – from her Groomer Nicole page. It is dated January 2015 and she states she is opening her new shop and plans to have three other groomers there. Then of course she spins her tale of woe about how mistreated she was mistreated at her previous job and escorted out by police.
    Then there is the pitch for donations and legal help.
    Nicole, that was 2 years ago. Do you wonder why there are still no groomers working in your shop? All this time has passed and nothing has changed. Nothing. Do you think maybe you and Joe might be the problem?


  19. On the Blessed Little Homestead page, she just re-posted an old post dated 1/30/2015 and noted that her groom shop was having its two year anniversary. Post contains begging for donations and notes that police had to escort her out of her employer’s shop. All the responses are congratulations. I guess they did not read the original post.


  20. I have nothing to add Miss Dani, but you’ve made a brilliant point. I think you have hit the nail on the head. In the past, they were handsomely rewarded for bad behavior ($45,000!). They are probably still trying to figure out where it went, having blown through it faster than you can say, “Go empty that white bucket!” And your last sentence…well that day can’t come soon enough as far as I’m concerned. What used to be shock entertainment mixed with alarm and concern for the kids, has just gotten out of control…like their egos.

    >> The big issue is the adults have been rewarded for bad behavior in the past. $45K was strong positive feedback. They aren’t going to learn until their shit (some times literally) lands them into enough trouble without ANY silver lining on it. If they can spin it, they’ll keep spiraling. <<


  21. I love the way she promises bigger and better proof…she and Joe are always working on something…is that an oxymoron (Joe and work?). I believe it is. Let’s see two contradicting terms or words appearing together….Joe, who doesn’t lift a finger to even comb his hair and work….oh my.

    Yes…she is going to get her shit together to prove that every person in the town is out to get her and she is bullied and she is denied her rights (by the way, she doesn’t believe that the government is qualified to deliver rights so why is she suddenly claiming she is due her rights?). She stomps her feet when she is busted in a very “bigly” way, which was why the dueling phones was so perfect….head bobbing, mouth ajar, screeching, being pulled away, confronting others…oh my.

    She wants her supporters to send money, call the talk shows, call the news, call the government, and finally to pray. Notice how the talk show route is what she is aiming for first…call Dr. Phil….duh…what’s the deal with using a TV doctor but not a real life doctor? And someone said that Joe is only as tough as those standing along side…I agree. In fact, if Joe is alone, his bravado suddenly simmers and when she is alone, she does the drive by…yells, flips, and runs.

    Here’s the deal…Nicole and Joe, bring on the videos…we know you ain’t got figurative shit…but, of course, there’s the literal shit…and you got that. BTW, you ain’t living off grid…you were homeless until you got donations to get you in a hotel and then a shed. Off grid my ass. One more thing…all of a sudden you are trying to portray a nice family life in the shit shack but if I can see through it, so will the evil government. You better hope those test scores go up.


  22. Please forgive me….I’m taking steroids for a little rejection thing going on with my new knee joint so I am a little more forgetful than usual and a little more ADD, which for me is real. But, N, how did the hitting airwaves go for you? People are not as naive when it comes to you guys’ panhandling as the first time. Joe…better get a job.


  23. N should have taken WAVE3 to the ‘stead for pics of the fence. And the horse. Meet the kids, learn about unschooling! It’s like N wants to avoid the place!


  24. I thought of Trump myself right away. I look forward to his Twitter rants every morning. Today all three networks are fake news along with the usual subjects.
    Our current leader reminds me of my very willful Grand daughter. She’s 5 though.
    I wouldn’t be suprised if the news outlet did contact them (not sure how) after seeing their name on the court docket yet again. They were a pretty good story the last time and apparently were again. We sure enjoy it.


  25. I wouldn’t be suprised if the news outlet did contact them

    No, they didn’t. Nicole initiated the contact.


  26. Off topic, but speaking of #profitjoe and not combing his hair…I wouldn’t be surprised if he is going for dreads, since #manicole was so successful at it. ??


  27. Nothing Blessed About It, that’s biggest reason they won’t fix their issues. They’re stuck on a figurative mountain side begging for people to keep throwing them rope while expecting to be pulled up without any effort on their part. Sometimes you need to let people fall before they realize they actually have to climb themselves.

    I debated with myself if I should post this since it reveals enough personal info to figure out who I am, but I think it’s good that people know programs like this exist. Many, many, MANY years ago, my husband and I worked with a diversion program that involved kids 16 – 20 who were either on probation or at risk of becoming involved with the criminal justice system. The kids were completely removed from their environment and lived on a beautiful college campus. They attended classes during the day and had tutoring, counseling, and job training in the evening. They had 3 all you can eat meals and 2 snacks for free. They had access to an Olympic sized swimming pool, an awesome gym, and a rec room with tons of video games. For many, this was the first time they had internet access. On top of all this for free, the kids were paid a stipend of $100 a week as long as they followed their plan and parole conditions if that applied.

    My husband and I lived on campus with the kids. I taught algebra and “life skills.” My husband was brought in as a tutor and “mentor.” A good chunk of the kids did very well. Almost all showed significant academic improvement. I only heard about the follow-up a year after, but only 5% that completed the program had criminal issues in that time.

    A lot of the kids had a really bad home life. Not Naugler bad, but very rough. Others just happened to fall into the wrong crowd. Either way, completely removing them from their environment, giving them the tools and support they needed, and showing them another way to live was just what a lot of them needed.

    I do wonder about those students. I normally taught people who lived in my area, so I’m always running into them so I have an idea if I was able to help them. These kids came from all over my part of the state, so I haven’t been able to follow up to see how they did long term. From my limited view, I thought the program was wonderful. At least during those few months, most of those kids thrived. It took money, but I’m certain it cost less per kid than a lifetime of a revolving jail door.

    Worse case scenario, plain old juvie was enough to knock sense into a few of my cousins. Again, I have to state that it’s bullshit that I know this kid could possibly be facing jail time.


  28. Please do not for even a second think that I’m defending the Ns with this post, but something’s been bothering me.

    It’s about people saying Joe should get a job.

    He stays home with the kids, supposedly doing whatever one does in that situation. If he were a woman, a homestead wife instead of husband, would the push for him to work outside the home be as great?

    That said, no matter what adult is home, they should organize themselves and improve that property. All those kids and you expect me to believe that no one could dig a hole for an outhouse? Not buying it.


  29. @Interested Bystander – Your point would be excellent if Joe actually stayed on the “homestead”, which he does not. Take a look at the recent rantings and ravings. He is not on the BLH. When he caught his latest harassment charge, he was NOT on the homestead. If you look at the first video of Nicole trying to spin things and a hand pops into view. That is an adult hand, so I am guessing that was Joe.
    The other business owner has stated that Joe is standing, grabbing his crotch and staring at her, every morning that she opens her shop. Joe wants to escape the shitstead as badly as Nicole does. Why do you think he referred to Q as “The Enforcer?” It’s because Q and perhaps Jacob and Faith are left to look after the little kids.
    Nicole has stated that it isn’t worth it for Joe to get a job and bring home $250 – presumably that is the amount after his wages are garnished. Joe does not want to get a job because he is a lazy fuck. It’s simple.


  30. “He stays home with the kids, supposedly doing whatever one does in that situation. If he were a woman, a homestead wife instead of husband, would the push for him to work outside the home be as great?”

    If the living conditions were as dismal as they are with the Nauglers, then, yes, I’d totally expect a woman to go and get a job and work in the evening (or while the kids are at school/day care) to try to improve her kids’ life.
    And I say that as a working mom (with a working husband) whose youngest isn’t even a year old.


  31. My hamster chewed through it’s cage once… Does that count? No? Fine.

    In any case, they can still smell that sweet, sweet 45k. Contacting the media, it proves too tempting… After all, they are so close to losing it all – and another GFM – they can practically taste it! Unfortunately, that was a once in a lifetime gift horse. Their current gift horse, only gives them shit to shovel. Forget Beauty, they should name her, Reality.


  32. Interested Bystander, I am one who thinks Joe should get a job. My reasoning is that nowadays, many families have two working parents, because they need two incomes to pay the bills. Joe could at least work part time, say an evening shift at a local store, stocking shelves at night. He and Nicole should have stopped having more children than they could afford. He could also try to develop a home based business, but he doesn’t seem to have ever learned any skills, like auto repair, barber skills, general.handy man, etc. He’s fairly useless.


  33. The “Joe should get a job” thing is because he doesn’t seem to spend all that much time at home with the kids (how’d he get in a confrontation at the shop while being home with the kids?) and even when he is home, he doesn’t seem to be doing much at all. If he were there, teaching the kids, organizing things, building things, making their place into the homestead they claim it is, then there would be much less “joe should get a job” rhetoric.


  34. Both parents should be working when financial situation is as dire as Nauglers, so I am not at all bothered by those who think Joe should work.

    If they could get by on one parent’s earnings, the parent with the higher earning potential should be the breadwinner.

    However, the stay at home parent should meet certain expectations such as keeping a reasonably tidy schedule, preparing nutritious meals, home educating the children, making sure the children are bathed and many other tasks.

    Frankly, I’d rather be the breadwinner than to have to stay home to care for eleven children all day.


  35. I used to wonder too why so many people commented that Joe should get a job. Now I think people struggle because it’s clear that he’s not doing his “job” as the Homestead Husband AND the family is asking for money. I don’t think it’s fair to ask for money when you able-bodied people are not trying to earn it themselves.


  36. Interested Bystander, I don’t know how to “reply” to your post but I just wanted to add that from what I gather Joe doesn’t stay home much, he usually goes to the shop and sits in the car? Correct me if I’m wrong, anyone? The kids stay home? and he goes and sits in the car?


  37. Interested Bystander: there isn’t much proof that Joe even spends any time at home supervising the kids. He seems to spend a lot of time at the on grid shop with Nicole. When they stormed over to the neighboring business, why was Joe at the shop in the first place? Who was at home watching the kids? Seems like he spends a lot of time sitting his big ass in the warm, clean salon while the kids fend for themselves at the shit stead.


  38. @Intersted Bystander: I feel the same – that the issue isn’t whether Joe is employed outside the home; the issue is are the children’s needs being met. I admit some bias here because my at-home mom time far surpasses my time spent earning nickels and dimes for the family piggy bank, but I have never felt that a parent team that elects to follow the stay-home-parent model couldn’t or shouldn’t let the man be that at-home parent.

    The problem at the Nauglerstead – as you point out – is that nothing seems to be happening.

    And I mean NOTHING. There’s that old cliche about the clueless husband who comes home and asks the mother of babies and toddlers “What did you DO all day?” I’ve been there; I’ve had my share of pajama days, exhausted, with little to show for it in the moment. And I only have three kids, not eleven-going-on-twelve-thousand. But yes, whenever you have babies and/or toddlers in the mix it can be all-consuming. Thus I personally would understand why the cabin isn’t even in the blueprint stage, or there wasn’t so much as a rain barrel set up, if there were ANY demonstrated examples of Joe doing anything that falls under the umbrella of typical parenting duties:

    Actively instructing them (Aside from that chilling “be reverent while you are kidnapped” lecture). Reading to them. Walking in the woods with them. Holding onto their hands as they first learn to walk. Holding their handlebars as they first climb onto a two-wheel bike. Teaching them to cook or build (posed photos of Joe placing a single superfluous “steadying” hand while the child saws or hammers do NOT count). Taking them to outside activities where the goal is not to be there when no one else is around (i.e. Beach Day). Letting them join clubs or take lessons that build skills and develop confidence. (I guess target practice could count, if not for all the unsafe practices evident in the photos). Spending quiet time just listening to them talk. Giving hugs. Keeping a watchful eye so that they don’t run a mile down the road or set themselves on fire or poison themselves via foraging – whether in the woods or in their own pantry. Feeding toddlers so they get the food in their bellies rather than all over their faces. Protecting the children from heartbreak by protecting the animals in their care. Showing reverence BY ACTUAL EXAMPLE instead of hypocritically mouthing off to every adult both in his path, and those he goes out of his way to harrass.

    This should be where I tack on the damning fact that lately he isn’t even AT home, but rather at the shop, or skulking around the general store, or in court, or in jail. But at this point I doubt it makes a damn bit of difference.

    Wonder how his latest day in court is going.


  39. I am all for homeschooling when the purpose is to produce capable adults, but at the Nauglers’ economic level, it’s a frill. Those kids ought to all be in school or subsidized day care. They would get one or two meals per day, probably free, plus maybe weekend backpacks with more food in them, and maybe even free lunch in the summertime through the USDA (although I don’t know where their nearest USDA lunchroom is). They would have hot water and soap and toilet paper and flush toilets and drinking fountains and heat.

    And mandatory reporters. Which is why it’s never gonna happen.


  40. Breckinridge High School offers free lunch to kid’s 18 and younger in the summer. During the school year breakfast and lunch are free no matter the income. The high school also offers a free meal when school let’s out.


  41. The best thing about this whole mess is how many smart people it has uncovered! LOL

    I only mentioned gender bias because even in this day and age there’s a lot of mindless man = job / woman = home thinking.


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