6 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement”

  1. Call the state police for me. Someone took a blurry picture of my shed. from the street. I can’t call them myself because if they come they will shoot my dog, rape me, the K-9 will sodomize Joe, and then the police will kill me.

    Forget Nauglecting, what we have here is Nauglogic.


  2. But the LEO “Will shoot them dead, cause that’s just what they do”

    Does anyone recall the video of the “[child’s name] Incident”, when asked if they (LE) could see [child’s name] and speak with her to make sure she was okay after her “adventure walk”. I am 99% sure Pate was one of the responding officers. Anyway that encounter they accused the police of wanting to molest their daughter. After Pa, arrived at the homestead and was asked if they could speak with [child’s name] to ensure she was safe all you hear in I believe was JN voice saying ” No I will not allow you to molest my daughter! ” I’m but that’s paranoid behavior and honestly its scary. What sick twisted individual has that pop in their head solely because they wanted to talk with their daughter. I’m telling you Ma & Pa have twisted minds and a guilty conscience .


  3. If there is a problem, why don’t either Joe or Nicole call the Kentucky State Police on their own behalf? Why would KSP take a phone call from someone (not the owner) out-of-state regarding a photo taken from a road as a menace if the owner can’t make the effort to do so?

    Why would they bother? Joe has gone on and on and on about vigorously defending himself, so maybe they have more weapons laying around the house, in the car, hidden in the chicken coop, in the Little Shed, under a tarp, etc. than they’ve shared lately. Two or three guns isn’t going to vigorously defend anyone against the thousands who have taken the time to like Nicole’s Blessed Little Homestead blog.

    What IS the difference between thousands of people who read your blog and stalkers? Particularly when you’ve had a blog for YEARS. Why would you be silly enough to think that if there were people with ill-intentions towards your family that they’re people who heard of you recently? Nicole has been an internet presence for quite a long time and she certainly has upset quite a number of people through the years. She was quite the Santicimommy in her time. Which comes as no surprise to many.


  4. The hilarious song “Agony”, from the play/film “Into the Woods”, could easily be substituted with the title and words “IRONY”.

    Does Nicole not even realize her own hypocrisy? Thanks for a great blog Sally!


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