Public Apology

Several days ago, there was an incident involving Quinten Naugler and his now-infamous chariot.

Here he is.

NOTE: You will notice, I’m sure, that I am breaking one of my rules. They are my rules.  I can break them if I want to.

I am talking about Quinten Naugler here. Quinten is 16.

But Quinten Naugler was involved with a local resident in a bit of a kerfuffle and that local resident, along with two other locals, is being trashed and criticized and lied about.  I do not know if Nicole is simply manufacturing this stuff or if Quinten lied to Nicole about what happened.  I just know that there are a lot of lies being told.

So, I am going to talk about it, and to do that, I need to clarify who I’m talking about and the hell with it.

Quinten had a chariot.  It was a contraption, as you can see, that he jerry-rigged in typical Naugler fashion and used to ride up to the nearby store to get stuff.

On July 3, in the early afternoon, he did exactly that, and not only he went, but another child (I don’t know which one) rode with him on another bike.

A local resident, whose home is located right on the main road not far from the store, was riding as a passenger in a car driven by a relative and returning to her home.

Quinten and his sibling were riding on the wrong side of the road, facing traffic. The younger child was riding back and forth, weaving through the yellow lines in the center of road, paying no attention at all.

A Mustang was ahead of the resident’s car, and nearly hit the younger child. The resident’s car, which was slowing to make the turn into the driveway, nearly hit Quinten and his chariot because the chariot came off the bike and he swerved into their path.  Had they not been slowing to turn, he would have been hit.

As you can imagine, this near tragedy unnerved everyone. I am quite certain that includes Quinten Naugler.

The resident yelled at him and he immediately pulled a machete from his now unhitched chariot, waved it around, put it down and then came over to her property.  A conversation ensued.

The police were called. An officer came. He helped Quinten put his chariot together again and sent him and his sibling home.

Everyone concerned is glad that he and his sibling were not killed or injured.  Everyone concerned understands that heated words can occur when something like this happens.

After Quinten left, apparently Joe came to the house in the van and did his typical Naugler recording thing without pulling into the driveway or confronting the resident. This was repeated at least one other time.

But what follows here is what I object to quite a bit and this is what has prompted me to talk about this and break my rule.

Nicole has turned this incident into something where Linda Sneed, somehow in cooperation with Al Wilson, convinced this local resident to run Quinten off the road so he would nearly be killed.  Because it’s just so easy to talk a perfect stranger into committing attempted homicide simply as a favor.

Accusing a person falsely of attempted homicide or of plotting to commit homicide is libel. Nicole needs to understand this. Quinten needs to understand this.

As I’ve said, I do not know if Nicole just made this shit up, or if Quinten told her a whopper, but the resident had no idea at all who in the hell Quinten Naugler was or what the hell he was talking about when he started telling her she didn’t know who she was dealing with.

She was aware of the “off-grid” family, but only vaguely.  She didn’t recognize the name “Naugler” at all.  She was not enlisted by Linda Sneed.

I have been in touch with her but only after the fact and only to obtain information and her permission to use it.  I found out about this incident from Al Wilson, but he didn’t know this resident either.

Remember, this is a small rural county. The resident told a friend who told a friend and that’s how it got to Al.  By then, Nicole was pissing bullshit and dragging both his name and Linda Sneed’s into it (and contacting Linda’s employer), so he felt justified in doing some legwork to find out what the real story was.

But you see, what we have is he said/she said.  Quinten says whatever it is he told his parents.  The resident says what I have recorded above.

And from that, Nicole is now demanding an apology.


Oh, you do, do you?  You expect a public apology.


Here you go.

Voice: Is that a threat?

Quinten: No, that is not necessarily a threat, because not only do you have proof when you record something, but that’s, that’s just much easier than arguing with somebody.

Voice in the background: Keep it on him.

Quinten: Oh yes, it’s saved us from the sheriff, but it saved us from everybody else that went after us.

Voice: So it is a threat.

Quinten: No, it’s not technically a threat, it’s saying [car goes by and makes too much noise to hear]

Voice: So you take out a machete over there, you take out a machete, and then you walk over onto my property

Quinten: That wasn’t a machete. That was my knife for safety reasons. If a wolf comes out of the woods and attacks me, I need to have something. . .

Voice: You’ve come to me on my property and you’re telling me that that cops can’t touch you. . .

Quinten: I’m not on your property.

Voice: and that, and that it’s not a threat but not to mess with your family.

Quinten: You can attack my family online [continues talking but not discernable]

Voice: I’m not – I don’t do that, that has nothing to do with that.

Voice: You almost caused a wreck.

Quinten: I almost caused a wreck, yes, but I apologized, and if you can’t take an apology, then that’s your own problem.

Voices: Yeah, apologies can’t save lives, though, dear

Quinten: Oh, yes, they can.

Voices: No they can’t [Children laughing, and hushed up]

Quinten: . . .[unclear] recording. . .

Voice: So you step on my property and say not to mess with your family, the sheriff can’t touch you

Quinten: No, I’m not saying the sheriff can’t touch us. He can’t touch us without. . .

Voice: You just did.

Quinten: any probable cause or without any causes at all. He pulled us over two years ago for no reason. Not only did he throw me in the back of the cop car for no reason, but he threw my brother into the back of the cop car for no reason. The next morning, my parents were forced to give, give all the rest of of my brothers and sisters into custody. Why? Because somebody said that we were stealing water from them. Just, just like that. Like we were stealing water from them.

Not only do we have recorded permission from them that they let us get water from them for our animals, but we have them actually saying it on video because we record everything. Yes. Record all you want. Yes. It saves us.

I would suggest that the Naugler parents have a little talk with their son about several things.

First, about the rules of the road.  You ride a bicycle on the same side of the road facing the same direction as the traffic.  It is not safe to ride in the other direction on the opposite side of the road.  It is not safe to ride in the center of the road, period.

Second, everyone doesn’t know the Naugler family and everyone isn’t following their saga.  Everyone is not out to get them, but Nicole and Joe are raising paranoid kids.  Walking up to perfect strangers and saying, “Do you know who I am” is simply not acceptable behavior in the real world.

Third, Nicole and Joe need to level with their children about why they were taken by CPS two years ago. It was not about stealing water, and Nicole and Joe know it. It began because Joe was behaving inappropriately towards a minor girl.  That’s what it was about.  But the ultimate reason the children were taken was because their living conditions were totally inappropriate to the point that a garden shed was a drastic improvement.


There are several things I want to say about this.

First, “he certainly didn’t threaten anyone with it” is simply Nicole’s opinion. She was not there. She didn’t report what happened accurately in the first place, so why should anyone believe her take on it now?

No, Quinten did not walk across the road waving the machete around.  He waved it around long enough for everyone watching him to see that he had it, then laid it down and walked across the road. That might be seen more as bravado than as a threat, but it was nasty behavior nonetheless.

It was nasty enough and threatening enough that these folks, who didn’t know Quinten Naugler from Adam, felt like they needed to record what ensued. I bet they don’t go around with a cell phone attached to their hand the way Nicole and Joe do.  To record like this, they felt threatened.

The video shows my son apologizing for the unfortunate incident. . .

Oh, so now it’s an “unfortunate incident.”

Let me refresh your very faulty memory, Nicole.

What about the accusations above?  What about Linda Sneed conspiring with this person to have her attempt to kill your son?  What about Al Wilson’s role in all this?  What about it?

Now it’s an “unfortunate incident.”


After you’ve accused people of attempted fucking homicide, Nicole, you are looking at a video of your son that you didn’t think would surface showing him apologizing for being the cause of the “unfortunate incident.”

So what happened to the attempted homicide?

Frankly, I think you’re the one that owes this woman, Linda Sneed and Al Wilson an apology.  And while you’re at it, you need to march your very fat belly up to Linda Sneed’s place of employment and apologize to her employers for accusing her falsely.

By the way, if you think that Quinten’s behavior in this video is “decent and respectful,” your children are in for a world of hurt. He’s actually being an argumentative asshole.  He’s not ranting and raving like Joe would do, or screeching like you do, but he’s not “decent and respectful.”

I want to see that apology. Crow tastes terrible, I know. I’ve had to eat a plateful a few times myself, but you feel way better after you do.

You can do this.  Get some soda to wash it down. Hold your nose. Take a big bite. Chew. Swallow.



118 thoughts on “Public Apology”

  1. Ah, the great Naugler dilemma.

    Hang yourself by your own petard, by showing your ass any chance you get.


  2. Not a mention of his pregnant mother being “thrown” against the police car by the sheriff. I would think that would be the most traumatic memory to have.
    They are raising vigilantes. They will not know how to survive in the real world…with real people. So sad.
    This will not end well and it scares me to think of what they may do.
    Kool-aid comes to mind.


  3. And around and around we go
    This is next generation lunacy and frankly it is scary to think of kids being raised like that. Totally and horribly scary.

    Q needs to put his big boy pants on and come clean with his parents who should, in turn, issue a public apology to the people they attacked

    Who are we kidding
    That will never happen


  4. That is a very troubled, very emotionally traumatized and damaged young man. What a waste.

    Thank goodness people are beginning to have the presence of mind to record their interactions with the Nauglers.


  5. Thanks, Sally.
    I’m just sad because the naugs have managed to raise miniature versions of themselves. No, sorry, they don’t raise anything. The kids can’t get away to be around sane, kind and caring human beings, maw and paw are all they know. It’s a terrible example of thought control and abusive, as well.
    Apparently they have been taught to lie or twist facts, too. It’s no wonder maw wants phones for her kids. Maybe she should invest in body cameras for them…which the kids would learn how to edit immediately.
    You know maw is reading here. What will she say to naug-rebut? Someone else’s fault, as usual.


  6. How sad that this child feels this is the proper way to behave. I can’t imagine believing that all these locals are the evil online trolls. He truly believes the trolls are out to get them, and are talking about him and his siblings. I did find it interesting that he mentions his brother and siblings, but not his parents when talking about the events two years ago. He should understand that the children were not being punished. They weren’t being jailed. It was entirely because of their parents’ actions.


  7. Poor Q. The indoctrination is complete.

    When, for the love of Pete, is HH going to learn the difference between patients and PATIENCE?! Neither of which he has, but put that associate’s degree to some use.


  8. Gosh that is just so sad and so unsettling. He is regurgitating what we have heard from his parents. I guess I always figured this was the case, but to hear it right from his mouth. Poor boy.


  9. Proof that they have zero parenting skills. Who raises their kids to be so paranoid that they become aggressive with complete strangers when they were at fault. Sounds a lot like HHs MO. Charlotte couldn’t spin a web big enough to cover this even if her posterior was as big as the Mr’S


  10. Holy shit. Well, it looks like daddy has coached him well. The script is on point for the Nauglers and notice how carefully he’s standing there. It seems the torch has been passed. Such a shame.


  11. When, for the love of Pete, is HH going to learn the difference between patients and PATIENCE?!

    LOL He got the “associates degree,” if he actually got it, from a diploma mill.


  12. This makes me extremely sad. I was hoping that this youmg man would ne able to eacape the path his parents have laid out for him, but I see that my hopes are probably not going to be realized after reading this transcript. Such a shame.


  13. Thing’s are so much worse than I ever imagined. 🙁
    I’m really at a loss for words right now.


  14. Good grief. Just when I was getting bored with the train wreck. I suppose the kid got away with it, in typical Naugler fashion. Because ya know, the po po is out to get them and whatnot.


  15. I am crying for this child. My heart is broken that a mother would brainwash her child this way. It is obvious that there are some serious mental problems with both Joe and Nicole and that is all these children know. It is starting to feel a little bit cultish and I am officially scared for the safety of these children. I wish I knew what to do to help them before something unspeakable happens.


  16. I am so sad by this. I am so glad Q and his younger sibling as well as all of the people in vehicles where not hurt. I have a friend who lives in Los Angeles. Years ago, a 12 year old boy darted out between two parked cars. She struck and killed the boy. She has emotional issues to this day about the situation.

    Related to this, these are the things going through my mind:

    1.) Q knew he was being recorded. I can’t imagine he would spin a lie to his parents knowing this could come back and bite him in the ass. So, I speculate it’s his mother and father who are the ones who embellished the story.

    2.) While this young man did wrong, and tried to justify pulling a machete, I can’t honestly fault him after all he’s seen. While he does talk over the women, he appears calm.

    3.) Q takes responsibility and apologizes in the video, which is more than his parents have ever done. These’s alot of bullshit fluff there but he did apologize and let’s not overlook that.

    4.) What 16 year old would TELL someone they don’t even know the crap he’s spewing on this recording? I would venture to say someone thats been tramatized and is just trying to talk to anyone. So, so sad.


  17. I hope that charges were filed. The boy needs to be in a different environment. Hopefully it can help him.


  18. I hope that charges were filed.

    None. He’s a kid. He’s given a good bit of leeway as a result.


  19. And another thing, this constant rehashing of what happened two years ago, echoing the very words that N&J use. They caused this. They poisoned this boy.


  20. I assume everyone who has seen the video understands now why I broke the rule.

    I just didn’t know what else to do but I did believe that something needed to be done.

    My husband asked me if I thought there was a way I could give the video to Nicole privately and not go public with it. I just didn’t see that as a viable possibility. She is so resistant to any criticism of any sort. They wouldn’t even provide their kids with anything slightly approaching proper shelter until the state forced them to do it.


  21. This is sad on so many levels. Apologies are great, but they don’t negate taking responsibility for your actions. This poor kid thinks the world is out to get him. He must have some serious anxiety.


  22. Oh this is sad. This young man has been fully indoctrinated. He will begin to cause just as much trouble as his parents. So so sad. Such a waste.


  23. Kudos to the person who stayed calm and recorded while being talked down to by a teen who speaking cult speak.
    I feel sad for Quintin. He hasn’t been taught respect for others. He has been taught to fight everyone on the outside as they are all the enemy.
    This is also scary. This child is growing up quickly and has no respect for the law, his community, and the world around him.


  24. Nicole has turned this incident into something where Linda Sneed, somehow in cooperation with Al Wilson, convinced this local resident to run Quinten off the road so he would nearly be killed. Because it’s just so easy to talk a perfect stranger into committing attempted homicide simply as a favor.

    Accusing a person falsely of attempted homicide or of plotting to commit homicide is libel. Nicole needs to understand this. Quinten needs to understand this.

    I have nothing to add, I just thought that deserved to be repeated.


  25. Thanks Sally.
    The other side of the story had been hidden and fabricated for far too long by Nicole. That she chose to drag innocent people into her fictional account speaks to her level of “bat shit crazy”. She needs to be held accountable.
    The kids problems are becoming more and more apparent now and far more serious. The “long game” looks like it will be a constant very sad loss for these kids. And this is only #2. I too had hoped for better.


  26. I say this very carefully and it comes purely from my experiences with and around the Naugler family. The child in question is doing the sort of thing many people were afraid he would do several years ago.

    The ludicrous thing is that the Nauglers bloviate all over the joint as if they are glorious yet persecuted celebrities and are exempt from compliance to any law or civility. The Nauglers are notable only for their utter and loony disrespect of everyone they meet, their complete neglect of their children, and their desire to bully, provoke and trash every thing and everyone they encounter. Beyond that, they are complete nobody’s in this world. The great Mighty Mouse Joseph Edward Naugler is a cowardly bloviating nothing. Truly, a failed man indeed if one could consider him a man at all. The smartphone addicted toothless mama bear Nicole Celeste Naugler is a mere shrill and nasty irritant on the planet. She, too, is a nothing and for my part, a complete failure as a human.

    Joe’s great display of all of his great prophetic power has been to stalk his far superior to him prey, stare at his prey, grab his genitals and refer to all womankind by that sadly familiar word he favors. One wonders how often Nicole and their daughters have been called that word. Nicole’s great exhibition of power has been to graft a smartphone to her face and screech about trolls (I am a tomtar, not a troll) and engage in cyber predatory behavior with a following of equally failed gullible misfits.

    I wish they would move where no one will ever encounter them. Say, Antarctica?


  27. Another thing. Sorry. The mind just boggles. Q should be mindful of approaching anyone while he’s holding a weapon. People have been shot for that behavior. The property owner really did a good job handling the situation. Rational parents would be thanking them for that.


  28. Two things jump out at me.

    1. Nicole asking Q. to rescue her from running out of gas with a dilapidated unsafe bike/cart rig. She even posted a picture of it….lauding it as something wonderful that she approves of.

    2. Q. admitting he nearly caused a terrible accident when the rig fell apart.

    Q. has the excuse of being a teen boy….a race of beings not known for forethought or always using good judgement. He’s a sheltered kid, regurgitating what his parents tell him as any other person raised in that situation probably would do. His parents have no such excuse.

    Allowing him to drive that thing on public roads endangered not only him, but others. This is dangerously negligent parenting on the part of the Naugs and needs to be shared with CPS. Someone could have been killed.

    Typically when some bone headed teen kid wants to test some insane contraption they made and something goes wrong…the parents don’t even know about it, and would surely have stopped the nonsense if they could have. This is different. This is two grown idiots ENCOURAGING and even requiring this kid (to rescue them no less) to drive an unsafe wreck on a public road.

    Joe and Nicole endangered their own child, and they endangered the public…willfully….because they lack the judgement to safely parent.

    Put the video and the photos of the kids under that shed on cinder blocks in an envelope, and get them to CPS before their lack of judgement kills someone.

    I’m dead fucking serious.

    Nicole YOU owe the community an apology for allowing this. Where the hell is your common sense?


  29. Put the video and the photos of the kids under that shed on cinder blocks in an envelope, and get them to CPS before their lack of judgement kills someone.

    I don’t think we have to do that. I think CPS is very aware not only of this blog, but of Nicole’s online presence.


  30. I am so beyond words right now. This kid doesn’t know anything about how to deal with real people in real life. He’s just so sad….and he doesn’t even know how awful his situation is.
    And who in the hell doesn’t teach their kid not to weave in & out of the yellow stripes on a real road??? I do have another question. Does Kentucky have helmet laws for kids riding bikes?


  31. I read what you commented, Sally, and I agree. She would have twisted it. And regarding the boy, I guess I just don’t understand. I’m all for giving the adults enough rope to hang themselves but minors? Nope. He needs his hand slapped by LE so he realizes how to behave properly. My dad and his brother did bad stuff as youth. Stole cars and went for joyrides. When the police caught them, they were thrown in lock up and their names were in the newspapers. And he has said nothing was worse than shaming your parents with your name in the paper. He said a couple of times, they asked to stay in jail, because they knew they’d get the switch. But, they straightened up and became successful as men. I don’t know? Maybe it would do him some good. His folks are right fucked in the head. Maybe the “village” needs to help raise him. (And , no. I’m not saying beating him is a good idea, so don’t jump down my throat, please.)


  32. Introduction with something like, “Do you know who I am?”, sounds familiar. Joe seems to frequently use a similar introduction. Joe embellishes, in familiarizing the other person of Nauglers. The infamous Nauglers, in describing or refreshing on how they gained the notoriety.

    Because, dammit, if you are one of the 19,961 residents of Breckenridge County who hasn’t heard of the Nauglers, this may be your lucky day!

    It’s just a shame, the contentious environment Joe and Nicole create for children. Even and especially, their children.

    It sounds like once again, creepy Joe makes his presence, attempting to intimidate. Not surprising. In the last 7-8 months, is this like the 4th intimidation tactic? Quite coincidental, hasn’t it been all females?


  33. Unfortunately I’ve been following this train wreck the entire time. It’s really sad to see this, but not unexpected with having those particular parents. Imagine having this happen and listening to this kid you’ve never met, telling this story and having no real idea who they are. It just makes it worse. His first thought was to hold a weapon and then next confront a stranger with little concern about what really could have happened to him, his sibling and the others in the cars. Sorry doesn’t cut it in my book. It could have been so much worse. It should be a real warning to the parents, but I imagine it’s not. Everyone else is still wrong somehow.


  34. I’m sorry you had to break your rule. It’s a good rule and has been in place for a good reason. But I completely agree that there is no way to expose her crazy lies without breaking the rule. She has had the nerve to even demand an apology and accusing people of trying to hurt him. Hearing him ramble on is absolutely heartbreaking. First of all he should have never been out on there in that contraption, second he should have been polite and nothing but apologetic for nearly causing an accident. I have assumed this is how they are being raised but to visually see it and hear it.. absolutely heartbreaking. (I rarely comment and never remember my name.. sorry sally)


  35. . Does Kentucky have helmet laws for kids riding bikes?

    No. It’s very unfortunate.


  36. I rarely comment and never remember my name.. sorry sally)

    It really only matters if you’re in an ongoing discussion. You say something, someone else replies, and then you reply to them. In a case like that, using the same screen name makes it much easier for people to follow.


  37. We have seen the Naugs go after, harass, and dox anyone and everyone who glances their way.
    What about this poor family who hadn’t a clue about these people and now are at the center of this mess because of a teen and sibling almost causing a terrible accident?
    Who can protect them from the Naugkers wrath?
    Are they now going to be dealing with the full assault of The Naugler family for years to come?


  38. I’ll just echo what everyone else has said. This is truly unfortunate. I have no anger towards the young man, I think it’s horrible his parents have indoctrinated him so much. I can’t see how this will ever end well. It’s just horribly sad all around that this is these kids daily life.


  39. “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!”


    Only – how sad – instead of a grown man using this line, it is now his son? …I forgive the boy. Obviously, he has not the aptitude of other young men his age, because of the dire educational neglect… And understandably, he has anger problems. Those kind of behavioral problems manifest young when crucial stages of child development are not met. Horrible implications, for the others, horrible. …Shit is getting real – real sad!
    Honestly, I hate to say this… But with each child born, the lower their IQ will probably be, because that child will be taught by their next oldest sibling, who was taught by their older sibling (instead of an adult), etc etc etc.. #1 was most fortunate because he had the advantage of being taught by a parent, whereas the youngest child, #12 will have it the worst, being taught by other children, who learned from other children, who learned from other children, who learned from other children, who learned from other children, who learned from other children, who learned from an adult.

    How incredibly sad, that he does not understand why he and his siblings were taken by CPS. How disgusting. Shame on Joe and Nicole Naugler!!! TAKE SOME ACCOUNTABILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS!!


  40. Quinten: That wasn’t a machete. That was my knife for safety reasons. If a wolf comes out of the woods and attacks me, I need to have something. . .

    So he thought the car was being driven by wolves?
    Or does he really not see the difference between brandishing a knife to fight of an attacking animal and brandishing to threaten another human?
    or is he repeating something the Naugler parents told him if somebody questions why he has a knife with him and it doesn’t occur to him how inane it sounds in this scenario?

    This is very concerning. For him and the people around him.


  41. I don’t think we have to do that. I think CPS is very aware not only of this blog, but of Nicole’s online presence.

    Really? Curious. When the podcast was still alive and kicking, at one time, the featured guest was a (former?) CPS caseworker. I asked, if she thought CPS is aware of her online mania/antics, if they followed “BLessed Little Homestead” closely. She replied with a resolute, “No!”She reasoned that, the caseworker is most likely far, far too overburdened to keep up with that aspect of their life.


  42. This is just heartbreaking. I am so, so sad that their brainwashing of their son has been successful. He has such a talent for woodwork, i was hoping he’d get an apprenticeship to become a carpenter or the like, not this.

    Quinton, if only you knew how many people are wishing the best for you, hoping you can become a well adjusted, well rounded individual and make something of your life. I know you love your parents, but sometimes growing up means coming to the hard realisation that not everyone’s parents know what’s best for them, and I’m afraid, in your case, it’s true.
    Be your own man, not a mouthpiece of your parents. Be brave and trust other people. We’re not all bad.


  43. Poor kid…I can’t help but, feel sorry for him. He needs some professional help. If my kid were acting like this, I would get him into counseling. It seems to me like he needs to talk to someone. His parents are crazy, not sure if he can change at this point.


  44. I have several observations and quite a few people are not going to like them. Live with it.

    1. Patterns. It is hard not to see that the Naugler parents have a playbook and they do not vary greatly from it. To date almost all of the “documenting” have been edited or very selective recordings done by the Nauglers themselves. What we see with the documentation/recordings of others is that there are certain set things that the Nauglers choose to do when they have behaved in a heinous manner and have been caught. Everyone from the victim of Joe’s menacing conviction, to the Sneed’s, to Al Wilson, Viv and Eric and myself have reported the exact same pattern of behavior from Joe and Nicole. Every single one of us. The Nauglers deny it, but as everyone can see they continue to do the exact same things. The same type of low level threats and harassment in real life and online. Now the very credible proofs that they do so are coming out. No more he said/she said muddying of the waters. No more murking up the timeline. No more bogus claims of collusion and “set ups.” Actual authenticated evidence from varying strangers who did not know each other until after the fact.

    2. While the Nauglers are both adept at editing their “documentation” in their favor and adept at walking a very fine line between criminal acts and non-criminal acts it would appear their children are not, and that the children do not fully understand the ramifications and possible liabilities of their actions. In my opinion they are raising a tribe of children who do not know how to “play the game” or “stop just short of aggregious criminal activity and this is potentially very dangerous for both the children and the community.

    3. While I would put most of the blame on Joe and Nicole I am and will hold the authorities liable for inactions which are laying the foundation for, if not enabling, outright dangerous situations. The state police and county attorney do not want to deal with this family? Too bad. It is their job. I would suggest complaints start being filed with the top levels of the state police. I would suggest that an election is coming up for the county attorney’s office and his re-election should not be such a sure thing. I have respect for the sheriff and his department but they can only do so much when their hands are virtually tied. I have respect for the judiciary, but if the claims never make it before the court and a jury what can they actually do?

    This is all my opinion, but I will be more than happy to work hand in hand with anyone in the community who thinks that things need to be changed.


  45. Wolves? In Kentucky? C’mon. If you’re gonna wander around with a machete in your rig, at least come up with a plausible reason for it. Hint: wolves isn’t plausible.

    It’s really sad to see this video. I think Q is a bright troubled young man. Due to his youth, I don’t think he is likely to fully understand how serious it is to libel someone. Nicole should though, at least by now.

    While I admire his pluck, I do wonder why he didn’t find a used bicycle child carrier at a yard sale or something. They’re designed to attach properly and if he wanted to modify it using the frame, he could have done so. That rig’s tires should have been cambered and toed-in slightly so it would be engineered to follow the bike.

    Q, apologies don’t undo errors, accidents, damage or death. I suspect that was bravado and bluster on your part, but you need to reconsider. They might mitigate them but they never make them go away. Truly they don’t. You’re 16 and it’s time that you started shifting your mindset. I believe you can do it, Q. It will be hard and unpleasant, but you can do it. For yourself, your siblings and others in your future.

    I really hope the Sneed family is no longer hassled.


  46. Gee, isn’t this the same child that got in trouble for waving a firearm around?
    And they wonder why,two years later CPS is still involved


  47. I said this elsewhere, I’m going to say it here.
    This is the inevitable afterbirth of a contentious and isolationist upbringing. Nothing about this is even slightly surprising. A little disappointing. I had hoped this one would pull his head out of his ass, and I still hold that hope. He still has a chance.

    I suspect he had a long night. A long, bad night.

    Also, take this as conclusive proof that Breckenridge county officials are NOT out to get naugs. They did nothing. Absolutely nothing.
    Butler has been a fucking saint to this family. Nikki better hope he never loses an election.


  48. When I knew the naugs Q was my favorite kid, he was handsome, funny, and had the biggest smile. Not any more. The burdens his parents have put on him are too much, he is the family mule, over worked, under educated and angry as hell.
    It’s not going to get better for Q, it will just get worse unless he gets some help ASAP, as well as a bunch of miles between him and the leeches that call themselves parents.
    Nikki and joe must laugh themselves to sleep when they think of their children’s futures, I know when I asked her about what would happen when they turn 18 she waved it off saying they can do what they want. The fact is, no they can’t, because that requires an education and social skills that she and fatass failed to provide.
    So go spit out another menace to society nik, pat yourself on the back and tell yourself you’re a great mom. You may just be lucky enough that they all will survive to adulthood, then what?
    I pray every day your children are rescued from you.


  49. I’m really sorry a teen’s business had to be put online for the world to see.
    But I agree, Nicole and Joe can’t use an accident to publically accuse people of a crime.

    What do the Nauglers think will come of accusing people of trying to run their son off the road? Are they really hoping to fake a crime and send people to jail?

    I think most sixteen year olds would be shaking and rambling after a scare like that. It sounds like he had calmed down in the video, put his knife away, and was trying to explain that he understood why they were filming him.

    After almost getting run over and then getting yelled at by strangers, most kids would have walked away and called their parents for help or comfort. I can’t even think of a single teen I have ever met who would pull out a knife in that situation on a public road in the daytime after a car accident. His level of fear and distrust must be hard to live with.

    I don’t think it matters if Q lied to his parents about the accident. They would try to twist whatever happened into an attack on their family because….because of the insidious, defamatory bullshit that colludes in that county.


  50. When I was a teen I was always so apologetic. I still am! If I accidently caused any kind of disruption to another person I would immediately say I’m sorry. Even little stuff like accidently stepping on someone’s foot. I would NEVER speak to an adult like Q did. We plain didn’t say anything more than what absolutely needed to be said. We wouldn’t be telling people our claim to fame. I would have apologized profusely and then scurried away. Call me weak, I don’t enjoy negative interactions, but it makes for a peaceful life when you choose to apologize instead of argue and whatever the fuck that was, ramble I guess.


  51. That poor brainwashed child! He is so indoctrinated in the Naugler bullshit, I don’t think there is any redemption for him now. I am a firm believer in “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child,” but I think in his case, banishment from the village may be warranted. The police really need to give him consequences now because if they keep allowing this crap to continue, they are going to continue to believe that the laws don’t apply to them, and escalate things further. This time he brandished a machete. Next time he may pull out a firearm and fire a warning shot into someone’s face. CPS needs to get more involved. These kids need to get out of this situation as soon as possible, before Breckinridge County Kentucky becomes Ruby Ridge/Waco/Jonestown 2.0.


  52. That boy had been driving the van for a bit, then for some reason switched to the bike. He’s been hauling gas cans with that contraption. He’s going to get someone killed.


  53. Two things: 1. The neighbors should be livid about the level of inaction of CPS/LE. Are they waiting until someone is hurt or killed before they do the right thing for these children and the neighbors, even though it is a difficult thing for the county? 2. Q’s voice was perfectly calm when he was delivering his story/explanation. No inflection, no fear, no anger. I don’t think it was because he was trying to portray calmness; he should have been shaken up about the near accident. It just seemed like a frightening lack of emotion.


  54. I am so tired of her lumping me in With the 50 people out to get her. I haven’t done jack shit except for commenting on public commentary. She can go fuck off.


  55. I would like to note, from my experience, this is classic of children raised by codependents and cluster-b (narcissist: shy and overt, sociopath, antisocial, bipolar, histrionic). My ex’s family was just like this (father: shy narcissist, mother: codependent/high echoed or mimic). They would rack up speeding tickets, disorderly conducts, debt, etc., get pulled into court and argue that it wasn’t their fault. All were publicly educated. The home environment was such that any and all authority outside of king father was reviled. Even to this day, all of the children are late 30’s/early 40’s, will parrot the father’s wordings and arguments to the letter. For more information, see hypnotic suggestion or NLP.
    My point being, as many have said for years, because the parents see nothing wrong with anything they do this is causing an emotionally abusive environment for the children. Not including the educational neglect and environmental.
    I can only hope that this will be the last nail in the coffin for their parental rights.


  56. Parents do there best to pass on better qualitys onto there children, Laying around outside sick as dogs, filming it and posting about it and laughing about it is not raising children.
    The video of Q shows the result of parents who think kids can just fend for themselves.
    When did Kentucky have a wolf problem? I know they have a wolf problem in fleecing the sheep of money. Seems the sheep are starting to learn


  57. I have a lot of sympathy for this kid. When he and his brother were removed, they were sent to a juvenile facility. In his mind, he was arrested (although he doesn’t seem to understand why he was taken) because that is what his parents told him. His parents reality is very much his own reality – I cannot imagine.

    I really hope this kid is able to break away; he seems to have so much potential. I am saddened.


  58. As is pretty common with teenage boys, this kid thinks he’s invincible. What is NOT common is how his parents have purposely reinforced that delusion, rather than trying to teach him to think ahead and control his impulses. Nope. No one tells a Naugler what to do. Especially not the “Enforcer” with “fists like hammers” (according to the Sensei of Tae Kwan Joe).

    Someone had asked on another post how the Nauglers managed to get all the kids to “vote” on living the “homestead lifestyle.” This video is pretty clear evidence of the indoctrination that is going on. All these kids hear day in and day out are the paranoid ramblings of Joe and Nicole. There is no voice of reason, and there is no room for dissent in the shed.


  59. In the smallish town where I live, it is common for even young kids to carry knives and wire cutters on their belts. They don’t take them to school. They often take them everywhere (including church) if they are homeschooled. Nobody thinks that is odd. But if they ever took out their knife when someone was yelling at them, THAT would be a problem. I imagine most parents around here would shame a child or teen by taking their knife carrying privileges away and making them apologize for frightening someone like that. Knives are like guns, you only take it out if you intend to use it.

    What would ever make a teen think that was ok? So sad. But I think it is wrong for anyone to be saying he is a lost cause. Plenty of people grow up and learn to think differently from their parents. They just need a chance.


  60. Parenting a la Naugler. You start with a base of defiance and entitlement, add a dash of paranoia and isolation, and top with a dusting of intimidation and untruthfulness, served on a platter of #unschooling.

    Predictably, she is back to posting kid pictures. Par for the course, until the next eruption.

    @Bethannie, I suspect there are a lot of long, bad nights.


  61. Ya know, one time my 12 year old was riding his new bike, and a car was parked somewhat further out than the driveway. Not knowing how to totally handle the gears and such he looked down, and next thing you know, he hit the guys car with his bike. What did we do? We as the parents went down and talked to the gentleman, and we filed a clain with our homeowners insurance which covered the damages. We are still on speaking terms with the neighbors and go down often to get plant advice ( his garden is unreal). This is what a parent should do when a minor is involved. You march YOUR ass and your kids ass over to the place and you apologize for the incident, FACE to Face.
    She never apologized to the other business she ran out of town, so she is the last one to ask for an apology since that is all THEY wanted. Suck it up Nicole, you are not previed to anything.


  62. Message to Quinten,

    Keep your knife pocketed until a wolf is coming for you with bared teeth.
    Your having, apparently, crossed the road with your knife out, a knife that appeared to be a machete, was assault.
    Showing your knife was tantamount to “Sword rattling” and is how wars are started.

    My dad had to tell me often “The world does not revolve around you”.
    He was a wise and good man, loved by many and I miss him dearly.

    You apologized. Good. But you should have left it at that.
    Bringing your family into the conversation, showed weakness on your part and inability to stand on your own two legs in a difficult situation.

    I learned at an early age to try hard to see other people’s point of view, and to not force my view on them.
    I was often surprised, as I grew up that my opinions were formed with one sided information.

    You are in an enclosed environment, and only hearing one side and I know there is a lot of pain for you to hear how the world is out to get you.

    Another of my dad’s favorite sayings, “What goes around, comes around”
    What you present to the world is what you get back.
    By presenting anger and threats, you will usually get that back.

    I’ve heard you were intelligent, and from the wood work your mom has posted there’s no doubt about it.
    I’ve also hear you are quick witted with a sense of humor.
    You also have nice looks going for you.
    Start thinking of how you personally (leave your family out of it) affect the people you meet outside your family.

    What you send out in this world can be an angry sad disaster, or fulfillment and happiness.
    I guarantee it.
    My best wishes to you, Quinten.


  63. Unfortunately my fear was correct; the Ns see absolutely nothing wrong with the above video. I give him credit for his calm demeanor, but I can’t approve of his complete inability to take responsibility for his actions and merely walk away.


  64. Your having, apparently, crossed the road with your knife out, a knife that appeared to be a machete, was assault.

    No, he didn’t. He waved the machete about and then came over to the property. He quite clearly wanted the people watching to see it.

    This was all reported to the appropriate authorities and they deemed nothing to be illegal.

    The point of my whole post wasn’t to accuse that boy of doing anything illegal except riding down the wrong side of the road and being a hazard to everyone around him.

    My point was that Nicole has been accusing the person involved here, along with Linda Sneed and Al Wilson, of a conspiracy to assault and possibly kill that kid. That’s the problem. She caused it. Had she shut her fat toothless trap the video would never have seen the light of day, but she wouldn’t shut up.

    Nobody set up her precious little boy. He was in the wrong. He said so and apologized and then proceeded to act like an ass. There is nothing illegal about acting like an ass. Lots of 16-year-olds do. Hell, this kid has two parents in their forties who do it regularly.

    Nobody set him up.


  65. Angela, I am with you!!

    “I am so tired of her lumping me in With the 50 people out to get her. I haven’t done jack shit except for commenting on public commentary. She can go fuck off.”

    I had the nerve to befriend her mom at the beginning of this whole mess. I felt so bad for her as a grandmother, that she had no contact with her grandkids. I stuck up for her. I guess that’s not allowed in Nicole’s world. I actually fell in love with her artwork and purchased a beautiful hand painted, wood serving tray. I display it proudly in my home, it’s gorgeous!


  66. Isn’t that a gas can on the cart? Makes me think this bike with cart contraption is even more dangerous than at first glance when driven on the wrong side of the road with a younger sib riding down the center line. FYI Nauglers: people on bikes can be issued citations too.
    After learning and OBEYing the rules of the road, adding a tall bike flag or two, a few bike “fireflies” and a large reflective warning triangle might save another near miss if this mode of transportation continues.
    Also, his parents need to be the only ones conveying the gasoline at all times, needless to say. Dumbasses, plan ahead.
    Sally, so Nicole thinks she needs to try lashing out at you again. What a stupid bitch.


  67. @ Blessed Little Blogger. Anything for attention, good or bad. Those who stir the shit run the risk of having to taste the spoon.


  68. Sally, so Nicole thinks she needs to try lashing out at you again.

    Yes, several people have told me.

    Nicole is having a problem with somebody turning the tables on her and producing video. She’s used to being the one who “documents.”

    Honestly, I doubt that I would have had the presence of mind to begin recording with a cell phone in the middle of that event, but Nicole has taught me that I probably need to practice it. My phone, I have discovered, has a nifty feature. If I press the home button twice (like double clicking on a mouse), the camera comes up even if the phone is locked.

    As far as Nathan is concerned, every time she does this, we gain fans. I like that.


  69. The video shows my son apologizing for the unfortunate incident the video shows my son being respectful and decent I don’t know what your fucking problem is

    Oh, Nicole. What do you suppose prompted this woman to take out her phone and start recording him in the first place? Do you suppose that she was just so impressed with his “respectful and decent” demeanor from the beginning of their discussion that she just wanted to document it for posterity?

    Your whole life seems to be a series of “unfortunate incidents,” none of which you are responsible for.


  70. Nicole has admitted the older boys went to Home Of The Innocents in Louisville. Please look it up. It’s not a juvenile detention center. It is Louisville’s pride and joy when it comes to helping children.


  71. No, it’s not crow that she needs to eat. What she needs to bite, chew and swallow is a big shit cupcake, with a cherry on top.


  72. I see the date that Nicole posted the chariot is July 2. What was the date of the “unfortunate incident/bogus attempted homicide claim”?


  73. I always enjoy seeing somebody getting their ass handed to them on a stick. Especially when it’s handed back to someone *twice* in a very short period of time.

    Just in case you don’t realize it yet, be it family, friend or foe, Nicole and Joe lie. More often than they tell the truth, if I was a betting woman. This video exhibits the integrity that is *not* being taught to several young, impressionable children. The behavior they learn is to lie or ‘stretch’ the truth if the absolute truth is unfavorable. Yet one more failure as parents.

    I can only shake my head.


  74. What was the date of the “unfortunate incident/bogus attempted homicide claim”?

    July 3.


  75. Hi everyone

    #1 Troll here

    Being rocketed to the top has been a whirlwind. I have so many people to thank.
    My dark side has blossomed since that fateful day i woke up and found my little girl shared on one of your pages. A side i didn’t really know existed. I guess because vile people like you are few and far between , so there was never any need for me to explore it.
    But i have.
    And I like it.

    I’ll see you at the finish line.


  76. Well isn’t that something. The update. So now Nic’s accounting of what happened is changing. An unfortunate incident.

    Well. Well. Well.

    If Nicole were to apologize to Linda, Al, Custer Store owners, and all those she lied about. It would resemble criminals that are only sorry, that they got caught. No fu*king remorse, whatsoever.

    Further, if she would lie about something like this, that she wasn’t even witness to, but quick to hold other people responsible. To the extent that she went. One wonders what other lies she is capable of. hmm, let me ponder that.


  77. Warning shots for trolls are common on the Homestead. Joe likes to act a fool in front of all his offspring. As does Nicole. Her video updates are always in front of the littles. They know nothing but anger and rage.

    With those two as parents I can’t imagine how hard and emotional a day is.

    As Lisa suggested checking out Home of the Innocence. Beautiful place with great programs. I’m sure Joe and Nicole could have been able to use many of the resources that facility provides for the kids but they won’t because it’s all someone else’s fault. After care is very very important but those kids only get Joe and Nicole.


  78. Joe smokes weed. He apparently smokes it a lot from what I have been told. If he smokes in the shed does everyone get a contact high? Does he smoke with his sons? Can CPS request a drug test on the kids to see if weed is in their system? I know lots of teens who are being raised by parents who openly smoke and have their kids once they are teens lite up with them. They all have this attitude the Q is showing. I also know lots of parents who smoke, but not around their kids, they go out in their garage to partake and they don’t do it daily, or hourly and those kids don’t have the same attitude and aren’t parrnoid. . (I have heard joe lights up every few hours when he has weed & that he has paid for weed before buying food or paying rent)

    Could Joe’s weed use be the reason that CPS is still involved? Should CPS have all the children tested for weed?


  79. On the screen shot with Lisa that Nic posted, how is it that Chuckie posted about it before Nic posted the picture? It was hours before Nic posted the pic of Lisa. Me thinks Chuckie is Joe and Nic had shown him the meme she had done and joe jumped the gun and posted about it before she had the pic up. It just seemed odd.


  80. Hi, Quinten! Aren’t you the one who built that nice kitchen? Did you know that you can be paid for work like that–paid good money, in fact? You just have to learn how to meet professional standards. The government your parents hate so much believes that nobody should be left to live in mud and trash, so they’ve established Job Corps for young people just like you. You can get your GED through Job Corps, which will open a whole world of employment to you, and take classes in carpentry and other potentially moneymaking skills. They will feed you, give you a place to sleep, and start you out in your adult life. You can go on to apprenticeships, further education, or straight to work. Job Corps graduates have been featured in national magazines.

    You can go at age 16 if your parents give their permission, or you can go the day you turn 18 and nobody can stop you. Call 1-800-733-5627 to find out more.

    But remember: nobody there will know or care who you are. Also they don’t let you take weapons, and if you start fights or push people around you will get kicked out. Say please, thank you, ma’am and sir. And good luck.


  81. I forgot the most important part! It’s free. You just have to use good manners and do the work.


  82. I’ve been wanting to comment all day, but I decided to wait until you posted an update. You said what I was thinking with much more tact than I am capable of!


  83. #1 Troll here

    Don’t get too impressed with yourself. You have competition and will have work hard to keep that position.


  84. Lisa, thanks for clearing that up. I certainly wasn’t aware of that. Nicole made it sound as if J and Q had been locked up in some sort of detention facility. Wow.


  85. Ok how can contacting Ms Sneed’s employer not constitute harassment? NN bitches all the time that the trolls contact her clients (which I highly doubt) how is this any different?
    I have a son about Q’s age & we are practicing for his driving test. That’s what Q should be doing, regular teenage stuff.
    My boys have reasonable chores but they are not burdened with adulthood yet because they are still KIDS. My oldest doesn’t raise his younger brothers, they don’t cook dinner every night, & they have their basic needs met; we don’t make them contribute money to buy them. I know that’s crazy in NN’s world but that’s how you are a parent!


  86. Don’t get too impressed with yourself. You have competition and will have work hard to keep that position.

    Remember that she can make her own little troll army in a flash. You do not want to challenge her perceived position at the head of that army! LOL


  87. Nicole, you already accused someone of killing your dog (which turned out to be a falsehood as the accused person lived far away and the dog died from a hit and run while you and Joe were at the hotel). Maybe you think nothing of accusing people without any basis.

    Nicole, you stated that you posted about this incident on your private personal page and did not make it public til “they” did. The only statement related to this incident that I could find was your son needing to fix his chariot. Very vague statement, nothing specific, and no need for you to make it public. Your reply to this was to state we got [the] message.
    According to the information posted, you, Nicole, contacted Linda’s employer. So the story was investigated as it should. At this time, no one on social media even knew about the incident. Not until you publicly accused ‘the trolls’ of trying to run your son off the road, to harm him (attempted homicide or plotting to commit homicide). You go on to name the trolls…Linda and Al. The video was then made public to rebut your accusations.

    The video showed that your son admitted he was wrong and apologized; no one tried to run him off the road. And your reaction was to downplay this to an unfortunate incident. You have directed attention to the mention of a police report. Joe pointed a finger at the woman who recorded the incident stating that she doesn’t go online and attack us yet here is her recording. Joe, the recording was made public due to your and Nicole’s accusations. All of these statements are just deflections from the most important issue.

    YOU FALSELY ACCUSED PEOPLE OF ATTEMPTED HOMICIDE!!! These false accusations were made on a public forum which means they were made TO THIRD PARTIES. This is serious shit Nicole and Joe. Your attempts to spin or deflect will not work. You need to own this. Google it if you have to in order to understand how serious your accusations are. I would add that you not only owe an apology to Linda, Al, and the woman, but their families and Linda’s employer.


  88. I admire you for holding your tongue for the vile things said about you and your son. I dont know if Chuckie is Jabba and frankly I could care less. But the remarks show the level to which they will sink to. Why are we suprised at what Q said,, (do you know who I am), Like being a N is some sort of badge of honor. The sadder part is coming, there will soon be another brain to bleach coming into the shed. It has to be hot as fuck in that shed right now. How do you get any sleep when it has to be 100 plus in there, I guess run the generator to run a fan. All food has to be eten the same day since they have no way of cooling it , it will rot. They have become Mini me;s


  89. I admire you for holding your tongue for the vile things said about you and your son.

    Karma is a bitch. She is in for it. I will not be kind.


  90. “All food has to be eten the same day since they have no way of cooling it , it will rot”-outsider
    I have always wondered about this! How do they keep food from spoiling? If they can’t do so how do they even prepare meals? Do they shop every damn day for what they’re going to eat? Can you live off of food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated? I suppose if you didn’t eat meat or consume milk you could? Maybe that’s why Q has to go to the store….Gas and perishables. I am aware you can make cold cellars and such but I highly doubt they have.


  91. I listened to his music and he was a talented young man, I am sure you are a proud woman along with your husband. I was looking at the BLH pge and saw a young child sitting on a real couch in a real home setting and it broke my heart to see where it all went to hell so quick, I hope the child that testified against them is doing well. One thing for sure, whatever he is doing is a whole lot better then where he could be. People talk about Q getting a drivers license, does he even have proof he was ever born, and what would he drive, that chariot contraption with a motor attached because we all know he is a engineer and almost a rocket scientist all from (unschooling). But again, you had and have a beautiful son who was a very talented young man,


  92. I have always wondered about this! How do they keep food from spoiling?

    Cooler. Ice from the business. These folks aren’t “off-grid.” They have access to electricity, appliances and water at the grooming business.


  93. Nicole, you already accused someone of killing your dog (which turned out to be a falsehood as the accused person lived far away and the dog died from a hit and run while you and Joe were at the hotel).

    Plus she insisted the vet stated the car had to be traveling at a high rate of speed. Which is bullshit. 1) Why would she bother taking the dog to the vet when it will cost money? 2) The vet wouldn’t have speculated on the speed 3) 2000 pound car versus 100 pound dog isn’t going to end well for the dog 4) force increases exponentially, not linearly – so it doesn’t take much.


  94. “Cooler. Ice from the business. These folks aren’t “off-grid.” They have access to electricity, appliances and water at the grooming business.”
    I figured it would be something pain in the ass like that. Because it’s soooooo easy cheesy to haul water AND ice home every damn day, drain the cooler occasionally, make sure the damn thing even has ice, etc. Work smart, not hard. The extent they go to to make their lives hard (harder than it needs to be) blows my mind. My step mother buried an old freezer once, it actually worked. It was just in case her fridge went out, she has 9 kids, and they were pretty poor. They were poor as poor could be but always had a lot of food because she had meat critters she butchered herself, 2 chest freezers, and she was and still is very thrifty.


  95. No, he didn’t. He waved the machete about and then came over to the property. He quite clearly wanted the people watching to see it.

    This was all reported to the appropriate authorities and they deemed nothing to be illegal.

    The point of my whole post wasn’t to accuse that boy of doing anything illegal except riding down the wrong side of the road and being a hazard to everyone around him.

    So, I think a lot of readers/followers missed this – I mean, they really missed this. I see all of this ranting about how the boy has committed felonies, how aggressive he is, how his future is doomed. I wish they had taken in the whole point of the posting the video – to contrast what actually happened, with Nicole’s libel and sensational accusations. It seems as if many readers are predispositioned, or fixated, on immediately coming to conclusions about the boy – and I get it, we’re curious about how their kids are turning out. But come on, the focus should be Nicole’s behavior and blatant disregard for the truth (as well as her disregard for her son’s privacy)! Bah.

    In any case, thanks for the update!


  96. 91 degrees in Radcliff today. Should be pushing 100 by the weekend.

    Temperatures will reach the mid 90s Thursday through Saturday,
    with afternoon heat index values near or above 100 degrees. The
    hottest day will be Friday, with heat indices possibly reaching
    105 degrees in some locations. The best chance for dangerously hot
    conditions will be along and west of Interstate 65, and in urban

    Those planning outdoor activities later this week should take
    frequent breaks in the shade, drink plenty of water, and limit
    strenuous activities during the early and mid afternoon hours.

    Man, I wish those kids had a hose to play in. Makes me genuinely sad they don’t. I hope someone is paying attention to everyone getting enough water to drink. I hope there’s special attention being paid to diaper rash for the kids still in diapers.

    Ok…yeah, this is really depressing.

    I hope they load them all up and take them to the pet salon for a sleep over. Hell, I hope Nicole gives birth there. Kinda gross to say, but in all practicality…Would be safer, and closer to the hospital in case they need help. At least there’s water:(


  97. And why won’t Nicole stop broadcasting her kids’ issues all over the inter-webs?

    It comes down to 3 things.

    1. Shutting down won’t stop bullies. Things happen regardless of our blog or FB.
    2. We enjoy what we do, and we won’t be shut down by a few jerks
    3. We have helped numerous people with our blog and page. More have asked we keep going than demand we shut up.

    Yesterday the trolls were a colluded, defamatory, smear-campaigning, RICO-violating, band of attempted murders, causing her serious alarm and scaring her children to bits. Today…meh – just a bunch of jerks.

    And the blog certainly has helped numerous folks. Folks with the last name of Naugler.


  98. the other day she posted pictures that her daughter had taken. In one of the pictures you can see the baby in the background with a full, saggy diaper. How sad that these off grid parents can’t change their baby’s dragging disposable diaper. How sad that there is no water hose for them to play with when it gets hot out. I sure hope when they take the kids to the river that they are making sure they aren’t drinking that water. Nasty stuff in the rivers around there. Look it up.


  99. on the bright side, due to the unfortunate incident, our resident homestead housebitch learned himself a new word
    Q is very reverent and stayed reverent and waited reverently for the sheriff all reverent like.
    Joe, you’re a tool bro


  100. reverent

    I think Joe’s use of that word must be a Mormon thing. The word typically carries with it the idea of worship or church or something deeply serious. Quinten was a lot of things in that video, but “reverent” isn’t one of them.


  101. My dad liked to say “If you have a problem with everyone, then everyone is not the problem. ” Seems fitting in the case of the Nauglers. Also, I have three teenagers. I could not imagine one of them being so rude, aggressive, and disrespectful to another adult. That’s behavior that they learned from their parents, unfortunately.


  102. im Mormon. I’ve been around mormons my whole life. Never heard one speak like Joe. Nope. Joe is so far removed from any type of Mormon man I have ever known. It’s a wonder he ever fit in with any ward for any amount of time. Makes me wonder if he ever was a home teacher or helped other people in his ward. I wonder how many couches he’s moved or how many lawns or houses he’s painted. How many people he helped out. Did he ever pass sacrament or give a talk or teach a class? Did he tithe? Even if you’re on church welfare you are expected to tithe. Did he fast on the first Sunday and give the money that would have used to buy the meals he skipped for a fast offering? Did he go to all his meetings? I’m pretty sure he never went to the temple. I’m also pretty sure that when the men at church found out he couldn’t or wouldn’t hold a job, smoked weed and didn’t provide even the basics for his wife and children that it didn’t go over well with them. Education is a very very big deal with the church. Yes you can get a good education being homeschooled (I’ve seen it in people of different lives and beliefs do so for any number of reasons), but what Joe is doing to his family is so opposite of a Mormon family man it just makes you go wtf.

    I do think that Nicole could have thrived in the LDS life if it was not for her dead beat husband.


  103. Joe’s manner of speaking, and frankly Nicole’s manner of dressing (skirts and head coverings) aligns with the FLDS, not the LDS, church. But there is not a lot of money or sympathy to be coffered if you profess to be FLDS. Further, LDS people believe in education, service, self-reliance, and honor. It’s no wonder Joe wasn’t a good fit.

    Reverent is a term, usually used in religious settings, which imbues one to be quiet and respectful. Joe, and his offspring, are neither.


  104. “Keep reverent.” – Joe Naugler.

    “Keep sweet.” – Warren Jeffs.

    “Keep your eyes open,” – everybody else.


  105. It looks like Nicole got her FJ project up and running. She has spent the day mining her data base for photos of the “lost children” as FJ people called them. What seems lost to Nicole is that she had to mine for those old photos and proved FJ’s point. That there are a slew of children who don’t get the same camera time as babies and teens.


  106. Please bear with me…..
    Even after a couple of days of reading and watching this video several times I still can not get over what I’m seeing and reading. This is one of her “Unschooling Stars” really…this is it?
    After all the meme’s she has posted and all the arguments upholding Unschooling this is the SHINING example of a model Unschooling child? OMG

    On top of that she has publicly accused people of planing and plotting an attempted murder.
    It really is just too much. Something needs to be done. Those types of allegations are extremely serious and very damaging. A few months ago my thoughts where that the local authorities
    and elected officials should be held accountable for their inaction or at least voted out. I still believe that is the only way to see this insanity come to a stop and also help those children.


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