I am going to be adding some stuff here over the next few days (maybe weeks).  I’m archiving all the Romancing the Victims stuff here.

To do that, I believe they will show up as new posts, unless I can figure out another way.

They may or may not interest you.  Don’t worry about it if they don’t.  They’re older stuff, and they were of interest to a very limited audience. Most people have trouble understanding what it’s even about.

They will all be categorized as  “Romancing Archive.”

And simultaneously, I will also be doing something similar with the stuff from my other blog.  I have too many blogs. They need to be consolidated into one, in part for economy and in part just because why not.

8 thoughts on “PSA”

  1. Sally, you are a lean, mean blogging machine!

    I’m scrubbing toddler puke out of bedsheets, carpets and the car seat.
    I’m really trying to stay away from reading long enough to dechunk everything, but reading here sounds like so much more fun.

  2. Anyone subscribed will get a “new post” email. But if you want the posts to appear in date order, just set the original post date, to the date you originally wrote it in Romancing, when you post it here. That way it won’t pile up on top of you recent stuff here.

  3. That way it won’t pile up on top of you recent stuff here.

    Thank you. That’s what I thought. I just didn’t want everyone to wonder what in the world was going on.

  4. Ooh, I’m excited! I’m also very lazy, so one blog will be much nicer for me than several. That’s the thing : I knew this blog was originally a refutation of the outrageous and histrionic behavior of the Kentucky branch of the Hut family, but I quickly got hooked on your writing style. I’ve learned a lot of other things here that will keep me coming back. I look forward to reading all of your stuff.

  5. I love your blog even without the posts about the Nogs and their craziness, but when will those posts come back?! I miss your point of view! I’m sure its possibly none of my business, just figured I’d ask 🙂 I miss my daily newspaper!

  6. I am adding them as I type this. It will take awhile. I’m going to do a bit of scrubbing in the process, mostly of some of the comments.

  7. I’m watching too much CNN and too much EBay cruising (very dangerous) I need your blog to keep me distracted and entertained.😄

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