Prosecuting Torment

Nicoles postDo you never read anything you post, Nicole?  Or do you just like the headline and that’s enough?  I suppose that’s it, because it’s for damn sure your followers won’t read it either.

A few points.

  1. The article is about proposed laws in the UK. That stands for United Kingdom, in case you didn’t know. You know, England and Scotland and Wales.  Not the USA.
  2. The article is about proposed laws.  Remember? Those pesky things you don’t think we should have, because everyone should just do voluntary stuff, like send you money and shit.
  3. I have never had a fake profile in my life, ever.
  4. Since the article is about proposed laws in the UK, tell Joe he can relax.  It’s okay.

9 thoughts on “Prosecuting Torment”

  1. We know she reads nothing. If she did, she’d be knowledgeable. Instead, she just attempts to plagiarize the knowledge of others, so she can (try to) bask in the glory, so to speak.

    It was a good belly laugh when I realized she read a headline and thought she had a story.


  2. Tell Joe he can relax?


    You think he does anything else?

    If Joe were to relax he might not be awarded the highly coveted 2016 commonwealth prize for poster boy of hard work, ambition, motivation or success.



  3. Once again, apparently she did not read up on the article before she posted it. But who is really looking at her page or blog anyways these day’s? Besides a few of us VIEWER’S viewing free public information.
    She hardly has anyone commenting in support of her and her husband’s world views, ideology, parenting style, education, homesteading in the vast wilderness or anything else.

    In order for her to generate any commentary on her page or blog she has to resort to reposting old Wave 3 pictures and rehash the day’s gone by of getting free cash.

    As a viewer, I can see how she is clearly addicted to her own self made drama. And she is going to keep riding that dead horse everyday to her mailbox in hope’s of getting a few more checks, from people who obviously need to read more on….this blog.

    And just for the record, I too have never used or had a fake profile or account either.


  4. NN “I hate cops, they will shoot you cause that’s what they do.”


    Oh shit, didn’t go as planned.

    Pa “we need to lay the smack down, we need bully laws, oh and we need LEO that we hate to enforce them just against “our trolls”. They can’t force us to obey the law but they can make others obey as long as the Nog’s are free!
    The Nog’s attempt to dish it out but can’t handle 1/4 of what is put back in their face.

    JN nor NN read half the fucking articles they share or get the meaning behind the dumb ass memes they post. Not a single fuck given to the fact that they are posting wrong & often false info to their supporters.


  5. It appears that very few people leave critical comments on her pages, or she removes them, so exactly what is she complaining about? People who set up their own pages to comment upon others? People who use pseudonyms? Just because in the world according to Nichole Celeste Naugler everyone should think that they’re doing a good job doesn’t make it so.

    How many personalities do Joe and Nicole have going these days? They seem to have a lot of time and energy to put into trying to spit-shine their online image that should be directed elsewhere.


  6. @Tekla: Yep. I think this is worth restating. If they–especially Jobless Joe–had buckled down a year and a half ago to make best use of their resources (land, sticks, rocks, junk, fishpond, Craigslist, online tutorials, time, adult hands and backs), they would have had a relatively comfortable and clean camp even without begging or stealing and without the ability to build permanent structures on the land.

    Speaking of Jobless Joe, some people simply aren’t cut out for a 40-hour job in a group work setting. (I know; I tried.) Still, putting the best possible interpretation on his (for example) sitting around watching sports at the hotel all day, that he has a brain glitch that makes him want to hide away someplace with something mindless to do when presented with a structured 8-hour day…why isn’t he turking? Or doing a job like mine, remote merchandising, that allows considerable latitude in scheduling? If the people-hierarchy-socialization thing scares him off (raises hand), jobs like mine pay more than turking and require minimal human interaction with plenty of predetermined structure for the interaction that is required.

    What does he do all day, besides threaten people and procreate?


  7. It’s what is called “scattered brain”, imo. Probably her brain is so filled up, a grab at a headline on a meme is about all the attention she can muster and hold the thought for a few seconds. Now, it’s no wonder with all the directions and stimuli, one can have a complete thought, efficiently. Or do anything, fully on task and efficiently. Pulling memes from places all over social media, to share in effort to cause thought provoking with the followers. But then how do the followers find these relevant and on task to provoking thoughts and commentary, beyond a token patronizing “like”? Actually, my thought is that everything is meant to provoke patronizing. The “bless her heart” for being victimized.

    Melissa said, “She hardly has anyone commenting in support of her and her husband’s world views, ideology, parenting style, education, homesteading in the vast wilderness or anything else.” What is there to support?? When are there posts demonstrating and showing how they are doing education, homesteading, parenting, ideology….to open up for commentary and discussion and thought provoking exchanges? Same here, everything is meant to provoke patronizing, feel sorry and be kind. No room for disagreeing, you will be dealt with.

    Actually, I think the Nauglers are lost on who their market is now. Who do they appeal to? What is their branding? What brought all those followers and supporters last May? Was it homeschooling, homesteading, off the grid, religious droves that were sorry about them being wronged by CPS and LE? And by now, they have probably seen after the vastly successful fundme donations campaign and the kids are back home and Joe and Nicole’s court dates are behind. Maybe many saw that perception is not reality. So what’s the appeal now, they’ve probably long moved on to the next big viral story. Maybe time for online social media re-branding, a new cause. A new campaigning. However, pardon me, but I think they shot their wad on that one. $$$.


  8. Just imagine how many of their “socks” would disappear into the bowels of the English prison system. Just imagine if the Nauglers were some or all of those socks. What? Wait, this is in America? Never mind.


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