Profit Margins

passing the time

Nicole reads the blog.  Nicole says she doesn’t but she actually reads every word I write. That’s so flattering.

Nicole has been scrolling back, looking at old posts to find things to be pissed off about.  She is “easily amused” with the little piece called “Buckets and Bows” found here.

The entire point of that piece was to talk about how many bows it would take to pay for a Porta Potty.  You know, instead of just giving in and getting their septic system up and inspected.  I was basically making fun of their financial priorities.

And I did a bit of speculating about the cost she incurs in making a single bow.

Nicole spent a bit of time this afternoon, since she has so much time on her hands what with a full time business to run and eleven children to interact with, correcting my figures.


And she didn’t stop there. She is big time mad at Patricia, her former employer, so she went on to critique her as well.


Your grooming quality sucks as much as your bows do.

Well, let’s just let the world decide.  Here are some of Patricia’s bows, and remember, she doesn’t sell them. They simply go with the dogs when they are groomed.



And here are Nicole’s bows.  You decide.



I found it all sort of interesting, frankly.

First off, Nicole just had not a clue what I was talking about in the first place.

My guess was that it would take 1725 bows to pay for the Porta Potty for an entire year. Here’s what I said.


Actually about 220 Bows [sic] ties, or flowers Or [sic] I could groom 4 dogs.

Really?  The cost of a Porta Potty for a whole year is $1272. Nicole earns (after expenses) $1272 for grooming four dogs?  She gets $318 for grooming a single dog?  If so, I am going into the dog grooming business.

I am going to assume here that Nicole is having trouble reading all this, and thought I was saying that it would take 1725 bows to pay for the Porta Potty for a month. Math is hard, but apparently reading comprehension is harder. So she says, no, it would take 220 bows per month, or she could groom 4 dogs.  The four dogs thing makes sense, if she’s talking about a month, because the price of the Porta Potty is $106/month, and her profit from grooming a dog would be about $25 (after expenses).

But if that’s the case, then the figure of 220 bows is for a month, too.  And if you multiply that by 12 (write it down, Nicole), you get not the 1725 bow figure I came up with, but a whopping 2640 bows.  Either that, or she’s trying to say that they make almost $6 profit on every bow (in which case, I’m going into the bow-making business).

So my estimate about how many bows would be required was way too low.  It’s actually almost 1000 more.  Sheesh.  All so they can say they didn’t give in to the ebil guvmint.

But her main beef was my estimated costs of her expenses to make the bows.

What Nicole is basically saying here is that I estimated way too high.  And I concede. That may very well be true. I have no way to know if she has some Hobby Lobby coupon, or what the percentage off might be.  All I did was look around online a little bit and find the going price for ribbon and the other supplies and make some guesses.  I wasn’t claiming to have any exact figures and I think I made that pretty clear.

So I was way too high on expenses.

Her bows, of course, are wonderful quality, made from the finest materials, better than anyone anywhere.

My bows are quality and my customers agree.

See? Wonderful stuff. Fabulous.  The best to be had anywhere.

Only, then she insists that the stuff she uses is

cheap as dirt on Ebay.

She wants the whole world to know that she uses the cheapest shit she can find.  She uses the absolute dirt cheap crap she finds on Ebay and at Hobby Fucking Lobby  to make her fabulous bows.

I suppose that all that cheap crap turns into quality simply because she touches it.  You know, like “the touch of the Master’s hand.”


So she’s doing another bow sale.  Gotta pay for that Porta Potty somehow.

Last time the goal was to have $1000 in orders.  Again, she’s unclear here, so I don’t know if she means that they need to make $1000 profit or if she simply has a goal of $1000 in sales.  That’s not the same thing, Nicole, just in case you don’t understand.

Anyway, $1000 was the goal.

They did “great” last time and sold less than half that amount.

I wonder what “abysmal failure” would look like.

But no matter.  I took the liberty of fixing up her sale ad to better reflect the message she is trying to send the world.


You’re welcome.

passing the time

Not a rewrite.  An update because I love it too when people who don’t know what they are talking about put their ignorance on display like this.





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  1. Hahahahahahaha! This cracked me up! Lookie here, this was hilarious!

    Eulanda Hibler wants bows. 6 of them. She wants them now but can’t come up with the cash until November 3rd.

    Grifting must be tough when your fans are broke as shit.


  2. I stopped reading FJ months ago. These people are such trash I couldn’t read about the same shit different deflection over and over again.
    The horse is the piece de resistance. If I wasn’t hearing it from you I wouldn’t believe it. How stupid can two adults be while still claiming to be intelligent people?


  3. She really needs to count to 1000 when she loses her temper and her shit.
    Then she needs to not oublicly blog it. Just bitch in your little closed group Nicole or stfu. When you get mad you reveal even more things it is not in your favor to reveal. Threats to kill a dog in a week. Pictures of your noncompliant humanure system. Dead chicks and peeps. How many times can you shoot yourself in the foot before yo learn that it hurts you.


  4. Really, if you have to buy bows on time, you probably don’t need bows. You probably need groceries.


  5. I actually am in the market for bows. I need 37 very large and 74 medium, all attached to barrettes for my team. I will end up either spending more than triple what they would cost from Nicole or (God forbid) making them myself.

    If not for fear of Nicole and her gang of idiot followers I’d be more than happy to buy them from her but knowing how they work I fear giving her my address.

    That is just bad business.


  6. #hobbyfuckinglobby!

    I will not enter a Hobby Lobby, ever. I need some small bottles of acrylic paint – just a few – and I know they have them cheap at Hobby Lobby, but I am going to pay more and get some samples at Lowe’s instead. It will probably cost me three times as much, but I won’t have to go in that store. Never, ever, ever.


  7. Nicole Naugler reads -nay, hangs on to- your every word, Sally!

    It seems SHE is your biggest fangirl.

    Also, I would encourage everyone to boycott #hobbyfuckinglobby


  8. Disability checks are deposited on the third of the month.

    Ms. Hibler probably has a fully stock fridge, paid for by you and me.


  9. Ms. Hibler probably has a fully stock fridge, paid for by you and me.

    If she is on disability, that’s fine. I have no problem whatever with that.

    My point was that if money is so tight you have to buy bows on time, you don’t need to buy bows. It’s only Oct 21, and she’s already broke? If that’s the case, buying bows is a very dumb financial decision.


  10. I have no problem providing support to Ms. Hibler if she is disabled. But, as Sally says, if she is so broke she has to pay for bows on time, then she really needs to prioritize her budget. Since Nicole makes a living begging off her followers, business must be terrible.


  11. Nicole just wrote:
    “It costs $199 to make the bows be flowers for Sally’s order. This is barring the she go with souls ties not printed.”

    Just thought I’d share.


  12. BLB wrote, “She gets $318 for grooming a single dog?  If so, I am going into the dog grooming business.”

    To further enhance your profit margin, just pull kids in off the street to do the actual labor. Be sure to coach them to answer they are your children, if anyone asks.


  13. One of our Shift Bosses had a heart attack so I’ve been filling in for awhile at one of the Mills out of state. After I came home tonight I decided to do a little reading here on the Blog before I went to bed.
    And low-and-behold- what do I see?
    Nicole FUCKING Naugler back to her old tricks. Posting Sally Davis’s Home Address an a Aerial Photo of her property….and AGAIN mocking her son !!!

    Nicole, I saw your dumbass video whining and crying saying, ” Why don’t these people just leave me alone? ” It is because you and Joe do shit like what you did to Sally, like what you did to me, Lisa, Al and several other people too. Just because we called out your BULLSHIT and you can’t handle it…the TRUTH hurts doesn’t it?
    You can’t handle it so you resort to the only thing you and Joe know how to do, and that is, “On-Line Harassing Communications.”
    You just keep playing this game Nicole and see who wins.

    I’m placing all my bets on Sally.


  14. I can only speak to mynpersonal experiences about the diaability comment. I made it because I personally know a few able bodied adults who get it because they exaggerated or fabricated claims of mental illness and now no longer have to work. It irritates me. I have no idea why Hibler would get it (or if she actually does), but it would explain why she would have no money for two and a half weeks. It would also explain her ardent support for Nicole despite the evidence that Nicole is a little mentally ill herself.

    I was just pointing out that her grocery bill is probably covered. If she is on SSI then she likely gets food assistance. It is not uncommon for people on SSI to he broke by the 20th. Their check would only cover her bills and few luxuries (if you consider Nicole’s bows luxurious).


  15. Nicole just doesn’t get it. The whole point of the blog was that the bows were worth pennies. I mean I guess it’s worth it to her because she doesn’t do the labor, her kids do. And then she can post pictures going into the store with her whole family on a shopping trip and call it #unschooling. Nicole, from one homeschooler to another, going shopping isn’t homeschooling or unschooling, it’s going to the fucking store. Most families do that, it’s shouldn’t be a child’s only opportunity for an outing or a social life.

    I did wonder why she was so quiet today. I guess she was busy catching up on the blog. Must be so busy at work.


  16. I love it!

    I also will not give Hobby Lobby a dime. They need to run their business, not impose control over the reproductive choices of their female employees. Opening a whole new can of worms.


  17. Ohmygawd, ohmygawd, OHMYGAWD..sorry for the caps. That was so excellent, sally, especially the hobby fucking lobby. Maw does a lot of her cheap Chinese shit shopping there, coupon and such ( which is not really a discount because the Christian way is to make as much money off the suckers as possible) Hmmm, sounds like the garden shed bow groomer, ain’t?
    As for ms hibler, I’ll be nice. ?


  18. “My bows are [LOW] quality and my customers agree.”

    That’s better.

    If you use the cheap-as-shit ribbon, you aren’t going to be making high-quality bows. You can get high-quality ribbon inexpensively, but she’s talking about buying the cheap shit. Cheap is the quality, inexpensive is the cost. Big difference.

    I wonder what she’d say if she knew I have ribbon that I paid $1.50 per INCH for, and I bought 5 yards.

    I guess, to be fair to Nicole, it doesn’t matter the quality of dog-bows as long as they’re safe. It’s not like an animal cares of a bow is grosgrain or satin. I just don’t trust her bows to be securely made and clean.

    Also HAHAFUCKINGHA! at her correcting your math and showing that it’s worse than we thought! Nicole, don’t try to debunk someone else’s math if the result is it more than proves the other person’s point.


  19. “I will not enter a Hobby Lobby, ever.”

    Sally, I did once, out of morbid curiosity, back before they publicly started an anti-birth-control campaign. I was floored that the prices are higher than Joann Fabrics stuff I got before heading there. Joann Fabrics also has a lot of coupons. 60% a regular-priced item on the app right now, and another coupon for 40% off. And then go to and find more. You can use multiple coupons in a transaction as long as the numbers are different. Use those on the 69-cent bottles of acrylics at Joann’s, if you’re near one.


  20. Use those on the 69-cent bottles of acrylics at Joann’s, if you’re near one.

    Oh, my goodness. Thank you so much. I had no idea Joann’s sold paint. I haven’t been in one of those stores in many years. 🙂


  21. OK! I can’t stop thinking about this horse problem. LOTS of great advice on the other page from a lot of very SMART FOLKS. Very little info was brought up about a Horse farrier and the time, place and price needed to upkeep a horse. Nicky, just like a dog your horse will need its Nails trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks. From looking on line thats going to cost you anywhere from 40$ each time on UP! That is just to trim the Nails if the horse throws a shoe OUCH the price goes up even MORE. I’m sure you are smart enough to know a horse on land as nasty as yours will need shoes on at all times yes? Of course you do Nicky you KNOW EVERYTHING. 🙂 This one page I looked at also had some RULES too in order for him or her to even show up.

    Terms and Conditions

    1. I work by appointment only and appointments are sacred. I will call if I am running late.

    2. I conditionally guarantee my work.

    3. I expect payment at the time of service unless prior arrangements have been made. I accept cash, cheque, or Interac online as payment. I do charge a $20 fee on returned cheques.

    4. I do not work on horses with chronic behaviour problems. I am happy to evaluate how bad the problem is in person though.

    5. I require a decent area in which to work.

    6. During a first appointment I require a competent person to be present to handle the horse.

    You might have a problem with Numbers 4 5 and 6. Of course knowing how you are and you know EVERYTHING you will take this task on YOURSELF. Let me warn your dumbass that a HORSE is NOT a DOG. I would assume the horse you just got is probably about ready for a nail trim already. IF you call a PRO and they come out to your shitstead and see what you got they will be the FIRST ones to REPORT YOU.

    You know the ole saying “Don’t bite off more then what you can chew?” HAHAHAHAHAHA I guess you will learn. What a SHAME such a beautiful animal will have to suffer cause of your incompetence. 🙁

    Hell they might not even want to work with you just because of Rule Number SIX! HAHAHAHAHAHAH


  22. Oh, yeah, JoAnn’s has lots of cool stuff.

    I won’t eat at Chick Fil A, nor will I ever shop at a Hobby Lobby. Besides, I have a JoAnn’s and a Michael’s not far away. I prefer Behr paint though, to date it’s the only kind that doesn’t give me raging headaches.


  23. We don’t have Hobby Lobby here in my city, I believe they have them further south, far outside of the city but I’ve never been in one. I wouldn’t step foot in one anyhow due to their politics. I regularly go to Joann’s. I agree with Kaylee about the coupons. It’s one store I rarely ever pay full price at. I’ll make multiple trips to use coupons sometimes. I am not a huge crafter but I have a child who enjoys sewing. He’s quite proficient at his skill and has a nice little side business going. And his math skills are far superior to Nicole’s. I can’t imagine him putting effort into something with such a small profit margin. I guess though Nicole doesn’t give a crap about profit margin and time involved in making her product because she has slave labor.

    Just out of curiosity, Nicole how long will it take to make $1000 worth of bows? And how many slave laborers will you be using? Do they get a cut of the profits? Or does it all go to pay for Hardee’s for Joe?


  24. I am all for correcting math, #unschooling !

    My family is proof that you don’t have to be on food stamps or disability to be out of money by the 20th day of the month.

    Needing money for your dog’s bows is about the best example of a first world problem isn’t it?


  25. Please stop! I can’t stop laughing!!! Last night, I was with a group of friends (we all homeschool and have hobby gardens) and recounted to them all the craziness of Joe and Nicole. How they take dumps in white buckets, allow their goats to free range, how they used to Mormons, the story of Ranger, etc. OMGOSH! We were laughing so hard! No one could believe this ALL came from 2 adults!


  26. Hey Sally! Long time blog reader, first comment.
    I’m a local. In Garfield and I want to thank you for having a place to comment anonymous. That family is horrible. I don’t know why they got a he kids back it should have never happened. No one had a nice thing to say about them. I heard that she’s been dumping the shop garbage into everyone’s dumpster thete, and that she screams at anyone who tries to stop her. They left a baby in a vehicle at the shop and one of the other businesses called the police. If was a nasty confrontation, but that’s all she is is a nasty person. All the kids are filthy Everytime you see them, the clothes are tore and don’t fit. They are also very skinny. They need socks and shoes that fir. The clerk at the dollar store says the one kid had fleas jumping off him onto her counter. They spray the store after they leave because of the smell.
    But the thing that so far has made me really mad is where I was at Ridgeway the other day. I saw a fat, filthy man with those filthy Orange crocks loaded 4 boxes of food while a skinny young Man in a black cowboy hat paid out of his own pocket. That fat slob was practically gasping for breath and had his tongue hanging out of his mouth for most of the store. I’d never been that close to him, and I wanted to puke. Not just the smell but the person he is just shines right off him and it’s not pretty. I think he is a disgusting pervert. Not enough showers in the world for that nightmare.

    So I was talking to a neighbor about it, and she was telling me that she herd from her son, who is a cop, that they’ve chased him out of the truck stop a few times that they don’t know why he was there with no kids but they think drugs or hookers. Just nasty. The cops hate them. They see that vehicles and just avoid them because they are too much trouble. The one says if he has to smell them again the kids smell like poop and he wanted to gag.

    The state needs to just take the kids again. If that boy is working only to feed that man, he’ll never escape.


  27. Sally, Joann’s has less fabric these days and more house decorations, and lots of paint and other craft stuff. Some of it’s high end. That’s where I get my Prismacolors. There are acrylics that are 69 cents, and some that are $1.49 a bottle, and some fancier ones that cost more, but the 69 cent bottles are really nice, and there are hundreds of colors. Those are what we use to paint birdhouses, and they stand up to the weather.

    Not A Blessed Local, those pathetic excuses for parents make me sick. I’d question the validity of your claims if I could figure out any way for those poor kids not to smell or have fleas. Even if they bathed at the salon, they’d still be going home to a place literally covered with shit and fleas, where they’d get smelly and fleas all over again. It’s a horrifying shortcoming in our system that neglecting kids like that is a “parenting choice.” I wish there was a way to apply the 14th amendment to kids. Kids shouldn’t ever be treated like property.

    There was an episode of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, where a little girl was being abused, and Quinn’s little boy couldn’t understand why horses were taken away for being beaten, but a child was left to suffer worse, and no one could stop the abuse. It came down to how parents have more rights over their children, but animals have rights independent of other people. It’s just so wrong that I don’t think English has words strong enough to describe it. That’s the Nauger kids’ situation. They aren’t human beings to the state or to their parents. So they languish in filth not fit for farm animals, and their parents are allowed to make their kids into outcasts and pariahs and ruin their chances of making decent lives for themselves as adults. Keeping them so ignorant and fearful limits even their adult years.

    My husband asked when the kids will start inbreeding. He really wasn’t making a joke. Those kids are neglected to keep them isolated, yet they’re still going to have normal hormonal urges and desires for relationships (no way all of them will be ace). All they have for companionship and comfort is each other.

    It’s heart-breaking.


  28. Oh my goodness! Your account of those filthy Nauglers makes me so angry and so sad all at the same time! I still cannot understand why Nicole and Joe have custody of those poor kids. Thank you for sharing. I sincerely hope your comment will encourage other locals to share their stories. I pray for the kids to be rescued!


  29. The thing that gets me is they are so against paying taxes. But yet the boy is paying taxes cause of where he works ( if he’s still there, I’ve seen him in his uniform cause they always came in where I worked at). she is just a hypocrite. Its ok for him to pay taxes but not them.


  30. I was going to pipe in yesterday about getting paint at Joann’s but wasn’t sure you had one near you. I got some great clearance deals on acrylic paint there within the past month. Check around the store if you have time because I got both little 2 oz. bottles and some 8 oz. jars and they weren’t stocked together and neither of them were stocked in the regular paint aisle.

    Kaylee’s got it going on with the coupons. I like your style. I’m pretty sure Joann’s will also take Michael’s coupons and maybe Hobby Lobby’s as well.


  31. I totally agree about Joann’s being superior to Hobby Lobby. They have a larger selection, and sewing/knitting classes, and they just sell me what I need without trying to get all up in my uterus.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being on disability or any other program, for that matter. I would rather see a million people on welfare than this “send me money or the cute little doggie gets a bullet in the head” bullshit.


  32. Oh, blessed local, that breaks my heart for those kids.

    I wouldn’t doubt for a minute that Joe was on drugs. At least I hope it’s drugs. You know, for the hookers’ sakes.


  33. The kid is allowed to pay for everything I bet. No one has seen him driving so working isn’t getting him anywhere


  34. My mom loves Hobby Lobby so I drive the 30 miles down the coast to take her to one. I admit to spending some money there, and it was a bit cheaper than Michaels. I don’t approve of their methods to control their female employees, but I can’t get Mom to change her mind. I told her why I don’t eat at Chik-Fil-A, and she accepts that.
    I’ve been on workers comp since 2003 and at age 63 the US Dept of Labor decided I could go back to work full time. I’ve gone through 6 months of office management training, i.e. catch up on MS products and Quicken. I’ve also applied for over 200 jobs because the DOL demands we apply for a minimum of 20 a week. They have held me in limbo since July over getting a new doctor, and I have written both senators and will head up the shit pile this week. They have no excuse. In their book about Fed Workers Comp. it says they have a fiduciary obligation to me to have doctor’s care. My arm and shoulder are so bad now that I guess I’ll hit the ER and get something in writing. The constant repetitive motion of typing, mousing, (even using the roller mouse–) have irritated the shoulder.
    Sorry to hijack this. This is a pain day and I don’t dare take a pill till after 8PM. Gotta watch my Cubbies.


  35. I may have to stop following this Naugler sh** for my own mental health.
    Nicole is a social media psycho sucker.
    Nicole just wormed her way out of her having “red flagged” her own dog, Ranger, because she didn’t want him any more.
    Her followers seem to totally miss the point that she red flagged her own dog.
    She upset the decent folks who read her verbal vomit…and expected them to either come to Rangers rescue or she was going to kill him.
    She is a master at twisting her vile motives into something righteously noble.
    Somehow we’re to think Nicole red flagging her dog was a good thing… and now she’s planing ( add it to the list) to post dogs who have been “red flagged” at the local pound.
    What a sweet and kind person she thinks she is… and now there are idiots believing her tripe.
    It’s given me a head ache, and I’m truly starting to hate this evil, manipulative, creepy woman who breathes the same air I breathe.
    I fear even more for her children. This twisted woman has to be bending them in unspeakable ways.
    She is probably sucking the life out of them, and turning them into Nicole Zombies…
    I’m pissed.


  36. Her followers seem to totally miss the point that she red flagged her own dog.

    Well, real sane people weren’t fooled at all. She dropped followers like flies. The ones who remain are either very new and clueless, or hopeless.

    I’m pissed.

    🙂 I just laugh at her. She keeps handing me material to write about. It’s a gift.


  37. Wow! What a neat bookkeeping trick; Enron had nothing on Nicnog.

    I mean, really……It actually does take Nicole Math (and Math is hard) to make a $6.00 per bow profit on bows that she sells for $.90-$3.00 per bow. And who knew that reaching 48% of your goal qualifies as a resounding success?

    Didn’t she mention at one point that one of the children was learning how to help keep the books for the Blessed One’s business, presumably trained by #Mommydearest? Because #unschooling, of course.

    Or, perhaps she (aka one of those poor children) better get working on those 2,600 bows. Neither Mr. Ed nor Jojo are going to feed themselves, don’tyaknow?


  38. Haven’t heard a peep from Pace and Capistan lately. He could assist maw with bow making supplies since he is a wannabe grifting entrepreneur – tips and such, spreadsheets, etc. Wonder if he knows about the dog and the horse, or if he would care. He’s probably hiding out since I’m positive any friends he talked into investing have now turned on him.
    Call out to Pace—- maw needs you.


  39. Blessed Little Dog Rescue Page? What? Nicole you are killing me, you are going to help save dogs? That is fucking fabulous!! You were off to a good start with finding a home for Minnie, maybe you have found your niche. Dog trafficking. #whatsyoursisminedogrescue e


  40. I really hate hearing from #not blessed local that the kids smell. I don’t care if the adults smell but why the kids? So awful. And I wonder, if Jojo the hut is trolling in truck stops for lot lizards, why not just let him? Bust his sorry ass. Maybe those kids would then have a chance. My bet is LE is just biding their time and when the hammer comes down, it’ll be hard.


  41. I hope Joe is not going after underage girls. We have an ongoing #creephunters chapter in my city. They lure in creeps who solicited under age boys and girls online. If Joe is doing this I hope he gets nailed.



    Of course it is. I don’t use sources I cannot trust for accuracy.


  43. Jojo the Hutt has been known to take an inappropriate interest in nubile females before so the speculations that he goes off the reservation trolling for hookers or drugs or both is not too far fetched. It would also provide some explanation for Nicole’s ever deeper paranoid retreat into her non-existent online empire and anti-social behavior.

    This is in no way a defense of Nicole’s behavior but put yourself into her frame of mind. She shacked up with a loser con-artist who shacked up with someone else. She did this as a way of proving her independence to her parents. Fast forward nearly 18-19 years and all she has is an over-abundant progeny from her investment in her ineffectual con artist. She invested very poorly from the beginning because she was going to be her own person. Now she is the spouse of the same noisy, lazy, self-indulgent, care-nothing-about-anyone-else blob. She lives in a rotting shed. She has no water facilities beyond her grooming business. She has no toilet facilities beyond a single porta-john and white buckets. Yet she clings to her original investment who has done nothing but impregnate her. Why? Well she would have to admit that she made a stupid, stupid choice and that others who warned her about this choice were right. She can’t handle that. She would rather arrogantly and fearfully son by her continually idiotic choices that have resulted in her living in the squalid conditions that she does with her 11 children. She’s gonna show the world and don’t you forget it!


  44. That last blog post of Nicole’s…..Yes, the other horseshoe has dropped. There is a horse residing at the BLH, belonging to the oldest daughter. Nicole has already set the tone for how commentary regarding said horse will be received: [Daughter] “has been researching and planning for several years and she is capable of managing of managing the upkeep. So let the girl be happy.”
    So her readers are on notice: Anyone who might suggest that this is irresponsible parenting will be regarded as someone who wants her kids to be sad. Anyone who points out problems with the arrangement will be treated as someone who just wants to be mean to her kids. And dealt with in the usual manner.
    I’m pretty sure that, when the inevitable expensive crisis occurs, contributions to a Very Special GoFundMe or PayPal account will be requested by Nicole on behalf of her daughter. If the readers fail to pony up (yeah, I saw what I did there), well, then, the blame will be on us, and on her children.
    Because Nicole is washing her hands of the matter. How’s that working out, with no running water? We have all seen the state of Nicole’s hands, and her home, and her animals. The October chicks are now dead, according to this same blog post. The summer garden is almost dead. There will be no fall garden. There are rabbits. There are three dogs. There are two goats. There is no mention of a pig.
    There is a horse, and eleven children, the youngest child just learning to walk. The kids love being outside, as we can see in the pictures of them riding bikes without helmets and playing without shoes. Helmets are also optional for riding horses, as seen in the photo of the girls riding double. In another photo we see a horse’s ass. No, a literal horse’s ass. A rather close view, perhaps even within kicking distance. Or maybe that’s a just a little camera trickery, a long-lens view from some distant point, some place where the details get waved away like so many flies.


  45. Two novice riders, bareback, on a horse with no bridle. And the youngest with no helmet.

    Looks like she better budget for some trips to the blessed little emergency room.


  46. Sounds like the younger daughter now only gets to go into the shop one or two days per week, because she is needed at the “homestead” to watch out and care for the youngest sibling. He just turned one year old, so he doesn’t get to go into the shop daily with Ma. Instead, he’s left at home. Supposedly Pa plays with him all day and wears him out. Yeah, right. Pa has never done a lick of work raising his kids in his life, and he’s not about to start now. [Younger daughter] will be on unpaid duty for any actual child care. Poor kid.
    As to their lack of proper facilities for a horse – I feel very sad for both the horse and for the older daughter. I have no doubt she is absolutely thrilled to have this horse, but will not be prepared for all the costs associated with upkeep and the inevitable vet bills. I wish she could board that horse at a proper facility, but how can she afford such a thing? Does she even work anywhere besides making bows for her mother? Washing dogs for $1? I am not hopeful that this situation will end well.


  47. Sally, Nicole has photos on her blog. That’s new. This isn’t just people in the area, or an ad for someone to haul a horse, or Nicole hinting. She posted the proof herself, including a couple kids who are novices on a very young horse without a saddle, using a harness as a bridle, and only one child with a helmet. I’m afraid someone’s going to die, and that horse will get the blame, if she’s not the one who dies. 🙁


  48. I asked on her blog if she has a barn for the horse, or anywhere to keep her out of the elements. She blocked me from viewing the blog. Since she can do that, that says to me that she wants you to see it. So she’s not bothered by you, despite her whining.


  49. My friend just asked what happened to the pig and was blocked from her blog entirely. So whatever happened to that pig is not good. 🙁


  50. Very interesting. So her youngest just turned one…its just about time for Nicole to have another bun in the oven.
    Looks like someone is taking the time to braid the horse’s tail. I don’t know much about horses. I do know that I wouldn’t want to be behind that horse, with all the loud noises that could startle the horse there at BLH.
    I really hope they are able to take care of the horse, during these cold months, with no running water. So foolish, if you ask me.
    This should be interesting…


  51. She said there wouldn’t be a fall garden for reasons they would go into later.

    Can’t wait to hear those.


  52. Do we have confirmation that the horse is actually *residing* at the shitshack? Perhaps they own it, but it is living elsewhere? Do locals have pics of it still in the yard?


  53. Sally, Nicole has photos on her blog.

    I know. I’ve seen them. And I think that dire predictions of death are just wee bit dramatic. It’s certainly far easier to get hurt messing around with a horse than with a chicken, but lots of people do, and lots of children do and they don’t necessarily get hurt.

    That said, we bought a young quarter horse mare when Nathan was about 10. Nobody told us we couldn’t ride her double. So we did, me and Nathan. She was fine until we decided to canter and then she threw us both. I broke a rib and Nathan hurt his leg (x-rays) but thankfully nothing broken. I had a miserable few days. Several days later, the horse broke out of her paddock (we were never sure what spooked her) and took off, cutting a big gash in her chest. A neighbor caught her before she got hit by a car, and then we got to bring her back to the stable and get the vet out.

    We sold the horse. We were very careful to tell the people who bought her what had happened, that she should never, ever be ridden double and that she needed a very experienced owner. They were Naugler-lite and ignored us. They gave the horse to their young son who was almost immediately thrown and suffered a broken leg.

    So, yeah, you can get hurt really fast with an animal that big.

    We replaced that horse with two. One was a white Morgan-type gelding, older, named Goblin, who we just loved. You could have slept in his stall and never been stepped on or hurt in any way. The other was a pony named Patches for Nathan. She was less reliable, but still gentle enough. One day, my SIL was visiting us and decided that Patches needed a forelock trim. (SIL is a professional horse trainer.) She got a pair of electric clippers and Dave was holding Patches’ head for her. The pony, startled, threw her head and caught Dave in the nose and broke it. Trip to the ER and then to an ENT to have it set.

    And I can’t even begin to tell you how many times Frances or one of the calves has stepped on our feet. We try to remember. We get out of the way. But it’s inevitable. One day, I’m gonna get some steel toed barn shoes.


  54. She said there wouldn’t be a fall garden for reasons they would go into later.

    I am curious about the Great Peanut Harvest. This is the time to be digging them.


  55. Do we have confirmation that the horse is actually *residing* at the shitshack?

    The horse has been there for several days. If it’s visiting, it’s a long visit.


  56. I have no clue if it’s there or not. I know I’m probably about 10 minutes away from where they live, but I have no reason to go over that way.


  57. When dealing with a Naugler there is a certain way to ask a question without getting blocked. For example, if your friend asked about the pig in a non confrontational way like this…” Hi Nicole, I just admire you so much and hope one day to live off grid like you, you are so strong and your kids look so happy. I remember a while back you got a pig, how did that work out? Did you have pork chops already? Looking forward to your next post.” That’s how it’s done.


  58. In other words, you have to kiss her ass a bit first.

    I’d rather just assume that the pig, like every other animal that has ever had the misfortune of being owned by those folks, is dead.


  59. I assume that too.

    But I’m not ready to be blocked, so I play along. I often wonder how many of us are out there.


  60. When I was five, I got thrown (double, bareback ) and broke an elbow so badly that I was in traction and the doctors weren’t sure my forearm would grow properly. If the past predicts the future, there will be a fairly dire accident on the shitstead. Brain injuries don’t heal with harvested wild herbs. Does anyone remember Christopher Reeve? Cervical vertebra injury. Nicole, he did a header over his horse and broke his neck, halting his breathing. Paramedics were there within three minutes, otherwise he’d have been dead or severely brain injured. Remember that. It’s a short window of time. I wish I could see things working out well, but throwing a horse in the midst of a daycare isn’t wise. Please be careful.


  61. Sorry for multi-posting but can we just talk about that stove for a second? Can you imagine 13 people and that thing blazing away inside a tiny shed? The temperature will be unbearable! ugh


  62. Well, I hope the next door neighbors who have already demonstrated that they feed and vaccinate their dogs and Maggie will just go ahead, buy two round bales, store them in a barn (or at least up off the ground and protected from the elements) for the inevitable visit by the horse. Or if A realizes she needs a round bale, she screws up her courage, goes next door and offers to buy it. Although moving them is more easily done with a tractor. It’s not something that will easily fit in the van even with the seats removed.

    No, I know that it’s not inevitable that tragedy will occur involving the horse and the kids, or the horse itself. However, these are people who trust to luck rather than planning for problems to arise.

    If the winter is as bitterly cold and/or snowy as forecast, A is in for a struggle to keep her horse well-hydrated and adequately fed. I remember the winter of 2010 when there was snow up to my hips. It was HARD to deal with that much snow and I had even more horses then than I do now. Even with a tractor. A doesn’t even have a decent tractor at her disposal.


  63. Eldest of Nicole’s (not Joe’s) children has a paying job and girlfriend so isn’t home to try to grow the fall garden, but is available to pay for groceries and whatever. Next eldest of Nicole’s children is busy building the structures that need building so isn’t available to do the cooking. Baby is one so no longer going to the shop. Youngest daughter is no longer going to the shop because she is needed to watch the baby at the homestead and she can cook while she is there too. She may come to the shop two days a week to make bows, where will the baby be then? Eldest daughter needs money for the horse so she will now be bound to come to the shop to wash and groom, for her horse expenses. At least one of the other sons will also be coming to the shop to work. It appears he is the bookkeeper and odd job man. The remainder of the lost boys will remain on the homestead doing what they do and caring for each other. They get just a flippant line in the newest of Nicole’s blog posts.

    So what is it that Joe does?

    Or for that matter Nicole, other than chauffeur the children to their various jobs, supervise at the shop, post pitybowpaloozas on her myriad pages, red flag her own dog, and perhaps even groom a few dogs while tilting at windmills, cursing people out and jousting with the enemies she seeks out and creates on the Internet? Well she does appear to shop, a lot, new rabbits, new toys, new costumes, new wood stove, new whatever.

    What she doesn’t appear to do is spend very much time at the rough off grid homestead or with her 11 children, and when she does it is from behind the glare of the screens from her many electronic gadgets hooking up her fix to social media, or selling folks a bill of goods about her imaginary participation in the American Dream, imaginary participation in religion and politics, imaginary parenting and unschooling, imaginary concern for or ability in animal husbandry, imaginary life as an off grid homesteader. An imaginary life as far removed from her reality as she can get, IMO.

    So which life do her fans envy and wish they too could participate in? The real life or the imaginary one she attempts to portray? Heck, which of those lives does Nicole envy?

    Only my opinion based on the public postings of Nicole.


  64. Her new calculations don’t add up for that gfm money. I’m not the least bit surprised honestly. But you’d have to share the iq of the pond algae for that math to even remotely add up. 3500 on bedding and clothes? Yet I’ve seen all of 1 pic where they were wearing clothes that actually fit at all. And I’m sorry even for 15 people, Walmart clothes aren’t THAT much.


  65. Can you imagine 13 people and that thing blazing away inside a tiny shed?

    I have one. It heats our entire 1500 square foot house. It has to be below freezing outside for us to have a fire hot enough for me to bake, and we never get it hot enough to really fry anything (like fried chicken, for example). 1500 square feet.


  66. Aime,

    Social Security Disability (SSD, or SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is the fact that SSD is available to workers who have accumulated a sufficient number of work credits, while SSI disability benefits are available to low-income individuals who have either never worked or who haven’t earned enough work credits to qualify for SSD.

    While many people don’t distinguish between SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance), they are two completely different governmental programs.

    People who are on SSDI have worked many years, making their contributions to the Social Security trust fund in the form of FICA Social Security taxes. SSDI candidates must be younger than 65 and have earned a certain number of “work credits.”

    Lets not confuse “being on disability” with being lazy and just collecting a government check. And your tax dollars are not paying for anyone on SSDI. Or stocking someone’s fridge!


  67. They spent 3500 dollars on bedding and clothing but the kids sleep on the “loft” floor….Oh my! The horse…really? She said they had to stay in a hotel but when they got the kids for visitation, they brought them back to the stick shack…really! They didn’t take the kids to the nice hotel where they stayed but back to the oppressive three walled stick shack. I don’t think she has sense of a goose…and her followers cannot see how crappy they spent money on hotels until the kids visited. They make me sick….


  68. They didn’t take the kids to the nice hotel where they stayed but back to the oppressive three walled stick shack.

    They had the garden shed by then. That was the whole deal. The GAL wouldn’t allow them to get the kids back until they arranged for other housing, so they hastily bought the garden shed. Nicole says that’s the reason they ran out and bought the first thing they found. It’s somebody else’s fault. They had money. They had two months to do something, but they waited until the last twelve seconds.


  69. We raised rabbits for years.
    I hope they learn to sex the rabbits and keep them in separate cages. You can’t just keep them all together in the same cage. The males will kill any babies that are born. Or they will stress the moms out enough to kill their own babies. The moms also each need their own nest box so the babies don’t get hurt on the wire.

    Also, you need a strong wire fence around the bottom of the cage so that dogs and other predators can’t stand under the cage and chew at the rabbit’s feet. We learned that the very, very awful hard way.

    Does the horse have to be tied up all day if there is no fenced field?

    I think the saddest part of Nicole’s latest blog was the mention of the daughter who gets left at home now because mom only wanted her around to watch the baby. Second place goes to Nicole, who is supporting her family by being away from them 12 hours a day.


  70. dear sweet little nikki. it appears you are quite butt hurt over the bow comments, awww me so sorry (not). so you decide its a great idea to go to my personal business page troll though all of my pictures and pull up what you think is the worst picture and post it with some stupid statement about me being drunk. truth is you pulled up a trainees groom that i considered very good since she was just getting started and slammed her thinking it was me. nice job … i know.. reading is hard.. so then i post some pictures of my actual grooms and then i post a picture of your dog maggie and her horrendous dye job. i did not go on your grooming page to find a picture of a badly groomed dog, i did not post on of your clients up for ridicule, i posted your dog that you had at a function and were proudly displaying as representative of your grooming skills. so then you decide your going to play victim and scream im attacking your daughter. how so? . you can not hunt people down and attack them and then scream that you are indeed the victim every single time.. look above at this whole thread.. who is the attacker? i merely spoke about my experience with you, and what i know to be true.. you even admitted that you buy the cheapest crap on ebay to make your overpriced bows. see here is the thing nikki dear.. i dont give a fuck about you, i dont go on your pages, i dont troll your grooming page, i wouldnt piss on you if you were dying of thirst. i dont care about you.. but you .. you sure do care about me.. you like to threaten you like to act tough.. im not afraid of you, and im sure as hell not afraid of your fat ass husband either. so go ahead and bad mouth me if you must. but you know i know you in real life…i know the truth about you.. now go scrub your little page all clean and make sure none of the truths are still there.. oh.. and fuck you.. cunt


  71. one more little tid bit.. before you go spouting off again about your 15 minutes at my house… you were there because i had sold you 2 ricks of wood that i had moved with me from my other house and didnt need for 40.00, because you had no wood at all and your shed was “so cold it hurt”.. once again you twist things to make you look like the victim. if i had known what a complete wretch you were i probably would have let you freeze to death. oh well.. hindsight..


  72. Clueless Detective got my vote for winning the internet!
    “…..where the details get waved away like so many flies.”

    The devil is in the details, and those who point them out are branded as “trolls” and muzzled from Nicole’s page. Nicole is adept at banning, deflection and spin; so unfortunate she did not put this talent to use professionally. She would make good money as a publicist (provided she took some “get a filter” meds) and would have the resources to properly care for her brood and menagerie. (Let Joe take care of himself.)

    Most disturbing about #Horsegate is that Nicole’s eldest daughter is, by example, learning the wrong priorities. Her parents are encouraging it. Our family has no running water or real toilets, no privacy, bedrooms, and we are crammed 13 inside a shed…….but hey, let’s get a horse! Nicole said the daughter “researched it” and saved her own money, so that gets a pass? Parents regularly need to say “No” when children make unreasonable or unsustainable requests.

    The fallout will be a disillusioned teen girl and a combination of sick or injured horse and/or children.


  73. Does the horse have to be tied up all day if there is no fenced field?

    Unless they want her to go walkabout, yes.


  74. Is A now off the Sstead working with horses? I remember a while back Nikki saying if she got a horse they probably wouldn’t see much of her. Seems two of the kids may be breaking out now to some degree at least.
    It’s been hard to follow this insanity lately. More twists and turns with Nikki’s daily aggression and posts becoming more extreme it seems. The Naugler’s are proving to be the worst of the worst. Unrelentingly bad actors all around. These are people most would have long ago avoided at all costs in person but with her internet presence she just won’t go away and live a peaceful life. Every day she now starts a new fight while perpetuating old ones via her beloved tool, the net. It baffles me what she is gaining from all of this other than escape from what daily seems a pretty horrible existence. I do think she is exposing more of her true self now that many of her cronies seem to have left. Perhaps that is the story now as the full impact of her horrible nature is more fully revealed.

    The dog and pony cliche is now complete with this latest horse acquisition. I think A better get going on making or finding her horse a shelter, no one else is going to do anything in that regard. Here’s where we’ll see if she has avoided adopting Nikki’s attitudes of pushing off the responsibilities of humane ownership. Her youth may open doors unavailable to Nikki and What’s his name.
    Really glad these “parents” are kept under watchful eyes and this blog exists. Great work and perseverance Sally and commenters. I believe it has impacted the kid’s lives for the good. High fives all around.
    (Go Cubbies!)


  75. All of the reason, logic, good sense, or even consequences have not and will not persuade Nicole or her…husband from continuing in their stupid choices or ruining everything they touch. It’s a game to them to deceive people, to rationalize the inevitable consequences of their choices as desired outcomes (resorting to stealing water rather than pay a water bill), and to spend an inordinate amount of time and energy (include money as a form of energy) caterwauling to cyberspace about how awful and mean people are to them who call them on their behavior.

    It is also a game to them to defiantly do precisely what they are warned against doing. Hence Nicole shacking up with Jojo the Hutt. Hence the possession of a horse when they are not even equipped to properly care for their own humans. Do they really want a horse? Likely not. They did that only as a form of defiance and, like the toddlers they are, say “I can do what I want and you can’t stop me.” Do they really want all those children? Again, likely not. But having all those children they won’t care for is just a form of shock tactic, giving reasonable and sensible society and authority the middle finger, and thinking they won. All while sitting on feces covered land in a decomposing shed, ignoring their brood while the rest of polite society wears clean clothes, eats real food, and has real homes with climate control. The Nauglers are less than homeless.


  76. M
    I understand the program quite well. Someone who is, for instance, 23, certainly has not paid enough into the program to cover what they are going to receive from the program. I have my opinion, you have yours, we are unlikely to change each others minds about it either way.

    Me and my siblings grew up on a hobby farm. We had anywhere from 5 to 10 horses at a time. We would break them bareback (after we wore them down with a few hours on the lounge line). And we also would ride without helmets and bareback. Things I would never allow my kids to do. But we were little hillbillies.

    A five year old horse is a relatively young horse. And they just got this horse so they have NO idea about its temperament. So throwing two inexperienced riders on it with no means of control and no protection is really unwise. People do it every day, and people also end up in the hospital every day too. The fact that she proudly posts that photo just demostrates how out of touch with reality she is. The earlier poster was right. You never walk in the strike zone of the back hooves. Her little tail shot was the perfect distance to get kicked right in the head. The Naugs are gonna do what they do, and I dont live with it or near it so this is just a time waster to me, but I hope they know someone who they will listen to about taking care of this animal because it is apparent that none of them have any experience with horses. Even if they have the $ to take care of one (doubt it) there is a LOT more that goes into it than that


  77. Social Security Disability Insurance / SSDI is federally mandated disability insurance. When you pay your taxes, the government takes a portion of that money and puts it aside for when you are no longer working either due to age (retirement) or disability.

    Social Security Disability Insurance payments are not handouts. They are repayments to you of money which you were required to set aside for when you would need it. In fact, the amount which you receive is based upon how much you have paid in.

    This is why people are screwed if they have worked “under the table” all their lives. Bragging about not having to pay taxes at age 40 may kick you in the a*s at retirement time or God forbid you become ill and can no longer work.


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