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  1. Inspiration to put out more then 1 a day…or better yet …continue the campaign till…lets say…Christmas?

    yes…i think so


  2. I hope this backfires horribly on her. She paid to promote that? There’s no way that was an “experiment” for business purposes.


  3. Oh, come on. Why should needy children go to camp when the Blessed Mrs has cell phone bills to pay, a generator to fuel, and Dollar Store garbage to purchase? Not to mention the high cost of keeping Joe filled up on Hardees. The munchies don’t come cheap, you know. And really, picking on her for boosting posts? How else can she make sure that her 45,000+ followers know that she is being harassed, stalked, and defamed AGAIN, and they need to open up their wallets and give, give, give? That PayPal button isn’t just for decoration.

    Sarcasm aside, her priorities appear to be social media, herself, Joe, and the amenities of her on-grid shop, in that order. The children don’t seem to be much more than afterthoughts, useful only for work at the shop and ‘stead, soliciting donations, and as proof of Joe’s virility (ick). Based on her posts, it is evident to me that neither of the Blessed Ones cares about or gives any thought as to how those children will make their way in the world, much less providing them the tools to so.


  4. Roast beef is a dollar a pound?

    Not any roast beef I’ve ever seen. Methinks it was a pork roast.


  5. Sally, do you have any idea how much a sponsored post cost?

    I think it depends on how many people you want to see it. The more you pay, the more people. Starts at something like 20-30 dollars. I’ve never done it, so I have zero experience.


  6. I have a business page and have spent thousands of dollars on boosts. Why? Because it works and has brought me much business over the years. You can choose any amount you want from $1 to whatever you desire. The reach honestly depends on facebooks mood for the day. I have spent $5 and reached thousands, other times I have spent $20 and only reached a few hundred. You can also add dollars to your boost after the fact, so say I boosted for $5 for 24hrs and had really good reach, before the boost is over I can add $1 and keep it going. Hope I explained it ok. My guess was she spent about 5 bucks, you can tell it made a difference because her original reach was a bust, very few likes or comments. A lot of the comments came hours after the post, that’s because it showed up in the feed because it was sponsored.
    You can choose to boost to people who like your page and their friends or you can get really specific with “targeting” your audience to bring new people to your page.
    Pretty sure she boosted to people who already like her page.
    Just my 2 cents!


  7. Hey Nicole, I know you’re reading:) Have you noticed you’ve lost a lot of “likes” lately?

    My theory? I think people have a hard time believing your martyred concerns for your kids….when you’re posting hundreds of photos of them for every pedophile on the internet to jack off to… without a care in the world.

    I also think people are tired of your whining that you just want to be left alone when there are dozens and dozens of witnesses that you not only stir shit, you start shit (again, without any fucking regard for your kids…good luck if you manage to piss off the wrong person someday).

    Further…I think people are starting to seriously wonder why you’re spending every waking moment on message board drama… instead of taking care of your eleven children, who you are supposedly homeschooling.

    Here’s a thought, Nicole….how about sitting down with your kids and reading to them. Better yet, see if they can read to you…give them a little daily practice. Multiplication flash cards. Anything…would be better than spending their whole childhood with your head up your ass online threatening strangers and pretending anyone gives a shit. If you gave half an hour of your time to each of your kids a day, and worked 8 hours…you would NEVER have time to get on the net. And you’d be better off for it.

    At the end of the day….there are exactly 11 people who might give a damned that you lived or died. You’re blowing it with them. Rethink your priorities.


  8. Thank you, Southern Girl. That was helpful. I really know almost nothing about it because I’ve never done it.


  9. I really hope all of this mess doesn’t cause any problems for the Ranch people. I’m sure fielding phone calls from angry Naugler supporters cannot be fun, I just hope they don’t take it any further than that. Why would you want to cause trouble for a children’s charity camp, no matter how much you hate your troll stalkers?


  10. If she has money to actually PAY to post on Facebook she sure as heck doesn’t need any donations or a paypal button!

    I felt the fool for donating not once, but twice to them in 2015. I was upset that they used money that people had given them to buy fireworks. I can’t imagine how the folks who have recently donated must feel knowing that their hard earned money, money that Joe doesn’t feel it is worth working for, was, in part, used to boost a PAID for POST on Facebook!!

    I am so happy that she is giving you so many new people a link to find your blog Sally. I wish I had seen this blog before I blew over 200 on this whacked out couple, but I guess the blog wasn’t around in June of 2015.

    If I were to write about the stupid stuff they spend money on, paying for a boost and buying a expensive gun, would be the top two on my list. And pure breed dogs. Oh, the horse too.

    I hope everyone figures out that these people don’t deserve to be given money.

    Nicole, please look up self reliance on LDS.org. Complete the workbook My Path to Self-Reliance. Have Joe read it.


  11. She allowed a comment on her blog that I’m not to sure about. I’m not sure if the commenter is being serious or sarcastic. One sentence really stood out to me…

    Sharon Wright November 6, 2017 |
    [ I do think it is rude that those people do not want you to have donations and are stealing what donations could be going towards your family. ]

    I can’t stop laughing! So does this mean that you all stole my donations I made to the Ranch from Nicole?

    Nicole allowed the comment, and didn’t comment in return. Maybe she really does believe that all the donations being sent to the Ranch should have been money in her pocket. She obviously didn’t disagree with the comment.

    Hey, Nicole, my money is my money to do with as I please. I, personally, refuse to give money to a deadbeat for fast-food or to pay a cellphone bill. BLH is not a charity. My money has never and will never be yours. My money can never be stolen from you unless you steal it from me first.

    The Ranch isn’t the only charity receiving my donations. BLH is not a charity and it will never receive any handouts from me. That was a decision I made all on my own after you went viral, Nicole. It had nothing to do with this blog, with Lisa, Deb, or Al. I made my decision not to donate to the GFM in May 2015 due to the multitude of holes in the “story” presented and the lack of evidence/proof you claimed to have in your possession.

    Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


  12. Dear Nauglers,

    A while ago you were all excited about seeing the film “The Glass Castle”. It’s on Amazon. You can rent it for six bucks. I suggest you do a family movie night:)


  13. What kind of people would put so much effort into preventing a children’s charity from receiving donations? I have recently discovered this story, and have been pretty shocked by the crazy – pants things these folks do on a regular basis, but to lose your shit over kids getting to go to camp? That’s pretty pathetic. But on another note, don’t they do the exact same thing? It seems to me that they definitely cry big alligator tears about “stalking, harassment, collusion, blah blah blah” to drive traffic (and donations) to their (many) pages. They use the “trolls” to elicit pity (and more donations) and divert attention from their more unsavory behaviors. How is this any different?


  14. That’s it she is a Washing Machine, agitate, rinse, spin, and again. She still comes out dirty. I always thought that was hair on her head, I was wrong, it is all the shit in her brain oozing out her scalp. In all seriousness ( giggle, giggle) watching her continuously scratch at her head tells me lice, does she understand when she goes to serve time, ( I still have hope ) rather than deal with that mess the jailers will just shave her head. That should be fun for her. Can’t hardly wait. I almost feel for her because when that happens the state will take the kids and Joe will just find another patsy.


  15. Seems like it would be unwise to harass a sheriff-run organization… geesh.

    As to losing likes – I’m sure a lot of her followers were, at some point, genuine homestead types who liked the page because of it’s name or whathaveyou. Those folks don’t have time to wade through her crazyposting, and she offers nothing of value on the homestead front. So it’s understandable. She should change the name to Blessed Little Stalker and Troll and CPS and Police Fighters and Havers of Many Neglected Children Blog to attract more likeminded followers to replace the ones fleeing the drama.


  16. Ditto on the roast beef for $1 a pound. Bullshit.

    I lived in Texas in cattle country and it wasn’t that cheap unless you bought a steer side and the bulk cost broke down that low.

    I now live in Urguay where cattle outnumber humans 3 to 1 and a T bone is cheaper than a frankfurter, and roast beef’s still not that cheap!!!

    You know where I WOULD see a 10 lb beef roast for $10? In Georgia, at Sav-A-Lot’s rancid smelling, barely cooled, out of date meat counter.

    What do you bet we see those poor kids getting food poisoning again?


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