Preparing for Tomorrow

reading the rules

Uh, maybe you should start reading the rules before you plaster photos of your completely illegal raw-sewage-dumping “system” on the internet and end up cited and in court over it.

Getting ready for tomorrow, I see.

It’s not about your “toilet.”  It’s about what’s in the toilet.

What are you doing with the buckets of shit, Nicole?


I have sharp-eyed, excellent readers.  My thanks to someone who messaged me about this.

If you follow the link to the FB page where Nicole obtained that meme, called “Vacate the Military,” you’ll see that page’s profile picture.

Here it is:
awolNotice what it says under the military-looking star?


In other words, commit a felony. There are distinctions, my informant says ( and my informant has reason to know about all this), between “desertion” and being AWOL, but for all intents and purposes here, this FB page is encouraging members of the US military to commit a felony.

I’m sure that all the people who bring their dogs to be groomed to Nicole would be delighted to find out that she is actively promoting a Facebook page that encourages members of the armed forces to desert.


13 thoughts on “Preparing for Tomorrow”

  1. Plans, but never any preparation or execution. Good thing they’re not engineers or someone would find themselves testing a bridge by driving over it with heavier and heavier loads to determine the weight limit.


  2. Just now reading the rules? Wow.
    Just think, a day of planning ahead, and you wouldn’t be in this shitty situation.

    Actually, this proves she’s lying/been lying. If she is just now reading the rules, then she did not understand in the past what their obligation was in regards to the proper disposal of waste (the dangers of improper waste disposal being so well understood, that even the ancients had sewer systems, but no knowledge of bacteria. how bout that). So there was no way for her to know that they were in fact in compliance, like she kept claiming.



  3. She’s already said Joe will plead not guilty and ask for a trial. Nothing to prepare for other than, “Not guilty, your Honor.” Like he’s done every time before when he’s taken a bath and groomed himself (at the shop because water, you know) for each court appearance. Just say, Not Guilty. I know it’s 2 words but I have faith he can remember both of them.


  4. She whines about the government wasting money on their witch hunt towards them.

    But they KNOW they are GUILTY of dumping shit on the ground so he will plea not guilty to go to trial? Man and Woman the hell up and take what you get for breaking the law. THEY are wasting the taxpayers money.

    I so hope that this is the final straw with the courts but for some reason doubt it. Just don’t see the judge and or prosecutor having the gonads to stand up to them. So I am hoping that this time shit rolls up hill. County has their chance to take care of it. If they don’t hope the state steps in and takes over and nails them. If not there is always one last hope with the Federal government to do their job = EPA. If they could read the article that she posted on EPA guidelines it says that they have to follow EPA guidelines along with local guidelines. Guess she missed that part.


  5. Maw is presently, and forever, doing the ‘limbo rock’…never succeeding but constantly ‘planning’


  6. No need to read the rules now. They will be explained to you tomorrow.
    Will the TV crew that did her earlier interview be at the courthouse? Film at 11?


  7. Good luck to all the neighbors, and all the people the Naugs have harassed…i hope you get some justice tomorrow, I know they are taking a plea, but maybe the media will expose them for what they are….snake oil salesmen


  8. If I was on the now undoubtedly polluted groundwater courtesy of the Naugler lifestyle, I would be very interested (frankly furious) if they pled not guilty. The Nauglers believe that only they have rights, that everyone else exists for them to con and intimidate, and if they are held accountable they apply whatever useful rhetoric they can scrape up. They will, of course plead not guilty because, of course, fact of their actions is superseded by their belief that their prey have no rights. But I have watched the Nauglers for years (watch the train wreck happen, as it were long before most people knew what they were) and they use their children for anything that gives the parents an advantage. I see them being found responsible for contaminating water sources. But I also see them waving pseudo-family values around and bellyaching, for the sake of the children, for yet more probation as a maximum. Hmmm, didn’t the undear Joseph already break that?


  9. Definitely sounds as if they will be moving soon. Using “being in court” constantly as the excuse. Deepest sympathy to whomever has to clean up that shit pile after they skip town.

    Look forward to your post, BLB, after the court appearance!

    From BLH Facebook page “Right. Let me clarify. We aren’t being forced to move. There was a rumor going around. We don’t know what our plans are. But I don’t want to be in court every other week because people can’t handle people living differently than them. And it’s obvious the county is bias.”


  10. Why is she (un)schooling herself on the law now? I thought she’d already explained it to the investigators.


  11. She’s suppose to be doing a blog on the shit storm and what they are bein charged with on wednesday.

    She also said that all projects are on hold cause they are in limbo. Someone asked if they were moving and she said they aren’t sure yet, and the community is being bias and don’t agree with their way of living.


  12. Prep, what prep? It is now 1:18 AM Custer KY time and Nicole was on FB up until just about 1 hour ago whining and complaining on BLH and her personal page, and accusing unknown people of harassing Joe and her family for driving by the shed stead last Friday evening. This went on over a couple of hours.
    Get off the F’ing Internet, Nicole. Clean up the raw shit on your land, you and your spouse have shown yourselves to be belligerent sloths.

    Your “drunk” neighbor has a real homestead, many of us have seen it. It’s immaculate and beautiful, he and his family are industrious. You and Joe —- get over yourselves already with your juvenile “rebellion”. If your community can’t stand you it is because you are nothing but charlatans with a giant Paypal button on your website. No hardworking person likes laziness nor habitual begging.


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