Frances decided to practice being owned by Nicole.

Udder Mint only comes in white and blue, so we are having negotiations with the Blessed Little Grooming Company LLC to arrange to have some other colors made.  Frances thought that rainbow stripes might be a nice look.


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  1. Poor Frances. I had mastitis once, almost 19 years ago now, and I still remember how miserable I felt. I hope it clears up for her and she can get out and enjoy the better weather.


  2. Ok, am I the only one who thinks that looks like a bad case of “blue balls”???? The irony is not lost on me! 🙂 Frances, you wave that rainbow teat! We got your six!


  3. Okay, this is question that I probably should email you but since you use this blog for educating folks about farm life, religion, cons, etc., I thought I’d just publicly ask. Yesterday, my daughter was driving down a rural highway and a truck in front of her, threw a little boy dog right out the freakin’ door. The poor fellow skidded on his paws and belly. My daughter picked him up, called the cops, and then called me…I’m a doctor, don’t you know….but I say, I’m a doctor of philosophy not medicine but then she says but you research and can help. I called our vet and he is out of town and the woman vet taking his calls is knee deep in chicken houses that are having some animal problems. She said if the dog is walking and doesn’t seem to have broken bones bring him in on Monday. I didn’t notice his paws until I was putting antibiotic cream on his little belly and then I saw that one of his paw pads was ripped off…and four of his claws were torn down to blood and today, even with all the antibiotic cream and dressings on his feet, he is still limping. My daughter said her boss (a rancher) said to put cow udder cream and horse feet cream on the dogs paws. The bag balm stuff we bought at the feed store but the hoof cream stuff wasn’t on the shelf. Her boss has a huge thing of it and said just take a cup of it but do you think that is safe to put a community salve on an open wound? In fact, do you think the bag balm and the hoof cream will even help him until we get him to the doctor? BTW, his little balls were all swollen and I suspect he had been kicked there. He is such a good dog and so obedient…doesn’t bark. Sometimes, I hate humans. I understand if you don’t want to post this because it is not really a related post. I like the colors on her teats. Does that affect the milk?


  4. For a second I thought it was a photo of Nic’s overused knockers. That she dyed with manic panic as a blessed little enticement for Joe.

    Considering her foul mood these days who thinks Joe God slipped one in?


  5. Frances, don’t worry, your mom and dad won’t let you go anywhere.
    You do look very pretty, though.



  6. said just take a cup of it but do you think that is safe to put a community salve on an open wound?

    Sure. Sterile technique on a farm is almost non-existent. I have palpitations watching Jason doctor Frances. LOL You’re basically just trying to cover the wound until the vet can see the little guy. It will keep the wound moist and protect it.

    The people who did it are total assholes.


  7. The people who did it are total assholes.

    Absolutely horrible! That poor baby.
    Jeannie, I hope you can keep us updated on how the little guy is doing.

    I think Francis would look amazing with rainbow colored udders!


  8. Frances has a better rack than NN, yea, I just went there. I bet she has real nice chompers too and to think a cow can’t even brush their teeth.


  9. Update on the little boy dog: Daughter took her to the vet and the vet x-rayed the little fellows back legs and neither were broken. Doc cleaned the paw pads and looked at the claws, trimming off the fractured ones and putting some heavy duty tape on the feet. He also got shots and they looked for a chip and there wasn’t one so other than a description of the vehicle, there’s no way to identify the asshole. My granddaughter will not give him up. As sad as it is that he was thrown out of a vehicle and that he probably misses the humans he lived with, he couldn’t have lucked out any better because my granddaughter is madly in love with this little guy. I am babysitting him while she is at school and he is driving my little girl dog nuts. Poor baby. He is walking on three legs cause of the paw issue but that hasn’t stopped his interest in my lithe bitty girl. Yesterday, he rolled around in cow shit. Yep. He was getting all gussied up to court my little yippie dog. LOL He will be fine and is in a good family. I’ll post pictures or try as soon as my husband fixes my phone so it will take pictures again. Damnit.


  10. That whole hypothetical shit just really pisses me off. And, I fell for it and commented and now I regret playing because it’s easy to show her ignorance and willful ignorance at that but then when I’m bored and stop it seems so drive by…you know. I keep saying to myself…just wait. Sally will tear her a new one. That’s a fucking fact.


  11. Thank you for sharing Jeannie! No broken bones is awesome news! He sounds like a very lucky boy to have found a loving home!


  12. And, I fell for it and commented and now I regret playing because it’s easy to show her ignorance and willful ignorance

    Jeannie, same here…Occasionally they spout off with such bang my head on the wall crap, I can’t help but comment either. I’ve come to realize it is beyond pointless. I can’t play with people who are so willfully dense. None of this affects me, either side…I follow solely for entertainment and yet, I find myself all sorts of irritated at the blatant idiocy. Sally, I think there are so many topics you could base a blog on regarding the BO….here in lies proof that 1. You really don’t spend all of your time doing this. 2. You have an amazing amount of restraint.

    I’m dying for a Naugler definition vs. Webster’s definition entry over here.

    P.s….Maybe it’s time for Francis to get a recording device she can whip out anytime anyone approaches her, to go with her new look. Moo rights!


  13. Last time Nick and Joe went offline a baby died. As much as I despise the Naug Parents, I do hope the kids are ok and nothing is dreadfully wrong.

    Maybe Nick finally wizened up and decided to stop stirring shit? If so, good for her. Even a blind pig occasionally finds an acorn.


  14. What is going down that NN has shut down her NCN page and the BLH one too? FB search doesn’t even come up with her and the BLH directs you to the blog. She continues to post on the grooming page though. Still using BLG LLC. That is NOT her name anymore! Anyway, just wondering.


  15. Me and my sister drove by the place yesterday and the outhouse is still gone. The house is close to the road and they didn’t move it closer to them because I don’t see it just the big van sitting there with pile of stuff all over. Where are they putting their poop? I think there putting it under the blue thing by the van. Anyway my sister called the health guy and he said he knows about it but I don’t know what he’s going to do. Was the court order over?
    I just don’t want poop everywhere.


  16. Is it not a court day for someone today? if it is this is definitely a different response to what has become normal just before any court appearances.
    Another point I noted from her latest blog entry was that the old cabin was now another Son’s workshop. Wasn’t this the elder Son’s “home”? if so, looks like he may have flown the nest again which could account for the manic episodes. (Hope you have flown J!)

    If she does want to clean stuff, then she would be wise to clear all the comments from the Charles sock. The constant references to peoples profiles just kills off any argument she tries to make for cyberstalking, harassment, collusion etc when she openly allows it on one of her own pages.
    There are a few regular posters who you don’t see any more on her pages … in fact there aren’t many posters on her pages any more.

    I also love that people were going mad about “false” reviews on Nikki’s business yet nothing is said about “supporters” putting false reports on the legal BLG business place. Hypocrisy doesn’t feature in the BLH supporters vocabularies!
    When people do comment about the fact that Nikki and co don’t seem to understand the need to file paperwork – on time …… they seem to be attacked and fairly quickly labeled a troll and blocked! Way to go keeping your supporters!

    I had dragged myself halfway out of the rabbit hole but when I saw the news about the Turpins, my first thought was how many similarities there are with the Nozzlers. Plus I have just read about their strange friends who have been arrested!
    Dropped back down the rabbit hole again now!


  17. They probably missed payments on the portapotty and lost it. I doubt they have ever done well at all this year. They have another van? Okay, there are plenty of reeeeeeely high interest, no credit required car dealers out there. Eventually that dealer will get the van back with some kind of undrivable mechanical problem. The dealer will fix it for cheap and sell it again.

    They got a new shed last year. Again, it doesn’t mean that the Naugler’s lifestyle of internet addiction, sloth and harassing paid off. It just means that they got a shed with reeeeeeely high interest that will more than make up for the seller’s loss when it is repo’d or it disintegrates.

    The Nauglers going dark? Maybe CPS is requiring that Joe and Nicole put more investment into their kids than their addictions. Maybe the Nauglers got scared because they resemble the Turpins a little too uncomfortably to the average person who might look at their Facebook pages and conclude that filthy kids, nasty food, and kids puking their guts out with food poisoning and is a bit too Turpin-ish.


  18. Who knows what the deal is — maybe they took it down, maybe multiple profiles on FB caught up with them — maybe. maybe. maybe. Who knows really? It’s hard to say seeing they are being quiet.

    The eldest had his own shed, different from the old shed. By count, the current shed is shed number 4.

    Shed One — came and gone with no fan fair. Shed one was prior to CPS.
    Shed Two — the shed bought post CPS
    Shed Three — Son’s shed
    Shed Four — current shed.

    I believe I got that right. Not that it matters lot. It seems the only ones left on the property is sheds two and four. The other ones are gone. Returned?? Unsure — don’t really care.

    If you want your home to be a shed, that’s fine but I’m alarmed by at the rate they go through them as if they are disposible products like paper plates, cups, etc.


  19. The missing turdis reports are disconcerting. Not only is it a serious health hazard, they are under a court order to have it. I think this is not a frivilous concern, like so many are with them, and needs to be reported by locals daily till Jeremy Hinton deals with it.
    I feel sorry for him. Can you imagine him sitting there with a slam dunk contempt charge against people who threatened him and caused his office trouble, but not really wanting to do the inspection he doesn’t even need a warrant for.


  20. Here Blessed Little Homestead living group is still up. I think maybe she just went private. Has a little over 400 friends

    I really can’t understand why she would post a story about the Turpins on her page. I guess she doesn’t see any similarities at all. I do hope that the kids are all ok.


  21. It’s more than just private. Anyone can see the member list and admins and when I looked only Joe was listed and I don’t believe he created the group. I believe she did.

    The only way a creator gets booted from the group is if they did it to themselves or if they had their account deactivated.

    Deactivation happens because they did it to themselves or FB did it to them. Some how I get the impression that it wasn’t voluntary deactivation.

    I know it’s all just speculation, but she loves being the center of it all to much to just voluntary close everything down.

    Time will tell what really is going on. Time always reveals everything.


  22. The Nicole Celeste FB profile is still up and she used it a week ago to comment on one of her children’s personal FB page. Maybe she knew she was not going to be able to use her othr pages for some time and was already preparing by using her NC profile more? Pure speculation, obviously.


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