Poor Baby

Nicole op

Poor Nicole.  She’s being attacked.  And it’s all about the “freedom of the individual.”  She’s just an easy target. It’s not personal.

“Their posts” show that.

Who, exactly, is “they”?  Am I “they”?  I bet I am.

So, it’s about my posts “promoting statism.” 

Let’s talk about that a bit.  I am a liberal Democrat.  I supported Bernie Sanders in the Kentucky Democratic primary, going to a great deal of trouble to vote absentee because we were in Denmark on election day. I suppose that means I “promote statism,” according to Nicole.

Well, what about Nicole’s numerous (and I mean really numerous) posts bashing the police?  What about her numerous posts denigrating the voting process entirely?  Isn’t it her right to post shit like that if she wishes?  I’m not trying to stop her doing so, even though I see her as promoting anarchy and I think she’s wrong.

What about the “freedom of the individual” that she talks about so much? Aren’t I an individual?  Don’t I get some of that freedom too?

And posts “degrading” anti-vaxxers.

I don’t do much of that, but yeah, anti-vaxxers are ignorant anti-science lunatics.  Sue me.  They simply are. They put other people at risk because of their stupid, poorly informed insanity.

And while we’re at it, what about all of Nicole’s posts “degrading” people who choose to circumcise their sons?

And posts about “hating men.” 

WTF?  I like men.  I have no idea what she is talking about. I despise her husband, but he’s just one inferior, lazy, good-for-nothing person who happens to be male.

And posts about “hating Christians.”

This is so stupid it makes my eyes water. First off, Nicole would adopt whatever religion she thought would give her the most money.  She would become an atheist tomorrow if she thought we’d GoFundHer.  (We won’t, so she won’t.)

I post negative stuff about religion, often about Christianity, because I think it’s a sham.  It’s sort of like Nicole posting her libertarian stuff. She thinks government is a sham, so she posts shit saying so.  I fail to see the difference.

“Hating free thinkers.” 

Um, I am a free thinker.  Free thinkers actually read articles before sharing them.  Free thinkers check memes for accuracy. Free thinkers accept science when the evidence is overwhelming. Nicole is not any sort of thinker, free or otherwise.

“They oppose homeschooling and especially unschooling.”

I home schooled.  I have mixed feelings about it. It worked fine for us, in our particular situation. I don’t put a blanket condemnation on it. Neither do I consider it the panacea and creater-of-all-that-is-good in education.

The Nauglers aren’t homeschooling, nor are they “unschooling.”  Their children are simply not being educated at all. They are basically feral. This is where my objection lies.  I, as a member of their community, have a right to demand that their children (who will look to me to support them when they cannot support themselves and who will have the right to vote in elections and run for public office and do all sorts of things that directly affect me) be at least minimally educated.  Sorry if that bothers her.  Her uneducated children bother me.

“They oppose the tiny house off grid lifestyle.”

No, I don’t.  The Nauglers don’t have a tiny house. They have a garden shed, which is less than a year old and already being torn to shreds.  Off grid is fine.  Dumping raw sewage is not.

“They want us to conform. . .”

I want you to clean up your sewage, Nicole. I want you to quit conning people out of money by pretending to be something you are not.  I want you to educate your children. I want you to provide them with decent housing.

Did you get some bad news and that’s why you’re all pissy and whining today?  Because you are, in fact, on the losing team here.




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  1. Did you get some bad news and that’s why you’re all pissy and whining today? Because you are, in fact, on the losing team here.

    Are they NOT in compliance then? She said they were. she gave the guy the link for the humanure book and everything and told him to read up on it. because the book totally supersedes the law.

    She married Joe. She’s been on the losing team since day one.


  2. Since the shop is closed today she should be at home modeling homesteading skills for her children. Children learn what they see.


  3. Oh, and there is nothing at all out of the ordinary or unusual in the protests at the political rallies. If she had any ounce of historical knowledge, she would know that. Also, I resent her comparing people advocating for change (mostly peacefully, this time around. People died for a 40 hr. work week) with her situation. Its disgusting.

    Grow the fuck up. It is not all about you.


  4. I think I’m getting closer to wanting to join the “I’m offended” culture of today.

    I’ll start with, “Their posts about hating men.” I’ve not been able to label Joe as a man, or associate the two in the same sentence. Joe is no man.

    I’m offended by her statement!


  5. Joe posted this to one of her meme rants –
    “I love your shine… you can always tell the true value of something/one by the fruit… and our children are quite blessed fruit”

    Well that was a stupid thing to use. There are some things that produce fruit but the fruit is no damn good. The only way their poor kids are blessed fruit is so they can whore them out for donations.

    Moral of the story = If Joe gives you any fruit don’t eat it!

    IMO Nicole acts like a spoiled little brat that always needs her own way. She should have gotten the rod more often when she was a kid.


  6. That line about people being so vehemently opposed to others’ views that “they will go to extremes to try to shut them down” sorta resonated.

    Back to the garden video: it’s received lots of likes on Facebook and been discussed lengthily here and elsewhere. But on the Homestead Facebook page, where it first appeared, there are only eight comments. One of which inquires if the young gardener is “carrying”. No responses from Nicole to any of the eight published comments, the other seven of which are complimentary and a few of which offer courteously worded helpful suggestions.

    Eight seems to be an extremely small number of comments, compared to the many, many likes and previous patterns of responses to Nicole’s less-inflammatory, feel-good posts. What’s not getting posted? Could it be that others’ views are something Nicole opposes, perhaps vehemently enough that she is trying to shut them down?

    Hmmm, that sounds familiar…now, where have I read something like that before?

    (I also took a look back at the pictures of the construction of one of the “composting toilet’s” predecessors – the gardening son has his knife strapped to his belt there, but no handgun is in sight. Perhaps the knife is something he customarily wears, though its utility while gardening or constructing a “facility” would seem very limited).


  7. If expecting people to provide their children with basic education, sanitation and shelter makes me a conformist, I’m okay with that.


  8. I have no problem with anti-vaxxers, men, Christians, free thinkers, homeschoolers, unschoolers, or the off-grid lifestyle.

    I have problems with posers and liars who neglect and brainwash their children.


  9. All the Nauglerites have tried to do is shut me down from my first post on the Sheriff’s Facebook page until now. They have even hired private detectives to track people down to shut them up. They have succeeded in shutting down quite a lot of free speech through doxxing, threats, intimidation and harassment both online and off. They just couldn’t shut everyone down and it drives them crazy.

    Not every post is about you. Personally, I don’t believe you have any ideology, political or religious, other than the cult of yourself. Not even Joe, he’s just your trained monkey, IMO. Everything you post, everything you spout always comes back to you and how it can justify your lackadaisical, to say the least, parenting and “homesteading”, IMO.

    It is the pure unadulterated hypocricy of you that causes me to call you out. It is your, in my opinion, failure at parenting that makes me feel for your children and call you out.

    I find this particularly rich coming from someone who posts bleeding weenies online and calls out anyone who circumcises child abusers, yet won’t seek any medical attention for her own children, which is actually a recognized form of abuse. Calls people who go to school brainwashed, yet severely limits her own children. Calls people ignorant sheeple who cannot free think, yet publishes things she can’t even be bothered to read and understand, relying on a select handful of trendy fringe groups to supply her click bait. Makes fun of people who vote, but does nothing other than FB memes to change the situation. Calls people who pay taxes slaves, yet takes the tax money of other people because she breeds more than she earns. People who work “rats in cages”, yet solicits those rats to donate to her. People in the military “baby killers”, while taking their money in a military town. Portrays police as thugs but calls them so often that they wince at the sound of her voice.

    It is you. Don’t try to fool yourself.

    All my opinion, naturally, based on the online persona presented on her myriad of public pages demanding everyone look at her. Unless she has screwed the pooch again and needs to divert attention from her heinous acts or needs more donations, in that case she will let her children share in some of her shine, just some, even then she interjects herself into their moment.


  10. Poor Ma and Pa Nutjob’s are always the victims. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, they somehow turn things around to show (at least in their and their not too bright cult member wannabes minds) how they are some target in a mass conspiracy.
    Don’t you remember the commercial that said something along the lines that if you read something on the internet it must be true. I have no idea why you would doubt their claims about the composting toilet, unschooling, or being the model parents. Maybe this is why you two Nutjobs….you all are freaking morons who have neither the knowledge or motivation to actually accomplish anything other than producing more offsprings that you cannot and will not provide even the basics (decent housing, clean clothes, education, water, electric, medical care and the list goes on and on) for.
    Get the hell off the internet and be parents. You keep claiming that Pa can’t get a job because he is a stay at home dad who homeschools but since your kids are “free range” and “unschooled” they raise themselves and just do whatever they want all day and don’t need parental supervision. Of course securing a job looking and smelling the way Pa does will be difficult.


  11. Oh, BTW Sally, when “Nicole Naugler” is searched for in Google, this blog is the third result.



  12. They are producing illiterate welfare recipients, jailbirds and second generation breeders. The parents have failed their children by not ensuring they have the skills to be productive adults, aside from breeding “fruit”.

    The children will be forever dependant on the system they despise just like their parents. I have no doubt that the nauglers use food stamps and other government programs to get by. You know, the programs that the tax-paying statists pay for.

    Joe and Nicole need to be separated so they stop breeding. But, rumour has it that Nicole is already ripe with “fruit”. Maybe she has put on extra pounds eating lots of statist food stamp food and welfare cheese. We already know why lazy ass Joe is fat.


  13. I don’t know that the kids will excel. I don’t know that they will be total failures and slobs like their parents. None of us know, so let’s stop with the speculation about the children.

    What we do know is that right now, today, they are not being educated, and not being cared for adequately (regardless of what little the Kentucky CPS has done or not done).


  14. You must have a crystal ball of great power, being able to see the future and how the children turn out. Its thinking like that that will keep them down even if they wanted out. I don’t know why we are holding these children to a higher standard than say yours or mine. Most kids rebel, why not root for them instead of pigeon holing them huh? Your an asshole… I’m so sick of this mentality that they are going to be leaches because of who their parents are. Jump on another bandwagon.


  15. I think that at least some of the children will excel in life in spite of, or maybe to spite, their parents. Many children who come from abusive, reclusive or inferior upbringings go on to do extremely well despite the odds being against them.

    One thing is for sure, the one quality that is being modeled by those parents is perseverance. Those nutjobs never give up no matter how wrong they are. I almost think they live like Dust Bowl Okies out of spite and stubbornness.


  16. The Naugler parents have succeeded at nothing in their lives whilst in Kentucky except producing offspring. Their lives are out of control and they have no control over anything except their children. They want so badly to be admired but have done nothing worthy of admiration. Certainly Nicole’s predilection towards an Internet presence in which she claims expertise, or seeks to be acknowledged as an expert and looked up to, suggests this desire (as well as serving as a begging forum). Joe’s assertions that he is deeply religious and alternating between religy-speak and veritable misogyny as he has so often referred to women in vilest of terms, as well as his utter loathing of anyone who has done better in life than him, suggests a grandiose frame of mind.

    In my opinion, however, the Naugler parents are faced with real life for them which consists of a soon-to-be dilapidated shed, a pile of feces, failure at every turn, and that most dreadful of things, accountability for it. They cannot bear this thing called accountability. At the mere whiff of it their hackles raise. Why do they deny their children basic emergency and health care? Why are they so ardent against vaccinations? It is partly because they have no means for it but it certainly has nothing to do with being an Earth Mamma either. It is because someone with authority and a mandate to intervene in the mistreatment of children may hold them accountable.

    They wail and rage that this reality that they live in, which is not too far from the fetid conditions of Bergen Belsen, is a result of persecution, rather than the completely natural consequences of their decisions, actions, and cultivated habits. But in an effort to secure survival of their egos and fantasies, they blame others who have built good lives for themselves that they come into contact with. In the Naugler parents’ mindset, they resent anyone better off than them and pit themselves against them. This means that the Naugler parents acknowledge no one else’s rights, nor their own responsibilities, and consider every imposition and deception upon others they get away with to be validation of their supposed superiority over those who are better off. They have gotten away with so much for so long that they are likely feeling trapped with fewer and fewer people willing to be conned and abused by them.


  17. I also think it does no good to attack the poster with name calling such as “bottomfeeder” or “asshole”.
    Criticize the post not the poster, imho.


  18. This goes under “poor Baby”
    I was struggling to recall the source for most of these accusations. As I was catching up on reading, I came across this posted under “Charles and Al”:
    ElMacho says:
    June 7, 2016 at 6:04 am
    You can see him shooting someone? Holey shit! How about commenting on the horror of the reality in front of you, no need to project what you and your crystal ball see in the future. And its my experience Boys brains never fully develop.

    So, right there you have it. Plain as properly composted shit. We hate men.
    My God, her logical thought process is grievously impaired.


  19. ElMacho, I understand your frustration and recognize your kind heart. I have a couple of comments – 1. We, the people on this web blog, you and I, are talking to the readers of this page – not interacting in real life with the subjects of our conversation – so our “thinking” or cheering or pessimism is not hurting kids; 2. When you’re trying to tell people what they can or can not say, name calling isn’t very helpful; and 3. Education IS the avenue of escape from poverty. Unless somone wins the lottery, he/she IS going to be handicapped without an education, and that has tremendous financial ramifications over a lifetime. These particular children are not going to be leaches because of who their parents are, they are in big trouble now and in the future because of what their parents have done to them.


  20. @ ElMacho I do not agree with everything you say but I won’t stoop to your level of name calling. Maybe it is you who should move along if you can’t cope with opposing opinions.

    I base my opinions based on statistical facts. Children who do not have a solid foundation in youth go against tough odds to succeed. I did not say the kids would purposefully choose to not thrive but that their parents are preventing them from being fully functional adults. Many children do succeed when they come from impoverished backgrounds. But, they usually have parents, a teacher or a mentor to support them. They have an education. They also have birth certificates and social insurance numbers. They exist in the system. Most important of all, they have people who love them.

    However, the Naugler children have no supports. No socio- economic safety net. CPS have failed them. Their parents have little love or time for them. They are falling through the cracks. My opinion may be harsh but it’s reality.


  21. I’m sorry that I did not see your caution about speculation before I posted Blessed Blogger. I will do better…maybe. I know you’re right, but for me, my interest in this story is because of the impact of the two adults on everyone else, including, and, most especially the children.

    I don’t much care if the two adults sniff each other or if they sleep with toad juice.


  22. Ok so remember all those times between here and Facebook when I came to defend off grid living, unschooling, delayed vaxing, homesteading, and everything else. What was the main thing I was told over and over again? I am not the nauglers, no one is upset about those things just upset that the nauglers say they are doing them yet are not honestly doing anything. I had several people say that I was doing a great job when I shared my stories. If she was right I would have been attacked instead of encouraged.


  23. Blessed Little Blogger – My apologies if overstepped. I certainly do not have a crystal ball. Just historical facts.


  24. Blessed Little Blogger – My apologies if overstepped.

    No problem. It’s all fine. I just didn’t want to let it get into wild speculation about those kids.


  25. , my interest in this story is because of the impact of the two adults on everyone else, including, and, most especially the children.

    And I know that’s almost universally true. It’s fine.


  26. Ok so remember all those times

    I remember it well. I suspect there are any number of things that you and I would vehemently disagree about, Crystal, yet I feel no need to attack you at all. We do not have to agree to get along. 🙂 Thank you very much for your honesty and courage.


  27. This may offend some, but did she really claim to be a free thinker and a Christian? One of these things does not belong with the other…


  28. “Welfare” you call people(children) illiterate welfare recipients, jailbirds and second generation breeders, but i cant call that being an a**hole(is that better…with the asterics?) You say things like “just like their parents”…..give me a break. If you are going to say things like that you better grow a thicker skin. And you DONT know if the older kids are reading it, and here you are acting like what their parents warn them about.
    “Would you like fries with that?” I kinda thought she might be making a reference to that comment…but in all fairness I live with the biggest “Man Baby” on the planet, so IMHO that statement was accurate.


  29. “I have to remind myself that it’s not about me it’s about their opposition to our political and religious beliefs and lifestyle choices. I’m just an easy target.”

    Indeed, it is all about you. And especially your choices – in particular your choice to deny your children their very special and unique human rights, recognized as such throughout the world. I hope their justice will one day see you miserable. That is, far more miserable than you currently are.

    The Naugler children are innocent victims. Here is to hoping they will overcome their parents abuse! There are a great many holding out said hope and faith for them.


  30. All that bitCh’in coming from a woman who posted license plate numbers and a ladies social security number on-line. But poor little Nicole feels like SHE is being attacked in her…. whittle mind.

    O’Snap…. is that why she needs hair bow money?
    Does the little Freedom Fighter need an Attorney or something?

    Any Up-Dates on that one !!!!


  31. Seriously people go back and re-read Nicole’s post at the top of this page, and keep in mind what SHE did to that lady for no other reason but to lash out at someone during her “Melt Down Weekend.”
    Look at how pathetic Nicole is being….I mean really what a BitCh !!!


  32. Welfare Cheese & Ice Cream wrote, “…their parents are preventing them from being fully functional adults.”

    I wish to agree with the main point of WCIC’s statement but soften it slightly. Their parents are impeding them from becoming fully capable adults who can navigate society. They’re intelligent children but their parents are presenting them with such a lop-sided view of society that may prevent them from achieving their personal goals.

    There are articles with links to bloggers who were home-schooled by parents who feared society a great deal. The now-adult children writing about how difficult it was to realize that by and large, people aren’t that menacing or threatening is poignant.

    This one is interesting as the writer discusses her college experience and her moment of epiphany after she had graduated (and married): https://homeschoolersanonymous.org/2016/03/02/about-my-homeschool-success-story/


  33. Oh, I thought this one was interesting too but I’ve only skimmed it. The point is that the military offers a LOT of opportunities and maybe if one of the young readers looks into it they may pursue it. The military isn’t necessarily the best fit for everyone but you never know what will work best for an individual if they keep an open mind about it. It really does apply to everyone, not just women.


    Here’s the sentence that underscores that the military may have terrific opportunities for one or more of the N kids, “Once my scores came back and I began to understand the opportunities available within the military, I started seriously considering it.”


  34. @ Tekla, Thank you for the links. The kids might defy the odds. Homeschooling is fine, the no schooling, not so much. The parents are setting them up for a rough road but some of them may overcome the odds..I hope.


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