Joe and Nicole don’t like the police.  They really, really don’t like the police. I cannot find a single hint of anything positive in what they have to say about the police.

And before I go any further, I am aware that of late, the subject of police brutality has been out there front and center repeatedly. I am not insensitive to those legitimate concerns.

Lots of my friends on social media post memes and videos and stuff about police overreach. Doing so doesn’t mean that those folks hate policemen, or despise law and order.

However, they do not post meme after meme after link after link, by the dozen, ranting on the same theme: The Police Are Bad.

Right now, in my files, I have screen shots of 25 different memes, links, videos that Nicole has posted in the last few days.  I haven’t been saving them for long—just a few days. She is fixated on this subject.  Cops Are Bad.

Here’s a sample.

Nicole Cop Block

I don’t know if Nicole actually wrote the stuff above the link (she often quotes without attribution), and I didn’t bother to dig enough to find out, but the final sentence is telling.

Stop allowing any group of people to have authority to inflict violence on others.

Sounds innocuous, doesn’t it?  Especially when you see it right above a couple of photos of people beaten in the face.  I mean, why not?

After all, in England, the police don’t have guns as a routine thing. And I would actually agree that our American police force has become way too militarized.  But to assert that “no group of people” should ever have authority to “inflict violence” on anyone else is a bit of a stretch.  What about Joe and Nicole Naugler and those guns they have at their garden shed at the ready?

Are Joe and Nicole Naugler members of a “group of people” (those who own guns) who shouldn’t have authority to inflict violence?

What Nicole is suggesting is that we shouldn’t have any police at all of any sort.  She’s saying that when you call 911 because there is a guy breaking into your house to kill  you with a machete, there should be no one at all available to “inflict violence” on him.

And notice where she got this link:  a Facebook page called “Cop Block.” A whole lot of her anti-police vitriol comes from that page.

Nicole Cop Block 2

I actually looked this up, and no, April, it wasn’t because of anyone “cut(ting) into their revenue stream.”  There were good reasons that had to do with public safety.  Look it up.

Cop Block doesn’t appear to be anything more than a “I hate the police and want you to hate them too” sort of thing.

Joe is equally bad although he doesn’t post as much shit publicly as Nicole does. This bit is from a discussion about a police officer killed in the line of duty. There is nothing in the record that would suggest that the officer in question did anything except his job.

death of police officer

The man he’s talking with is not exactly a flaming liberal. He’s a Kentucky attorney who is very Republican, very right-wing, and very evangelical Christian. Yet Joe goes full bore Godwin because cops are always bad and get exactly what they deserve when somebody kills one.

So the question arises: Did Joe and Nicole become this cynical because the evil police came out to their wilderness estate and took their children?  Or have they been reading way too much Cop Block-type propaganda and gotten cynical, and thus precipitated the very incidents they think are bound to happen?

This is from August, 2013, way before Sheriff Pate entered the story.

It’s a ten-minute video, but worth watching.  Nicole and Joe think this is  interesting and informative and that people should see it, so she has it up on her YouTube channel.  I find that really amazing.

Pay attention, not so much to the part where the police officers try to reason with them, but the parts where there are no officers present.  Notice how Joe, especially, talks about the police.  They are talking like this in front of their children, doing a little “unschooling,” and teaching them how to dismiss society’s authority figures, and how to be a complete asshole.

NOTE:  The video has been removed, but here’s the transcript.

UPDATE (Jan 9, 2015:

what is jobThis is from a conversation on Nicole’s Facebook page.

It’s enlightening to read the whole thing. Her perception of what police do, why we have them, what their job description is, all of it, is. . . well. . . interesting.

By Nicole’s standards, if a nurse comforts a dying patient, that’s just the nurse being nice, but it’s not part of the job description.  If a checker in the grocery store says something nice to your child and makes him laugh, that’s just her being nice. That’s not part of her job.

I wonder who Joe and Nicole would call if somebody broke into their business and ransacked the place?  I wonder if Nicole is aware that law enforcement officers in Kentucky have to pass CPR training and are expected to use it if necessary as part of their job?  I wonder if she’s aware that in the event of natural disaster, police officers are expected to know what to do, not to “enforce laws,” but to save lives?

But the larger point here is that, as we’ll go into later on, Nicole basically doesn’t believe there should be any police officers at all, because she doesn’t believe there should be any laws, or at least not any that she doesn’t expressly agree should exist.

It’s an interesting take from two people who threaten to sue people over and over again.

And another UPDATE: Many thanks to the person who shared this with me.

Want to see what law enforcement officers deal with as part of their job?

Here you go.


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  1. First of all, Nicole’s voice is ungodly screechy. Second, the children, other than the baby, are deathly silent. Then, Joe makes it seem as though it’s the kids fault that they aren’t buckled up. Most good parents check if their children are buckled up before even starting the car. Joe is paranoid and acting for the phone camera. Why else would he continue to emote for Nicole’s camera? He, again, wants to make his issues to ‘viral’. Even the Police Officer has no clue as to what Joe is even talking about. And, she has this up on her YouTube, you say? Isn’t amazing what some people are proud of?


  2. Oh oh oh oh oh this is horrifying.

    Those children sound so frightened of their parents and this situation.
    Please children, don’t fear the police! They are there to help!


  3. What stands out to me is how they ignore the calls of their children for the entire video, other than to tell them to silence themselves or lie about the “ripped out” seat belt that the child says they could not find and thus buckle up. As far as I can see the parents are completely oblivious and unconcerned for the safety of their children and are more concerned with fighting with the officers. It’s her word versus the police, even though the child originally told his parents that the buckle did not work,, but her children appear well trained enough to agree with the lie later in the video. This is, of course, all my opinion and interpretation of the above video. How many times can a child cry mom and dada and be totally ignored before they just don’t bother anymore? Kids zero, concern for what was videoed 100, IMO.


  4. An Open Letter to the Followers of Cop Block Who Want Police Accountability,

    Let me just come right out and say it: Cop Block is using you. Cop Block only believes in “police accountability” as a marketing tool. Cop Block is primarily run by anarchists and voluntarists who use the word “accountability” to draw moderate people like yourself to their page in order to generate revenue. Just take a quick moment to look at where the posts on Cop Block link to… it’s all to either Cop Block’s own website, or to a couple of alternative media sites who pay Cop Block to post their stories. Each one is overloaded with popups and cluttered with advertisements.

    Cop Block is set up to profit of off people who want true police accountability. They give you what you want to see. They will twist stories and recycle old ones to ensure a continuous supply of ‘cops not being held accountable’ to make you mad and get you to click the links. Next time you’re on their page, click a few of the links and look at the dates on the articles. You’ll see a disturbingly high percentage aren’t current, and they don’t include updates when more information comes out (especially not if the officer involved was held accountable).

    The administrators of Cop Block have said they hate the police. They’ve done a series of stories on abolishing the police and what would replace it. The founder wants a society composed entirely of ‘voluntary associations’ without any government at all. Their webstore sells “F*CK THE POLICE” t-shirts and stickers.

    I’m not saying you should abandon Cop Block and come join our page. We have no financial interest in trying to recruit followers. Ultimately, our only interest is in getting the truth out about Cop Block’s duplicity. I’d just suggest that you go out and find (or start) a page that is *really* about police accountability. Don’t blindly believe the stories that Cop Block puts out.

    If you’d like to join our page, you’re more than welcome here. You may not always agree with our conclusions, and that’s fine if you engage in respectful debate. But there are two things we will never do. We will never leave facts out of the stories we cover and will post updates or admit when we’re wrong if new information is brought to light. And we never present our opinions or interpretations as fact. Whenever we cover a story, we ALWAYS clearly provide the links to the independent mainstream media articles we used as sources. We try in every case to find the original source, preferring local news media to national sources to try to eliminate as much of the fact bias as we can.

    -Donny, from Civilians Against Cop Block
    Search “Civilians Against Cop Block” on Facebook.


  5. In the video, the kids are completely quiet ( probably equally terrified of the police and his father’s temper) while the one sweet child tries to sing a song to calm his parents down. There is something so terribly tragic about that. It breaks my heart. 🙁


  6. Interesting…
    So, here’s what I heard. A child in the back saying “mommy” multiple times with no response. That is a worried child looking for reassurance they did not get.
    I hear 2 supposed adults acting like maniacs in front of their children. I’ve seen tweakers that keep their shit together better than that.
    I can’t say anything about what may or may not have happened before the recording, but if my usually docile husband sitting across the room listening to this video gets agitated like he did listening to those two, I’m willing to bet the farm I know who started behaving like an ass first.
    Lastly, I could swear that when Pa started hollering at the kids to make sure they were correctly buckled, I heard the distinct sound of buckling going on. Am I the only one?
    Oh, Joe, since I know you will read this, the next time this happens, you use the fifth amendment as a reason not to sign the citation. Does not make it go away, but that’s what you use, my constitutional scholar.

    I think it’s funny that we never see the end of these videos.


  7. One other thing I really liked about this video is that Joe keeps asking Nicole what to do. “Should I sign it?” “What if. . .?”

    But Joe is supposed to be The Man Who Knows His Rights. Isn’t he? Doesn’t he teach other people about their rights and that’s why the cops and Sheriff Pate and CPS and the courts and everyone on earth hates his guts?

    So why is he asking Nicole what to do?


  8. These people get irrational whenever anyone dares to question them. “I WILL SAY if my child is old enough…” If they ever did meet up with an unscrupulous officer they’d both be dead. That kind of hostility should be enough to haul them into jail on suspicion of being on drugs.

    I’m sure the re-hash of what happened prior to the video recording is manufactured.


  9. -After the cop walks away, after he expressed his concerns and indicated something was wrong. After Joe adamantly explains everything is perfect . . .

    Joe: “I told you guys to buckle up . . . (inaudible) . . . buckle up right now”
    Child: “The other one was ripped off and he was going to have to use that one, I can’t find the other one”

    -Wait, what? Seatbelts are made to work for the exact seat they’re designed for . . . right? If they weren’t, Couldn’t they call them “next to the seat sorta improvised seat belt . . . thingy”?

    Joe: “Everybody’s got proper seatbelts?”
    Nicole: “yes”
    Joe: “Everybody’s got fac, manufactured, factory warrantied”
    Nicole: “It’s the way it goes.

    -C’MON Joseph, you just told the cop they did? Nicole, says yes and that’s the way it goes. The kid was pretty clear about saying it was ripped off and he couldn’t find it. The cop said it wasn’t right; Joe despite asking if everything is correct just told the bully-wit-a-badge that everything is proper. Maybe he is going to get the factory warranty department *right there, right now* (Like calling an Allstate agent) to keep this government overreach from infringing upon their sovereign rights. “WHY ARE YOU PICKING ON ME? EVERYTHING IS CORRECT! . . . hey, uh kids, is everything correct?” “No Dad”.

    -They do have semi improvised next to the seat seatbelt sorta things though. Damned dirty law enforcement officer for catching that and watching out for the kids and stuff.
    -Call the warranty department?

    Joe: “F%&^ing A$$holes”

    -Nothing like inculcation for the little ears over a seatbelt violation.

    Joe: “Starts yellin at me and slammin his finger in my face”

    -Yeah, I missed that. They’ll probably claim that happened BEFORE they started recording this abomination and complete transgression of their “rights”

    Nicole: (excitedly) “There’s two of them . . . for a seatbelt violation”
    Joe: “Oh he’s called more, he’s called, he called it in”

    -OK, so there was a violation? You’re making my tiny intellect rupture. First everything is fine and factory warrantied and correct (even though the kid clearly states it’s improvised) and now it’s a violation.
    -Of course there’s two of them, remember? they’re “F%$^ing A$$holes”. The fact that Joe was behaving like a tempestuous child rather than a mature adult with a van full of children, the fact that he was displaying behavior that would alert any rational human being has nothing to do with the first cop calling in for backup. A van full of people, the father making an ass of himself . . . why would the first officer smell crazy and find it prudent to get request a second set of eyes? Because they’re bullies I guess. Yeah, that’s it.
    -Yeah, that’s what police do when they pull someone over. They call dispatch. They call in your license to see if there’s any warrants. They do this with everybody. They’d do it with a priest driving a bus full of orphans and free clothes for the homeless because they have to. It’s a law. But in your case it was pure tyranny. They were singling you out and talking into their radio because they have it in for you. Good catch Joe. Nothing gets past you.

    Joe: “he wants to pick a fight with me because he “thinks” one of my kids isn’t buckled up right”
    Nicole: *Basically supporting and agreeing*
    Joe: “As soon as you start to question them, they wanna pick a fight . . . that’s what he said, OK, we’ll have it that way”

    -He did in fact (little finger quotations) “think” one of your kids wasn’t buckled up right. Your own son confirmed it. You asked after he walked away because you didn’t know. You half ass accused the kids of not buckling up like you told them to. But the finger quotations get you a Meade County theatrical award. You can pick it up at the nearest laundromat.
    -And Joe, despite the stuff not worth commenting on previous to this, I gotta tell ya — if that cop wanted to pick a fight, he would have, and chances are that despite your Krav Maga expertise, you’d probably be on your ample posterior at this point in the recording.

    Joe: “What a joke”

    – Yep. But we probably aren’t referring to the same person.

    – *jumping through with a summation* Cop talks, Nicole doesn’t have to give them information, Age and height and Nicole giving her word (which is worth what again?) . . . the very patient officer trying to explain to her that it has nothing to do with age, but rather something called height “41 inches”. Warrant! Seatbelt violation. Math is hard.
    -Laws, Murica, his fight.
    -That’s all my tear ducts can do for now. This is hilarious and ridiculous at the same time. I’m gonna save the second half for later when I quit shooting coffee out of my nose in laughter and disbelief.
    – Disbelief, laughter, and certain amount of disgust.


  10. Yep. This video is the defining moment for me that spells out the true character of the Naugler parents. They sure are teaching their kids the meaning of honesty and integrity, and their parents lack thereof. After painfully watching this again I am pretty sure the Naugler kids would not make it in public school, as the parents would be unable to handle the requirements. It would make any teacher quit having to deal with these two.
    Wonderful reading. Thanks to all for the talented input.


  11. Watching that video I am shaking my head in disbelief. Unstable parents whose only thoughts were their “Rights”! Never a thought for the safety of the children. It is the drivers responsibility to ensure ALL passengers are properly restrained for their safety. As parents you are responsible for their safety, this incident clearly showed no concerns for that. What if this had not been “Seatbelt Violation” Nicole? What if that van were laying upside down in a ditch? Would you then allow the first responder (usually the police) to enter your van, or would you exert your “Rights”?

    One more thought to Joe and Nicole, driving is not a “Right” it is a “Privilege”. Privileges can be taken away from those not responsible enough to follow the rules (laws).


  12. I’m a little surprised they didn’t give Joe a breathalyzer test given the rainbow of crazy he was dishing out.

    Then the kids who were telling them there was a problem and their parents demonstrated their maturity by lying about it to the officer.

    As for Nicole and her word that the child was ‘old enough’, is she deaf? It has to do with the child’s height and no, her word is worth less than company scrip one county over.


  13. Very good observations, all commenters. Another is, the role modeling of Dad Joe. His aggressive, almost appearing near explosive communications interaction. When the policeman is out of hearing reach, but within the children’s hearing, the profanity and aggressive nature towards the policeman. The lying, as the children observe. Even the one child softly speaks up about the broken seatbelt. And then in contrast to what he told the children in another audio, his instructions to be “reverent”. hmmm. But here is another, this is a small community. It is common that the local police officers grew up in the community. People in the community are commonly family, extended family, and friends, or know other people that are, with policemen. Not quite like Mayberry, but most likely on a bigger scale. The hostility directed at the police, in just doing their job, would have to be alarming. It was so over the top, the reaction the policeman was getting, in doing a seatbelt safety check pullover. Random here, but reminds me of some of the things parents are overheard telling their child when visiting the doctor’s office, “Stop doing that and behave, or that doctor is going to give you a shot!” Sort of like these children being told, “because they have the guns and will shoot you, because that is what cops do”. What I think of in seeing this video, and the other audio with Sheriff Pate.


  14. ” Sort of like these children being told, “because they have the guns and will shoot you, because that is what cops do”. What I think of in seeing this video, and the other audio with Sheriff Pate.”

    We have so many hopes for these children. But I foresee a future where they become adults who carry on in their lives the way they were raised. We have seen evidence of this in the oldest son already. I keep hoping that one of those children saw a spark of living in different way when they were in foster care. That the foster family was happy, warm, loving and showed them that simple day to day living shouldn’t be so hard and scary. That deep inside, they cannot wait to escape the crazy someday.


  15. Even if you look past the idiotic “don’t take my rights, you ebil guberment!” the fact that he is saying “f*cking assh*le” and other such words in front of those kids is disgusting. Piece of crap “parents”.


  16. How any woman could find that aggressive, volatile, pompous ass attractive is mind boggling. They’re both despicable. I was embarrassed for the children.

    Guess what seatbelts are designed for? So when you are struck you don’t go flying through the windshield like a torpedo. Yeah, those cops are crazy for wanting to make sure their kids where properly restrained. I’m sure the police love arriving to the scene of an automobile crash to find someone mangled, due to not wearing their seatbelts.

    They both need a surgeon to pull their heads out of their ass.


  17. What they need is a tour through a hospital ER to see what somebody looks like who has been thrown through the window of a vehicle. And then some stats about how many lives have been saved by seatbelts. And then some conversation about how they have zero health insurance, and if they were in a wreck and one of their sorry asses got flung out that way, we actual taxpayers, who actually pay our way, would have to pay for their health care, because they do not have a pot to pee in, quite literally.

    Or alternatively, we could require them to get a small tattoo that says “Do Not Treat” so we’d know to just let them die at the scene.

    This just pisses me off, frankly.


  18. Sadly, that tattoo wouldn’t be sufficient. You need to have the advanced directive paperwork on you and it really should be notarized too.

    Oops. That would involve the government, so I guess if they are in an accident and have the misfortune of being unbuckled and turned into a projectile, they’ll be treated regardless of their wishes not to be a burden on society.

    They don’t have to hang around a hospital to see the effects, they can ride along with the amubulance crew sometime. Might as well see it where it’s the messiest.

    Hospitals don’t encourage visitors to the operating theatre. Which is a bit of a pity because with the new widescreen led flat screens and the optics, often it’s easier to see what you’re doing on the screen than it is to look down at your hands. It’s very frustrating when you do have a guest in a surgery who is *this* close to breaking the sterile field because they keep leaning over and peering. Look up at the screen – we’re even recording this surgery for you to review later at your own institution!


  19. When the news about the Naugler family first broke, I honestly felt bad for them. I didn’t understand why the state would come in and disrupt the lives of this homeschooling, homesteading family, just because they were different.

    After watching the cop/seatbelt video above, I KNEW there was something more to this story. These people have been itching for a big lawsuit (and big $$) for years. In every case, they play the victim, act like they were harassed, and act like people are out to get them. They also video or audio record everything, looking for a chance to prove that they were treated unfairly. Then they post these video and audio files to try to make them go viral.

    Do they really not understand that these types of videos only show their manic state (Nicole) and paranoia? Even without knowing who the Nauglers are – or their back story – anyone could watch this cop video and see their mental instability.


  20. Disclaimer – I do NOT support Cop Block!

    Cop Block gets it wrong 99.99% of the time. In the case of John Geer, they got it right.

    Fairfax County has also acknowledged that Adam Torres got it wrong when they awarded his estate $2.95 million dollars.

    “Geer was shot on his doorstep by officer Adam Torres in August 2013 after police had responded to a domestic dispute at Geer’s home. Four other officers, plus Geer’s father and best friend, all say Torres shot Geer as he stood in the doorway of his house with his hands up.” WUSA9

    Adam Torres has been indicted on murder charges. After being on desk duty for 18 months.

    Tom Jackman deserves an award and a big fat raise from the Washington Post for doggedly sticking with this story. I have no doubt that if he hadn’t, we never would have known who shot him. It took the interest of a senator (not from Virginia) to get this case started, let alone brought to a close.

    I followed it on the WaPo site, but I know that Cop Block picked up on it at some point. So maybe they got it right because Tom Jackman got it right. I’m not certain.

    Then again, a stopped clock is right twice a day.


  21. Cop Block combines true reporting with a whole pile of bullshit. They also cherry pick, of course, and only report the negative.

    My cows make patties all over our pasture. In those piles of shit are some little bits of undigested grain. That grain is good food. However, nobody wants to go through the cow patty to carefully pick out the good stuff except our chickens.

    The chickens don’t mind the shit. They don’t mind walking in it, or scratching through it, or eating stuff embedded in it.

    I do.


  22. I would rather have guineas than chickens. Guineas also devour ticks and we have a lot of deer in the area, so the risk of Lyme disease is higher than average. Guineas make a racket that will wake the dead if you have an unexpected visitor in the evening.
    Guineas also look for the tasty morsels in cow and horse manure.

    So do dogs. They’re not amongst nature’s “refined creatures” in that respect.

    Anyway, as I wrote, I don’t support Cop Block. I do admire Tom Jackman’s work on the John Geer case. I hope he got some recognition for it within the ranks at WaPo.

    As for the Naugler adults, their videos only underscore how much self-restraint the police do show for their particular brand of crazy behaviour. They both sound unhinged; they’re clearly spoiling for a fight and are frustrated that they’re not getting one. If and when the Breckinridge police are equipped with body cameras, it may calm them down. After all, if they do get arrested, the video footage captured by the police can also be used as evidence. The same is true for the video taken by either of the Naugler’s.

    They’re just not very self-aware, are they?


  23. Voluntaryists. Anarchocapitalist-capitalists. Whatever. It would surprise no one that there is not a cohesive philosophy behind the group. There are disagreements and there are splinter groups. One thing they do have in common is should their “utopia” of dissolving the government come into play they almost all still believe there should be LAWS. What?

    People like Murray Rothbard and Larken Rose believe in copyright law (duh, they publish and sell their own books and expect to be paid for that), but not patent laws (duh, they don’t produce widgets).

    Murray Rothbard writes that such an ungovernment (yes like The Mad Hatter’s unbirthday party) should have a single body of law researched by consensus of legal scholars and enforced by private parties. Not to be a party pooper, but a group of legal scholars reaching a consensus about what the law should be is exactly how many of our laws have been written and enacted.

    The real difference is on how they are enforced. Over the years a body of private mediation firms (enforced by private parties) have arisen and must be used due to contract provisions dictating so. The studies are out, and it has been a disaster, with mediation firms most often siding with the large corporations who are their main source of steady income, regardless of the law , the contract or the merits of the claim. What, they are biased towards the group that hires that particular mediation firm time and again? Well, color me surprised.

    Over the years we have also seen the rise of private police forces. The studies on this are mixed. It is hard to determine their efficacy and it is further confused by the fact that the majority of private police forces hire off duty (or retired) law enforcement officers. There are other private security forces in the US doing limited enforcement, but I think it would be unfair to compare Paul Blart Mall Cop in this scenario. I guess we could look at such companies as Blackwater (with a reputation so tarnished they had to change their name).

    David Freidman writes that each private party make it’s own law to enforce. History will show you that that doesn’t work out well. Each individual enacting its own laws? Each little fiefdom developing its own laws? Who, what, where ? It was so important to the harmony and survival of our new little country that our founding fathers included the Full Faith and Credit Clause into the Articles of Confederation. It is Article IV Section 1 of the US Constitution.

    The more I read these modern political philosophers the more they remind me of “pie in the sky” communist political philosophers. Lots of lofty ideas without a clue or a plan on how to make them real or an inkling about the variety in human nature. We are not all created equal, although we should all be treated with equal respect and all have access to equal opportunities.

    Oh, and don’t get me started on Ayn Rand. Let me just say that her time in Gehinnom will be very long indeed. She was a novelist, and not a very good one. My personal theory is that when she got too long in the tooth to actually physically satisfy the rich men she had been living off of, she came up with a figurative way to continue to stroke their egos and still have them pay her bills. In the end she was quick to line up for her government welfare. Once a whore, always a whore.


  24. For a funny little story about the equality or equalizing of man, might I suggest Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “Harrison Bergeron”.


  25. “After watching the cop/seatbelt video above, I KNEW there was something more to this story. These people have been itching for a big lawsuit (and big $$) for years. In every case, they play the victim, act like they were harassed, and act like people are out to get them. They also video or audio record everything, looking for a chance to prove that they were treated unfairly. Then they post these video and audio files to try to make them go viral”.

    I am like you, This is my Real Name. I too felt a little bad for them, when the news broke last May. I live in the regional area, so there may have been more dedicated news coverage and ongoing news coverage. What was noticeable early on, where was the local/regional support? Where were the score of peaceful, but outraged, protesters at the court house during the several court dates? Where were the lot of local/regional people coming out for the organized “clean up” day? In my ascertaining, why were the people closest to this story, the more local and regional, why weren’t they coming out in forces to support? Yes like you, This is my Real Name, after watching and listening to several of the public posted audios/videos, I KNEW there was more to the story. Those were revealing to the character and integrity of Nicole and Joe. And to their motivations too, for audo/video recording all the time. I surmise when Joe is heard exclaiming “this is going viral!”, he thought this was their lottery one. Finally, the one that was hitting pay dirt…profit and reward. Their whole guise is to play the victim, being harassed, and treated unfairly. If one even goes back before the viral story last May, many of the BLH blog postings are of incidents of being a victim and treated unfairly, by people in the community. Neighbors, landlords, the head of the Church, church members, employers, law enforcement officers and more. Have I left anyone out? But then again, one has to wonder, who was the real victim and who is doing the victim shaming? IMO, each of those encounters, these local people were victim blamed.


  26. “For a funny little story about the equality or equalizing of man, might I suggest Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “Harrison Bergeron”.”

    @ Lisa – I’ve read that one and it’s one of my favourites. I can’t remember if it was in an anthology for a class I took in college or in one of my sci-fi short story collections, reprinted in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine (yes, I subscribed to it) but it’s a GREAT story.

    There are so many…


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