This blog has the best folks reading, maybe in the world.

I received a message last night from a reader who made a pledge.

Here  it is.

We’re going to keep track of every complaint call made by Nicole or any of her humpers.

For every call made to the Ranch or its officials, bitching about trolls and fundraising, that reader has pledged  $10 donated to the Ranch, with a minimum of $20 and a maximum of  $100.

I am going to pledge the same, thus doubling the amount.


We will do this on the honor system.  I  will periodically post the numbe of calls the Ranch has gotten in a given period of time, and we will donate independently.  If you let me know privately, I can post a running total.

So, Nicole, you asshole, just keep calling. Each call is a donation.



20 thoughts on “Pledging”

  1. I like pledges; I think they help keep us true to our ideals.

    I made a pledge, to myself, while my friends and I were evacuating our total of 28 horses to South Carolina, that if I still had a home and a barn after hurricane Irma I would make another donation to the Ranch. I could not have been happier sending that money on than I was. I was so fortunate after the storm, just some clean-up and a few fences down. Donating again was the very least I could do and kept me true to my promise to myself and the hurricane gods.

    I am fortunate. My husband and I work hard. We have professions. We earned them ourselves. We have pretty much all that we want. I will happily pass it on to deserving people.

    I will play Nicole’s silly game. Count me in.


  2. I am afraid that pledging a donation every time NN complains would immediately bankrupt me. I have made a(nother) donation to the Ranch. I donated once when the trollathon started because I thought the trolls were amazing. I donated again when NN pitched a fit about ‘marketing’. Now I’ve donated again because of all the shit-stirring. The ranch is now one of my goto charities. This is all thanks to the Nauglers.

    I tried to include a picture of the troll who has now found a home and is busy unschooling itself.

  3. Oh to be a fly on the wall at the Sheriff’s Ranch when money comes pouring in from all over!


  4. OMG, the jeans!!! Can’t stop laughing. This just keeps getting better. Such an amazing way to turn her hatred around through hard work, talent and generosity. I’m so impressed.
    Taken on a day to day basis, the Naugler debacle has been just so depressing, but once this campaign began it morphed into something so much more with hope and positivity for kids. Deep bow to all.
    I will do my best to help.


  5. Oh nicky, we dont need to know how many calls you make, we really dont. your humpers do that for you.
    Hey chuckles, winning anything at the casino ? cash in that free play


  6. She posted a link to the Sheriff’s site on the Blessed Little Homestead Facebook page. So I clicked it and from there made a $50.00 donation.


  7. So I clicked it and from there made a $50.00 donation.

    Thank you. Just thank you.

    Keep it up, Nicole. We’re gonna send some kids to camp. The more you yammer, the more kids get to go.


  8. Wow, the Nauglers are the best thing that ever happened to that camp! Life is a mysterious and hilarious thing.


  9. I need to wait a few days, but I’ll call them directly, name BLB and let you know when I’ve done so. Lucky kids!


  10. Oh those damn chip readers . Maybe it’s the gosh darn illuminati! This one honestly made my stomach hurt from laughter.


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