Pledge Update

There is a bit of a misunderstanding about this pledge thing, and I want to clear it up.

I’ve been asked how we are going to determine if Nicole and her humpers are calling the Ranch.  No way do we intend to drag the Ranch into this any more than they already have been.

I know that Nicole called the Ranch because Nicole told us she did.  She called at least twice.

I don’t have to ask the Ranch. Nicole advertises it.

So, here’s how I am going to count this.

IF Nicole says she called, I am going to believe that she did.  If one of her humpers says they called, I’ll believe that.  I will even believe it if they say they are going to call.

And IF Nicole posts shit encouraging them to call, I will count that as a call.

Here’s the current count as I see it.

2 calls.

Encouragement post.  Counts as one.

Another one.

And another one.

One more.

That’s a total of six.

So, I have just send a personal donation from my personal Paypal account (connected to Nathan’s music, not the one connected to this blog) to the Ranch in the amount of sixty dollars.

Those of you who have pledged money can do it any way you wish. You can count any of these you want as “calls.”  And your method of donating is entirely up to you.  You can do it here on the blog, including a note about what it’s for.  Or you can go to the Ranch’s website and donate there directly (which might be better as it doesn’t incur extra Paypal fees). You can announce that you did it or you can choose not to.  It doesn’t matter. This is entirely on the honor system.

And for some other bookkeeping, I sent some more money from the blog’s Paypal account to the Ranch yesterday.  Please notice who it went to.  Suck an egg, Nicole.



3 thoughts on “Pledge Update”

  1. Nicole and Joe could apply to send their children to the Ranch. There is absolutely nothing stopping their children from going to the camp and I think many of the donors would be delighted if they did so.

    They could also let their children engage in the many other educational and fun things that Breckinridge County has to offer such as jr master gardener, art, photography, shooting, horse or livestock clubs, through the Breckinridge County Cooperative Extension, 4-H Youth Development, and all the other wonderful community resources. There is storytime or movie nights at the library.

    The Naugler parents don’t do that for or with their children and that speaks volumes to me.


  2. This thread has been pretty quiet. I’m conflicted that we will feed the monster by posting. The donations are great but don’t want to flood the Ranch with irritating calls. So this is your call, Sally, to post this.

    Love the latitude allowed on this project. So this is how I see the count, based on calls, not threats to call:
    I’ll give BLBM (Lisa’s moniker for her) two for the original call to the Ranch.
    I’ll give Kendra her one.
    And I’ll weight the “place of employment” call with TWO. This one really pisses me off.

    It would be so great to see some of her kids, maybe the middles, experience camp, although I’m sure they would feel very out of place on several levels. Just so sad for them all.

    So keep it up Nicky! I haven’t reached my max yet. At least you’re helping someone else’s kids.


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