Playing Games

As many of you know, I have a Facebook page called Blessed Little Blog.

It exists for only one purpose:  to serve as a place where I can post a link to new articles on this blog. Some people follow this blog via WordPress and get an email when there is a new article.  Some people prefer to follow by being notified by Facebook. Either way works.

What I won’t do is get drawn into debate on the Facebook page.

I created this blog off of Facebook in the first place for a reason.

Facebook is a free platform. It’s a private company.  It has its own rules. Sometimes they are reasonable. Sometimes they are incomprehensible to me. But the truth is that people can, and do, engage in a whole lot of game-playing on Facebook.  People report a comment and Facebook takes it down.  Then they are retaliated against, and the goal becomes taking them down.  Back and forth, forever.

One of Nicole’s leghumpers came to the Blessed Little Blog Facebook page last night.

After making a lengthy comment full of questions, she went back to Nicole and reported in.

Holy run-on sentence, right?  But she makes it sound like she just really doesn’t understand and really wants to.  She’s tired of negativity, so she hangs out endlessly on Nicole’s pages, because it’s all so positive there.

It took me a minute or two to process what was happening.  For the record, nobody was rude to her. A couple of other people commented.

Here’s what was going on.

This comment was made about two hours before she came to my page and started with the “I just want to understand” stuff.

She, of course, didn’t want to understand anything.

She wanted to provoke either me or somebody else into making a comment or two or three that Nicole and company could then report to Facebook and get my page taken down or reprimanded or something.

It’s the Facebook game.

I took most of that exchange down.

This is what she had to say right after she reported back to Nicole about her bravery.

I thought about all this for a bit.

I do not want discussion of any kind on that Facebook page.  I do not want to have to worry about it.  I just want a place where I can post links to articles that are here. Anyone who wishes to comment, and that includes Stacey Tiano, can do so if they want, but they need to do it here, off Facebook.

So I had to figure out a way to stop comments.

It took me a little while to do that, but stop them I did.  If you comment on the FB page, you’ll think that your comment went through.  It will look to you like it did.  It will also look like it did to your friends.

But it didn’t. Nobody else can see it, so don’t bother doing it.

Come here. Comment away. Disagree with me vehemently if you wish. Be reasonable and polite. Think before you type or at least before you hit enter.

But let’s avoid the Facebook games.


Let me explain something to you, Stacey.

Whoever replied to you was me, Stacey.

Why do you think that you’re so special that you can come pepper me with questions and have me take time to answer every one of them?  Why should I do that?  Why should I bother, especially when I have already answered them fifty bazillion times right here on this blog?  Are you not capable of reading?

If you already know everything, why did you ask?

You didn’t ask because you wanted information, did you?  If you want to know something, you just ask Joe or Nicole, right?  So why ask me?



23 thoughts on “Playing Games”

  1. We’d be here all day trying to explain the Nogs, she wouldn’t understand. Her mind was definitely made up before she posted.

    Gawd, does she even know NN posted about the dead baby first to milk the go fraud me? She’s milking that like you milk Francis! Giggle, I love Francis!


  2. Stacey, come out, come out, wherever you are.

    Since I’m not sure if you saw my reply to you, I’d be happy to C & P it here, if I know you’re reading…



  3. First off I think Stacey has some deep issues and that is why SHE spends so much time humping on N’s leg. Maybe she is trying out for SHITSTEAD WIFE #2 Anyway enough of that makes me nauseous! If you don’t want your life spread all over Social media and beyond….try this STOP putting it out there. You are not going to get all positive responses, there will negative too. Nobody has said anything about you cannot live off grid with no water electricity or plumbing. The negative feedback has been about child abuse child neglect DV not providing children with every dam possibility a chance to succeed to do better to have more to be more than that filthy disgusting nasty trashy gross place you and J call the Blessed Little Homestead! NO BC no SS cards no Or off of their existence. You can claim that the children had a say in all of this and they are so happy healthy thriving and we’ll educated…how when you and HH are none of those things. For god sakes he is a walking stroke/heart attack and you almost died and lost a child. The conditions you live in and basic needs not being met none of you are healthy and thriving. Those children do not choose to live like this……You realized a few years back that HH was never going to be able to support the family so you tried to figure out the easiest cheapest way to survive and look cool doing it and get a bunch of likes and pats on the back. If you are way out in the middle of bum fucked NOWHERE…..the kids do not attend public school or belong to any clubs or groups do not do sports you and they have no friends nobody who comes to the property do not attend church….NOBODY is seeing whay your BS is truly all about. You have realized that upon occasion you can post a sad pitiful we are the victims post and suck a little money out of various people. You have begged borrowed and stolen most of your adult lives and why because you and HH are lazy filthy selfish self centered narcissistic foul stinky worthless POS!!!!! The saddest thing of all are the older kids remmeber the good life simple clean sheets on actual beds sitting on a toilet turning on a water faucet taking a bath nightly in a tub not a dog stall. Opening a fridge for a snack being educated church scouts friends. They are all ruint they will never be able to pull themselves out of your filthy hole…..and YOU Nicole are to blame for ALL of it even and especially the death of William!! Now Stacy on to you…..get your meds checked get off of N’s leg and move away from the computer and go out and do something productive!! Here are a few things that I do……Walk for St. Jude just happened last weekend….Walk for MS last month was awareness month. This month is pregnancy and birth loss awareness SUDS check it out! Extreme coupon not just for my family but to be able to help the Homeless Coalition and My dog eats first!! Learn a new hobby I am…crocheting! For Pete’s sake get a life YOU drank way to much of the Kool aid!! Sally rock on and keep doing what you do…YOU ARE AWESOME! BALLS OF STEEL!!


  4. Ahhhh Stacey – my little enigma.
    See I just have a little gut feeling with Stacey. She appears to be a simpering leghumper yet always manages to post just something that makes me question her postings.

    Nearly always posts a number of things in a row and yet nearly always manages to post something quite pointed.

    The post to the blessed little blog page is just a nothing post. Probably a minion post following a request by Nikki and co as Elizabeth has worn out her periodic digs.
    However, look at that post to Nikki where she says “I can’t help but think when your son goes to court with his wife or girlfriend idk if they are married”
    She is a “leghumper” who definitely knows that J and F are not together and that Nikki has referred to her as an “ex”. There is also a hidden question that “asks” if they are married or not.

    She did a similar thing recently and got an answer to a question a number of people had asked. (Wish I could work out the screenshot thing then I could show where it was)

    I know people may disagree with me, but I think Stacey is not as dim as she comes across.
    I shall continue to watch her with interest.


  5. Wow. If Miss Stacy isn’t the epitome of Pot calling the kettle black and being hypocritical. Honey, you need to shit or get off the pot. You can’t expect the trolls (as we are all lovingly called and take pride in) to quit speaking about a family who is putting their life out there for everyone to criticize. They put it out there, get criticized and pull the victim card. I would love love love love to see Stacy come here and discuss with everyone. I mean, especially if she truly doesn’t understand why we all do what we do.


  6. Nikki’s white knights need a new script.

    It usually starts after Nicole’s latest FB shit fit.

    The white knights are pure as the driven snow and just want to understand why anyone could be critical of the Ns… Then they add from the dog-eared playbook: How does the way they live affect you? How do you have the time to criticize them? (They have plenty of time to do this shit)… You’re hurting the children with your opposing views! You’re not a real christian! (Some of us aren’t). 😉

    Give it a while, whether they get an argument or not, and they break out the not-so-pure stuff: You’re just a bunch of old hags or worse, You have no life, (insert off-color remark from Charles about someone)… Report the pages! Lawsuits!, Contact the media!, Doxx, rinse, repeat!

    Then cue Nicole: time to post a string of pictures from the Black Hills and/or pics of the kids, a science-related post so everyone knows she is smart… perhaps a pic she has taken of a sunset, barn, or a sunset behind a barn.

    Or on NCN, idiotic memes and posts intended to start the next Facebook kerfuffle.

    Sound the alarm, and deploy the knights yet again!

    It’s really getting old.


  7. I thought at first that this person must not follow any pages other than BLH. Then I saw this was on the NCN fan page, and realized this woman is missing quite a few crayons from the box.


  8. Yeah, the pictures are just to force the scroll down the page. It’s pretty transparent. Nobody gives a shit about two dozen sunsets.


  9. I love that you were able to shut off comments on your FB page. The Nauglers and their pathetic bumpers crave attention. Taking the ability to post and shit stir away from them is perfect.


  10. Not a strong believer in punctuation, that one. And she actually sounds proud of her little piece too. That was tiring to read.

    So she’s had the same neighbors for years, yet doesn’t know anything about them? Sounds like the same type of paranoia-filled, isolated lifestyle if that statement was meant to be interpreted in the literal sense. That general remark in particular just struck me as odd.

    But obviously all of it is indeed some sort of game for them, so it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if most of that was exaggeration. Some people thrive off of cattiness and gossip no matter what their age. It’s like a bunch of high schoolers. I honestly read this blog because it’s informative and well-written, fact-based, and I do love the occasional unrelated posts! I’ve learned quite a bit here about gardening, dairy products, baking, etc. This true city-dweller is seriously impressed with your work ethic, Sally.


  11. Two comments unrelated to this post:

    1) Why is every minuscule bit of improvement always described as being done “bit by bit” and “slowly” in little increments. You know, Nauglers, people do sometimes do big huge jobs of work in short periods of time right? It is really irritating. There is a whole quiver full of grown people on that scrub of land all damn day every damn day of the week. It is really astounding how little actually gets done. I know I am repeating an oft’ repeated comment but holy cow it sometimes hits home like it did today with that sad photo of lattice on the ‘storage loft’.

    2) Remember when Joe rarely posted? That was probably better for their PR. I love how he recently stumbled upon the word ‘assumptive’ and has now added it to the limited repertoire of words that he randomly stacks together in sentences much like how his child labourers stack cinder blocks for cooking.


  12. PS. How long can is POSSIBLY take to tie 104 bows?! Are they bows woven with the delicate thread of a spider’s web? Are they bows that began as straw but must be spun into gold before they can be tied in intricately devised knots that may never be untangled by mortal hand? Are they eternal Celtic knots? Like, really. I would say *maybe* one hour if you move extremely slowly and take breaks every 2 minutes?? Am I missing something?


  13. Speaking of FB games:

    Yesterday, most of the Nation mourned the devastation of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. What did Nicole Naugler do? According to her, she posted more than 800 memes.

    To be generous, let’s say she spent 30 seconds locating, reading, and posting each meme. By her own accord she spent nearly 7 hours staring at her phone posting nonsensical garbage. Did she work on any homestead projects? Divide that time into 30 minutes of individual time with each of her kids? Tie bows? Work on bettering her family’s life? No. She posted memes. There is something seriously wrong with her.


  14. The longer I watch this debacle unfold, the more I realize the Naugs just cycle people through. They’re always on the look out for the next white knight internet warrior to come to their defense…because eventually, they piss the old one off. No one stays friends with the Nauglers long because they’re impossibly offensive.

    In the end…Joe and Nicole will get what they deserve….a bunch of very angry adult children who are estranged from them.

    Think about being a Naugler kid. How can you bring home someone you’d like to marry? If they or their families are in the following professions…the Nauglers have publicly been damningly disrespectful.

    Law Enforcement
    Anyone who works for the government, civil service
    Social workers
    Gynocologists/maternity floor staff
    Clean people
    People who don’t smoke pot

    There are damned few people these kids can bring home who will have a prayer of feeling accepted by, or accepting the Nauglers. Because they’ve put that much pure SHIT out in public. Because of their confrontational nature…ANYONE in their kid’s lives is going to be a target until they ruin their kid’s lives.

    So, the kids end up with two choices. Either cut ties completely with the shitstead and become completely independent of it, or become crippled by it and live forever with Ma and Pa. There’s going to be a lot of anger. And that anger will fall directly on Joe and Nicole.

    There will likely be anger, depression, hopelessness, sexual frustration, anxiety, a sense of entrapment, lots and lots of very negative emotions.

    Add some guns….and you might have a hell of a mess.

    Good luck to them. They made this trainwreck, let them lay in it.


  15. The illustrious league of Naugler White Knights!

    Here’s one now…..

    Marcus Kienholz: I do that with poop. I like snearibg it on my face to scare off bad people.
    11 hrs

    Marcus was responding to Nicole’s “war paint” meme.

    Yep, she has an army of support.


  16. Surely this lady isnt so dumb that she doesn’t understand that Nicole’s little memes about messing with her family werent directed at Sally and Company the other day.


  17. Poor Nicole. She had it made. She had their undivided attention and adulation with the despicable wiki-gate incident. Then tragedy struck in Las Vegas. A massacre of unimaginable proportions and everyone’s attention was diverted away from Nicole and her tales of “woe is me.”

    An entire night, day and night where she seems to have gone into one of her manias of posting. Most likely a desperate cry for attention. Totally disregarding the tragedy her posts mainly consisted of “look at me,” attacks on her perceived enemies, the usual regurgitated memes and “you’re too much of a pussy to like my posts because I’m so edgy fringey cringey.”

    Even the keyboard loser Joe made a public post avoiding the tragedy while coming at it sideways with his “bad police nothing personal” kind of a half assed version of Nicole’s “fuck the pop” which Nicole seems to have let fly in the comments.

    Personally I find Joe and Nicole are so full of themselves that they have no room for anything or anyone else. It’s not that they are so incredibly heinous and lack a shred of empathy so much as they are so obsessed with conflating their own egos and importance that I think they are simply blind to everything. It must take an inordinate amount of energy to try to blow hot air up their own asses in order to inflate the dry husks of their souls.

    As to Stacey. She is insignificant and interchangeable with whomever is the patsy du jour at the Blessed Little Homestead of Trolling and Manipulating Humpers to do their dirty work. Speaking of which it would seem the 3% are back on the Naugler shit list. I wonder what Joe and Nicole thought they could lie, manipulate and provoke this time?


  18. I’ve always thought that the multi picture/meme posting, was to bury some of her stupid words further down the page. imho, it usually comes on the heels of people speaking out.


  19. According to her, she posted more than 800 memes.

    That, of course, was her attempt to be funny. She was highly exaggerating. She posts memes and photos that she didn’t take in order to drive the convos further down the page and out of people’s minds and view.


  20. I don’t get why any of these people spend so much time humping on Nicole and Joes leg. Their kids are neglected. They get about the same amount of care you would give to a dog. Some food in a less than spotless dish, a blanket on the floor and a monthly bath . A pat on the head when they perform a trick for their masters . Everyone always ohhing and ahhing about how happy the kids look. what choice do they have? None , they have to make the best out of their life because they know their is no escaping it , not even once they come of age. And anyone can force a smile, but seriously has anyone really looked at O lately ? Her eyes are sad beyond her years . Not only has she lost a baby brother she has an older brother who is is probably as abusive as her father and can no longer see her niece . Poor little mama probably needs to go see a counselor , not fast food. Although the occasional meal that don’t consist of dented can dumpings is probably good for the soul too I suppose


  21. And Nicole says you can’t dismantle the option of commenting on a page.

    She is correct. I did it anyway. Let her figure out how.


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