Pigs, Conspiracy Theories and Anarchism


This is a series of comments under the “we gotta move ASAP” post on Nicole BLH Facebook page.

I confess that I did not read all of this.  I am very glad that Tracey is “not ok” with human sacrifice, though. What a relief that is.


I think you get the idea. Tracey is basically bonkers.  She is also threatening serious violent actions against anyone she sees as “harassing” her.

I looked at her Facebook page (and that is not “stalking,” so zip it, Nicole) and Tracey never met a conspiracy theory she didn’t like, from chemtrails, the Illuminati to the Clintons being pedophiles.  She loves it all.

Nicole is not responsible for the loonies who periodically visit her public page, any more than I am for the “butterflies” who visit mine from time to time.

But notice that finally, after she rants and raves for a bit, a couple of people tell her to take a chill pill.

Nicole is not one of them.

I would like you to imagine what my reaction would be if somebody came here and went off like that with such crazy stuff.  How would I react even if the tirade was negative about Nicole and Joe?

Tracey wasn’t finished, though. She came back for more. And this time, Nicole responded.




31 thoughts on “Pigs, Conspiracy Theories and Anarchism”

  1. Although I am sure this person is not Nicole in any way when I read her comments, they were narrated by Nicole’s voice in my head. Anyone who has ever had the displeasure of hearing Nicole, in person, rant about whatever current injustice she feels she has suffered would know why my brain heard it that way.
    The reason Nicole did not correct her or try to tell her to calm down is because they think alike. Hell, they could be besties.


  2. Maybe Santa will bring Tracy a handful of meds to even her out.

    Or maybe not, big Pharma and all…

    It’s a snow day here, and while driving to the grocery store the kids and I witnessed a man have a medical emergency. We stopped and helped as much as we could, wrapped him in a blanket, and gave him some water while we called the pigs. Despite the ice and snow, they came along with EMS and Fire really quickly. They transferred him to an evil statist hospital where he received care even though he was homeless and likely could not pay.

    Think Tracy, NN or Joe would have rushed to help this guy? Not a damn chance.

    I am beyond thankful for the police and other emergency response peeps in the area and beyond. They simply don’t get enough credit.


  3. And the saga continues. Nicole should have shut that poster down. If I were her, I would be more worried about people like that. Way more worried. Fortunately I am not her.


  4. I ran a blog about a controversial issue and had visitors like Tracey. In my case, I would have let her go on and on until or unless violence was threatened. Why? Because at my blog there was no better propaganda against the other side than having a pet Tracey showing the dirty knickers of the dark side. Of course, this MO has the opposite effect in the case of Tracey and the Nogs (new band name?).


  5. I’m reading the comments, trying to get to Tracey’s and laughing at people asking about the cabin. And someone responds that it’s moveable. Well duh it’s moveable, it’s not a cabin, it is a SHED!


  6. Butterflies. When I first learned of your collection of butterflies I was astonished at the elegance of the concept.


  7. At one point you (people in general) have to decide if your gonna be a victim or not. If you are always a victim – all this bad stuff keeps happening. You have to stop and take a hard look at what you are doing or not doing to make it stop. At one point if you ignore things and keep everything the same you are almost as responsible as the person(s) victimizing you. You can come up with all the excuses you can but that’s all they are. If you have to give up your dogs to stay safe then you give them up. There are places that help but you do have to jump threw their hoops if you have to quit smoking to stay somewhere then quit. It’s not easy, something’s are hard but you can’t expect your life to change without changing your life. If the police stopped helping maybe they are tired because you are not willing to help yourself. If they keep getting angry with you figure out what your doing to piss them off and stop doing it. If you want to be a extremist exposing everything you think is wrong and disobeying laws /rules you don’t agree with quit bitching you did that. Take ownership for your actions and reactions from others if you don’t like what happens then fix it.


  8. Good lort. Mad at the world this one is. Let me think. If everyone is out to get you no one sees the victim that you are, maybe you aren’t being victimized. Just when I thought Nikki was paranoid enter stage right one fresh out of her straight jacket and possibly meds. Not the wholesome devout family oriented person that I would want representing me in any form much less agreeing with.


  9. I just went to the Blessed Little Trolls and their Minions mirror page and whoever runs it, called Joe’s oldest son deranged. This person is sick and I assume it’s Nicole and JoJo.


  10. Ms Chen actually is from my neck of the woods (I’m not sure if she is still here in the Bay Area). She was a regular writer to the editor type. She had a few topics that she rotated with.


  11. JFC, that is not someone NN should show any agreement with. Especially not with her family being in the “limelight”. That Tracey needs some serious help.


  12. Since statists are defined as liberals, I guess I’m a statist. How funny that Tracy thinks statists don’t take responsibility for things when we’re the ones more likely to vote in favor of social programs that we fund to help take care of others. Sounds like we’re taking responsibility.

    I’m not a fan of the Clintons in any way, shape, or form, though used to be. If I thought they could be pedophiles, I’d have no problem calling the out on it. (Bill sure loves to abuse his power with the ladies, but that doesn’t make a pedophile, Tracey.)

    Tracey and Nicole, do you know what things like hunting license fees are for? Hunting licenses fees, just as an example, go toward forest and wildlife conservation to make sure that our forests and wildlife populations stay healthy enough that there will still be deer and elk to hunt next year. You want to participate in hunting? You need to take responsibility and pay to play. The only reason to bitch about license fees is if you don’t want to be responsible.

    Ironic, to me, that I grew up among die-hard, NRA-card-carrying (pre…whatever the hell the NRA is now) Republicans, and NONE of them EVER had a problem with license fees or being required to have car insurance or pay taxes or follow the laws. THEY thought it was UNAmerican to NOT do your share, and that “not doing your share” as the argument against increasing welfare programs. So I really don’t understand the modern Republican fight against licensing, taxes, and following the laws while still arguing against helping the poor. You don’t get to argue against welfare programs if you are purposefully trying to shirk your own responsibility. People like Nicole and Tracey and Joe confuse me.


  13. Dinah, some sheds are affixed to a foundation, like a house, and I’ve camped in cabins that weren’t. Just being a shed doesn’t automatically make something easier to move than a real cabin.

    I’ve seen stick-build houses that have been moved. I have no idea how that’s really possible, but it happens. So even if they had a full big house on foundation, it’s technically movable I don’t know how it can make financial sense to do it though.


  14. Wow, that woman is… stressed out.

    I had a look at the group of her needing an assistant and it was interesting. She definitely wants people to do stuff for her. Without bothering her.

    And I saw that Trevor Smith got cancer free by avoiding processed food etc. story on her timeline. Tracey, Mr. Smith had his tumor got out with a laser. High-tech modern medicine. It didn’t disappear because it was overwhelmed by vitamins or something like that.

    Yep, as Sally pointed out, Tracey seems to believe everything that comes cloaked as conspiracy theory. It’s really incredible. It’s like she doesn’t have google and doesn’t know how to add the word “fake” to search queries.
    But I’m pretty sure she would see any contradictory information as part of the evil establishment trying to hide the truth anyway. SMH

    Concerning Nicole, I’m a bit sad that all her pages are online again. I did have that tiny hope she would finally put her family first and not her own drive for attention. 🙁


  15. The interesting to me is that Tracey went on a full-scale rant on BLH and then asked in the comments why were they being harassed. She just happened on this page and went full-on-vomit-of-the-mouth about “pigs” etc. and had no idea what the original post was even about!

    Tracey’s FB page is to the public. I scrolled down through recent posts and the crazy is posted one post after another. No comments. I clicked back a few years, to 2009, and she seems quite normal. Friends posting and nice comments. Lot’s of social plans. Even a conversation with a friend who is finishing med school and she responds by saying she cannot wait until she can see her as her physician. Flash forward to the rant on Nic’s page and Tracey slams the medical profession.

    Something defiantly happened to this women to take her over the edge in past years.


  16. Concerning Nicole, I’m a bit sad that all her pages are online again. I did have that tiny hope she would finally put her family first and not her own drive for attention. ?

    Nicole does the scrub a dub thing to her pages relatively often. It will happen again. She’s not “putting her family first.” She’s doing digital housecleaning.


  17. For those that might be wondering if Nicole sees the world in the same light as Tracey the answer is yes. Back before she used the Blessed Little Homestead FB she had another page. And she regularly went off on statists, even more so than she does on her NCN page. Tracey’s views pretty much mirror Nicole’s which is why she didn’t try to calm her down. They are “birds of a feather” as Al said, she’s just gotten better about reining herself in when it comes to going off on people.

    And Kaylee, I was mostly talking about Nicole’s sheds. They have no foundation. They could be easily moved. They aren’t cabins in any way, shape, or form. I understand that some people turn garden sheds into full fledged cabins with insulation, electrical and plumbing. I was mostly pointing out that many of the commentators on BLH have no fucking clue that the Naugs live in a garden shed. They merely pass by her page and comment, they haven’t put much effort into reading much of what she posts. Most of them actually think they are Christian homesteaders living a self sufficient lifestyle and that they are sweet, innocent folks being harassed. And they are wrong.


  18. The crazies male her feel good about herself. She would pander to them more but they don’t have PayPal.


  19. This–> “The crazies male her feel good about herself. She would pander to them more but they don’t have PayPal.”<<<——–YES you are so right. LOL!

    I can't remember what page I saw it on, but someone made the comment to Nicole that they "didn't understand how 'these people' (the people Nicole dubs trolls and socks in her rant) could possibly be hurting her or her family, because gossip is not a danger, it's just a nuisance. Nicole responded that it was hurting her family because it was "hindering their income".

    Although the thread I was reading was generally structured around the fake reviews on Nicole's grooming page, and the business the review might cost her, I got the impression she was referring to a much larger issue-the bad PR she gets also reduces the number of people clicking the paypal button these days.

    Most of her earlier followers (and some strong supporters) hang on and watch the train wreck, but you don't see those people commenting or participating on her pages in any way, anymore. The recent influx of comments are fairly new followers that don't have the slightest idea the history behind the story of the Nauglers.

    Enter Tracey Chen …she rambled on for how long, about all kinds of crazy, and knows none of the backstory on the Nogs? Shit. She wore me out. But it's true, Tracey isn't pounding the paypal button.

    I don't begrudge the Nogs and legitimate income they make (i.e. the salon) and didn't think much of the fake reviews and what they likely cost her in business. But I'll admit, I'm absolutely giddy that she's being denied and income by scamming others.


  20. @ digital housekeeping

    That’s really entertainingly ironic. Housekeeping of any place she has lived has been consistently absent.


  21. I am laughing at a comment Nicole made on BLH which just highlights her hypocrisy.

    “So you have a problem with people having families outside of the state sanctioned process of getting permission to be a couple?”

    Hmmmm…interesting given that she has talked about the neighbor lady and having babies out of wedlock. She is so full of shit. So it’s okay for Nicole to have 6+ kids without being married and it’s okay for her teenage son to have a baby without being married but it’s not okay for the nice neighbor lady to do it.


  22. Nicole is offering to post the audio of Joe waylaying Sally and her group of friends on the road, “if you need it.” I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d be interested to hear it. She posted that Sally said to Joe, “Do you know who I am?” Nah, you would not think that Joe lied would you?

    Out with it nicole! Play the recording.


  23. Nicole is offering to post the audio of Joe waylaying Sally and her group of friends on the road, “if you need it.”

    She already did that a long time ago. Right after it happened. Joe didn’t lie about what I said. I’ve explained that. I was mocking Joe. He said the same thing – first. He, of course, didn’t record that part or the part where he got the beer. (or it’s edited.)


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