Phone Calls

Transcript and Whine, Part 2

This is what Nicole said about a week ago.  She just doesn’t do that. She doesn’t make phone calls. Ever. Never.  She doesn’t, and when she did, it was totally justified. But really, she doesn’t.


She doesn’t.

Except when she does.

Want a transcript of that?

She says:

I am requesting that you leave my family alone, or I will own your farm, I will own your cow, I will own your house.

Nicole sent that message, not to me, but to my husband, yesterday afternoon.

I think she thought she was calling my phone, but she wasn’t. She called his. I don’t know what she would have done had he answered.

Rest assured that to “own” Frances, Nicole would first have to catch her.  Ask Lisa how easy that is when Frances doesn’t want to be caught. She doesn’t like or trust strangers.

And for the record, I have never once, ever, initiated contact with Nicole or Joe Naugler.  Joe came over to my Facebook page and initiated contact with me, threatening to sue me.  Joe came out in a public road and stopped us from moving. Even then, I declined to talk with him.

I have invited Nicole to have lunch with me twice, but both times that invitation was on this very public blog.

I have never called her. I have never messaged her or texted her or approached her. I have never laid eyes on her or any of her kids.

She, on the other hand, has initiated contact with me, now, at least twice.  Once via very nasty horrible email messages, and now via telephone.


80 thoughts on “Phone Calls”

  1. What an audacious fucking bitch, and what a fucking liar she is.

    I truly believe that it was a drunken Joe who called my parents.


  2. She seems upset about something….

    I am the one that made the video…Sally just posted it for me…yet i got no phone call, neither did Trevor (who was so excited at the possibility)…

    Maybe she thought you would have trouble formatting the recording??

    I can only imagine what she is going to take from you when I’m done with this next video…..

    buckle up you cattle rustler, its going to be a bumpy ride.


  3. NN you have got to be the dumbest flipping lying POS. You can’t do ANYTHING right not even LIE!! You are cheap entertainment though!!
    Don’t worry Frances NN/JN couldn’t catch you….they can’t run!!


  4. December 16th, 1944 the German army launched an incredible, unlikely, and deadly attack on allied forces in the Ardennes in one last-ditch effort to throw the invading forces back. Known as the battle of the bulge, it included the steepest losses for both allied and axis forces of the western front.
    It was a lost cause. Hitler’s big mistake was his belief that American forces were “mongrel” forces, and would easily be repelled by his superior Aryan forces. He could not have been more wrong.

    Lately, there has been an extreme ramp-up in her attacks. I feel this is the beginning of the end in some way. She should be cautious, she hasn’t very much to lose.


  5. Wait! 5:20 p.m? Isn’t their meditation time from 5 to 6 p.m. everyday?
    It would have been really funny if she had called at 4:20….get it? 4:20?
    She is utterly and truly dumb.


  6. So wrong on so many levels. Frances should never be brought into this! But now that she is in it, I’d like to say that the ranting looney may meet her match with Frances.


  7. There is no mistaking her voice. I simply don’t understand why she thought making that call was a good idea.


  8. Oh Good Lord Nicole,

    You are constantly looking for trouble. Then you whine about it to the ones who will listen to the BS. You are so predictable and transparent. You claimed you were bullied as a child, also at home from your family, from neighbors, from trolls and from anyone who looks at you funny. Maybe it’s not everyone else, Maybe the problem lies within YOU. Girl, you need to have a long talk with yourself.

    You WISH you owned their farm,
    you WISH you owned their cow and
    you WISH you owned their house.


  9. She been yelling at lots of people around here. I think her husband is a raging drunk the way he acts Drove by the place with my sister the other day and that outhose of there’s is missing. Ain’t she supposed to have it? The court told her to?


  10. Nicole Naugler. She never did it until she gets caught doing it. Again and again.

    You would think someone who claims to be the last word on the laws of harassment, meanacing, threatening, bullying and stalking would refrain from doing so. Particularly of once again leaving a trail of irrefutable evidence. A voice mail message for goodness sake. To an innocent spouse. What a looney tune.

    I’m thinking she doesn’t have to worry about owning any farm or cow, she’d just lose them anyway. I’m thinking she might direct her attention to not losing her little piece of a piece of a contract for sale of her Blessed Little Homestead.

    Do you know why most criminals get caught? Stupidity, poor impulse control and/or hubris. I’m thinking she hit the trifecta on this one.


  11. Nicole has no filter. Her mouth reminds me of a high schooler / middle schooler. She is stuck in that mindset that teens go through where they know everything and are the center of the world.

    Nicole, think before you speak and act. This made you look childish and a bully. You say you are a public figure, a persona with a following of 45k people. Maybe you should start acting the part of the Star you think you are and ignore everything bad that the tabloids write of you. That’s what real stars do. I have never seen the Duggars respond like you do. And tons of people snark and hate them. I think it would be more interesting if they did act like you do re: bad press.


  12. She is reaching to far now.
    She can not deny it is her cause her voice is distinctive. Ugh that screech.

    Maybe she wants a vacation = time in jail.

    I was part of that conversation on your FB page the day Fat Ass came there talking smack.

    He was also going and liking comments that trolls made as if to send a message I am watching you. He could not do it to any post on my page but but was able to find a comment that I made on a friend’s very open to public page and liked it. The comment had nothing to do with them. It was about dogs.

    Well I have warned my hubby (gave him her phone number) if he gets a call answer it and have a blast.

    Oh by the way Nikkers leaving a voice mail is one of the best ways to get your ass nailed for harassment.


  13. Sally, I’m so sorry you and your husband have to deal with this nonsense. Nicole seems to be losing whatever rationality she might have had. Frances can kick her.


  14. The cease and desist letter comes to mind! LOL

    NO ONE shall remove Our Lady Francis of Davis Farms! Over my dead body 😉


  15. She reminds me of those “progession mug shot” pictures you see. The ones that show what meth and cocaine do to you after so many years. I’m not saying she does drugs but in her rant video she definitely looked pretty rugged. Compared to a couple years ago, she has not been kind to herself and her crazy is really starting to show.


  16. Wow. It’s one thing to have a virtual “beef” with someone. It’s totally next level shit to call someone to keep it going (although she says stop). She chooses to keep looking for and and reading what you post. She makes video rants and long posts about it. Then you may post a reply, tit for tat. She has escalated it.

    I had a problem with a man on FB once. We kept our beef there. He attempted to pm me once, and I ignored it. Problem ended.

    The internet should be treated like Vegas; what happens here, stays here. Hell, a lot of the people on it aren’t even real (catfishing).


  17. Don’t forget the cease and desist letter.

    Yes, I totally forgot that. How could I forget that? LOL


  18. I just can’t picture Frances as a Naugler.

    I asked her about it tonight. She said, and I quote: “Fuck that bitch.”


  19. As paranoid as Nicole is I would think that she’d understand by now that other people can see, hear and even record her.


  20. It’s getting harder to scream your being bullied when your leaving s trail of phone calls to employers, parents, the list goes on.
    I am, however, impressed with her tenacity. She’s like a terrier in a hole, even if your trying to dig them out, they just keep going deeper.


  21. This has got to stop! I can’t get shit done around my house. Dishes, laundry etc. She’s full on comedy. Goddamnit! My family thinks I’ve finally stepped over the edge. I’m laughing out loud, in my room with my ear buds on. My grandkids just look at me funny. It’s hilarious. Thank you Sally for sharing.
    Oh and I had my earbuds on. I may never get my hearing back after the screech.


  22. That’s okay. Nicole Naugler made it all better on her Blessed Little Homestead Page.. She posted some amateur nature photos she shot with her new $1000 iPhone and the ubiquitous kid photo. They’re even shopping at the new Aldi’s on a work day. (I guess this kid goes to unschooling/work too.) See it’s all nice and normal, nothing to see here. All is fine with the online facade of Naugler world.

    I wonder if she actually purchased those apples or if it was just a prop to try to convince her followers that she is a regular joe, just like them? What I do see is more Naugler produced “proof.” No Turpin family starvation of the kids at the Blessed Little Homestead, no siree. Nicole’s got photographic “proof” that they’ve got bags of apples. Right there for all to see on her Facebook page. (Sort of like happy and healthy kids photos taken at Disneyland or in the Vegas Elvis Wedding Chapel.)

    Note: do try not to think of all the other similarities between the Turpin case in California and the Naugler case in Kentucky. It will make your head spin. You’ll puke split pea soup. You might even be possessed by…


  23. Sally this shows how unhinged she is. Please watch yourself. She really lost her shit and is now feeling backed into a corner and no telling what she will do.


  24. Well, now everybody knows one caller ID not to answer.

    This is so far into crazy land it’s no longer merely funny, it’s just sad. I’m sure her feefees were hurt by the video; she’s human and has feelings. A little self examination is in order, but instead she put the effort into a harassing photo call instead. She sought you and your husband out specifically to harass you. For all her screeching about being harassed, she not only harassed you; she harassed you in such an idioticly open way that if you wanted to get a no contact order on her, you’d probably have a good case for it.


  25. “Now just you wait, I’ve got loads and loads of recordings. I’m going to blow this up. Proof, collusion, I’m going to show you. Wait, toddlers, bags, formatting, blah blah blah. I don’t feel like it now. But I could. Shit’s real now. I can prove it. Well, maybe, if you save Louisville. I didn’t say that. I HAVE recordings.”

    *insert eyeroll here*

    Nicole, this is how things work. You say one thing, you show proof, and you stick to that story. Wah lah…

    Sally, I’d get to drawing Francis a map. That way, when the Naugler’s “own” her, she is able to find her way home. #freerange


  26. LOL! If Ms. Gulch had a phone instead of her trusty bicycle I think she would have sounded similar to this! “I’ll get you my pretties! And your farm, house, and big cow, too!” She really is the wicked witch. But she doesn’t make any calls. Nope, not her, never, ever, ever.


  27. Well, I guess she told you, Sally.

    Since you are no doubt not going to continue the blog after being so skeered and all, I want to let you know how much I have enjoyed it. 😆😆😆😆😆



  28. She is getting sloppy with her harassed victim mantra.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. Nicole.

    Even worse, what if she had dialed a wrong number? Someone may have gone to the police, with a threatening veiled message like that.

    Do you think the state worker in Frankfort, that has Nicole penciled in for a meeting in early February, would want copies of the voice message? You know, the state worker Nicole said she went off on or something like that, until the worker finally agreed to meet with Nicole. lol. Just who is getting threatened and harassed here. Let me ponder this….


  29. Please don’t say it Lisa… Lisa…Oh no the dreaded Naugler virus has struck again. Answer if you can Lisa.


  30. That’s some pretty funny shit.
    Good grief…
    Nicole, take a Valium and chill. Better yet, focus in your kids…


  31. Nicole is going to try & say you illegally recorded her (IT is a two-party notification state, right?), but she completely fucks herself with her cell phone when she leaves a message.

    What a dunderhead.


  32. Nope !!!! What we not finna do is disrespect Frances !!!!!! First Nobody owns Frances !!! One can’t simply own Saint Frances the patron saint of bovines . She is a queen and a star in her own right ! I can just hear Frances Saying “Do they know who I am ?!?” No judge in his right mind would send Frances to the land of white buckets and shit when she has ruled over her beautiful home country ! She has become accustomed to a certain life style and not only would it be a huge step down for her but it would be abusive as it is taking one out of the lap of luxury and throwing them in literal shit !! The Naugs may not care where they shit but her Royal Lady Frances does !! This an injustice and I hope Frances has already pressed charges !!!!


  33. I take a lot of pictures.

    I don’t take pictures of my kid to prove or disprove anything….

    And,taking a picture of my kid holding food at the grocery store? Why? Why would anyone do that? Its odd.
    …it seems like Nicole is trying too hard to PROVE she is a great mom.

    A photo is NOT proof…Look at the TURPINS.


  34. I don’t understand what she was thinking. Sally is only the transcriptor and reporter of sorts. Why didn’t she call Lisa or who made the videos (Deb?)? She called you, Sally, and all you have been doing it relaying the goings on. You didn’t make videos, you didn’t take over the business name, you didn’t do whatever TTT did to piss her off so badly. Her call to you makes no sense to me, none. As far as I stand, you aren’t involved in a legal view point. She can’t touch you at all, legally or otherwise. Something finally snapped in her brain though, this has a totally different feel to it then her typical temper tantrums.


  35. I wonder if she actually purchased those apples or if it was just a prop to try to convince her followers that she is a regular joe, just like them? What I do see is more Naugler produced “proof.” No Turpin family starvation of the kids at the Blessed Little Homestead, no siree. Nicole’s got photographic “proof” that they’ve got bags of apples. Right there for all to see on her Facebook page. (Sort of like happy and healthy kids photos taken at Disneyland or in the Vegas Elvis Wedding Chapel.)

    Brilliant! LoL! Truly this is like the Vegas Elvis Wedding Chapel pics. She’s insidious and obvious all at the same time.

    But beware! I think Nicole is baiting her so-called trolls. She knew Sally would make a post of her harassing phone call to Dave (LOL), so now she can screech about her phone number being made public. I’m sure she has NO evidence of phone calls being made to herself or to her MY Blessed Little Grooming Whatever (sigh)…, because, well, it’s just not happening. But in setting up this little “scene” she once again attempts to paint a picture that is not based on reality. She has NO evidence that she is being harassed and stalked because IT DOESN’T EXIST, so she works overtime creating circumstantial evidence. She is the queen of smoke and mirrors, and her humpers are not critical thinkers. They will assume because BO’s phone number is posted on this blog that Nicole IS receiving harassing calls. Nevermind that Nicole is the one that made a harassing call to Dave threatening to steal Frances and the farm. Nicole may be stupid but she’s also insidious.


  36. Over the edge she has gone. I feel sorry for the dogs she is shaving, imagine all that hate and rage being taken out on the dogs .
    Notice her word salad Doing her best to say even if I did make that call, did I really do it and why not since I am the one being tortured. Poor woman seriously has lost it now. See you in Frankfort on the 5th.
    Admit it, your not going anywhere, Move in with Larissa. (Chucky) good to see you came out


  37. All you do is write a blog, for which she actively provides the fodder! What an idiot! ALL she has to do is get her ass off Facebook, and there would be far, far less material to blog about. Why doesnt she get it – that SHE provides the material and she has the power to take it away? IS she that addicted to Facebook, to scrolling endlessly on her device?!

    She has to physically visit this page on her own accord to even read it – which she does all day long, apparently. I think Nicole is addicted to your blog, Sally!


  38. Back in 2003/2004 I was having issues with my ex husband. He unleashed his pit bull on me (his baby mama). She relentlessly left me hundreds of threatening voicemails. After a few weeks of her harassing me on a daily basis my husband and I took a tape of her voicemails to our local police dept. They tried to contact her to get her side of the story and she refused to talk to them. So they issued a bench warrant for her for Terroristic Threatening and Harassment. She final stopped leaving voicemails. But the best part…she still has an active warrant for her arrest here in the state of Indiana. My oldest son is now a state trooper and looks forward to the day he can be the one to finally take her in! I cannot wrap my head around the stupidity of some people. Voicemail has the number it comes from as well as a time stamp. If she was dumb enough to call from her cell phone she has left a nice little piece of evidence for you and law enforcement.


  39. She’s literally losing her marbles! Well, the few she may have had left rolling around beneath the matts of unkempt hair.

    What on earth would make her think it would be a good idea to call you? Further, to leave a threatening message.
    Does she really think you’d listen to this and say: “Okay, I’d better stop documenting. Otherwise, Nicole is going to end up owning all Dave and I have worked our entire lives for.”

    I believe she’s truly suffering with delusions of grandeur. She’s become increasingly paranoid & even nastier than usual in her retorts back to anyone who dare disagree with her. The things she posts manically are so far out in left field that she doesn’t even follow up with comments.
    Even the new humpers that we’ve seen interact with her over the last few weeks have all but disappeared.

    The pinned post on BLH about their 47,000+ followers has been up for over a week. Yet, there are 62 likes and 4 comments. That isn’t telling to her?

    Have you seen the photos of the dogs she groomed yesterday? They’re getting worse and worse. I suspect she’s not doing much, if any, of the grooming. The photos that she posted are beyond terrible.

    I feel something bad is coming. She seems to be on the brink of some sort of breakdown. If Joe were the loving husband that he touts himself to be, he’d bring her to the hospital for an evaluation. I’m not kidding. I fear for the kids that are either the object of her wrath, or, at the very least, have to listen and watch the crazy.


  40. But beware! I think Nicole is baiting her so-called trolls. She knew Sally would make a post of her harassing phone call to Dave (LOL), so now she can screech about her phone number being ma and searching and searchingde public.

    The problem is, the phone call came from the Shop where dogs are subject to a mad woman with sharp tools, Why anyone would take there animals there is beyond me with her spending most of her day searching and searching and searching


  41. Nicole is probably wound up because there are so many nightmarish reports on the Turpin family and that it could affect how the Nauglers are handled in the future.

    The people who saw the Turpins through the years did not put two and two together that the Turpins were not just odd, but parents of horribly cared for children.

    That lack of response to the Turpin family, is alarming to many people who are now probably taking a second look at odd or suspicious behavior of other family’s with children.

    The fact that this went on for years is nightmarish and is now international news.
    The Turpin parents could end up in jail for the rest of their lives.
    Need I point out,too, that Mr. Turpin worked at very high paying aeronautical jobs?
    So the Nauglers and their sham lifestyle, sham unschooling, grifting, multiple pictures of “ happy children” becomes even more alarming.
    CPS will also be more under the microscope.

    Who takes pictures of their child posed, smiling, holding bags of apples in a grocery store?
    Someone who wants you to believe they are buying bags of apples for their children.
    But never a picture of everyone sitting around the table together with plates full of nourishing food, cups filled with milk and extra servings in bowls for refills.
    If food is shown it’s Nicole’s single dish. Or her and Joe’s fast food.

    Renewed suspicion…
    renewed speculation,
    Renewed audience watching and worriedly waiting.

    Nicole needs to watch her step rather than rant and call people on the phone with threats…unless she really wants to be an international post script.


  42. We all know that she made the call knowing there would be a blog about it, and she hoped her phone number would be posted. She is now sitting and waiting, maybe shaking her foot, tapping her hand, looking at every single incoming call in hopes that one of the trolls or minions call. She wants to get phone calls and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she has others call and leave messages to make it look like she is getting harassed as a result of this. However, we all know that when phones are used as a means to harass, the laws are easy and evidence is easy because of the record so let one of those idiots call NicNaug saying she is a reader of this blog…that person will be interviewed and a connection quickly made back to NicNaug…she is an idiot.


  43. Yes. The food. How many times has Nicole stated that her children must buy their own lunch when they work. Children. She posted the other day about kids paying rent and she thought it was a good idea.

    Not to long ago she posted something about wanting to get into art or something when she was young and her dad bought her what she needed. Why can’t Nicole buy stuff for her children? Why must they buy it for themselves?

    And the dinners around the table with the kids eating. Where are the pictures of that?

    Her and Joe going out for fast food because they can. Where are their children?

    After learning about the Turpins it makes me more fretful for her children.

    And remember, the Turpins have been at parenting longer than the Nogs have. Wonder if the Nogs will become more and more like the Turpins as the years go by. I know that the Nogs put a heavy heavy guilt trip on their children. And that is such a burden to carry.

    I really wish that the Nogs would invite their families into their lives. You know, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins for those kids. It would look good in the eyes of CPS to know that those kids have extended family. It breaks my heart that Jacob never responds to his Grandmas post on FB or Instagram. Poor Nicole doesn’t realize she is going to be blocked out of at least one or more of her children’s lives, just by the way she is modeling adult children / parent relationships.


  44. Tekla,
    Nic has no retort, regardless of whether or not Kentucky is a two party notification state or not. Sally didn’t record a conversation. Nic left the voicemail on Daves phone (no doubt, mistaking it for Sallys’)
    It’s their property and fair game to share.

    As far as the photos of the kids. I cringe when she posts them. With all of the child predators and paedophiles, she thinks nothing of posting way too many details of their lives. Besides the few who work at the shop, the rest of them are at home, allowed free reign of the land.
    She talks about “the trolls” and her safety fears. We’re the ones who worry about those children and want them to feel safe and secure. The trolls aren’t the ones she should be worrying about harming her chikdren.
    There are some not so good people in this world- one of the BLH regular commenters comes immediately to mind.
    How does she not see what we do?

    Do you really think the child who posed with the apples wanted his picture taken and posted for the world to see? I’d venture to guess no. I’d also imagine that not everyone was on board with the flurry of them each posing in snow gear- with their respective names attached, no less.

    I think back to when my boys were early middle school age. Maybe 10 & 11? Anyhow, somewhere thereabouts, I had taken a bunch of photos at an event we attended. Later that evening I was sorting through them and my oldest asked me not to post any of him to my Facebook. It kind of took be aback for a second, and we immediately had a discussion about it. I realized it was absolutely his right to choose when and what photos I shared. From that moment on, I have always asked both of my boys permission before I share. If they say no, I don’t.
    My Facebook is primarily family & friends. I have a few that I’ve met various places, online, but I consider all of the people on there to have some meaning in my life.
    I also know that despite privacy settings, anything I put online can be accessed if one was determined enough. Above all, I listen to my kids and respect their wishes.

    Those kids are touted as being so free with the #unschooling, living in the “wilderness”. (Haha)

    What about their fucking autonomy? Their feelings? Their hopes and dreams?

    P.S. I hope Miss Frances is feeling better!


  45. P.S. I hope Miss Frances is feeling better!

    The good news is that Frances doesn’t seem to feel poorly at all. I don’t think any of this hurts particularly. She’s still sort of swollen, although it’s a good deal better. She still had a little cottage cheese crud this morning, but it’s good when that stuff is gone.

    Tonight’s issue was that her milk was way the hell down. I didn’t have enough milk for the two bottle babies, and I had to do something I’ve never done before – substitute store bought milk. I’m going to look into getting a small supply of milk replacer and perhaps keeping it in the freezer for this kind of situation. Store bought milk for calves sucks dirt because it’s homogenized and they aren’t equipped to digest that as well.

    Anyway, we fiddled around with her hay and hopefully it’s more to her liking. Just because the big boys and the donkeys will eat a particular bale of hay does not mean our princess will. She is beyond picky. If hay sits in the feeder for more than a couple of days, she won’t touch it. This is in spite of the fact that getting new hay means walking into the next room and getting some that is sitting in there, from the exact same bale that other came from. When we do that, we always have to make sure she SEES us do it, and then it’s “new” and then she happily eats it.

    This sort of thing is why Jason says she is the most spoiled cow in all of Kentucky.


  46. I’m here. I’m here. After the podcast I spent the afternoon working on batches of soap for Blessed Little Grooming Company. I am particularly pleased with the one I came up with today. A delightful and healing combination of organic locally sources goats milk for a soap base with bentonite clay added for its color, as well as, nourishing minerals and detoxification properties. I also added in dried lavender buds (from France) and crushed Baltic Amber for their antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Do I sound like a commercial yet?

    @Tekla- we’re a one party Commonwealth. How else do you think the Nauglers enjoy, and one could say over utilize, the rights and freedom to stuff their recording devices in people’s faces to “document” (cough, intimidate) people?

    @Jahaza. You win the internet today, IMO. I almost peed my pants at the image of Frances demanding “do you know who I am?”

    @Sally. Ah, Frances if it isn’t one thing it’s another. I’m glad to hear she is doing well. No rest for real farmers though is there?


  47. Have you tried goat milk? We used it on the farm for the calves when there wasn’t enough of Moms milk. Also used it on pups I had to hand raise with a few other things added to it. Worked amazing, kept their weight tight until they could be weaned to food.


  48. Nicole lost her damn mind. I would love to see her go after Frances. Frances would tear her up!

    Off topic, Does Nicole have any contact with her granddaughter? I haven’t seen any mention of her in months.



  49. Have you tried goat milk?

    I don’t need that. I can get cow milk from the dairy. I just didn’t have any. The worst case scenario is that I have to buy some milk replacer. Dairies raise calves on milk replacer (which is essentially dried milk) all the time.


  50. Nicole screeches about trolls following her around. So what does she do? Changes her grocery story (deliberate word choice) and posts the information for people to see. Yeah, a kid hoisting a bag of apples =/= those apples being purchased.

    So much for being in fear for her life.

    Dumb ass.

    No, I know that when you leave a message you can’t then claim being illegally recorded. But I can imagine Nicole trying to make that argument. See comment above.


  51. If Frances found herself an unwilling Naugler shitstead resident, she would either find a way to escape or commit cow-suicide. Her intellect would exceed the collective brainpower of her nitwit lazy captors.


  52. Who takes pictures of their child posed, smiling, holding bags of apples in a grocery store?
    Someone who wants you to believe they are buying bags of apples for their children.
    But never a picture of


    sitting around the table together with plates full of nourishing food, cups filled with milk and extra servings in bowls for refills. If food is shown it’s Nicole’s single dish.

    Brilliant! Especially…

    If food is shown it’s Nicole’s single dish.

    I’ve noticed this as well. And the pic of one of her children making her own toasted cheese was just…sad.

    Those kids are touted as being so free with the #unschooling, living in the “wilderness”.

    I’ve never seen children LESS free than the Naugler children. The videos and recordings Nicole produces scream loudly of how controlled these children really are, not just by reason of the glamorized poverty in which they live, but mostly due to Nicole’s extreme narcissism. Living with a mother like this feels like murder to the soul. Ask me how I know. When everything revolves around the narc mother and her humongous ego and insatiable desire to LOOK GOOD, there is nothing, and I do mean nothing, left for anyone else but scraps. Life becomes about emotional survival. I hope and pray these children can escape, but healing will be difficult.


  53. NicNaug is an old assed looking woman, not quiet old, trapped in a falling apart body, with the emotional IQ of a nine year old, and the language of misogynistic ass wipe. Having said all that, she doesn’t think rules apply to her. For instance, she swears without proof that trolls are calling her so she feels justified to call Sally and Lisa and doesn’t even consider that those phone calls she makes can be used against her in a court of law to prove all kinds of shit…threats for one but also harassment and other shit. Just like she thinks it’s okay for her to take pictures of other folks property but let one person decide to post a picture of her shit shed and man oh man she goes fucking full blown psycho. Rules of society and family only apply to others. I really think she is just a little mentally challenged. She clearly cannot understand what she reads and is incapable of critical thinking. She cannot take care of the children she has but I bet soon we will see her big assed belly poking through her jean skirt…again. Just like she keeps getting dogs and other animals that she has no idea how to take care of but she wants them and it’s her right to own whatever she can get free or pay for out of her limited go fund me funds. She is a bitch for sure


  54. Hi Sally. I was wondering where she got the phone number from?

    I assume Google. Google my name and where Google thinks I live and you get Dave’s phone number for some reason.


  55. I love that she thinks a federal shutdown is the same thing as a state, county or city shutdown.

    Yes, please go send Joe out to shovel a federal interstate. The man couldn’t even cut up the tree that blocked your driveway and “your” section of the road.


  56. She doesn’t like or trust strangers.

    Or new milking stools. Change is BAD. Routine is comfort and security for many and most particularly our favorite dairy cow – Frances!


  57. Boy, I was worried about myself there for a while, till I saw how fd up nicnag gets. Know what any lawyer will say? Get off the internet.


  58. I think it’s telling that she always posts stuff about minimalism and even claims to be a minimalist.

    She’s a hoarder, IMO. She hoards kids, animals, bins of junk, buckets, bow making materials, garbage, more garbage, building scraps, memes, human shit, etc.

    The only reason she doesn’t hoard expensive things is because she is poor. So she sells what has value on local garage sale pages and she hoards the stuff no one wants and she can’t make any money from.

    Buckets of their own shit and piss. Hoarders.


  59. She has been awfully quiet since you made this public. I half expected her to make another video trying to spin it in her direction, with lies and tears…


  60. Someone with more time and skills than me could take that phone message and auto-tune it. It could be something like that Sweet Brown video that turned into a song. Nikki and Joe love going viral… 😉


  61. Nicole was polite though, wasn’t she? She asked nicely for your home, your cow, and your farm. So polite….Since she was so polite maybe you should give her your….oh no never mind, don’t give her anything but a fucking comb.


  62. Nicole was polite though, wasn’t she?

    If that was polite, I’d hate to hear rude.

    She didn’t say who she was (and Dave had NO IDEA), she didn’t say who she was talking to, and she threatened us with bullshit stuff. Totally polite, though.



  63. Deny, minimize, deflect. It’s what Nicole Naugler and Joseph Naugler do.

    “I didn’t do it,” caught with irrefutable proof.

    “I did it, but I was polite. I did it, but they deserved it and I could have been worse.”

    “I may have done X, but let’s talk about Y. Can they prove I did Y? Why didn’t they record it if they say I did Y?”

    Naugler logic. If it hasn’t been posted on Facebook it never happened If it is posted on Facebook it may have happened but it’s someone else’s fault. Even if it happened whatabout…

    ( Hint: normal people don’t go around recording other people. It’s not only rude, it’s bat shit crazy. Not doing it proves nothing except sanity. )


  64. Haha! @ Outsider. Scrub a dub dub, bunch of naugs in a tub. Or internet drain, may be she took that lawyer talk to heart and shut internet laughing fun time down. I do not think she’s seeing what everyone else does. Nicole.., your trying to edit, but damn, still trash in your photos. Francis, I hope your teets are in order, hugs.


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