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Ah. I see. It was just a coincidence.


I posted the OK Corral thing at least an hour before you posted your brief ten-second “update.”

But, yeah, it was all just a coincidence.

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First off, David Davis doesn’t think anything about any of this because he gives not one single fuck about you, Nicole. The only mention he ever makes of you is that he has adopted the words “nauglerized” or “nauglered” to mean “all fucked up.”

What do I think about what?

You mean what do I think about the fact that there is a permit process in place in Kentucky to compost, treat, and dispose of human waste?

I don’t think anything. I already knew it existed. I actually do a bit of homework before I write, Nicole. I knew all about that.  After all, what do you suppose they do with the shit in the porta-potty after they come pump it out?  They treat it.  They have a permit to do that.  They get inspected regularly.


The problem is that you want a permit to dump raw shit on raw ground without doing anything at all. That’s what you showed Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton when you trudged back through the weeds to your “compost heap.”  You showed him a very old pile of shit, most likely not your current or newest one.

You’ve been just dumping buckets of shit on the raw ground.

Actually, you haven’t at all. You’ve been sending children to do the dumping because Joe “I know my rights” Naugler couldn’t/wouldn’t walk that far. That would be work, and Joe doesn’t do work.

You fill in all that paperwork.  I double dog dare you.  You assess the nitrogen level of your shit.  You get all that lab work done. You create the infrastructure necessary to properly monitor human waste.  Then you submit it to Jeremy “that idiot” Hinton and see what he knows about his job.  Let’s see if he really knows how to do it.

You see, I have a very close friend who runs a dairy farm. He’s dealing with cow shit.  Cow shit.  Not human shit. Cow shit is not nearly as dangerous as human shit (to humans).  And he has to meet very strict guidelines for his shit disposal.  Very strict indeed. So strict that he gets peeved now and again over it.

If the state of Kentucky requires all that for cow shit, it’s a given that they require much more for human shit.


That’s really just the cover sheet.  See that part about all the documents that need to be attached with it?

It’s not just a case of “I wanna dump shit in the back of my property,” and the Health Department says, “Oh, sure. That’s a fine idea. Just put your name here and give us $50.”

You know that.  You’ve always known that.

But I’m not the final word here. I’m not even an interim word. I’m just a blogger, commenting on your public statements because you and Joe made yourselves newsworthy.  (That’s actually what “going viral” means.)

Jeremy Hinton has the final word.

Let’s just see what he has to say.  He can do whatever he likes and you and Joe cannot shit without his permission.

Don’t you have some bows to make?  That bill from Bennett is coming due soon.


I forgot to add this.


There was never any “bs about contamination.” That was your made-up straw man that you rode to try to downplay this whole thing.

Hinton’s notice to you never mentioned “contamination.”  Hinton never used that word a single time.  Joe “there is no sickness” Naugler did, but Hinton did not.

The paperwork is not “standard for the county.” The paperwork is a fucking deferral from a court of law, Nicole, and you better take it seriously.  If the court chooses and decides that Joe is not in compliance with that deferral, they can drag his ample ass right back into court faster than you can say “shoot me.”  And they don’t have to defer to his constitutional right to a trial because he waived that.

But you go work on the permit.

I’ll put it on your list.

By the way, we’ll all be watching to be sure the porta-potty stays right there.


38 thoughts on “Permission”

  1. You know she will never bother to fill that thing out and go through all that work. Also, the inspections. At any time. Probably with no warning. Authorities entering her property any old time that they like to look at the poo.

    Yeah, right.

    Just fix up the damn septic tank that is already there.


  2. What’s with her blessed little homestead mark on everything?

    That’s because a photograph of a list of instructions from the state, wrinkled, is “art” if it comes from her camera. And she “copyrights” it, so she can document violations or something and report them to the FBI when they have their sit-down meeting.


  3. I read her blog, I thought she said it was just a simple permit. This woman can’t even fill out a simple homeschool form for her children. So now she somehow thinks she will be able to fill out all the required information for the state of Kentucky to allow them to dump their crap?!? They will never get permission to dump their crap. They can’t afford all the equipment necessary. And honestly they do not possess the skills or the education to do it. It’s not happening. They will be crapping in that portapotty for the indefinite future. Just hook up the damn septic tank, it would be far cheaper and better for the children.


  4. She may want to go read up on what befell Roger the Raker and then think about what is in that statute.


  5. Cant come up with an adequate catchment system for water after 3 years, but is going to pay a lab to test soil, and I assume a surveyor since it mentions property lines and setbacks. Eyeroll.

    They had better hope and pray that Hinton doesnt change his mind about the port a potty and condemn their property.


  6. IMO, She won’t fill anything out or put in a proper septic system. Despite what she says, about wanting long term stable housing, they were getting ready to bolt when sheriff Pate caught up with them. As is their custom, they will leave the moment CPS release them from under their thumb. I hope that day will not come until every last minor child is not longer under their roof. Usually, people become a decent adult by learning from their mistakes. They learn and make better choices. But, Nicole, you can’t tell me what to do, Naugler and Joe, I am the prophet, so I knows everything, Naugler, have to have CPS, the courts and every other government agency on the planet teach them how to behave and be adults.

    They got them by the short and curlies now! So much for freedom, they certainly have none of that.


  7. I don’t think Jeremy Hinton will have the final word. I think their plan will be squelched by item #12, the approval letter from local planning and zoning. Not sure how it works in KY, but around here, neighbors are notified and invited to those meetings in order to voice their opinions of any variance or item that may impact property values. Or the N’s might not even make it to number 12.


  8. Roger the Raker’s fate was laid out on page 104 of Martyn Whittock’s book, “A Brief History of Life in the Middle Ages”.


  9. If a property is condemned in Breck County, I assumed that means that nobody is allowed to live there–but then what happens to it? Is it auctioned off on condition that the buyer fix it up? Added to a Superfund list?


  10. For those who don’t know what Roger the Raker DID, here’s some interesting information (source:

    1. The inhabitants of medieval London (human and animal) produced 50 tons of excrement a day.

    2. In medieval London, there were no pavements – people had to walk on the bare earth. Except, unfortunately, it wasn’t bare earth – the ground was covered with the excrement of both people and animals, as well as animal entrails and rotting food.

    3. Eventually, many streets became impassable, so muck-rakers were hired to clean them as best they could. Though the job was abhorrent, the muck-rakers were paid much better than the average working man.

    4. In the 14th century, Sherborne Lane in East London was so disgusting that it was officially known as Shiteburn Lane.


  11. How about that. The Nauglers have finally made a contribution to the world. They have given the English speaking world the terms nauglerized and nauglered. I can just hear the hag wag her tongue in rapid angry speech saying that she doesn’t like it. I can just hear the bloated bag, if he’s coherent, prophesy that all who use their names in vain shall be punished by whatever imaginary means he can dream up.


  12. So, today, N wants her leg humpers to give her their favorite pantry items for you know pantry cooking….she gave her item first and it was olive oil….
    Here’s the deal, I use olive oil but rarely do I use olive oil to actually cook because it’s expensive and I use it more for making salad dressings or sauteing foods that need a little extra flavoring such as mushrooms…but for a family as large as N’s and as poor as they are (always begging for money) I don’t see why in the hell she is wasting her money on olive oil….the cheap walmart brand olive oil costs like 16 bucks….she is even more of an idiot than I thought….pantry cooking with olive oil….her humpers said beans… know reasonable shit….olive oil…


  13. That permit application is only a quarter of the battle if even that much. If you look at the requirements listed, they will not be able to fulfill them in my opinion. They are going to need to go to great expense to set up this composting system. They are going to need to hire professionals in order to come into compliance with the requirements of the permit. I highly doubt they will end up getting permission to compost their shit.


  14. Joe Bloom wrote, ” They are going to need to go to great expense to set up this composting system. They are going to need to hire professionals in order to come into compliance with the requirements of the permit. I highly doubt they will end up getting permission to compost their shit.”

    Given their zero percent progress on the Homestead this past year, their work ethics and people skills I’d say your 100% right about that.


  15. Is “Pantry Cooking” even a thing? Isn’t that, like, just cooking food at home with stuff from your cupboards? I don’t understand what makes that different than every human in the world with a kitchen that has food stored in it.


  16. Will the real Nicole Naugler please stand up.
    Where is she unleashing her crazy lately, I totally understand she has to act civilized for the new leg humpers (for a while anyway) but I also know she’s expressing herself SOMEWHERE.
    She’s like the Donald Trump of the scabs of society.
    I’m going to start calling her The Nicole


  17. Even with all of the requirements that are listed, I suspect that the lack of running water on the site (though not listed) would still prevent this from being approved. Those two will cut off their nose(s) to spite their face(s). It would be so much cheaper and so much faster to use the money that will be wasted on this scheme to get water and septic on the site. Unless they are going to GFM for the costs of the permit and related expenses? I guess they can’t GFM for water and septic since they already did that before and then spent the money on “other” things.


  18. Jenny Islander says:
    August 24, 2016 at 7:12 pm

    “If a property is condemned in Breck County, I assumed that means that nobody is allowed to live there–but then what happens to it? Is it auctioned off on condition that the buyer fix it up? Added to a Superfund list?”

    In this case the county might get lucky SINCE the Nags don’t really own that land or ever will cause that would require them to PAY IT OFF FIRST! Means clean up would fall on KY Land Co. IF they do not clean it up then of course the county would and bill Ky Land Co. Then Ky Land Co would take the Nags to COURT and SUE them for the clean up bill. They are up shit creak without a paddle in this case. Best get to humping them white buckets of shit to the Portapotty and NOT back on the land as I Bet they are doing. NOBODY TELLS THEM WHAT TO DO NOBODY!


  19. Magenta asked “Is “Pantry Cooking” even a thing? Isn’t that, like, just cooking food at home with stuff from your cupboards? I don’t understand what makes that different than every human in the world with a kitchen that has food stored in it.”

    I guess it’s a thing but I think it’s something most adults do. You have a set of basics so that your family can always have a meal. I just means keeping the basics always in stock. Yes I have olive oil always in stock in my pantry along with other oils. Just like I have beans, rice, flour, sugar, and other bulk staples. But I have a home, with a pantry. I fail to see the pantry in the Naugs home. It’s funny to spend money on olive oil and also stock the house with the tower of rusted cans. So odd.

    I was reading her page today and I see they are back to insulting people with running water again. Yep, I am totally polluting the world because I have running water in my house for my children to use. I would be a far superior mother and it would be better for the environment if I had my kids crap in a bucket and then haul it. Does she even believe the tripe she writes?


  20. Pantry cooking? That’s what I do when I’m tired, ill, or in a hurry. Let’s see…

    *Cans of Bush’s Baked Beans, favorite flavors. Add leftover meat if you have any, plenty of sautéed diced onions if not. Serve with cornbread if there’s time/energy, corn chips or bread if not.

    *Thing of corn tortillas, big jar salsa, can enchilada sauce, bag of yellow onions: when cheese goes on sale, you have what you need to make enchiladas. Can add odds and ends of leftover meat/beans.

    *Jars of pasta sauce, asstd. boxes whole wheat and regular pasta: Add any leftover meat, even the last bits you boil off of the bones of a roasted chicken, and you’ve got dinner. Make half of your pasta regular and half whole wheat if your family thinks that all whole wheat is too strong-tasting. You can cook them in the same pot; just watch the timing. A shaker of Parmesan would be a nice extra.

    *Cans of Veg-All, bag of barley, bag of onions, bottle of ketchup, tarragon, marjoram, basil, granulated garlic, salt, pepper: soup. Brown a couple slices of beef shank (bought on clearance), put them in a 5-quart slow cooker, and saute diced onions in the fat. Fill the skillet with water and two generous squirts ketchup plus herbs to taste, bring to a boil, dump over beef shank pieces, put in 1/4 cup dry barley, and leave to crock all day on Low. When the meat is super tender, lift out the shank pieces and put on a plate. While they are cooling, use a wide flat spoon to skim off the fat–there will be a lot. This is the most tedious part. Cut the meat from the bone, trim away any fat, dice the trimmed meat, and return it to the pot. Add the Veg-All and as much can liquid as you need to thin the soup. Stir, taste, correct with salt and pepper, heat, and serve. Makes a great big pot of soup.


  21. “I was reading her page today and I see they are back to insulting people with running water again.”

    The Romans had some truly disgusting practices (brushing your teeth with urine; a communal sponge for wiping after using a public toilet) but reliable access to safe water is incredibly important to the health and well-being of pretty much everything.

    Can and should many people be far more careful about their fresh water use – absolutely! That doesn’t mean they’re doing anything wrong when using it. If they’re paying for it in some manner and realize how much less it will cost them if they do things like having ultra low-flow taps and toilets installed, most people are willing to do so. Eventually.

    Fecal contamination, both animal and human, in streams, rivers, ponds and lakes is a very real concern. It’s sad that she’s too shallow to recognize the health risks.


  22. That pantry cooking thing….jeeze…see, my pantry is filled with foods that I have actually canned that my daughter or people I know have grown on their little hobby farms. I also have other foods in my pantry such as flour, corn meal, sugar, you know, the things that one needs to cook. I don’t get her searching for something new or”homespun trendy” to call what all of us who actually participate in feeding our families call cooking….you know, we plan ahead, we make sure we have all the ingredients, we prep, we cook, we serve, we clean the shit up….what we don’t do is walk around outside and tell the kids to cook something and sit and play on our phones while one of the kids opens a dented can….after opening said can, that kid will announce, today, we are eating from our outdoor pantry, cooked on our shit, brick stove, green beans. We got some kind of fish too in this can…tuna or mackerel, so it’s pantry food cooking for sure. BTW, N, when I make chili, the cheese actually melts….what’s up…you open the can of beans, the can of tomatoes, sprinkle the chili powder, and throw the shredded cheddar and call it a day. Try heating the food up….it is safer cause you know, cooking canned foods for 15 minutes kills that pesky bacteria known to cause diarrhea and vomiting, and the heat marries the flavors together, and the best part, it melts the fucking cheese. What, are you raising your kids in a barn…oh wait, you are raising them in shit shack shed. WTF.


  23. Julia Child, don’t forget that not only does she have the rusted cans of unmarked food but she has her aged olive oil…..poor thing


  24. Olive oil doesn’t really even have that long of a shelf life. I swear she doesn’t give a crap about what she feeds her family. Too bad her pride stops her from getting assistance. Then she could actually feed her children real food. But of course her hate of the big bad government is more important than the health and safety of her children.


  25. Way back when all of this was pretty new, I totaled up what the Naugler parents could have provided for their children if they’d actually loved their kids more than they love making a big show of their pretend awesomeness and being nasty to people. I think it’s worth a repost.

    Proof of citizenship by means of birth certificates, plus extra shares in some of the items below.
    A public school education featuring hot meals, hot water, flush toilets, and specialized tutoring.
    Subsidized day care for the little ones, ditto.
    Backpacks full of food given out at school to get the kids through the weekends.
    Free meals all summer long through the USDA.
    Extra nutritious food via WIC, although I understand they have that now.
    Food stamps, ditto.
    Monthly boxes of commodities via TEFAP.
    A place on the HUD waiting list. This is a long shot due to family size, but you never know.
    Free kerosene.
    Free firewood.
    Free or cheap medical care for all minor children.

    All of the above is available simply by “being a whore for the state,” i.e., not behaving like a Yahoo. In addition, by saying please, thank you, and excuse me, they could have:

    Regular boxes from non-government food banks, possibly including diapers, toilet paper, etc.

    Plus, by admitting that they don’t know everything and that shoving what they don’t know onto their kids is not a viable plan, without filling out a single form, they could have:

    Free soil testing and advice about fertilizer.
    Detailed advice for first-time gardeners tailored to their region of Kentucky.
    Free plans, using cheap materials, for scrub pine log cabins, rain catchment systems, self-watering gardens, manual washers, vegetable storage, etc., etc., etc.

    Furthermore, simply by not being boors, slobs, or creeps, they might have a pool of neighbors trading favors in a network that potentially could include:

    Snow plowing and shoveling.
    Child care.
    You-raise-I-butcher-we-share agreements.
    I-shoot-you-freeze-we-share agreements.
    Vehicle and home repairs.
    Brush cutting.

    But they’ve pretty much pooped all over all of that. Poor kids.


  26. Even if they attended or went to a house of worship (mosque, church, synagogue) the weekend before school starts, odds are good that each kid would receive a backpack with lots of basic school supplies: paper, pencils, pens, spiral notebooks, crayons/markers, a little box of tissues, some hand wipes and often a book to read for fun and pleasure.

    That, however, would mean they would probably have to attend in shifts to safely transport the family and they would have to graciously accept that they’re being given something that every other kid in the congregation is going to receive. I doubt they would bother with the first and if they accepted the second premise it would blow their “You’re more special and wonderful than the statists’ kids!” argument out of the water.

    It’s a shame that at least the two girls don’t have any girlfriends their own age. No sleep overs, no roller skating or roller blading, no birthday parties, no movies, no giggling together, no arguments where you learn you can like someone but disagree completely and still be friends. The boys have each other (although they’d benefit from friends outside of the Shitstead too) but the two girls are far enough apart in age that they aren’t going to be tremendously tight/fighting over clothes and such.


  27. Just because you don’t like somebody, doesn’t mean everything they do is stupid.

    Plenty of people order “e-meals” or have meal kits subscriptions, eat out all the time, or just plain panic every week trying to decide what to buy and make for dinner for the family. Sure it sounds basic to have a shopping and meal plan, but there are lots of families that don’t.

    By “pantry cooking”, I think she means she only makes meals using the same basic ingredients. It’s what we do too. Just like a restaurant makes the same meals over and over again. So they buy the same ingredients over and over again and don’t have to think about it every time.

    You come up with a list of meals your family will eat. Only use recipes that involve cheap, non perishable items. Buy those same items over and over every month. You don’t have to decide what to cook or buy. Already decided. When dinner time rolls around, you have everything to make a meal from your list. If you happen to be at the store and see that lettuce or cheese is on sale, then you can buy it to add on , but it isn’t required to make the meal.


  28. Well, in Nicole’s case, I think “pantry cooking” refers to shelf stable foods. She has no refrigeration. And before everyone has a shit fit, shelf stable foods can supply adequate nutrition. Canning vegetables does reduce the vitamin content somewhat but not much. What using shelf stable foods does do is reduce variety and that’s often a very bad thing. Human beings like variety in our foods. We can literally lose weight due to loss of appetite if we have to eat the same thing over and over again. This is very different from my cattle, for example, who want the same thing all the time and get all pissy if we change brands.

    We were hunter/gatherers, so we evolved to gather food from all over the place.

    And absolutely, fresh is better (unless it’s less-than-optimal fresh food, in which case frozen is better.) I would hope they supplement the “pantry diet” with fresh food now and then, maybe on shopping day. We actually used to do this all the time in Alaska. We lived 100 miles from the nearest convenient grocery store. We went once a month. There was a little store in our village but their fresh food was extremely expensive and of poor quality. So we had fresh stuff for a few days once a month. Some fruits stored longer than that. The rest of the time it was frozen and canned. We bought shelf-stable milk by the case.

    What Nicole is proposing is certainly not irresponsible or egregious. It’s completely doable. Of course, one would hope that the cans weren’t all rusted and without any labels. (She has tried to spin that photo as being of cans that were canned at the Mormon church’s facility, and that may well be for some of them. But it doesn’t explain all of it. That was a horrible mess and I would have been hesitant to feed that food to my pig.)


  29. I think it would be much easier to just sit back and watch the explosion, there never going to change, there always going to be trash. The kids are just unfortunate that there mom and dad are just out there.


  30. Bea, I guess I should have explained my snark was because there is no way in hell that Nicole has what any of us would consider a pantry. It’s laughable when she offers advice and says she is doing something when the proof shows otherwise. She is really good at painting a picture but it’s all based on lies. And she doesn’t cook, her kids cook. She hates cooking. And they don’t have a kitchen. They have some cinder blocks and rusted cast iron pans to cook in. When she gives advice, she gets snark because she is full of BS. Once again the solution is to get off her bum and do something at her home, there is plenty to do but grifting is apparently what she prefers to do.


  31. Dinah,
    Have to agree with you on most of that. Except that last part. She does work a full time job and commute. She is gone 12 hours a day. I believe she IS working hard for her family. She has teenagers and an able bodied husband. She shouldn’t have to cook. She needs help supporting that large family she made with a husband who seems to have no source of steady income. Although I believe Joe probably has a side job with the kids somewhere or works at Pizza Hut or someplace where he gets paid under the table to avoid taxes and back child support. They just aren’t going to advertise that.


  32. If she has time to blog and run a ton of Facebook pages she has time to cook. She has time to get a proper kitchen for her family. Yes I blame Joe but he’s always been a slacker, she doesn’t get a pass for that. She chose him, she keeps having kids and her kids don’t even have a proper place to cook. She has her kids raise the kids she is breeding. She gets so sympathy from me. And when she posts about her pantry in her garden shed and all the meals they eat she will get snark. This is the woman that posted pictures of her ill children be tended to outside by another child. The kids were ill from eating rotted food, she has no business blogging about pantry cooking or cooking in general. Once again she needs to get off the internet and tend to her brood.


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