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I really tried to stay away from this.  I have failed though.

Nicole is irate because the doofus person who runs Medical Kidnap has glommed onto the story of a couple whose baby was taken by CPS, and is now on life support at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital (when it comes to medical care, it doesn’t get much better than that) with the doctors recommending that it be discontinued.

The parents want the child kept alive for no apparent reason other than that’s what they want.

The child has Down syndrome and at least one heart defect, and who knows what else.

The parents have gotten a court injunction to keep the baby on life support for about a week until they can be heard in court.

Nobody has said this, but I will.  From what I can see, these parents are unlikely to be carrying health insurance on this child or themselves either, and yet they insist that this baby be kept on life support (meaning intensive care) for an extra week, against medical advice,  but have no intention of paying a single cent for it. They are also insisting that the kid get a heart transplant, one they will not pay for, and one that the doctors insist will not work, and one that will waste a heart that could go to some kid who might live, because Jesus has said it’s his will or something.

You know, because taxation is theft.

But Nicole brings up a larger issue.

How far do parental rights go?  How far should they go?

The three examples she uses are interesting to me – vaccinations, abortion, life support.

I’m willing to tackle all three, but first, here’s a broad principle.

Your child is not your property.

I’ll repeat that.

Your child is not your property.

At the moment of birth, we as a society have determined that the child receives American citizenship.

You, as the child’s parent, have custody of the kid because somebody has to raise him, but you don’t own him.  Custody and ownership are not the same thing.


Here’s what ownership looks like.

While there were laws in place that prevented slave owners from outright killing slaves, they were poorly enforced and regularly flouted.  Many a slave died from mistreatment, from lack of medical care, from beatings, and nobody called it murder.

You do not own your children.

I get sick to death of the hypocrisy that is rampant among people who insist that “God” gave them their children and therefore they “own” them in some way, or that their decisions are paramount and the rights of the child as a citizen of this country are secondary.

The parallels to the arguments used by southern slave owners to excuse chattel slavery are unmistakable.

You do not own your children.

This means that you do not have the right to deny your child medical treatment because you believe that prayer works better than insulin.  If you try that shit, and your child dies, you can and should go to prison for a very long time.

The case she cites is not really worth discussing simply because we don’t have enough data to make any informed ideas about it.  Medical Kidnap is not a news source.  It’s a bullshit website that offers nothing but sensational fearmongering.

From more responsible journalists, we find that there is, in fact, a delay on the baby’s impending death. And that’s really all we know. The parents, of course, are totally innocent of any problem when it comes to caring for this poor little kid, as all parents are whose kids are removed by CPS, because the state is in the business of kidnapping children so they can sell them, especially those with Down syndrome and heart defects.

Oh, wait.

Well, that won’t work, will it?

So, the state took the kid so that they could kill him after a lengthy expensive hospital stay because spending state money is just so much fun.

That’s plausible, right?

So that’s the overarching principle here.  You do not own your children. They are not your property.

This means that the larger society can, in fact, tell you what you can and cannot do with and to your children.  You do have to get them proper medical treatment, and in some cases, that includes vaccinations (it ought to include those everywhere, but that’s another subject).

You do have to educate them, unless you feed the state some bullshit about how you homeschool and that state has been lobbied to death by right-wing homeschoolers to the point that the laws have been gutted.  I hope that someday some of these homeschooled students, as adults, sue the hell out of their parents.

And if you neglect them and fail to provide them with very basic food, shelter and safety, the state can and should and probably will come and take them away.

So what about abortion?

I am pro-choice.  How do I reconcile that with the idea that you do not own your children?

It’s simple. The child is not a citizen until the child is born.  Prior to that, the mother does, in fact, have life-or-death control over that fetus.

Laws have to be specific. There is a whole book full of laws with very specific definitions for the state of Kentucky. Without the book, everyone would just interpret everything any way they wished and say that making a statement on Facebook is “stalking” and we’d have chaos.

So there has to be a time when a human being is granted citizenship and we’ve determined that time to be at birth. It’s easy to see.  Any blithering idiot can get it right. “Conception” doesn’t really work because when is that?  When the sperm meets the egg?  When the egg implants?  How would you know? What if you engaged in risky behavior during the implantation period not knowing you were in fact pregnant and miscarried?  Was it the result of that risky behavior?  Did “God” do it?  Who knows?

We can argue about it forever.  People have and will continue to do so, but for right now, citizenship is granted at birth and that’s the point where the woman giving birth ceases to have live-or-death control over the fetus.  He has become a separate person and she does not own him.

And when it comes to life support, I really want an answer to my question.

If you think your child should remain on life support against medical advice, and you’ve had lots of specialists look at the situation and they all agree that it’s a hopeless situation, but you think that Jesus wants your kid to have a heart transplant, taking the heart of some other baby that you don’t even know, what makes you think that society should pay for that?

What makes you think that you are entitled to spend that kind of money that belongs to other people?

A heart transplant costs approximately a million dollars, sometimes way more.  That baby is in an ICU of some sort, and the cost of that is something around $3000/day. These parents have gone to court and I bet they didn’t pay to go to court, but found some damned lawyer who’d do it for free, and gotten a judge to declare that the state has to fork over an additional $21,000 just because of their “parental rights.”

The same people who bloviate about how the state should have no say in anything regarding their children’s health also think that the state should pay out this money.  The same people who insist that nobody is gonna tell them they have to buy insurance also think that the state should just fork over more than a million dollars fruitlessly because Jesus might want them to do so.

Frankly, I am more dismayed at some of the comments on Nicole’s page than I am with her original question. I expect her to be an idiot. I’m horrified at how many idiots read her shit and agree with it.

To clarify a little bit: when a medical decision is made to discontinue life support, the state does not make that decision. The doctors do.  I’ll repeat that.  The “state” is not discontinuing this child’s treatment.  The doctors are recommending that course because the child’s situation is not sustainable. He is going to die.

But just read these comments. This is why we have a moron in the White House and the whole world is making fun of us. This.





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  1. Interesting. The child was taken by CPS due to medical neglect issues (according to the legitimate news article), but now that the state has custody of the child and is responsible for his health care costs, the parents are suddenly willing to undertake whatever medical procedure might potentially save his life? I wonder if this case will follow along the lines of the Jahi McMath case. Her parents and their lawyer were able to obtain donations and court approval to remove their brain-dead child from the state of California and relocate her to New Jersey where the law allows parents to object to a diagnosis of brain death and keep her on life support indefinitely. Her mother has also invoked her religious beliefs as her motive for this action, but it is no secret that she is pursuing medical malpractice lawsuits and the potential payouts are significantly higher if her child remains alive and disabled than if she is deceased, to say nothing of the GoFundMe donations they have managed to rake in.


  2. I wonder how many mouthfuls of crazy was just spat out into the universe by these twatwaffles…

    Can anyone here count that high?

    That poor kid is suffering, let him go.


  3. Fuuuuuck. Yeah, Sally, this one has been getting to me, too. The dullards over on her page (as well as Jabba and the vile, over-bred bitch) are parsing this as a financial decision and government over-reach. It is not. No medical team makes the decision to end a viable human life because of money. (Feel free to correct me, as I just glanced at the article in my fury at the humpers stupidity. ) If this little fellow is a Trisomy 18 baby, it isn’t a matter of if he’ll die but when. He’s on bypass, for chrissakes. That’s no life. I’m sick of this group thinking they own their kids and can treat them like used cars, possessions that can be mistreated until the next one comes along. It’s infuriating.


  4. Seconding what Al said about Nicole displaying her “crazy” – specifically, her faulty perception. She insists (to the point of reminding people in some of the comments) on posing the question as “Thinking of only you and your child, not some other circumstance, but your personal life as it is today.”

    In other words, “Imagine this is a totally random and common occurrence that could just as easily happen to you as to anyone with children.”

    It’s tempting to just highlight this as another example of her changing the argument: it’s an oversimplification, almost a straw man.

    But this is a very direct invitation to try on Nicole’s Victim Hood. (I know, it smells funny, but work with me here.) This question is a perfect example of how Nicole’s mind works: the government is always wrong, the government will not explain their reasoning, the government does whatever they do because they are greedy and they hate you. Why else would they come into (dramatic finger point)Your home right this minute while you’re just sitting there browsing Facebook?

    Sure, we could see it the way Nicole does. But then we would be wrong.


  5. No doctor, hospital or the government appear to have been making any decisions regarding this infant with money prominently in mind.

    If they had been they would have left the infant with the family and let missed appointments and nature take its course.


  6. We know Nicole and Joe are not very smart. It is stunning to see the number people jumping on their band wagon. Where do these people come from??
    In my early nursing career I worked at Vanderbilt. This is a huge teaching hospital that includes researchers and doctors at the top of their game. They are world renown. The doctors are on the cutting edge of medicine.
    The Vanderbilt Pediatric Hospital is the place to be if your child is seriously ill.
    Any baby born that ends up at Vanderbilt has the best chance possible to survive. Vanderbilt is at the center of birth and childhood illnesses, cancer and genetic problems, and more.
    Everything will be done and more to help a little person survive there.
    Unless…….and that word is key here……..the baby has no chance to survive on their own.
    Such a sad situation that people like Nicole spread such filth. She loves stirring her little following in a frothy rabid mess.
    They don’t even see she uses them as play things.
    Who matters in this story? The baby matters! Only the baby. If the doctors say let the baby go then that is what needs to be done.


  7. Oh gawd, the comments. I know this is terribly snarky and maybe I don’t really mean it, the ignorance. Some days it’s not unreasonable to think people should have to pass a test to have children. And to vote. Among other things.

    From some that I have read, the mother’s claim is the baby was doing fine prior to CPS intervention in February. That might be a little contrasting to some other sources, where it was posted the baby was having breathing and heart/lung distress at a few months of age. As a GFM was established. Apparently the parents missed 2-3 medical appointments prior to February. Something about car trouble. This is probably a case where the parents probably didn’t have adequate insurance if at all. Likely the best thing that could of happened, CPS intervention, where the baby would have the resources for medical care. Vanderbilt Medical Center is premium. Now, 3 or more heart surgeries, since February. The baby is on what is meant to be temporary life support. The medical doctors, specialists, have determined that his little heart is gone rigid and his condition doesn’t make for heart transplant surgery. And the detriment to his organs and body, keeping him on a temporary life support. I imagine the judge has extended the time until next week, to give the family coping, processing, and grieving time. Regardless, I don’t think one can ask the physicians to go against their medical ethics code, do no harm. By the state social services intervention, the baby has probably the best medical healthcare intervention available. Possibly more than the parents would/could of provided. I imagine if the baby was healthy enough to receive a heart transplant, with the state intervention, he would of been placed on the transplant list and the state would of provided the financial resources. It appeared the parents were without financial resources. Broken down car, missing appointments. GFM.

    Absolutely, children are not possessions. We don’t own our children. We are responsible though, for their health and welfare in raising them. Whether one is with religious convictions, they are God’s children. Or a citizen of our country, they are individuals and citizens too. To think children are possessions, is just so wrong. No one has the right to own their children. Or another person.

    It is disappointing that Medical Kidnap creates sensationalism, like “execution”, and people like Nicole run with it. Blast it. Without vetting. Medical Kidnap is trash journalism. Zero credibility. Feeding ignorant people that read that shit.


  8. How long has this poor baby been on life support?

    I don’t know what to really say about this situation cause we aren’t getting the full story, and I don’t trust medical kidnap.


  9. This from a woman who doesn’t need prenatal care or to deliver in a hospital. The hipocracy is astounding


  10. The grandmother who “loves him so much” couldnt be bothered to take him to his doctor’s appointments, nor was she deemed an appropriate caretaker for these children, apparently. That right there speaks volumes to me.


  11. Here in my area there was a girl who was declared brain dead. Her mother fought and won to not pull the plug. Interesting story. It was big news here for weeks and quite a lot of protests (the Bay Area is big on protesting for and against everything, you would not believe the traffic caused by protestors, but I digress).

    Another thing in California (and other states as well) if you kill a pregnant woman with a child, they count the fetus as a person (if it is twins, thy each count as one person, so the person would be charged for two counts). There have been many cases, either by murder or car accident where the person who did the crime got added sentence because of the baby. Scott Peterson in Modesto is one such case. There are also cases where a person has caused harm or death to the unborn baby (either the mother who uses drugs or someone else like a car accident that causes the unborn baby to die, can be charged with murder or manslaughter) and have been charged with a crime.

    California: California Penal Code § 187(a) says, “Murder is the unlawful killing of a human being, or a fetus, with malice aforethought.” The words “or a fetus” were added by the legislature in 1970. The California Supreme Court later interpreted “fetus” to apply “beyond the embryonic stage of seven to eight weeks.” (People v. Davis, 1994) In addition, Penal Code § 190.2(3) makes a defendant eligible for capital punishment if convicted of more than one murder, and the California Supreme Court ruled that fetal homicide is included under this provision as well (People v. Dennis, 1998).


  12. I assume your point with all this is to establish that in California, there is at least a sort of “personhood” attached to a fetus and therefore. . . what?

    I was expressing my personal opinion regarding abortion rights.

    That first case (the McMath girl) is a brain dead girl who is still brain dead and in fact has been declared dead. They produced all kinds of crap claiming that Terri Schaivo was “healthy” too, but she was also brain dead. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter in the slightest if somebody can produce a verifiable case of a person declared brain dead who revived and went on to earn a graduate degree. This baby isn’t going to make it. Brain damage from bleeding out is one thing. A heart that isn’t functioning properly is a very different matter.


  13. Nicole, parents don’t own their children, they are however RESPONSIBLE for them. If they aren’t responsible, then the state has the responsibility to take over the parents role. You should know this. You live this. You’re children weren’t kidnapped or stolen. You & Joe were deemed unresponsible as parents. In what universe do two healthy parents, Both capable of working, allow their children to live without adequate housing in this day and age? This is not the 1800’s. Maybe you should spend time in old graveyards from way back then and see the ages of those who died. That could be a great unschooling lesson for you all. Maybe you could go further and find out why those people died, so many so young. Would you find out that yes, babies & children did die of whooping cough, measles, and other things and that women did die in child birth? Maybe you could take a sampling of those deaths and compare them to today’s deaths. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to see so many babies, children and adults died within days of each other? You can find out what epidemic was rampant in that town. We have cemeteries here up in the gold country from the 1840’s where you see grave after grave of children who died on the same day or week. Some families loosing more than one to anyone of the common measles outbreaks or something.

    You don’t own your kids. You’re suppose to be responsible for them & that means not missing doctor appointments for a medically fragile baby.


  14. I had a nanny quit suddenly when I was a kid, and had to be watched by the neighbor lady down the street for a little while. The neighbor lady was nice enough and she had a few kids. One of the kids was obviously not her biological child because she was a different ethnicity. She was a foster kid, and quickly became my best friend that summer. She was nine and had gotten a heart transplant, which I thought made her pretty badass. (Organ donors and recipients are badass!)She told me she was living with her foster mom because her parents weren’t keeping up with her medical appointments and her medication and that meant she had gotten pretty sick. She just seemed like a normal, really cool fourth grader to me. She was a really good dancer and knew every word in Sister Act. I was only in third grade and really looked up to her.
    One day after school I went over to play, and found out she had been sent back home with her biological family. I was pretty heart broken, she promised to teach me how to do the tootsie roll and all of a sudden she was gone. Who else was going to pretend to be Woppi Goldberg while I pretended to be that one goofy nun? I had no idea how big and scary that must have felt to her foster family.
    A few months later, I think I was in fourth grade at the time, her foster mom sat me down and explained that her heart had stopped working because she hadn’t been able to take care of her body the way that the doctor had wanted her to and she was in heaven. She was dead at ten because her dumb parents couldn’t get their shit together. I’m still pissed off about it.

    I don’t care if you have car trouble, you call and reschedule your appointment, you call a taxi, you call a friend or even a damned church to get a ride. You do not let your child go without because you aren’t even a little bit worried about finding a damned solution.

    I really don’t care if Jesus himself is telling these parents to medically neglect their children. Jesus isn’t a damned doctor.

    Don’t kill your kid by not providing care until it’s so late in the game that doctors have no ability to help save their life.
    This baby, like my friend, was robbed of adequate medical care until there were no options left. Even if this baby was going to die at some point because of a chromosomal issue, he deserved to be taken care of and kept from suffering as much as possible. Poor kid seems so miserable in the pictures.


  15. So when the medically fragile child was in the parent’s custody, they couldn’t be bothered to provide medical care. Three missed appointments for a child with a congenital heart defect? That’s bad parenting. Now all of a sudden, once the child is in the state’s custody, let’s provide any and all potential treatments! Also, a former co-worker had a child with Downs syndrome who developed leukemia. A bone marrow transplant was not an option due to the child’s genetic defect. There was no way to get a matching donor because of genes, not because folks who decide about transplants are heartless bastards who want to give bone marrow or a donor heart to a “better” child. What horrible parents these are.


  16. I was just stating that in the state of California unborn babies are considered citizens in cases where they want to throw the book at someone.

    And Jahi the one that is brain dead? I personally know the nurses who were there that day and how the mother wouldn’t listen to the nurses, who knew more than they did. The mother was told repeatedly not to feed her child who just had her tonsils removed (actually, it was a surgery for snoring) a cheeseburger. A fucking cheeseburger. From McDonald’s, not a popcicle. Her daughter was extremely over weight, in part, because the mother was a know it all, who wasn’t acting responsibly in her parenthood. She is still trying to sue children’s hospital (she may have won some money). She moved for a while to where her daughter is at, but I heard she is in the area every week and now has a nice car and clothes. Sorry if I sound rude by saying that, but this mother in her know it all attitude reminds me of Nicole.


  17. Oh boy. Thanks a lot to everyone that wrote of Jahi McMath. I just spent 3 hours down that rabbit hole. ? I’m now decidedly creeped out by what my fellow human beings subject their children to in the name of money.


  18. Great post, BRAVO!
    Straight to the point!

    Our education system is SO lacking, that we bring up these uneducated losers who enthusiastically consume fake news, misinformation, and worse, vote for Donald Trump, failed business man and reality tv star, for POTUS. This is a national emergency! FUCK. There is far too much oversight in education – how pathetic, how embarrassing! Lets just say, I will be claiming Canadian citizenship to anyone who asks, on my next trip abroad.

    In any case. There is no allowance for objectivity in Nicole’s hypothetical question – she fails to accept an objective, fair perspective. It’s like asking a crazy person if they accept their psychosis diagnoses and subsequent medical hold. NO, they probably do not. But guess what? The two, objective medical professionals say otherwise – and obviously, the patient’s acceptance, or lack thereof, is null and void.

    Thats why she is intent on promoting this narrative that the state has something to gain by these “kidnappings”. In claiming malicious intent, she is in denial. But deep down, she knows the professional assessments are purely OBJECTIVE. That must hurt. And as a result, we see this angry woman desperately policing the internet, trying to take control of the narrative. She needs medical intervention. I mean, shes killing herself slowly, as far as health psychology is concerned.

    I just finished a couple Psychology and Child Development classes. The health implications from their 10 kid’s stress and living environment – their socioeconomic disadvantage, neglect, and isolation – are dire! Eye-opening, and scary.


  19. This is part of a longer article, on a different topic but I think it’s appropriate here in this context.

    The powerless need to dissemble—that’s how slaves, servants, and women got the reputation of being liars—and the powerful grow stupid on the lies they require from their subordinates and on the lack of need to know about others who are nobody, who don’t count, who’ve been silenced or trained to please. This is why I always pair privilege with obliviousness; obliviousness is privilege’s form of deprivation.

    Source –

    They’ve said through the years that the kids had a say, but they really don’t. What can they say? How will anything they say change their parents? Joe can’t hold down a job, even if he wanted to do so, nor can he provide food for his family, or build a cabin, or educate his children. Nicole runs away to the comforts of the grid and free-flowing hot and cold water. If the kids want to do the same she is the gatekeeper. I rather doubt they complain about anything because it changes nothing.

    It was Nicole who wrote, “Go big or go home!” It’s been three years or so and they still don’t have a water catchment system or a productive garden. Presumably only garden gnomes would call a shed “home”.


  20. The edit feature isn’t working on this platform. Well, no matter.

    If someone were to whisper in the kids’ ears a recommendation for a story that might make a difference in their lives, I strongly suggest “The Slave Mother” collected by Italo Calvino (Italian Folktales published in 1956 but available today). Joe and Nicole are too old to get the message. The wikipedia entry doesn’t do it justice.


  21. Oh that poor baby. Why can’t people just let it be? Why would the parents even attempt to seek coverage for it? I would be damned ashamed of myself. I’m not even sure how they see a heart transplant as an option. Doctors can refuse to perform a procedure that has a poor outcome right? That is no way to live in my opinion, it absolutely breaks my heart that it has even gotten to this point. Ask yourself, would I want to live like that? Gods will my ass, god didn’t make machines to keep people alive. IF it was up to god, no intervention would have happened and the baby would be gone already. Would the nauglers put a kid on life support? They don’t even seek medical attention for stitches….If someone refused to pull my plug I hope the government steps in and does it for me.


  22. If there is a God, it’s pretty clear that God doesn’t worry too much about whether we live or die over our health issues, regardless of how many church ladies pray or fast or whatever. And regardless of how many people erroneously credit God with lives saved, it’s just not the case.

    God’s track record for “saving people” is abysmal when science takes the day off.

    One look at healthcare outcome statistics over the last hundred years proves conclusively that God has nothing at all to do with saving lives.

    Advances in science save lives. The sacrifices of other people save lives. And sometimes people just randomly get better which is no more amazing or touched by the divine than them randomly getting sick.

    You want to REALLY piss a doctor off? Tell them “God was working through you.” “God was with you.” “Thank God for saving this life……and, ya know, you helped, too…but it was GOD guiding you” You’ll never know how much this irritates doctors. They hear it so fucking much it just rolls off like so much other stupid shit they have to listen to (hey doc, I read this on the internet!), so they won’t react…..but trust me when I say they think you’re an asshole when you do this. And to a jaded few? Your life becomes a little less important to them because you’re clearly too stupid to live.

    God didn’t save people from gangrene in the civil war, or childbirth before the 1900’s. God didn’t save a metric fuck ton of people who died of plagues and illnesses and conditions that require surgery.

    You know who DID? Doctors did. People. Researchers, scientists. People who sacrificed huge chunks of their lives to study superhuman volumes of crap…so they COULD save your sorry ass. People who gave up their adolescence and young adulthood to constant homework, study, stress….absolute fucking selflessness. People who worked insanely long shifts, weekends, holidays, missed their children, brought the stress of the job home, broke plans with their spouses, drove in blizzards, risked their own lives countless times.

    And you have the blind stupidity to credit the invisible sky fairy for curing your yeast infection while letting 150,000 other people die that day?

    Doctors need to grow the balls to look into the eyes of their patients citing God’s divine intervention and say…”Next time you’re ill or injured, leave me out of it. Since my contribution doesn’t really matter, just go to God direct. Here. Sign this paper. You are no longer my patient. You’re God’s patient. Good luck with that.”

    I would LOVE to see patients who pull the God card get told outright to stop seeking answers from science and hospitals and doctors. If you don’t believe in us, don’t waste our time. Go to church instead.


  23. @Kathy – yes, Nicole and Nailah Wakefield are birds of a feather. They’re both grifters who perpetuate the idea that their status as mothers entitles them to act in ways that defy logic, medical science, and common sense when it pertains to the care of their children. And they have both very carefully cultivated a public following among ignorant fools who lack the critical thinking skills to look beyond their social media posts and question what is really happening. Nailah posts staged, Photoshopped pictures of her daughter in an attempt to convince the public that her body isn’t necrotizing, and Nicole posts carefully cropped photos of her children to hide the squalor that they are surrounded by. And after they’ve riled up the masses with their religious/political rhetoric as the reasoning for their actions, they sit back and wait for the donations to pour in. I think there are still people who feel sympathy for Nailah – that she’s just a grieving mother in denial with a strong religious conviction, but the amount of effort she has put into her online presence shows she is not nearly so simple.


  24. Having had to make the choice to withdraw life support from my one month old child, I can sympathize with the parents in this case, but they need to accept that the life they are forcing their child to lead at the moment is not a life worth living, nor will it become so in the foreseeable future. It’s a horrible decision to have to make, but in the end it’s the least cruel decision to make for the child lying in the hospital bed, for themselves, and for their other children.


  25. Oh boy. Thanks a lot to everyone that wrote of Jahi McMath. I just spent 3 hours down that rabbit hole. ? I’m now decidedly creeped out by what my fellow human beings subject their children to in the name of money.

    I hope you went to Doc Bastard’s site. Lots of good information there. Yes, it’s depressing to think that greedy parents can flout decades of science. I see that the physician who was one of the lead author’s on how to determine pediatric brain death has filed a statement.


  26. @Tekla, I did. I’m now hooked on Doc Bastard. I have a few physicians in my family. He reminds me of them. ?


  27. This story reminded me of Jahi Mcmath too. When all of it went down a couple years ago I looked at Doc Bastard’s site. He explained it very well to people who didn’t understand that a brain dead patient is quite literally dead even if there are movements in other parts of the body. There is even a Facebook page called Keep Jahi Mcmath on Life Support. It’s all very bizarre how people believe she will wake up and be alive again if they pray hard enough. They must not have enough faith, or aren’t praying hard enough because it’s been a couple years and she’s still just as dead so, following that logic, it must be God’s will that she’s dead, or maybe God wanted her more than her family did so he took her. Possibly she will rise again, but not in our lifetime. Who are we to assign God a calendar?

    The story also reminded me of Baby K. An anencephalic baby born in the early ’90s. His parent’s wanted to continue care due to their religious beliefs even though their child’s condition was futile. I read on the Medical Kidnap site that the parents of this child were looking for a neurologist who would state that the baby was not brain dead. So assuming the baby is now brain dead, the family still wants to pursue a heart transplant? Think of cost of resources keeping this child in an ICU bed! From the equipment, drugs, procedures to the most valuable time of the doctors, nurses and other staff. Their time could/should be being used to help save the lives of other patients and giving them comfort, or to do medical research to find cures for the many ailments that plague us. I’m not a cold hearted person, but this is another example of why we can’t have nice things, or why the standard of care couldn’t be a little bit improved for patients with a hope of survival because the staff are being made to take care of the body of a baby who for all intents and purposes has already passed. That family is in need of some serious counseling. Maybe there’s a clergy from the hospital who could speak to them on their level and help them in their grieving process.

    Poor child never was given much of a chance with parents and at least one grandparent who skipped at least 3 doctors visits for an already medically fragile child and those appts. were only in the first 3 months of the child’s life while he was in the parent’s care! with his heart conditions, I doubt he was even released from the hospital his first week of life so the parents and grandmother barely had a couple months to prove they couldn’t provide for his care, or get his little sister to school. It takes quite a run of a child missing school before the admins start looking at truancy issues. These parents were either irresponsible, or needed help.


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