Paid Posts?

Recently Nicole joined a FB group. She has apparently been joining a lot of them, drumming up supporters.  This was a big group, and in that very large group, there happened to be some members who knew who she was. They were already members there long before she ever showed her face.

So she commented on somebody’s post.  And one of those people screen shot her comment and sent it to one of the pages and the page posted it.

The page posted it after doing some redacting.
Here’s what was posted on the page, along with the comment:

A groomer without a cell phone is like a homesteader without a white bucket…..amiright?

You can’t see the name of the group.  It’s clipped out. You cannot see the name of the original poster.  Also clipped out.  And the name of the person who made the first comment is redacted.  Only the meme and Nicole’s comment remain.

Nicole had a shit fit, of course.  Unlike the page in question, I don’t give a shit, and haven’t redacted anything.

She included a screen shot of the original post and one of the post as clipped and redacted on the page in question.  I left them out because they are redundant.

The person who shared this wasn’t trolling. The person who shared this was in that group (with something like 60,000 members) long before Nicole ever came along.

. . . this isn’t a safe space. . .

You gotta be kidding me.  Sixty-thousand members and she blathers about being safe? Seriously?

But the dolls. The auction.  Sticks in her craw, doesn’t it? Everything is about her.

The Joe and Nicole dolls are sitting here in my office where they have been since the day Deb sent them to me.  They have never been for sale.  They’re right here.

Does Nicole think mermaids are about her?  How about fish?

That’s the very first question asked, and she didn’t bother to answer any of it.  Naturally she didn’t.  It’s not the sheriff’s association.  It’s the Ranch that the sheriff’s association runs.  There is a difference.  And the first doll auctioned off was of me. There was never a specific Nicole doll or any specific Joe doll (the coffee mug was called Joe but that’s a term that means “coffee.”)  But she doesn’t answer.

The second person makes an interesting comment, though.

People do it to show you they are everywhere, to prove they are in control. . .

You mean like calling in fake welfare calls and calling employers with fake bullshit stories to get people fired?  That kind of thing?  Yeah, we know.  We’ve noticed.

Uh, no.

“They” do not have a blog.  I do.  I am not “they.”

And no, it’s not a “compost toilet.”  It’s a bucket and then the shit is dumped on the ground, willy-nilly.

No, I don’t care if your children live off-grid.

No, I don’t have 50 FB pages.  I have one and the only purpose of it is to post links to the articles here.

Finally, no, nobody is paying anyone to post anything, certainly not about this blog.  However, you, Nicole, are paying money to have your shit boosted. I know this because people have taken screen shots of what is appearing on their screen, and you’re boosting posts like crazy.

I have never boosted a FB page or post in my life.

However, you are horrible.  I agree with that.


Talk about paranoia and people needing welfare checks.



26 thoughts on “Paid Posts?”

  1. I have thought about boosting posts for my non profit, but I’m not sure if it will really bring donations. And 20.00 is 2 parvo shots…..orrrrr 2 full meals for a family of 12..just sayin


  2. What an idiot. Seriously.
    How does she think most of us heard about her stupid ass?
    By hanging out in Facebook groups, twit!


  3. I’m a hopeful homesteader, in several homesteading groups. I’ve seen her pop up a few times in the groups. She either runs off or gets removed. I have watched her get crazy and by the next day she was no longer in the group, I’m assuming she was removed. She was even commenting about “trolls” out of fucking nowhere. She joins to recruit, that’s why she randomly spews about trolls, pity, come hither suckers.


  4. And just when things started getting boring and slow we get a new episode. Starting a new season? 😂😂😂


  5. Why would she boost posts? Grooming related posts from her business account maybe, although I think you’d do better by word of mouth and local events/advertising for a local dog grooming business, but that would at least make sense. Have to spend money to make money sort of idea. But boost posts from her personal/homestead pages? That’s just a waste of money that, as has already been said, could provide a decent meal for her family or fill the generator with gas for a day.


  6. A true minimalist! She knows whats really important in life – her device – and wont let anyone stop her from enjoying it – especially her children! Her livelihood, dependent on her device, is the ultimate priority, lest she has to take a good look around. The woman is sick. She’s a mess!

    As such, she is teaching those kids to further their impulse to consume more, not less. We need right device, the right technology and then it’ll be enough… But it wont. So theyll all keep their head down, staring at their devices, searching for fulfillment where theyll never find it. #unschoollife


  7. My thoughts- she is boosting her blh posts in the hope that she gets enough new followers to start another gofundme.
    The last one was pretty unsuccessful, so nicnog in her warped brain, thinks she will work her grifting another way

    I do not trust her to ever do anything successfully any longer, she just seems to be getting more manic every day that goes by. (Actually I didn’t trust her in the beginning, either. What has she EVER followed through with?)

    How.many groups has she been thrown out of? So, she figures, she’ll start her own. Which she will constantly throw people out of, because they happen to have a more sane opinion about things.

    Obladee, obladaa..the manic beat goes on.


  8. $20 to boost her page? Isn’t that 1/5 of their monthly porta-potty fee? You know, so they DON’T toss their buckets all over the place.

    She has blathered on about how what those companies do with the waste is no different than what she does. Well, no. They have to meet a host of regulations, document a bunch of things (like taking the temperature regularly) to ensure that the final product is safe. They don’t just dump it anywhere and trust to luck.

    Dumb ass.


  9. This explains Nicole’s new profile picture. The smug look and sunglasses just didn’t say “victim.”


  10. Seems she’s starting a few private pages and if you are blocked, you can’t join……I’ve been blocked since the 1st 55. LOL
    What is she really trying to do? Maybe weed out the ones who will never donate? Or the ones who disagree with her? She’s become noticeably more manic lately. Pregnancy or court date?
    We may never know because we can’t join her group…


  11. Well, if she goes to private groups, fine. That’s great. I have no objection to that – in fact, that’s what she should have done in the first place.


  12. So much to consider her, and if I didn’t have a table filled with cabbage waiting to be shredded, I could really do this justice. But I really have to say a thing or two. I shit a brick when I read her livelihood depends upon her cell phone. Because we all know that when she isn’t in her business, her clients must be able to get a hold of her because so much depends upon getting those dogs’ asses clean. Hell one client may need an ass wiping at midnight and NicNaug will grab her ass scrubber and dart off with emergency lights flashing because she is so fucking important and her job is right up there with heart surgeon or you know important people. Here’s a thought, be honest. Your livelihood doesn’t depend upon a cell phone; you could be just as mediocre with a fucking landline at your place of business. You need the cell phone so you can be a bitch to people who started out trying to offer you some good advice but you are a bitch so there you go. And that hair…oh bitch please. You are not rocking dreds; you are rocking a nasty, ratted mess that you proudly proclaim is your hair’s natural tendency. Here’s a news flash, bitch, white people’s hair, if not brushed regularly, rats up and knots up and if not washed smells bad and rats up more. Packing those rats all up there and showing off how you can felt your dirty hair is about as asinine as saying your livelihood depends upon a cell phone. Finally, bitch please, who the fuck do you think is going to pay you 200 bucks for an interview…on TV or the web. You are the epitome of white trash and an exemplar of how not to homestead. I wish I had time to do more than rush through this so after I finish getting the cabbage on its way to fermenting nirvana, I may hop back over here and ready and reflect and maybe respond again.


  13. Well, lots of people, including us, don’t have land lines anymore. So I get that. And a very good case can be made that Nicole needs to arrange appointment times from home during off hours. I don’t begrudge her the cell phone by any means.

    I don’t like how she uses it – to phone fake welfare checks on people, to call employers trying to have people fired over bogus crap, that sort of thing.


  14. That entire thread is some of the funniest shit I’ve read this year. There Nicole Naugler is hiding her true identity behind her (backup, cough, profile) Nicole Celeste backdoor attacking her supposed “trolls” to a huge group of strangers. Having grown accustomed to her own pages where she bans anyone who so much as looks sideways at some lie she spews she immediately lost her shit when slightly questioned and started flinging “fuck yous” and going into one of her defensive manic panic “how dare you not buy my crazy story” mode. She outs herself by sharing (of course, the entire reason she is really there, imho) her famous Blessed Little Homestead victimhood page and everyone didn’t get the warm fuzzies or feel blessed by her bullshit. They dare to ask, wait for it, questions, and you know she doesn’t actually answer those she just uses it as an opportunity to spew more of her self-glorifying victimhood stories. The inevitable break up ensued and another group bites the dust. (Don’t cry for her, Facebook audience. Having gotten her tail singed by reality she has run to make her own sandbox under her master control to keep the delusion going for a little while longer).

    Hint to Nicole: outside the echo chamber of Nicole C Naugler and Blessed Little Homestead, and the newest little groups that will last as long as your attention span, no one has to kiss your ass. Welcome to the real world. You can skulk back to your little self-limiting Nauglerlalaland and play at famous quasi whatever now.


  15. Is NN working toward going totally private in an effort to control the narrative and not have to deal with “trolls” seeing her lies and posting the truth? Does she believe this will enable her to garner more donations? She certainly won’t have 45,000 or whatever suckers to fleece. Is this why she’s posting to so many groups?
    How many pages does FB allow any person to have? NN’s everywhere.
    I am naive to the world of playing people online, so I’m ignorant of her tactics.


  16. Is NN working toward going totally private

    I hope so.

    However, I doubt it. As you point out, she’ll never have the audience in a private setting that she does in public. I don’t think there is a limit to the number of groups you can start. Starting a group and maintaining a group, well, those are two entirely different things.


  17. Sally, I doubt her private groups will last that long. She needs to post stuff so the trolls will make posts about her. She needs drama to live. She’s an addict and she’ll need her fix soon enough.


  18. For the sake of her kids I hope NN will never be completely private. They deserve so much more based on what we know, what happens when they are off the radar? I’ve gotten to the point where whenever I’m cooking, spending time with grandkids, crocheting, I think about those kids and how much they’re missing out. It’s so sad.


  19. Well after Lisa’s description, I’m kind of sad I didn’t get to read the whole thread/meltdown.

    It is fascinating how much internet time a woman with 10 kids, a full time hands on business, and a homestead can manage to find.


  20. It just occurred to me that when she said her livelihood depends on her phone, she didn’t mean shop business, she meant she needs the camera so she can “document” the “harassment” in order to “go viral.”



  21. The “cell phone” and livelihood is such a joke. My family has a pet aligned service, one that requires much more skill an knowledge than washing dog butts. It is in our home. “Clients” knowing it is our home, still called at all hours: 6 in the morning, eleven at night. Do you know what our response was to this? “I’m sorry, this is our home. Unless your pet is currently with us, we do not provide an emergency service. If it is that huge an emergency, you need to call your vet or go to an emergency facility.” We say this after ignoring the call until a reasonable hour. This is in an area where the demographics aren’t too different than the Naugladites and we are on the higher end price point compared to other similar services. Guess what? The clients know the focus is on the business (not constantly on the phone or online, actually working) and by respecting reasonable hours everyone is much happier because we are available in a reasonable way.

    Washing dog butts, exploiting child labor and providing a hangout for a misogynistic and verbally abusive criminal is not an emergency service for someone to require total constant connectivity. Does it require an investigation by local authorities? Absolutely. But I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t answer any calls about that, even though she could because she is ALWAYS on.


  22. “It just occurred to me that when she said her livelihood depends on her phone, she didn’t mean shop business, she meant she needs the camera so she can “document” the “harassment” in order to “go viral.” ” it’s funny that you say that. Here’s a comment by Nicole in said group ” We have cell phones and walkie talkies. We prefer cells as they can photograph or video if need be”.
    I would also like to note that she was indeed pimping her blog on the group, she linked it in a comments section at least once. She also ranted about the trolls ruining her humane….again. She just can not help herself, can she? She doesn’t last long in groups before throwing a hissy fit.


  23. Nicole is incapable of going private. She is getting frustrated no doubt by the failure to replicate her glory days of that large Go Fund Me. Nicole, that’s never, ever going to happen again.

    Worthless Joe is so proud of their infamy, not realizing that same internet notoriety means they will never be able to con many people out of their money again. It grinds on Nicole that $2000 can be raised for needy children based on a shared awareness of the Nauglers’ phony homesteading and massive parenting fails, but she is facing an increasingly bleak future.


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