Pages? What Pages?

veiled threat

I know.  It’s the same screen shot from the other page.  But I want to focus on a different couple of sentences.

I’m not running any of the pages and profiles you accuse as me.  In fact, I don’t even know who is.

Oh, Nicole. Your nose is gonna grow so long.

First, when Facebook removes your profile because you used a fake name—that’s your fault.

funny story

“I used a fake name. . .”

Well, yeah. And Facebook doesn’t allow that, Nicole. I know you get away with it a lot, but every now and then, they just clamp the hell down on you, don’t they?  Don’t blame that shit on anyone else.

Oh, and Joe is. . . well. . . weird.

You need some peace. Poor baby. I feel so bad for you.

You know how you can get some peace?  There’s an X up in the corner of your browser window.  Click on it.  Peace.

Nicole knows

Let’s see.  Who runs “Blessed Little Homestead”?  Whose back has “Donny” got?  Oh, yes.  Nicole’s.

But she has no idea who any of these people are.  It’s just a mystery. They have created a minimum of 40 pages all to defend her and she doesn’t know who they are.

Ben Teresa SS

So the back story here is sort of irrelevant. The short version is that Teresa Frogue posted a comment to the Blessed Little Homestead blog (Nicole’s blog) and took a screen shot of the comment awaiting moderation.  Nicole did not approve it because Nicole never approves anything but love and kisses.

The important thing to notice here is that after Teresa posted her screen shot of her own comment on her own page, “Ben Franklin” linked to it.

Remember Ben?  He’s one of the fakes on the other page.  He’s one of the fakes that Nicole has no idea about.  She just doesn’t bother even trying, don’t you know.  He loves her passionately, obviously, but she doesn’t even know who he is.

Only, when somebody else made a comment about that whole thing (“Ben” and Teresa and the unposted comment) on yet another page, Nicole knew all about it.

She not only knew all about it, she was outraged enough to send a private message to the somebody else because she was concerned about the “lies.”

PM Nicole

Don’t worry if you don’t understand the whole back story.  I didn’t, and had to get somebody to explain it to me.  It doesn’t matter. The important thing here is that Nicole is freely admitting just how closely she follows all this and just how involved she actually is in all these pages.

She tries to pretend that she’s above it all, and that somehow there are these faceless, nameless supporters who are gathering about her defending her like, well, a cloud of angels, but there aren’t. There is most likely Nicole, Joe, and maybe a couple of the kids. There might be one or two lunatic supporters who join in, but not many.

I’m over it.

That’s nice to hear.


17 thoughts on “Pages? What Pages?”

  1. I wish she would be over having kids. Must they do everything in excess, kids, FB pages, Lies, begging on and on…


  2. “So you don’t look even more ignorant”.

    I wish she would get the help she needs and stop harassing people on some sick pseudo Robin Hood esque quest.

    The only one who looks ignorant is her.


  3. Still unpublished comment by Teresa? I mean, didn’t Nicole proclaim, loudly, on her ‘Homestead Blog’ that she allowed dissenting comments and opinions?

    Uh, no. She doesn’t.

    Liar, liar, pants on fire, Nikki.


  4. I agree LocalYokel, but she must do everything in excess in order to get attention 🙂

    WTF, that attention whore has 11 loving kids dying for her attention! I guess the love of her 11 kids is not enough for the bitch.

    Joey always wants her attention to making babies, obviously. Oh, yeah, that’s only 2 minutes out of a busy crack book day.


  5. Sigh.

    It’s a damned shame the traveling freak shows aren’t in vogue anymore. This woman could have made a fortune as the manic depressive human ricochet.

    Joe in a top hat and tails, a wand, being the carnival barker he is — urging the curious to
    step right up and see caged insanity with your own eyes”

    There could have been a tidy side venture of selling pamphlets chock full of homesteading advice. Things like animal husbandry, gardening, and how to quickly shit can a small albeit respectable fortune.

    Nicole could have babbled incessantly about the evils of the government, how to effectively portray the victim, how to deflect fault and responsibility, how to ascribe blame for shortcomings to people that disagree with you, and how to give anybody that sees through your bullshit the adorable moniker of “troll”.

    They could have provided the freak-show with a substantial labor force and Joe could have sat in his gypsy camper and smoked all the Mary Jane he could get his soft, callous free hands on.

    A wonderful opportunity that they probably would have really cottoned to.

    On a positive note, the folks in Breckinridge County can claim to have their own side show now.


  6. She will never be over it. She will never quit.
    She must always have the last word.
    Unfortunately, so must I.
    She called my place of business in an attempt to get me fired, then posted on her own page that she did so and was not at all sorry and would do it again. Was it a comment I made on her page? No. Even more amusing, it was less than 15 minutes after I posted my piece to that page. Prior to that time, I had no contact whatsoever with her.
    But boy, did that ever start the nastiness!
    I’m lucky, I live a good ways away, so this freakshow doesn’t scare me in the slightest. Being sexually harassed and threatened with rape is no big deal to me. I suppose if I lived closer to these reprobates, it probably would.
    I know they have done much worse. And Mamma Naugler is deeply involved in every one of them

    I have to throw out one more thing: I find it hilarious that Mamma Naugler spent time wrestling with her relationship with Facebook, then decided what she really really needed, was another page.


  7. “Joey always wants her attention to making babies, obviously. Oh, yeah, that’s only 2 minutes out of a busy crack book day.”

    And he says he has to have snacks throughout the process. Clearly not apples.


  8. Get the waders out because the bullshit is flowing fast and deep. After all it’s the weekend and the Mrs must have her attention fix.


  9. “On a positive note, the folks in Breckinridge County can claim to have their own side show now.”

    They can add that to the Breckinridge County list of attractions and put up a sign directing people down the road. It would look bad if there were a spate of shootings at cars that slow down to a crawl as people crane their necks to catch a glimpse of the Blessed Shack built of White Buckets. No doubt it will be one of their summer homes.


  10. Nicole confuses the hell out of me. First she says you have to have a private profile to run a page, so because she wanted more privacy, she used a fake name for her profile that was needed to tend to the homestead and business pages. That profile was reported for false identity so she changed it to her real name in order to verify her identity. She then claims that Facebook and “The Trolls” made her change her private profile to a “page” and because she is so well known, she went ahead and deemed herself a public figure, giving her a platform to post what is in her head, guessed it…publicly. So much for wanting to be private! And how is it that she is able to run that “page” without a private profile?? I thought that was the whole point for the change to begin with.


  11. If only “Bully” Facebook knew her relationship. So she gets a little slap, a 72 hour FB timeout. And what does she do? Well she apparently hijacks another similar name and profile pic and creates a personal “business” page. Something about using one of the kid’s profile identification, to create a new page. Bully Facebook found out. Then after the 72 hour timeout, she can use her correct identity, and changes the personal business page name to her name. Or something, who knows. Maybe it was found out too, and taken down.Meanwhile, on the blog, she mad at Bully Facebook. FB not fair and bully her, because other people do these antics and don’t get caught. They are picking on her. After a week long mulling over her personal relationship with Facebook, she decides it’s creating yet another personal page. A public personal page. So there you go Facebook, maybe it’s a love/hate sort of relationship? Just quit picking on her for violating the rules, silly bully.

    Oh, and this summary is not intentional lies. In case I don’t have it all correct. It was a flurry last week, with all the activity, by someone who was supposed to be in timeout!

    If Facebook is a bullying for outing her when she violates policy, why is she there? If pages are bullying, why does she go and “like” them? And leave it to those pages to block her, if and when they know what fake profile she is using to attempt to “like” them?

    Meanwhile, I am losing my bullish with the whole situation. bullish: hopeful or confident that something or someone will be successful : optimistic about the future of something or someone.


  12. Bethannie wrote “I have to throw out one more thing: I find it hilarious that Mamma Naugler spent time wrestling with her relationship with Facebook, then decided what she really really needed, was another page.”

    Hahahahaha. It’s exactly what she needed, a place to continue her online tantrum.

    I think it is hilarious. You go girl! Keep up the show, it’s free entertainment at your expense. You claim this blog and other people’s random Facebook comments will make it hard for your children and how others treat them? No, you are doing a fine job of doing that all on your own, in my opinion, by showing the world just how dependent on the Internet, drama and dysfunction you are. It’s a damn circus. You alone are responsible for your reputation, you are doing a fine job destroying it in my opinion. This is better than TV.


  13. Bethannie, Calling your place of work in an attempt to get you fired is bad enough. But sexually harassing you and threatening you with rape takes everything to a new level. They are scary, scary people in so many ways. I hope you filed a police report to have a record of this on file. I don’t put anything past them. They have threatened so many people in similar ways.


  14. Pippy, it is hilarious! Instead of searching for a Reality TV Show that may be interested in their celebrity stardom, why not a Facebook Reality Show!! This is damn entertaining!

    I second it, “You go girl!”.

    What reputation and credibility from initial perception, is sinking fast. Like a listing boat with leaking, gaping holes.


  15. Does she not realize that she is a walking contradiction? The kids don’t need id’s for let’s say THE REAL WORLD, yet she bitches about having to show hers for a FACEBOOK page?


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